Are you still wondering what SoStocked is all about? It’s a great inventory management software, but is it really a great choice for Amazon sellers? Let’s explore it in this SoStocked review ahead, stay tuned!

If you are smart enough, you would know Amazon is all about inventories. The more the products you have in your bucket, the more customers you will get. And the lesser the products you have in your stock, the more disappointed your customers might feel.

Having said this, Amazon storage limits and restocking process have always been a major area of concern in every Amazon seller’s life – be it any beginner, or a PRO seller.

Any seller literally has to walk through several spreadsheets to explore how much inventory they do have in their bucket. This is quite back breaking and even a boring task. But it won’t be if you are smarter enough to stick to the best Amazon inventory management software like SoStocked as early as you can. In this SoStocked review, we’ll let you know what this tool is about, and even its pricing so that you just choose the best one!

SoStocked Review Quick Summary

SoStocked is a fully customizable, cloud-based Amazon inventory management and forecasting software. The tool as of today’s date is being used by 1,000+ Amazon sellers. Infact, the founders themselves are Amazon sellers who have been struggling with Inventory related issues for a while now. And to the last, SoStocked is available for free for a month, so why not give it a try?

What is SoStocked? | Honest SoStocked Review

SoStocked Review

SoStocked is an innovative Amazon inventory management software being used by over 1,000+ Amazon sellers across the globe. It’s a cloud based software that is completely customizable and even forecasts future sales of a product, instantly. The software comes with amazing data prediction capabilities, and its new forecast algorithm system is now the talk of the town.

Back in 2022, Carbon6 – one of the leading e-commerce automation tools acquired SoStocked. To access the tool, you can simply go to the website and hit the tools button available at the top. You can even access SoStocked through its official website – it’s still available and working as well. Features available are just the same, but with Carbon6 you will be able to access other Amazon seller tools that might help you much in your Amazon selling journey.

From helping sellers recover their profits quickly, to assisting them with avoiding stock-outs and over-ordering issues – SoStocked is undoubtedly an all in one, smarter inventory management software available. Read out this SoStocked review ahead to explore the feature the software comes with, the price you will have to pay, and the cons that comes attached with the tool, let’s get started!

SoStocked Features at a Glance

After Carbon6 acquired SoStocked, the software became more powerful than ever. Having said this, down here we’ll be mentioning some best SoStocked features that would help you with your inventory management process, but, know that the software so much more – which we might have missed here.

Real-time inventory tracking

One of the best features of SoStocked when it comes to Amazon inventory management, is that it tracks all the inventory in real-time. This feature can really help sellers stay updated with all their inventory related information, so that they can maintain around 60 days of supply without any hassles. From stock-outs, to overstocks, SoStocked real-time inventory tracker will keep you updated with literally everything..

Inventory forecasting

Yet another best feature of SoStocked is the in-built inventory tracker feature. Since the tool’s API pulls data directly from all the Amazon marketplaces, it can quickly forecast data-backed inventory details. For example, the tool can automatically display critical information like past sales of a product, prime day sales, seasonality and sales spike data for you to make relevant decisions. In this way, sellers can predict the future demand of their inventory and can thus plan the future stock levels accordingly.

Multi-channel management

Not just Amazon, with SoStocked sellers can manage their inventory from across multiple channels. So, whether the seller is selling the same product in Shopify, eBay, Walmart, Woocommerce, or any other non-Amazon marketplaces – SoStocked can be of great help to every type of seller. But do note that the tool won’t integrate directly with these marketplaces, you will have to try out a few workarounds.

Reorder alerts

The best part about using SoStocked for your inventory management process, is it literally gives you REORDER ALERTS round the clock. Sellers can monitor their inventory health, and then think about when to reorder certain products. There are pre-designed and custom dashboard available for clear data visualization.

Live order management

SoStocked inventory management software comes with amazing order management capabilities, live order management being one among many. Through this software, sellers can track all their Amazon orders from the dashboard itself. They can even manage their entire shipping and fulfillment process, and can even handle returns and exchanges all through SoStocked itself.

Barcode scanning

If you have been selling on Amazon for quite a long time period, you must be well aware of different barcodes. From ASIN, SKU, FNSKU, GTIN, EAN, MPN, to IPN – there are literally too many codes. But out of these many, ASI, FNSKU, and SKU are important ones when it comes to Amazon inventory management. And SoStocked being an awesome inventory management software lets you scan all these barcodes so that the information grabbed is right, and there aren’t human errors.

Built-in Amazon reorder point

Wondering what exactly is Amazon reorder point? It’s basically a stock level at which the seller has to replenish his/her inventory levels. And SoStocked for that purpose has come up with its very built-in reorder point. The feature, at the right time, gives sellers notification about when they must reorder their inventory. And for suppliers, the tool displays the right time to make more products.

Fully customizable dashboards

Back then, sellers used to keep a track of all their inventories in a spreadsheet, and that was a major pain point. And SoStocked became just so popular among so many Amazon sellers because it was able to solve this issue. The smart and easy to use dashboards available within the software allows sellers to check out their inventory levels more clearly. If not any pre-built dashboard, sellers can even custom design one, according to their needs for clear product visualization.

1-on-1 onboarding support

This won’t be a feature for many, but trust us when it comes to Amazon inventory management, any professional can get stuck – because there are too many numbers, words, and codes. Even the data migration part is a lot trickier. Hence, the team offers 1-on-1 onboarding support to all the users, from setting up the complete account, to how best one must use all the features available within the software, the team can literally help you with everything, for free.

