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TerraLeads Review: The First CPA Hub in the World for Affiliates

Are you looking to lead to success as an Affiliate but don’t know where to start from?

There’s a piece of advice that could help you reach a pinnacle.

If you are passionate and want to drive your focus into affiliate marketing, joining a CPA network will be your Friend In Need.

At first, even I found it difficult to step into the CPA market. Still, once I started attending Affiliate conferences and Networking meetups, I realized its scope, which made me confident. Every conference has led me one step closer to my achievements, but there’s still a long way to go…

I have joined a few CPA networks, but today I will share the new CPA network that is unique in itself – TerraLeads.

I want to share a review on TerraLeads because it is entirely different compared to other CPA networks in the world.

TerraLeads Review: CPA HUB Exclusively for Affiliates

TerraLeads Review

TerraLeads is the first CPA hub globally, which means it’s a direct advertiser of exclusive COD offers represented in the Nutra vertical. TerraLeads provides the highest payouts and professional support that makes your life simpler as an Affiliate.

TerraLeads works exclusively by a Cash-On-Delivery model. It means that the customer pays by cash after the product is delivered, no need to fill the form with credit card information.

In this review, you will love to find how TerraLeads can lead you in campaigning. So get ready for a roller coaster ride to experience this network.

About TerraLeads:

TerraLeads made its footprints as the first CPA hub globally using its gamut of technologies. They produce certified products in-house in Europe, keeping the authority in their hand from product creation to product delivery to the customers.

TerraLeads Reviews

This is the reason behind their success, and therefore they are known as a complete hub providing different payment models for a wide range of categories.

By becoming an integral partner of the hub, you get exposure to a platform that allows you to grow independently by mutual consent.

Using the innovative tools provided by TerraLeads, partners can scale easily and create effective ad campaigns. Most of the managers are the country’s residents where the products are delivered. Hence you will get a consistent consultation in the region your business belongs to.

What is the Difference between CPA Hub TerraLeads and other CPA Networks? OR Why Should You Choose TerraLeads?

Yes, there’s a significant and peculiar difference between CPA Hub TerraLeads and other CPA networks, making it one of its kind.

TerraLeads Features

The difference is that TerraLeads promotes offers created in-house. So, that makes them responsible for the complete manufacturing of the production, resulting in better quality and positive feedback from the users.

Benefits of CPA HUB:

Are you a publisher looking to create your product? If so, then TerraLeads offers you the best opportunity to create your product by sending them the idea, and the rest will be taken care of by their creative team.

TerraLeads believes that producing high-quality products in Europe is better than filling the market with low-quality Chinese ones.

By human-to-human approach CEO of TerraLeads, Yevhenii Mykytenko, and his team are building a long-lasting partnership. Affiliate managers are available 24/7 and ready to help their partners.

Other CPA networks provide payouts once a week, but in TerraLeads, payouts are provided daily upon partners’ requests.

With in-house real-time statistics, partners can see all the needed stats data and make decisions ASAP.

How to Become a TerraLeads Partner? (Affiliate)

To become TerraLeads partner or call it a publisher in traditional language, You need first to visit and register an account. The registration process requires filling in your name and creating a password.


Once you have completed the registration, you will be contacted by one of the managers for an interview. You will be asked about your previous experience in affiliate marketing. Some questions that the manager can ask:

  • How many leads per day do you plan to do?
  • What geo do you plan to cover?
  • What ad campaigns do you plan to run?
  • What’s your traffic source?
  • What other networks did you work with?

If the Account manager is satisfied with your answers, your account will be approved, and you can start running traffic. You may also mail at [email protected] to speed up your approval.

About Terra Store:

It is a unique feature that helps build long-lasting partnerships. Each approved lead partner gets t-coins.

Here you can see how many t-coins partners get for each approved lead:


For example, when running traffic to Fizzy Slim, partners get 2 t-coins for each approved lead.

T-coins can be exchanged in the TerraStore to get tremendous gifts that can surprise you. The gifts range from headphones to a BMW i3 car.

You can also get headphones, Macbook, Powerbanks, drones, LED TV, and other valuable presents in TerraStore.

Here’s what TerraStore looks like:


Quite impressive! Right? 😛

TerraLeads Features at a Glance:

Most of the reasons that would convince you to choose TerraLeads have been shown above. Here’s what partners get:

  • Customers won’t have a problem speaking to an expert in a call-center all of them are the native speakers.
  • Cash-On-Delivery. This means that the payment is made on delivery.
  • Proofreading the landing and pre-landing pages.
  • API and domain parking support so you can use you own domain name for offers tracking.
  • Every partner is provided with an affiliate manager available 24/7.
  • Response is quick as when the customer fills in the form, the call-center contacts the customer and approves the order. After that partner gets a payment for approved lead.
  • The best part is that TerraLeads provides partners with daily payouts upon request.
  • Payment options like Wire, Paxum, e-payments, WebMoney, PayPal are available.

Conclusion: TerraLeads Review 2022 | The Leader in CPA Network

I haven’t seen any CPA Hub or CPA Affiliate Network with so many features lined up, and because it is the first CPA Hub with so many partners, it still provides the human-to-human approach with multilingual managers.

TerraLeads already has its presence in the European and Asian markets. This is an excellent opportunity for experienced affiliate marketers to join and grow their businesses together.

There’s tough competition in affiliate marketing, and TerraLeads understands the value of providing all the possible means to its partners for faster growth.

As rightly said, “Don’t follow the crowd; let the crowd follow you.” Join TerraLeads and lead your way to success.🚀🚀

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