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Shopify vs. Etsy: Which One to Choose? [Updated 2021]

Are you looking for the right e-commerce platform?

Nowadays, being an online seller is one of the most trending ways to generate some handsome income. You can either create your e-commerce website or use an online marketplace to sell your products.

Shopify is an extraordinary stage for building your web-based business site, and Etsy is a popular marketplace for selling products on the web. Through this blog, we will compare ✅Shopify vs. Etsy and check which is the better alternative.

This comparison will likewise assist you in deciding whether one of them can put back the other.

Let’s get started.

Shopify vs. Etsy | The ultimate comparison [Must read]

Shopify vs. Etsy


Shopify is an extraordinary online stage that encourages you to build your eCommerce site. It is extraordinary compared to other internet business building stages in India. Established by Tobias Lütke and Scott Lake in 2004, Shopify is presently one of the greatest internet business stages worldwide.

Shopify has an incredible group of tools that help you launch and maintain your business on the web. It encourages you to find your customers, monitoring your sales, and dealing with your day by day business.

Shopify is an incredible spot to begin your business as it encourages you to run and develop your business. It has an incredible App store and leads you to construct your business through numerous commercial centers.

Shopify likewise offers you a specialist's assistance if some master counsel on running and launching your business is needed.

What can you sell here?

Without much stretch, you can sell a wide range of items on Shopify. Shopify permits you to sell physical and digitally advanced products.

This is an incredible element as digital items are likewise very trending, and a single-stage for selling both these items is ideal by everybody.


Etsy is an online commercial center that permits the vender to sell their items on the web. Established in 2005 by Haim Schoppik and Chris Maguire, Etsy is being utilized by over 1.75 million merchants everywhere throughout the world. More than 33 million purchasers additionally utilize it over the globe.

Etsy encourages you to sell your items straightforwardly to your customers through its express marketplace, which doesn't constrain the client to go to the store to finish the exchange initially. Etsy encourages you to arrive at your likely customers and advance your product.

It likewise is an extremely valuable tool when we talk about the simplicity of selling and the ease of using a web-based selling tool.

What can you sell here?

Through Etsy, numerous individuals from various regions of the world buy a variety of items. As Etsy is a commercial center, the sorts of items sold on Etsy are limited.

Without much stretch, you can sell crafted items alongside homemade items to your customers. You can also sell Vintage items, which are at least 20 years or more seasoned through Etsy.

Shopify vs. Etsy: Features

Shopify vs Etsy Comparison


Convenience: Shopify has a more organized way to deal with building and keeping up your site. It has separate dashboards for altering the interface and dashboard.

It has an extremely basic site that offers extraordinary visuals and makes the route a lot simpler. It utilizes easy language that is useful for a superior understanding of the customer.

Shopify Coupon

Template: 10 free themed templates are available on Shopify with a few variations for every theme. You likewise have the alternative of picking an excellent theme among 50+ themes, but you would need to pay some extra charges to utilize them. All the themes are proficiently professional and contemporary regarding their structure.

Customization: While utilizing Shopify for customization, you require the information about coding. You can click on the edit HTML/CSS option without much of a stretch and begin coding as indicated by your customization needs.

Products: Shopify permits you to utilize 3 item alternatives and 100 varieties. Some extra items and varieties can be included by utilizing Shopify applications. You additionally need to download specific applications for selling digitally advanced items on Shopify.

Shopify Discount

Multiple currencies: Shopify has a multi-money installment usefulness alternative, which encourages you to sell your items per different currency forms. A few templates have inbuilt multi-money sections that empower you to sell the item in local cash.

Likewise, it has different multi-cash applications that help you sell in local cash and empower the client to check the other currencies' costs.

Payment Gateways: Shopify has over 100 installment doors, however presently excludes Square. It empowers the clients to customize the page and gather money for a noble cause on their website page.

You may need to pay some extra charges if you decide to utilize some other payment gateways instead of Shopify Gateway.

POS: Shopify POS is present in numerous countries everywhere throughout the globe. POS is a key component of Shopify as it has devoted POS reporting, POS support feature, and POS hardware store.

Transportation: Shopify causes you to effectively utilize the shipping companies and associates you to different organizations worldwide. It additionally permits different adaptable delivery alternatives for its clients.

Its shipping highlight can let you submit the ideal request to your supplier to deliver the ideal item to the customer.

Abandoned Cart Recovery: Shopify Abandoned Cart Recovery function permits you to send a single warning through email to your clients regarding the item in the cart normally with some extra discounts to guarantee the transaction.

Tax: The Users utilizing Shopify Plus plans can utilize the Avalara tax application, which effectively figures all your taxes and computerizes the whole taxing process. Shopify has a superior and more programmed way to deal with tax figuring, saving your time by doing all the tax counts and has an advantage over Squarespace.

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Inventory management: Shopify has an incredible inventory administration system that empowers the users to effortlessly deal with the inventory in any event and huge companies. You can transfer single or various products without much stretch, utilizing the instruments and again can deal with the stock and get income reports for your sales effortlessly.

Website optimization: Shopify has the component of adding metadata and editing the titles. It additionally helps in customizing the URL and attaching alt text to your pictures.


