Swipe Pages Review

This Swipe Pages review is all you need to decide whether this landing page builder is the right tool for you.
Read on to know how Swipe Pages makes beautiful, fast and mobile-optimized pages in just a matter of clicks! Get an insight on how to make optimized AMP landing pages with no coding know-how! In this Swipe Pages review, we will look at all the features, prices, benefits and uses this builder has. Let’s take a closer look at what Swipe Pages has to offer:

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What is Swipe Pages all about?

Swipe Pages is an easy-to-use landing page builder that helps you create AMP landing pages that are lightning-fast without the use of code. It includes templates that blow you away and intuitive, easy drag and drops editor that helps you make click-worthy landing pages that you can self-host on your own custom domain – all this in a matter of clicks!

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Swipe Pages Features at a Glance | Swipe Pages Review

Swipe Pages helps you make irresistible landing pages that bring in clicks and conversions. Let’s take a closer look at the features it has to offer:

Drag and Drop Editor: Use Swipe Pages’ easy-to-use, intuitive and multi-screen editor to create fully-responsive, high-conversion landing pages without entering any code! Its drag and drop editor and more than 25 advanced modules make more pages stand out from the hundreds.

Use-Specific Templates: Say buh-BYE to generic ‘Lorem Ipsum‘ templates. Choose from Swipe Pages’ extensive template library that offers more than 40 templates for every specific use case. Create landing pages that have high conversion rates, all without the help of a designer!

Publish Directly to Your Domain: Get ready to publish landing pages that include optimized code, cache, compressed images and hosting with CDN and SSL. You can publish your completed landing pages directly onto your custom domains worry-free!

Team Collaboration: As they say, teamwork makes the dream work! Invite your team to collaborate on projects. You can assign roles, organize projects internally and manage all your projects in a much more streamlined way.

Stripe Checkout Integration: Make your customers’ checkout journey easy with Stripe checkouts. Connect your landing page with your Stripe account and offer your customers a 1-click checkout experience like no other!

Dynamic Text: Make your landing pages personalized to your audience with dynamic text replacement features offered by Swipe Pages. It uses data from your ads and makes tweaks to copy that make your landing page more likely to convert traffic.

A/B Testing Capabilities: Know what’s working and what isn’t with the help of split testing. You can make tweaks to copy, colors, images, messages, designs, etc. and make different versions of your landing page. Swipe Pages lets you test these versions out and find the optimum combination of elements to see what brings in the most conversions.

Direct and Zapier Third-Party Integrations: Launch your landing pages seamlessly, making the process of creating and publishing landing pages even more effective with more than 1000 third-party integrations, including Hubspot, Sendfox, MailChimp, and many more.

Built-In Analytics: Get all the information you need to better your conversions with Swipe Pages’ built-in analytics. See how well your pages are doing with easy-to-understand analytics that is displayed in a single dashboard.

Additional Perks: Swipe Pages is dedicated to providing you with all the tools you need to make landing pages that are better faster and help you bring in money! Get over 1 million free Unsplash images, more than 8000 icons1000+ Google fonts, over 50 section templates, responsive size controls and SVG support.

Connect Your Lead Form to Your CRM Directly: Never miss out on a lead. Export lead information directly from your landing page to your CRM software as soon it is entered. With Swipe Pages, you don’t need to waste time collecting and feeding leads into your CRM. Swipe Pages does that for you! Its Form Element connects your lead form to your CRM platform seamlessly and with no extra hassle or cost!

Stellar Customer Support: Swipe Pages take customer support very seriously. It has a live chat support system in place and an extensive knowledge base that helps you whenever you have a roadblock. Contact them via email or their toll-free number.

AMP Powered Landing Pages by Swipe Pages – Game Changer?

Create lighting fast landing pages using AMP, also known as Accelerated Mobile Pages. They do this because they have automatically been cached by Google. AMP pages provide audiences with a fast, easy, and fun experience when they visit your page, making them likely to convert instead of pages that take forever to load.
Swipe Pages’ AMP landing pages give you:

Swipe Pages Review AMP Pages
  • Because they are extremely quick to load, AMP landing pages have a lower bounce rate and a higher conversion rate. This means you are able to provide a better user experience without spending a ton of money on CPCs.
  • With AMP landing pages, you get to use tech that is trusted by Google and recommended by leading companies.
  • Get high-converting landing pages in minutes without the use of any code. Just import your HTML content and add a call-to-action on each page. Visitors will be taken to your offer right away.

