What seems illegal but isn’t? If you are an affiliate marketer, you can relate to this. As an affiliate marketer, you are always curious to know the current trends of the online marketing industry. You are always searching for new topics to digitalize, you are secretly snooping through your competitor’s marketing data format, and what is actually in demand in the market.

While this seems unethical to do, there is nothing wrong with it. You are not doing anything you are not allowed to do. Neither are you adopting any illegal strategies to benefit your business, nor are you going against the set of rules? Because you always need to be updated if you are in marketing.

Likewise, social media is a golden trend nowadays. It has also become a significant income source for various influencers, business owners, or even affiliate marketers. With everything going digitized nowadays, we must always keep up with the trend.

For that, we will give a detailed review of a prevalent tool known as Social Ad Scout. Our ✅Social Ad Scout Review will seek all the hidden insights of the most popular and winning ads on social media.

Do you ever wonder what is so exceptional in your competitor’s strategies, which is kicking them to stand out among others? Their hidden strategies, marketing tactics, influence are sure a secret tunnel, which now we can unrevealed, thanks to the spying tools like Social Ad Scout, which allows us to do the impossible. With the market competition, it isn’t easy to reach out and satisfy our target audience. What makes it more difficult is creating attractive ads and build-up exceptional social media to attract more traffic to our site.

But before we further go deep into its features, pricing, coupon, etc we will break down the meaning of this tool for you real quick.

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In-Depth Social Ad Scout Review

Social Ad Scout Review

Social Ad Scout is a social ad spy tool that gives you easy access to millions of advertisements outside, so you will not need to waste your time learning your audience demand. One of the best powerful ad spy tools to go for is Social Ad Scout. It’s effortless, you can access millions of ideas of the advertising world, and the best part is that you do not need to have a coding experience to perform the same!

Isn’t this amazing? We thought so too.

There are millions of things to consider, millions of things to strategize when you are planning to build up your brand reputation, especially on Facebook, where you can reach the target audience of approx. 2.5 billion! When the target is this big, you need to prepare a little more!

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Use our exclusive Social Ad Scout coupon code that allows you to enjoy a flat 20% off lifetime discount. Grab the offer now Show Less

Social Ad Scout gives you many ad formats to advertise, including images, videos, and even sliding ads to reach out to your business niche. There is one more thing that Social Ad Scout does except building your brand image via advertisements, and that is it lets you reach out to only an audience suitable to your niche! Yes! You heard it right; your ads will pop up to the different bunch of audiences, which have even the slightest interest(remote interest) related to your niche.

Social Ad Scout Reviews

A little hard to understand? We will give you an example. If you are a cosmetic brand, and if some of the Facebook audience is looking for something related to your brand, then Social Ad Scout will start advertising your brand’s advertisements in their pop-up panels.

It is that great; you do not know how much effort is needed to advertise your product if you choose to do it manually. There are tons of things to consider like the campaign, brand build-up, advertising, and reaching up to the people who need it. Not just Facebook, when using Social Ad Scout, you can spy on other different social media like Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat & many more!

It also sets your target according to your audience’s demographic, geolocation, Live ads analytics like screenshots and interaction. Now, it is high time to go through Social Ad Scout’s explicable features in our next section.

Key Features of Social Ad Scout

Okay, it is tricky for us to line up the exciting features of Social Ad Scout! There is an extensive list of features that make Social Ad Scout our right away choice!

Features of Social Ad Scout

#1. Desktop & Mobile Ads

Social Ad Scout has this quality to switch the advertisement integrations according to the mode. If you are using a mobile or laptop, it will show the variations to match the method.

#2. Social Ad Scout Detailed Search Filters

With Social Ad Scout, you can search detailed features depending on the different URLs, geographic location, gender, device type, and the ad is seen from whom through other variables.

#3. Detailed Targeting

With Social Ad Scout you can go for detailed targeting of your audience, e.g., there is one ad, you can even get to know who has seen the ad, the age of that person, and where he/she belongs!

#4. Detailed Observations

Social Ad Scout allows observing even the tiniest detail in their time-frame! Like, from which device the person saw the ad, how many times he saw the ad, and any other tiny-tiny information about the user.

#5. Interaction with Live Ads

With Social Ad Scout, you can get to know about the video’s content without having to play it. They provide you multiple screenshots of the ad, so you will not need to play the ad, but you can get all the information of that ad on your screen.

#6. Download Landing Pages

No more cloaking of the pages! Social Ad Scout allows the user to access all the landing pages, and even they were deleted. And they are available in a compressed file that includes all the images, videos, screenshots, scripts, & styles sheets known to get a download.

Additional Features of Social Ad Scout

There are also some additional features to watch in Social Ad Scout, and they are as follows:

Social Ad Scout Coupon
  • Permanent Ads Archive

You will not have to think about the deleted ads, as Social Ad Scout permanently store them in their archive folder, which they serve through their servers. The meaning is, even if the original ad is deleted, you can still find it in the archive folder.

  • Instant, Real-Time Updates

No more time in waiting for the new ads! They get load & load! But with Social Ad Scout, you can watch the updated ads even a few seconds ago.

  • Residential IP Addresses

They visit any website or network using a residential IP address so that their network doesn’t get clocked or interrupted with anything.