Multi-warehouse support

Here comes the last best feature of SoStocked, through this software, sellers can assign multiple suppliers and warehouses to a single product. They can create complex logistical supply chains with much ease for multiple products as well as one single product.

Who should use SoStocked?

Now that you have explored the best features of SoStocked, next comes the question whether you should really use this Amazon inventory management software? The answer is NO. The tool is not designed for every Amazon seller out there, and it’s not us saying this, but the founders themselves have mentioned it. Hence, SoStocked is best for:

Private label sellers – SoStocked is best for private label sellers who are literally unaware of how the Amazon inventory management process works. Since these types of sellers have long lead times, the in-built restocking feature can best help the seller understand the order predictions.

Amazon FBA sellers – FBA sellers often get worried with their inventory limits but SoStocked’s inventory forecasting feature can be a real game changer. The tool notifies sellers with every stock related change. And the filters available within the tool – like FBA max stock and FBA buffer stock eases the whole restocking process.

Seasonal sellers – Not every seller is there on Amazon to sell products the whole year, and the SoStocked team has understood this assignment really well. The forecasting system available within the tool can help sellers understand the seasonal velocities of the product they would be selling. Sellers can check out last year’s sales data, and can predict the current year’s sales accordingly.

Wholesale sellers – SoStocked really works wonders for Amazon wholesale sellers. The main challenge of these types of sellers is that they deal with huge stocks, and the customized dashboard of SoStocked can help them with these issues. Also, the team has mentioned that they will come up with many more features for wholesale sellers in the recent days like profit filtering, and import export features for smoother operations.

Apart from these many options, even brand managers and PPC agencies can use SoStocked for their client’s inventory management.

You must not use SoStocked, if!

SoStocked is not really a great option for retail arbitrage, because the software is not specifically made for this purpose. However, the team does claim that many sellers have made the tool work for them. Even FBM sellers won’t be able to make the most out of the software.

SoStocked Pricing | How to use SoStocked for Free?

SoStocked Pricing

SoStocked is not just great with the features it offers, but even the price at which these feature access comes with is great. The team literally offers all its users 1 month free access to the tool, no matter which plan they pick. Additionally, new users can even book a free live demo or attend the founder’s live inventory management software to explore how the software actually works.

SoStocked Basic Plan – $158 per month

  • Can manage up to 1,000 order a month
  • 20 users access
  • Supports all Amazon marketplaces
  • 1 on 1 onboarding support
  • Free data migration service
  • Inventory forecasting, reorder alerts, inventory tracking, and inventory dashboard available
  • 50% off for additional seller accounts (if added)

SoStocked Agency Plan – customized

  • Everything included in the basic plan
  • Access to manage multiple brand at the same time
  • Multi-user login

In addition to this, SoStocked calculates its price based on how many orders you will be receiving per month. The above pricing was for the ones who receive at least 1,000 orders a month, but if you get more, you will have to pay:

  • $178 for 2000 orders
  • $198 for 3000 orders
  • $250 for 5000 orders
  • $300 for 8000 orders
  • $366 for 13,000 orders

And so on!

Honest SoStocked Customer Reviews | What other users have to say about SoStocked?

Over 1,000+ users are happy with SoStocked features, and we believe that there are two reasons behind this – access to awesome inventory management features under a great budget. One feature that other sellers liked the most is the combination feature, and a few sellers are even highly satisfied with the team’s customer support service!

SoStocked Pros and Cons

  • Offers reorder alerts
  • Displays spikes, stock-outs, and seasonality trends
  • Detailed product reporting
  • Easy to use dashboard, highly customisable
  • Generates quick POs
  • One on one free onboarding call
  • Free data migration service
  • Highly affordable pricing plans
  • One month free trial
  • Just available for Amazon inventory management procesa
  • Can’t forecast sales of non Amazon marketplaces

Top FAQs on SoStocked Review 2024

Is SoStocked legit?

Yes, SoStocked is a legit Amazon inventory management and forecasting software, and many users have been using it for over 2+ years now.

Can I use SoStocked for free?

Yes, SoStocked offers users one month free trial with all its paid plans, no matter how many orders you get.

What are the best SoStocked alternatives?

SoStocked is the best inventory management software, but some of its best alternatives are Skubana, Expandly, Forecastly, and Helium 10’s inventory management tool.

Are Carbon6 and SoStocked the same?

No, Carbon6 and SoStocked are different platforms, but recently Carbon6 acquired SoStocked and it’s now available within the Carbon6’s tool section.

What is the best inventory management software?

SoStocked is the best inventory management software with over 1,000+ users across the globe.

SoStocked Review Wrap-up – Is SoStocked truly the Best Inventory Management Software?

After reviewing the whole software for the Amazon inventory management process, we really loved the tool. The way the software is able to share the most complex data to sellers in the easiest way possible is just awesome. The customized dashboard available within the tool is just a great hit. Sellers can get reorder alerts, automate the whole forecasting process, and sync their inventory/marketing timelines to make the most out of the tool. And let’s not forget the one-on-one free onboarding call the team offers, it shows that the team really cares about their customers much.

To the end, we believe that SoStocked can take away all your inventory related concerns. Just reach out to the team whenever you get stuck anywhere, and they will keep you all covered with the latest features. So what are you waiting for? Don’t let your inventory hurdles come in your way of Amazon selling, let SoStocked handle it all the PRO WAY!

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