How does Swipe Pages make your Landing Pages Insanely Fast?

Did you know that around 50% of your visitors bounce off a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load? It doesn’t matter how much effort or money you have put into your page. If it has a high load time, you can lose out on a lot of money ultimately.

But not with Swipe Pages! As it makes sure that your pages load at lightning-fast speeds.

Images are a very important part of your landing page as they make your page attractive and more responsive, but at the same time, images also make your page load significantly slower. Swipe Pages lets you keep both your images and maintains your page speed. Don’t worry about loss in quality, as Swipe pages can compress all your images without making them drop in quality. It also resizes them automatically to help them fit different displays and resolutions.

It also has a lazy loading system set for landing pages that let images load only when the visitor is close to viewing them. This helps the page load faster as opposed to the traditional method of loading that makes all images and elements load at the same time, which makes the pages slow. It also compresses codes using its algorithm that gets rid of any unnecessary code that goes unused and combines all the code into one manageable file. It also reduces the remaining code by 10x.

Landing pages built by Swipe Pages are cached and served from a Content Delivery Network (CDN), which is a global high-performance CDN with 36 POPs. Your web pages and their assets are served from a server located close to the end-user who visits them, providing faster delivery less distance to travel. Swipe Pages is equipped with many additional tools that make your landing pages faster and more efficient. With Swipe Pages, you can:

  • Erase all resources that block renders
  • Stay connected to all required origins
  • Compress text using Gzip/Brotli
  • Defer offscreen images
  • Asynchronously Load Javascript
  • Minify CSS & Javascript

🥇 Swipe Pages for SaaS: Goldmine?

Swipe Pages helps you increase your website conversions using optimized and fast landing pages that are laser targeted fit for every campaign and use case. Swipe Pages helps you upscale your lead generation, all the while reducing costs and saving time and effort. Swipe pages let you focus more on your product as opposed to all the other miscellaneous things. Launch campaigns faster and more effectively with landing pages that bring in leads and are built with no code whatsoever!

Swipe Pages Review - SaaS

PPC campaigns can be expensive, and landing pages are important aspects that can either make or break your campaigns. A landing page has to be fast, relevant and attractive to bring in conversions. Swipe Pages lets you do just that. You can now lower your CPC and bring in higher conversions with its AMP landing pages.

Swipe Pages makes your landing pages more visually appealing by including modules that are specifically made for SaaS, make your landing pages irresistible by using elements such as pricing and comparison tables that let your audience know that your products are the best, build trust by including icons, choose from over 8000 SVG icons and over 1000 Google fonts that work with your brand.

Use the combination of elements that brings in the most leads. With Swipe Pages, you can run A/B testing almost seamlessly and find out what combination of elements works for you. Make your process streamlined and efficient with various third-party integrations. It lets you easily capture leads with forms and lets you send all the data directly to the CRM you use.

High-quality SaaS templates for every use case.

Swipe Pages Coupon

Design is important when you’re doing a product launch. Templates make it easier to create landing pages that are bound to bring in conversions. They save you resources and time. Swipe Pages provides tested and optimized templates for every type of product. Here are some uses cases of Swipe Pages:

Affiliate Landing Page: Create an affiliate landing page for your affiliates. It should be customized to each affiliate so they can promote their own offers.

Lead Magnets & Webinars: Attractive lead magnets and webinars will attract prospects and help you generate marketing-qualified leads for sales.

Beta Landing Page: Test your idea by creating a beta landing page and starting to sign up interested users. This is a great way to test out different approaches.

Landing Page Comparisons: Quickly build landing page comparisons that show how your company compares to your competition. This is the best approach for bottom-of-the-funnel campaigns.

Direct Response Landing Page: This is great for PPC search ads. Target different audience segments with unique landing pages.

Product Demo: Sign up users for a 1-on-1 product demo. This gives you a chance to retarget audiences and prove to them why your product is the one to choose by providing demos.

Swipe Pages for Agencies: 🚀Better Results?

