Do wish to know how did the Sigma Eurasia Dubai go? Was it successful? Were the attendees satisfied? Get all your answers in the SiGMA Eurasia Recap 2023. During a three-day event, the SiGMA Eurasia 2023 expo had given a great opportunity to businessmen, professionals, entrepreneurs and the ones who wish to build networks. They had a chance to have a meet up and discuss the things that will help them grow their market while also helping them with innovative ideas.

The SiGMA Eurasia 2023 expo was held in Dubai at the Intercontinental Festival Arena, from March 13-16, 2023, where the business leaders spoke of their technological advancements, told stories about how they got up to the point, where they stand today and also gained insights to the new markets which are being built everyday and evolving as we speak.

Startups at SiGMA Eurasia 2023 | SiGMA Eurasia Recap

Sigma Eurasia Dubai 2023

With that the expo even gave an opportunity to the attendees to have an access to the most prominent companies which are coming up in the tech industry. The visitors were even introduced to gaming industry, affiliates industry, medical spaces, and had a get-together with Startup Village where they exchanged ideas about the latest players in the market.

Talking about the startups, the event had three startup pitches. This is where the startup owners got a stage and an expert panel to showcase their ideas; the entrepreneurs were also awarded later, depending on their plans and structure for their business.

The business expo had a lot of attractions to visit and to learn from, which gave an even better business opportunity for the ones who were at the event with an idea of expanding themselves and their business platform.

On both the days the event saw a huge response and was filled with exhibitors in every booth. SiGMA Eurasia 2023 had one of the best media lounges along with multiple stages resetting great ideas and innovations. It even had a VIP lounge which gave people a private space, an Ikigai lounge, an Ikigai gaming stage, and also a food court.

Speakers who gave inspiring speeches during SiGMA Eurasia 2023

When it comes to the speakers at the event, Sigma Euarsia showcased some really great personalities. During the event, the CPA Club International forum had everyone awestrucked when they brought Jordan Belfort on stage. Belfort was invited for the event as the featured speaker by CPA Club during the SiGMA expo.

Another attraction at the event was Gary Vee, who is a serial entrepreneur and an investor. He was a part of the guest speakers panel which also included government officials, high profile individuals, and great decision makers.

Events that were held during the SiGMA Eurasia 2023 | SiGMA Eurasia Recap

Further talking about the event, it also had a Gala Award function followed by the closing ceremony. In the closing ceremony, prestigious investors, suppliers, affiliates, startup owners, operators and even the attendees had a chance to collaborate and discuss their ideas. This time was a crucial part of the event as the visitors had a chance to build strategic partnerships and begin with their joint business ventures.

During this meetup, even the government officials of Dubai were invited to have a look and have personalized experience over potential and newer opportunities of growth and progress.

List of guest speakers at SiGMA Eurasia 2023 | SiGMA Eurasia Recap

Beside Jordan Belfort and Gary Vee the event also had renowned key speakers from various sectors like crypto, sports, marketing, and more. The list consisted of over 50 speakers who even belonged to the financial industry.

John Lee, Aideen Shortt, Joshua Ellul, Nikita Sachdev, Johnny Walker, Gustavo Montero, were amongst the list of guest speakers who turned the whole arena into a fireball event and further filled it with knowledge by talking about their expertise.

SiGMA Eurasia believes in progress, and to achieve & encourage the same, they provide a stage for innovators and entrepreneurs. They are well known to provide a stage to their upcoming speakers and business partners, while at the same time to include a fresh audience to inspire them by the speeches of great business leaders and also through the events that SiGMA comes up with.

The SiGMA Asia is the perfect stage for upcoming leaders to show off their talent on a big stage. Here they can display their enterprising skills in front of the C-suit delegates.

Brief about SiGMA

SiGMA is a leading group of event organizers and is also an affiliation authority. They have their main focus on iGaming and are known to host huge events for the same, while also having great delegates in their conferences.

Read the pre-event press release 👉 SiGMA Eurasia 2023 Dubai: Better Opportunities & Networking

Since the beginning SiGMA is known to bring up the industry professionals together under one roof and also have the stakeholders as well as innovators from the iGaming industry. SiGMA has proven itself to encourage the upcoming talents on their stages and events. At the same time, they have always introduced all the recent trends and advancements that the iGaming industry has made.

Beside all these they are well known to have full coverage of news, and in the meantime provide insights as well as analysis about online casino, sports events, betting and latest technologies to keep online betting events always transparent.

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