At the InterContinental Festival Arena in Dubai from March 13-16, the SiGMA Eurasia 2023 expo presents a golden opportunity for professionals to engage with each other, get up to date with the most recent technological advancements and innovations, and gain insight into new markets. The world-renowned city of Dubai is a prime destination for East-West trade and commerce, offering a unique combination of opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators alike.

At the expo, attendees will gain access to the most prominent companies in the emerging tech, gaming, affiliation, and medical spaces, together with a Startup Village to get a taste of the latest players in the market.

Additionally, the event will host three startup pitches, where business owners can put forward their ideas to an expert panel, with the greatest ones being awarded prizes.

At the SiGMA Eurasia Dubai expo, the CPA Club International forum will offer a special meetup with Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street) as its featured speaker. Three startup pitches focusing on varied verticals are also scheduled, allowing business owners to present their ideas to an expert panel. Besides networking with high-profile individuals, decision-makers, and government officials, the event will feature three conference stages with renowned figures such as Gary Vee, a serial entrepreneur, and investor, as a guest speaker. Delegates are invited to attend nightly networking drinks and dinners to further foster connections and build lasting relationships.

Gala Awards SiGMA Eurasia 2023

The Gala Awards in support of the SiGMA Foundation and the awe-inspiring closing celebration are two of the most sought-after nights, with the proceeds going to educational institutions in Africa. As we invite prestigious investors, suppliers, affiliates, startups, and operators, attendees have the chance to collaborate, build strategic partnerships, and form joint ventures. We are thrilled to also welcome local government officials and discover potential new opportunities for growth and progress.

SiGMA Eurasia 2023 Floor Plan

SiGMA Eurasia Floor Plan

SiGMA Eurasia will be having various sections and floor areas for better opportunities in terms of networking. Not only the event will be full of exhibitors and booths but also a Media lounge, multiple stages, a private VIP lounge, an Ikigai lounge, an Ikigai GameFi stage, a Food court, and more. Overall, a complete package of the best possible stuff for all the attendees in the SiGMA Eurasia 2023.

Key Speakers in SiGMA Eurasia 2023

The SiGMA Eurasia will be having several renowned speakers from different industries, whether it is crypto, sports, marketing, finance, and more. With over 50+ speakers, the SiGMA Eurasia will turn out to be an excellent powerhouse of knowledge and expertise. Some of the speakers include:

  • Gary Vee
  • Jordan Belfort
  • John Lee
  • Aideen Shortt
  • Joshua Ellul
  • Nikita Sachdev
  • Johny Walker
  • Gustavo Montero
  • And many more.

Sponsors/ Exhibitors in SiGMA Eurasia 2023

As a hub of innovation and progress, SiGMA Asia is the perfect stage for enterprising managers to showcase their ventures to an interested audience of C-Suite representatives. Therefore, it would be wise for experienced entrepreneurs to reserve a spot at the show to show the world their hard work. Exhibitors can also get some excellent saving options on sponsorship if they opt for more than 2 events.

Sponsorship opportunities in SiGMA Eurasia 2023

If you are looking forward to exploring all the opportunities offered by SiGMA Eurasia, you can visit their official website and learn more.

Other Interesting Events to attend

What if the fun doesn’t stop here? Well, it does not. Attendees can also look forward to a couple of other events, these events include AIBC Dubai and AGS Dubai. Both of the events serve different purposes, i.e. different agendas.

AIBC Eurasia

AIBC Dubai is focused on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, so if you are an affiliate or someone who is keen to learn more in the AI and Blockchain vertical and looks forward to growing the network, AIBC Dubai might be an excellent opportunity for you. The event will be held from 13-16 March 2023 making it a good option to attend it along with SiGMA Eurasia and AGS Dubai.

AGS Eurasia

Attendees can also look forward to Affiliate Grand Slam Dubai (AGS), The main agenda of AGS is to bring together a wide variety of industry experts including content marketers, conversion optimizers, media buyers, affiliates, SEO experts, and influencers under one roof. The AGS conferences are designed to be a convergence point where thousands of like-minded people can network and share knowledge. Similar to other events mentioned above, the AGS will be held on 13-16 March.

So, are you excited about this excellent opportunity for expanding your network and learning more? With such an experienced panel of speakers like Garyvee, Jordan Belfort (Wolf of Wall Street), Aideen Shortt, and many more; kickstart your business networks and marketing operations with SiGMA Eurasia 2023 Dubai.

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