Agencies always have it difficult as they need to deliver better ROI and provide leads that are good and useful. Swipe Pages helps you do just that you can now create and host attractive and responsive landing pages without knowing a single line of code!

Swipe Pages Review Agencies

Use its drag and drop builder and extensive template library to create pages fit for every niche. Swipe Pages saves you significant amounts of time as it eliminates the hassle of manually optimizing, coding, designing, testing and hosting pages from scratch. It also saves you money by providing all these services under one platform.

Swipe pages also help you increase the functionality and efficiency of your landing pages by providing a wide variety of elements, including comparison tables, carousels, forms and pricing tables. Swipe Pages also helps you host your landing pages with its secure network of cloud servers and CDN. You can save hours of time as it runs more than 20 optimization tasks for you in a click.

As mentioned earlier, AMP landing pages provide you with faster load times. Thus, they help you achieve lower bounce rates and also boost your conversions. With Swipe Pages’ AMP landing pages, you can achieve higher ad quality scores and also get lower CPCs. This helps you get a higher ROI on ad spending.

Agencies can really benefit from A/B testing as it helps you form a bullet-proof formula that brings in conversions consistently. You can run split tests easily with Swipe Pages and get an insight into what works and what doesn’t. Get invaluable insights on campaign performance with SwipePages’ built-in analytics. You can see all key performance indicators and how well a campaign is performing.

Swipe pages let you simplify and streamline your workflow. You can use its subaccounts, groups and campaigns to stay organized and delegate tasks with ease. It lets you duplicate pages, save elements and entire pages as templates and easily move copy or paste elements from one page to another. It also lets you transfer data with ease to platforms outside Swipe Pages directly using more than 1000 direct and Zapier integrations.

Is Swipe Pages for Real Estate Marketers?

Short Answer: YES!

Long answer: You can now create a stunning landing page and get leads for property listings with ease. You don’t need to depend on designers and developers to create landing pages for your real estate business. You can create high conversion pages with ease and with no prior code knowledge using Swipe Pages.

Swipe Pages Coupon Real Estate

Stun your audience with breathtaking visuals in the guise of image galleries, videos and carousels that compel them to click further. You can do all this without slowing down your page. A lot of audiences nowadays prefer to use their mobile phones to browse. Swipe Pages lets you use this browsing pattern to your advantage by providing AMP landing pages that are fast and optimized for mobile browsing. When your pages are optimized and fast, you will save a lot of money as there will be lower bounce rates and CPC.

Convert more with more than 50 templates that are tested and proven to bring in higher conversions with consistency. Swipe Pages lets you personalize your landing pages based on your different target groups. This little tweak is more likely to boost your conversion rate significantly. Swipe Pages lets you rum A/B testing with ease. Split testing helps you find the combination of elements in your landing page that bring in the most conversions.

Don’t waste time transferring all your leads to other third-party apps. With its direct and Zapier integrations, it automates the whole process of transferring leads to other apps so that you can focus on converting them into customers. Additionally, Swipe Pages lets you stay on top of your game with built-in analytics that gives you detailed information on your campaign’s performance.

Swipe Pages User Interface – How is Swipe Pages different from other platforms?

Swipe Pages Review 2024: Premium Landing Page Builder (40% OFF Swipe Pages Coupon Code) 1

We found that the Swipe pages’ user interface is beautiful and has a unique user experience. Under the landing pages tab, you can see all the well-organized folders of websites. You can see them arranged in the grid or list format. All those beginners can find the helpful chat button right at the bottom right corner, which is really beneficial.

1. Swipe Pages Landing Page

Swipe Pages offer you three different types of landing pages which you can use according to your requirement.  

Swipe Pages Landing Page
  • AMP Pages

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP Landing Pages) are based on the AMP framework and have extremely fast loading speed. The reason behind this is also that you cannot add any custom elements like heat maps, CSS or JS Scripts or Live chat widgets to it. This is among the top choice for all those who want to use Google Search ads.

  • Smart Pages

This type of page also loads fast and is beneficial for all channels, whether it be mobile or desktop. You can also embed HTML/CSS scripts on these pages.

  • Mobile Slides

Currently, the Mobile Slide is in the Beta stage right now. Suppose you can want to make creative and attention-grabbing landing pages for mobile users exclusively. Then this page you should choose. It is just ideal for social media campaigns.