  • Favorites & Notifications

Liked something? You can easily save that to store it in your favorites folder for future reference! Even you receive notifications when that someone sees that specific ad.

👉 Steps to Get Started with Social Ad Scout

To know how Social Ad Scout works, these are the steps to be taken:

  • Below each ad, you will see the other variants like how many people are watching the ad, their geographic location, age group, and primary attributes Like Share & Comment. Here you can also see from how many days the ad is running.
  • Next are the granulated filters you will see on the left side of the page, where you can witness all the strategies your competitors are adopting.
  • In that, choose the date, enter the URL or domain name which you want to search. Once done, you will see the list of endorsements matching your search criteria.
  • Now you can do your audience’s targeting, like filtering their location, age group, divide & relationship status.
  • Under the creative tab, you can select the Ad type, Number of Redirects, Network, Illustration, and Video URL.
  • Lastly comes the performance section, where you can see from the ad’s running days, Times seen, Running position, Likes, Shares & Comments.
  • Click on ‘Update‘ to see all the results. Under the Country option, you can see the results from all the 21 Countries and acknowledge the age cover for 13-80 years of age—AD type covers like images, video, etc.

Social Ad Scout Pricing Plans

Now that we have covered all the Social Ad Scout features, let us know about the pricing plan. Although Social Ad Scout is a relatively new tool, its features are robust and worth the money. For now, Social Ad Scout offers two pricing plans:

Social Ad Scout Discount
  • Premium Plan

This costs $147/month and can be used by only one user. He can access all the premium features of Social Ad Scout, which we have listed above so that you can discover profitable ads fast.

  • Agency Plan

This plan is ideal for small groups or companies. It costs up to $127 per month, per user, for upto two users per subscription.

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If you want a customized plan for more than two users, you can get that by paying $97 per user per month, saving upto $50 from the main package. You can also use our Social Ad Scout Coupon to get an additional discount on the above price. Not to mention, the pricing plan of Social Ad Scout with given features and access is very affordable. It provides a list of features; if used correctly, they can help you with your ad campaign. The customizable plan makes it easy for us to select a package according to our necessity.

Do you really need Social Ad Scout?

A few years ago, Social Ad Scout was started to help social media influencers, affiliate marketers to save their cost & time.

It does not matter; whether you are a blogger, a marketer, or owner of any other business, Social Ad Scout will help achieve your dream advertisement adventure.

Social Ad Scout is entirely safe to use. You can rely on this tool for your business needs and get the results within no time, making it even more efficient. They use verified Residential Ips to ensure that they provide everything according to their needs, without any blockage.

Although spying can particularly sound unethical, there is nothing wrong with using this platform, as it has a secured interface and a reliable user output.

Pros & Cons

Social Ad Scout’s interface is built up in a manner to provide our search results within seconds. There are numerous benefits associated with it. The pros & cons associated with Social Ad Scout are as follows:


  • Caps desktop and mobile ads with cross-device ad modifications
  • Shows ads from major businesses and other countries
  • Uses residential IP addresses to prevent blockage and ban
  • Shows landing pages that you can download
  • The result on any search is fast and shows live ads and actual ad screenshots.
  • Simple and easy to access tools
  • Detailed search filter
  • It covers all ad formats: video, text, images, carousel, and many more
  • Grand user interface


  • A little expensive
  • They are limited to track ads. As Social Ad Scout can only follow ads from 21 countries, other tools can track their ad and filter their search among 30+ countries.

🌟 Social Ad Scout FAQ

👉 What is Social Ad Scout?

Social Ad Scout is a powerful tool that helps you to analyze social media competitors. Regardless of the type of business or niche, Social Ad Scout helps you to know your target audience along with their demographics.

👉 Which Social media platforms does Social Ad Scout supported?

Social Ad Scout enables you to spy on Facebook and Instagram ads. Use our special Social Ad Scout discount coupon that allows you to enjoy a flat 20% off.

👉 Are there any Social Ad Scout coupons and discounts?

Yes, Use our above-mentioned exclusive Social Ad Scout coupon code that enables you to enjoy a flat 20% off.

👉 Which is better Social Ad Scout Vs. BigSpy?

Both Social Ad Scout and BigSpy are the best social ads spy tool in their place. Social Ad Scout allows you to access millions of ads from 21 countries. Social Ad Scout is available with various unparalleled features. On the other hand, BigSpy allows you to spy around 160+M ads from 40 countries. Try BigSpy for free if you are looking to test all its features for free.

Conclusion: Social Ad Scout Review + 20% OFF Discount Coupon 2024 | Should you buy it?

Now, we have come to an end of our Social Ad Scout review. It is time to decide whether or not this tool is worth going for? Our recommendation is a solid YES! There are specific similar tools available in the market. Even if they are a little less pricey than Social Ad Scout, their features do not stand out like it.

The main thing about using an ad spy tool is to get the results without compromising security. So, with Social Ad Scout, you are getting the best interest, a secure and reliable platform, and resulting features to provide you profit. Then, what are you waiting for? Get started with Social Ad Scout today! If you liked our article, do not forget to mention that in our comments sections down below. Until next time.

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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