Usability: Etsy is likewise simple to use and follows a direct way to set things up. You do not need to be a developer or coder to begin using Etsy. All you need is to make your store, including items, and begin selling.

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Design and Themes: Etsy has a theme and design layout. When you begin utilizing Etsy, the store will consequently conform to Etsy's plan and design. You don't need to worry as all Etsy's designs are extremely simple and great, helping the client to explore through your site effectively.

Customization: Etsy doesn't have a very adaptable customization approach. It has restricted choices for customizing the store. Utilizing Etsy's customizations is simple for independent businesses; however, if you own a big business and need to make your site exceptionally alluring using different customization techniques, Etsy doesn't give enough extension to do that.

Expenses: Etsy doesn't charge any month to month expenses, yet it charges some posting charges alongside transaction charges. This doesn't make an issue for little scope Businesses, but large organizations don't favor it.

Payment choices: Etsy acknowledges payments through all the significant Payment choices generally utilized all around the globe. The installment preparing through Etsy additionally costs you some cash, yet this is by, and largely given by the payment handling organizations like the credit card companies. It uses PayPal to handle the payments.

Attracting the customers: Etsy is useful in drawing the customers towards the product. Individuals can discover your product only through Etsy without first attempting to find your store and discover your item afterward. This easy method encourages customers to discover your product without any problem.

Etsy Coupon

Help and Support: Etsy offers incredible assistance and support for every one of its users. You can undoubtedly discover all the solutions to your issues by looking for them in the assisted place by looking through the menu.

Forum: Etsy likewise has its locale structure and gatherings where talk about investigating your issues. If, by chance, you can't locate the applicable answers, you can connect with their help group, which is consistently prepared to support you.

Shopify vs. Etsy: Comparison table

#1. Ease of useShopify makes it very easy to build a unique and powerful online store.Etsy does not allow you to do any technical task. You only need to create an account and then start selling your products.
#2. CustomizationUnlimited – Shopify gives you a wide range of templates and also provides tons of customization. You can have full control of your website and listing.Limited – Etsy only allows you to edit your photos and description. Etsy limits your customization, so you can't create a unique website.
#3. Domain & URL structureShopify gives you a custom domain to create your own website address.Your domain is Etsy’s, which means that your website address is complicated for the customer to remember.
#4. Ecommerce tools & featuresShopify offers powerful tools and a massive app store that enable you to add to functions to your site.Etsy also has excellent but limited features that make you run your website as efficiently as possible.
#5. Payment options & feesThere are no transaction fees with Shopify, and it also supports hundreds of payment gateways.Etsy has transaction fees, listing fees, and credit card charges.
#6. GuidelinesAs an independent seller, you are free to do anything with your online store.Being part of the community of sellers, you need to follow the marketplace rules.
#7. Site trafficAs an independent seller, you need to market your online store and increase the site traffic on your own to create brand awareness.Etsy has continuous traffic, which makes it more convenient for you to discover your products.
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Shopify vs. Etsy: Pricing plans


There is a free time for testing 14 days post, which Shopify offers three plans to its clients.

Shopify Pricing

The Basic Shopify Plan: This costs $29 every month and is good for beginners.

The Shopify Premium Plan: This contains all the highlights set by the Basic Plan alongside additional features.

The Advanced Shopify Plan: This arrangement is intended for enduring retailers and has additional features to the previous two plans.


Etsy has two plans for every one of its users.

Etsy Standard Plan: Through this, you don't need to pay any month to month charges to use Etsy; however, only $0.20 for 4 months or till your items get sold.

Etsy Plus Plan: This arrangement will cost you an extra charge of $10 every month. Different features are offered through this plan, notwithstanding the features present in the Etsy Standard Plan.

🌟 Shopify vs. Etsy FAQ

Which is cheaper, Shopify vs. Etsy?

If you are looking for the upfront cost, then Etsy is cheaper as compared to Shopify. Etsy is very affordable if the person is looking to sell a few products. But if you are looking to earn a lot of money in sales, then Etsy's becomes expensive for you.

Which is better for scaling the ecommerce business Shopify vs. Etsy?

One can go with Shopify if looking to scale ecommerce business. Shopify offers massive features and an impressive app store that helps you expand your online store and attract more visitors.

Does Shopify offer a free trial?

Yes, you can create a free account on Shopify. Shopify provides 14 days free trial to its users to start with Shopify without any payment easily.

Do I need a credit card to create an online store on Etsy?

It is not necessary to have a credit or debit card to create a store on Etsy. On the other hand, the person must have a registered papal account to become a verified seller on Etsy.

Conclusion: Shopify vs. Etsy comparison 2021 | Which one is best?

We analyzed all the features of Shopify and Etsy completely. I hope the blog has helped you understand the topic, and now you are fit to make your choice.

Selling on a website and selling on a marketplace both have their advantages. At the point when you sell on your website, you can pick how to modify it for better results. Selling your item on a settled marketplace works better for the individuals who don't wish to put their time in dealing with a website.

Along these lines, we can say that, however, Shopify and Etsy are unique in their manners; they can not replace each other. You can choose which device to use for selling on the web-dependent on your necessities.🏅

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