2. Swipe Pages Templates

Swipe Pages has a Template collection that is quite diverse, but it is somewhat limited as well. You get at least a library of 45 well-designed and responsive templates.

Swipe Pages Templates

These templates belong to 20 different categories like SaaS, Clickthrough, Finance, Lead Generation, Affiliate, Health & Medicial, Education etc. But for the mobile slideshow, you only get 17 limited templates which we feel are limited, but they are designed well. We hope to see more additions in the future. 

3. Swipe Pages Elements

Swipe Pages offers you 26+ Elements which you can access from the Modules Tab right under the Editor. You can simply drag and drop an element to add it into a section. Clicking on any element will display all the customization settings on the left panel. 

  • Images
Swipe Pages Images

You can easily drag and drop any image onto your web page as Swipe Pages Integrates with the Unsplash images library and provides you with millions of free images which you can use for your website. Plus, you can also upload your own images. You can also stack images as Swipe Pages offers multi-layer images and creates unique and trendy layouts. 

  • Fonts
Swipe Pages Fonts

Swipe Pages offers you an enormous library of fonts which includes Google Fonts, Standard Fonts and others. But the sad part is that you do not get an option to add custom fonts. 

  • Videos
Swipe Pages Videos

You can use this feature to add videos to your landing pages through these links. 

  • Animated Links
Swipe Pages Animated Links

This is a unique feature that Swipe Pages provides you, which you can add to your page with a single click. You can choose an anchor and the action it would be connected with.

  • Forms
Swipe Pages Forms

With Swipe Pages, you can easily create and add forms to your page with the Forms element. It gives you 13 pre-defined fields you can add to your forms, which is excellent. But we did find that you cannot add a custom field which is somewhat disappointing. 

Plus, Swipe Pages also offers you a Multi-step form which you can utilize to break down your form into multiple steps, and you can specify what you wish to do after the form is submitted. You can also redirect a user to another page, or you can use it as a lead magnet and capture leads. You can also connect integrations like Zapier or Integromat to automate the process. You also get the webhooks option associated with Swipe Pages. 

  • Tables
Swipe Pages Tables

The Table module of Swipe Pages lets you create tables that range from complex to simple. You can easily add new columns and rows to your table simply by clicking on the + button beside it. You can also edit the cells in a very easy way. You can directly edit data within the table cell, which the users can find really convenient. 

  • HTML Codes
Swipe Pages HTML Codes

Swipe Pages also lets you embed HTML codes and a wide range of them on your page. This includes music players, forms, Social media posts etc.

  • Audio Integrations

In our Swipe Pages review, we did find that you don’t get an option to integrate audio as you cannot upload any audio track. But you can embed it to your page via the HTML module. 

  • Additional Elements
Additional Elements

Additionally, you also get a variety of other elements with Swipe Pages which includes headlines, text, icons, buttons, cards, checklist, maps, gallery, pricing table, countdown timer, star ratings etc. 

4. Swipe Pages Editor 

As you can see, the Editor of Swipe Pages looks quite organized and clean. You can see that the left panel comprises various sections. These sections are blocks of content that make up your entire web page. You can also remove or add sections from your page. 

Swipe Pages Editor

Plus, on the bottom left corner, you get the handy redo and undo buttons. Plus, you can also switch between tablet, desktop and mobile view from the top panel. 

You can add the sections in two ways – Either by using a blank section or by building it from scratch. Or you can make use of templates for specific sections like Call to Action, Contact, Rating, Reviews and more. 

5. Swipe Pages Domains – Custom Domain for Everyone 

Swipe Pages Domains

With Swipe Pages, you can add a custom domain to your account. With the Starter Plan, you can add a single custom domain, whereas, with the Marketer Plan, you can add 5 custom domains. We would recommend you to go for the custom domain with Swipe Pages as the subdomains provided by them are really complicated and unprofessional. Plus, you also cannot customize them anyway. 

Swipe Pages Custom Domain

While also reviewing Swipe Pages, we found that other website builders like Card and Zoho offer decent URLs if you use their domains. But in this case, Swipe Pages might disappoint you as it does not let you do so.

6. Swipe Pages Swipe Genie Tool – Latest AI Content Generator

This is among the latest feature to be offered by Swipe Pages. Swipe Genie is an AI Content Generator tool that can help you to generate plagiarism-free original content for your page. Using it, you can generate headlines, benefits, features and Calls to Action.

Swipe Genie Tool

7. Swipe Pages A/B Testing

It is among the best features offered by Swipe Pages. You get this feature on the Marketer plan and above. With the A/B testing tool, you can create two variants of the same page. Plus, you can also specify the percentage of traffic if you want on both pages. 

Swipe Pages AB Testing

With this feature, you can also analyze which pages are performing well and giving more conversions. You can also compare both variants for the total number of visits, unique visits, conversion rate and conversions. We liked this feature as it directly affects your conversions and can help you increase your revenue.

8. Swipe Pages Global Blocks

We sometimes require the same blocks to be used on multiple web pages. And with the Swipe Pages Global Blocks, you can certainly design a block of contents and save them as a template. You can create folders like Pricing plans, Subscription forms etc. So the next time you require these, you eventually don’t have to spend much time designing it. You can easily find them in the Global Blocks section and then add it to your page.

Swipe Pages Global Blocks

9. Swipe Pages Integrations – 19+ Integrations

With Swipe Pages, you can connect directly with the following Integrations:

  • Unsplash image library
  • RazorPay
  • Integromat
  • Constant Contact
  • EngageBay
  • Mailchimp
  • Salesflare
  • Zapier
  • Instamojo
  • Aweber
  • ConvertKit
  • Active Campaign
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Encharge
  • Stripe
  • Paypal
  • Moosend
  • SendFox
  • HubSpot
  • Zoho

Swipe Pages Alternatives You Should Try in 2024!

There are many landing page builders available in the market; let’s see how Swipe Pages competes with some of them:

Swipe Pages Vs. Elementor

Elementor is a great WordPress plugin for customizing your theme layout, styling, and design. It’s perfect for non-coders who want to build their own WordPress templates in minutes. Now with the latest edition of Elementor Pro, you can even create the entire layout and design of your WordPress blog from scratch with no coding knowledge whatsoever! Some major differences between Elementor and Swipe Pages are that Elementor does not have A/B testing capabilities and now reporting or tracking analytics. Elementor is also more expensive than Swipe Pages as its plans start at $44 per year.

Also read: Elementor Review | Lifetime Discount Coupon (30% OFF)

Swipe Pages Vs. Groove Funnels

GrooveFunnels aims to cover almost every type of marketing automation, sales funnel, and customer management that you could possibly need. With integrated first-party apps, you can market your campaigns with ease. GrooveFunnels does not offer WordPress integration and has a unique pricing system as it only offers one time payments starting at $1,997.

Also read: GrooveFunnels Review: No.1 Sales Funnel Building Platform

Swipe Pages Vs. Brizy

Brizy is software that can help make websites and landing pages faster, more productive, and more captivating. It streamlines the process of capturing leads and connecting with potential customers. The tool is easy to work with, enabling even large teams to collaborate over projects. Brizy does not offer a few features that are offered by Swipe Pages, such as A/B Testing and Dynamic Text Replacement. Brizy does, however, have a free plan.

Why are Your Product Pages not Converting?

You have done all the work required to make a stunning product page but are still struggling to get the results you want? Let’s see what makes a page have low conversions:

  • Your page is confusing

Having multiple elements like navigation links, popup windows and multiple calls to action may confuse your prospect and drive them away from the main objective of the landing page. Your page must be clutter-free and must clearly display information that will make your prospects’ decisions easier.

  • No build up of trust

No one buys from unknown companies right away, as there needs to be some proof or connection that makes them trust the source. This means you need to build trust. You can do this by showing reviews, endorsements and more.

  • It is not customized to the needs & requests of your prospects.

You need to deeply target ads based on your prospects’ interests and intentions because if you make generic pages that don’t solve specific pain points, prospects bounce off because they don’t like what you’re offering.

  • Slow to load

Most of your traffic comes from smartphones and tablets. But did you know that 50% of mobile users will bounce if a page takes more than three seconds to load? Your product pages should be optimized for speed so they don’t slow down your site.

Swipe Pages helps you solve all of these problems with its efficient and high-quality features.

Swipe Pages Pricing Plans | Swipe Pages Discount Coupon

Swipe Pages Pricing

Swipe Pages offers three plans:

Starter Plan – $29/mo

With this plan, you get:

  • Only one custom domain
  • AMP (accelerated mobile pages)
  • 20,000 Unique site traffic
  • Unlimited conversions
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Analytics and conversion tracking
  • Zapier integrations
  • Conversion-optimized templates
  • Direct integrations
  • E-commerce stripe checkouts

 Marketer Plan – $58/mo

  • Everything in the starter plan
  • 5 Custom domains
  • AMP (accelerated mobile pages)
  • Unlimited conversions
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Conversion-optimized templates
  • 50,000 Unique site traffic
  • 5 Team member accounts
  • 5 Client sub-accounts
  • A/B testing

Agency Plan – $119/mo

  • Everything in the marketer plan
  • 10 Custom domains
  • AMP (accelerated mobile pages)
  • Unlimited conversions
  • 200,000 Unique site traffic
  • Conversion-optimized templates
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Unlimited client sub-accounts
  • Unlimited team member accounts

What are the payment methods provided by Swipe Pages?

Swipe Pages provides the following payment methods: MasterCard, Visa, Amex, and Discover credit cards. Plus, it also offers a 14-day Free Trail, which we think is enough to test all the functions and see whether this tool suits you or not.

What makes Swipe Pages Best from the Rest?

While doing this Swipe Pages Review, we did come across many other website builders and landing pages, out of which some specialize in creating landing pages while others are a part of all-in-one marketing suites.

So here are a quick few points about how Swipe Pages stands out from the rest.

  • It provides funnel-oriented Swipe Pages templates

Swipe Pages provides you with landing pages for all parts of the funnel. So every business wants to stand out from its competitors, and Swipe pages help you to create beautiful templates from which you can fetch leads and registrations and sell your product.

These landing pages are helpful for someone who is just starting out with a few products and is in need of a few e-commerce sales pages. You can make a lightweight website and publish professional and high-conversion landing pages.

  • It gives excellent page speeds

Visitors hate to wait around for a long time for your page to load. Moreover, mobile visitors are super sensitive to page loading speeds. According to the latest reports from Google, as your load time goes from 1 to 10 seconds, the mobile site visitor bounce rate increases by over 123%. Now that’s something which needs to be taken care of.

But Swipe Pages increase your speed by: 

  • Lazy loading images
  • Minifying code size
  • Compressing text
  • Resizing and compressing your images

Swipe Pages offers AMP Pages. These pages are ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages,’ and the best part about them is that Google loves them. These AMPs load almost instantly. But Site speed is also a factor that needs to be taken care of as it is the deciding factor for the page’s organic ranking. As these AMPs would load quickly, this would, in turn, give an SEO boost.

Also, one of the hidden aspects of Swipe Pages is that it uses the same level of compression across all its landing pages, which makes it one of the fastest landing page services out there.

  • It offers mobile landing pages

With Swipe Pages, you can easily create mobile landing pages. Landing pages work well on mobile and are also easy to build and edit. You get 18 template categories to choose from. In 2021, 56% of the web traffic was mobile, which is why Swipe Pages puts extra importance on mobile landing pages

Inside the Swipe Pages template gallery, you can find that there is a particular landing page category called ‘Mobile Slide.’ These are mobile-first landing page templates that your visitors swipe across. Also, all the templates are interactive and modern.

Who should consider using Swipe Pages?

Swipe Pages is something that can be used by a freelancer who needs to create multiple websites and landing pages, an agency, or an entrepreneur. It is simply an effective and handy digital marketing tool for people who want to increase their conversions and sell products. Also, persons who run a marketing campaign and also bloggers who create informative content should also consider Swipe Pages.

Even though some might find its pricing to be a little on the higher side, the variety of features offered and the simple, intuitive interface does make Swipe Pages a tool to go for.

Does Swipe Pages help you with SEO?

SEO has become a very critical factor for any website to be created so that it ranks well on the search engine. And here as well, Swipe Pages offers you basic optimization features. Swipe Pages lets you add a description, title, meta tags, meta keywords, select language and canonical URLs for landing pages. Plus, you can also edit the title, description and image of your page for social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc.

How to Use Root/Naked Domain with Swipe Pages? 

Generally, the landing pages are not used with a Naked domain, but there are times when you wish to point your main domain to pages created with Swipe Pages.

In order to connect your root/main domain to Swipe Pages, you must use Cloudflare as your DNS manager. Because Cloudflare ensures that your DNS resolves faster and also helps in keeping your site secure from any sort of DDOS attacks. Plus, it also gives you a Free SSL for your site. 

So let’s have a look at the steps which you need to follow to connect your root domain to Swipe Pages.

Step 1: First, Create an Account in Cloudflare. If you have an account on it, please log in to your account. Click on the ADD A SITE button.

Step 2: Then, enter your domain name without www or http or any trailing slashes. 

Step 3: Then, Choose the free plan and click on the continue button. 

Step 4: After this, Cloudflare will scan your DNS records and list them. Also, make sure that you do not make any modifications at this time and click on the Continue button.

Step 5: The next step would be to Login into your domain registrar and update the Nameservers to the ones which you have provided to Cloudflare and save the settings.

Step 6: Then, Go back to Cloudflare after a few hours and click on the Done Check Nameservers button.

Step 7: Then, in the Quick Start Guide screen, Turn ON the Automatic HTTPS Rewrites and Always Force HTTPS option. Also, Turn OFF the Js, CSS & HTML minification and Turn OFF Brotli compression as Swipe Pages can handle this. After this, Click on the Finish Button. 

Step 8: Then log in to your Swipe Pages account and head to the Domains Panel, and click on the Add New Domain Button

Step 9: There, you have to enter your root domain name without www, HTTPS or any trailing slashers and click on next.

Step 10: Then, Enter www as your subdomain and click on the Next button.

Swipe Pages Add Domain

Step 11: Copy the CNAME value provided.

Swipe Pages Sub Domain

Step 12: Then, log in to Cloudflare again and there, in the DNS tab, you have to edit the www CNAME record and update it with the value copied from Swipe Pages. Also, make sure to click on the Orange Cloud Icon, which you can find next to the value, as it turns OFF and the icon turns grey and Save the changes. If you do not have any record after Cloudflare migration, you can add it in the DNS tab. But do make sure that the orange cloud is turned on and set the IP for the record to

Step 13: After this, head to the Page Rules Tab and click on the Create Page Rule button.

Step 14: There you just have to enter the URL which is to be forwarded, which in this case your domain. Then Enter yourdomain.com* and make sure you use a domain in place of yourdomain.com*.

Step 15: Then choose the setting as Forwarding URL and select the Status code as 301 Redirect. Enter the value as https://www.yourdomain.com/ $1, and the $1, in the end, will dynamically match and get forwarded to the appropriate page. Then Save these settings. 

Step 16: You will have to wait for a few hours and allow the DNS changes to propagate. Then head to the Swipe Pages domain panel and click on the Connect button.

Swipe Pages

As your domain gets connected, you can publish your pages to it.

Swipe Pages Customer Support – Is it enough?

Swipe Pages Customer Support

Swipe Pages provides you with an extensive range of support options which include email, live chat, call support and knowledge base. Also, we did find that the knowledge base of Swipe Pages is quite adequate and decent. It does give you a few informative articles as well, along with a few annotated images to help even the beginners. 

We also find that the ‘Live Chat support‘ cannot be termed as Live as it takes any time between 2 hours to 24 hours to get replies to your queries. So also remember that you cannot expect instant replies from their support team. We do hope that Swipe Pages works on this aspect and provides instant live support.

Swipe Pages Affiliate Program – Good Revenue Generation Model 

Swipe Pages Affiliate Program

As Swipe Pages is regarded as among the top landing pages builder, there is also an opportunity for the Affiliates out there to earn a handsome commission as well. You can sign in with their affiliate partner using the ‘join affiliate program‘ button. After signing up, you will get a unique referral link that you can use to invite others to try Swipe Pages.

The best thing about Swipe Pages Affiliate Program is that it gives all of its affiliates to earn up to 40% Commission. It also offers a generous 60-day cookie lifespan and 100% timely payouts. Along with this, it also offers Access to the dedicated affiliate management team, which can help you and a Monthly recurring payout until the customer’s lifetime.

Swipe Pages Reviews & Testimonials from Customers

Swipe Pages Review Testimonial

FAQs related to Swipe Pages

What makes Swipe Pages different from other landing page builders?

With AMP support, Swipe Pages can provide an unmatched speed & performance to your landing page. With Swipe Pages, you will get great designs, performance, and flexibility that are really value for money. Swipe Pages also allows you to build a mobile-optimized landing page that skyrockets your conversion rate. Switching to Swipe Pages is a no-brainer. You’ll get all the features of a standard landing page with none of the headaches.

Does Swipe Pages require any coding knowledge?

Swipe Pages is the fastest landing page builder that gives you the power to create responsive landing pages without any technical or coding skills. It’s the perfect landing page builder for any marketer or creative professional who wants to create beautiful and engaging landing pages.

Is Swipe Pages worth the price?

Yes! Swipe Pages is a powerful landing page builder that allows anyone to build AMP pages without any coding. As we all know, AMP landing pages take very little time for loading, which helps the user get a very lower bounce rate. With the power of Swipe Pages, marketers can create killer and responsive landing pages, in minutes, without any fuss.

Does Swipe Pages offer a free trial?

Yes! Swipe Pages provides 14 days free trial to all its new users. If you are new to Swipe Pages, then you can create a new Swipe Pages account and test all its features for free.

How much do Swipe Pages cost?

Swipe Pages offer the following three major pricing plans.
Startup: $29/month
Marketer: $59/month
Agency: $119/month

How safe is my data with Swipe Pages?

Swipe Pages uses leading service providers like Digital Ocean, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud to host their platform. Swipe Pages always make sure that their application is up to date with security.

What payment methods do Swipe Pages support?

If you are looking to purchase any Swipe Pages plans, you can make payment through Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express credit cards.

Is there any working Swipe Pages coupon code?

If you are looking to save extra bucks on its subscription plans, then use the above-mentioned Swipe Pages coupon codes.

How much discount will I get by using the Swipe Pages discount coupon?

By using our special Swipe Pages coupon code, the user will save upto a 40% discount on all annual plans.

Is there any Swipe Pages lifetime deal?

Well, the Swipe Pages lifetime deal has currently ended. But you can still get savings up to 40% by using our Swipe Pages Coupon code which you can find above.

How does Swipe Pages Google Sheet Integration work? 

Step 1: Authenticate Swipe Pages and Google Sheets.
Step 2: Pick one of the apps as a trigger, which will kick off your automation.
Step 3: Then, choose the resulting action from the other app.
Step 4: Select the data you want to send from one app to the other.

How much commission can you earn from Swipe Pages affiliate program?

The best part of the Swipe Pages Affiliate Program is that there is no limit to the number of commissions you can earn. Its like to more you refer, the more you can earn. Also, the commissions are recurring, so you will get paid your commissions until the customer stays with Swipe Pages.

Swipe Pages Twitter Group

Swipe Pages Twitter Group

Final Verdict: Is Swipe Pages best for landing page creation?

After doing this in-depth Swipe Pages Review, we can say that all-in-all, Swipe Pages is a great tool. It makes it easy for affiliate marketers and internet marketers to create stunning landing pages in minutes with funnels, ecommerce and self-hosted landing pages. We hope that this Swipe Pages review has given you insight into this landing page builder and has made your buying decision easier.🤞🤞

Swipe Pages Logo
Swipe Pages Review
0out of 10

Swipe Pages is a drag and drop landing page builder with clean, premium templates designed to help you generate highly converting, mobile-optimized AMP landing pages in minutes. The user can track their landing page performance with its in-built Analytics. With their advanced features, you’ll save time and money while getting more conversions. Increase your conversion rate and improve your customer retention with Swipe Pages today.🚀

  • Drag and drops editor.
  •  It provides high converting templates.
  •  It has in-built Analytics.
  •  It allows powerful A/B testing.
  •  It offers 14 days free trial with all features.
  •  Fast speeds
  •  It also offers Webhooks support


  •  Slow live chat support.
  •  Custom fonts are not there.
  •  You cannot add Audio elements.
  •  It provides you with Unprofessional Sub Domain URL.

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