Turkey has been one of the best business places, and guess what? Turkey is all set for the Traffic Summit 2022. More than 3500 attendees with the best skills and networks. And this year, it’s going to be an absolute banger for people indulged in digital marketing. So if you are up for this excellent opportunity, buckle up!!

Traffic Summit 2022– Be One Step Ahead of the Digital Marketing Industry 1

The 2-day summit will be focused on maintaining the perfect balance between ingesting expert-level knowledge, diving into various networking opportunities, and enjoying world-class entertainment. Traffic Summit will bring experts from around the world together in Istanbul on September 28-29.

Traffic Summit and World Traffic Awards 2022

Turkey has been one of the most appealing business hubs. Thousands of attendees and the world’s top experts in 10+ professional fields, including performance, affiliate, and crypto marketing. And this is just the “tip of an iceberg” of the Traffic Summit conference.

Well, the thing that makes this traffic summit even better is the choice of location combined with some of the finest digital marketers around the world. This year’s Traffic Summit 2022 can be an excellent opportunity to explore and make better networks with the best in the digital universe.

The Traffic Summit 2022 will have some of the best people in everything that is in great demand in the digital universe. Whether it’s SMM, Fintech, Content marketing, Affiliate marketing, Ecommerce, GameDev, or SEO; the summit 2022 will have it all.

Where will the Traffic Summit be held?

Traffic Summit will bring experts from around the world together in Istanbul on September 28-29. Turkey is all set for the Traffic Summit 2022, with more than 3500 attendees with the best skills and networks in the digital world.

Traffic Summit 2022– Be One Step Ahead of the Digital Marketing Industry 2

What can be expected from Traffic Summit 2022?

Well, a lot. Networking with some of the best in the digital world is just a start. The 2-day event will be packed with a lot of fun and exploration. The location for the first day is TS Expo which will be lit up as a digital universe with the top names in the industry. Not only this, the TS Expo will have a play area with a beachfront terrace, photo zones, food trucks, a lounge in the open air and much more.

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The 2nd day is named TS Island; the day will be spent on a private island with more than a thousand experts in their respective fields. The private island is all set for panel discussions with the digital world leaders. Later, after the sun goes down, the afterparty begins with a special event ceremony for handling the rewards to the World Traffic Award winners. WTA is an international prize for truly outstanding reps of the digital industry. The first round is a selection by a vote among the community. Then, the organizers form the final shortlist, including those who gained the most appreciation. The community will select the winners.

In addition to all these outstanding outliners, unlimited bar and dances, a complete package of fun, exploration and networking.

Ticket Types Available in Traffic Summit

The Traffic summit will have 3 different types of ticket options; these options include:


The Ticket Options offered by Traffic Summit 2022 are as follows, you can choose one depending upon your convenience.

Basic Ticket Option in Traffic Summit 2022

The Basic ticket will cost around $165 with access to TS Expo and the chill party after TS Expo, along with the video recordings of the speaker reports.

Business Ticket Option in Traffic Summit 2022

The Business option is th most popular choice among people with a cost of $440, along with all that was offered in the Basic option in addition to a coffee break in TS Expo, transfer and access to TS Island.

VIP Ticket Option in Traffic Summit 2022

The VIP ticket will give you access to everything offered in the Business ticket; in addition to all this, you can also get along with the lunch option at TS Expo. The business ticket will cost you $825 with a lot more.

How attending the traffic summit can help you?

No doubt that the traffic summit can turn out to be an excellent opportunity for your business and networking. In addition to all this, getting along with the best in the digital world, the top leaders can be a great thing overall. It won’t be wrong to say that the traffic summit can be turned out to be an excellent combination of fun, learning and networking. Now, if we talk about the fun part, the TS Expo and the TS Afterparty at the TS Island (private island) seem fun. The exotic location, private island, unlimited bar, along with the top leaders in the digital world.

Who will be attending the Traffic Summit?

You are already well aware that leaders in the digital world from all around the world will be attending the summit. And just in case you are wondering who these leaders are? Well, it includes a long list of Media Buyers, Business Owners, Advertisers, Influencers, Content Makers, people from Fintech and much more. In addition to that, some of the key factors over here will be the upto date reports from the leaders will get along with the huge expo and a networking ecosystem. So, I guess now you know what this Traffic Summit 2022 will hold for you.

Why Should you Book the Traffic Summit 2022 ASAP?

The list consists of multiple factors, and some of them include the limited seats and the change in the price factor. As the Traffic Summit 2022 has some limited seats, around 3500, the filling out of the seats quickly is pretty much expected. In addition to all this, if you are someone who is looking forward to getting business tickets or more from the basic tickets. Maybe choosing the best one quickly will turn out to be saving you some extra bucks as well.

Traffic Summit 2022– Be One Step Ahead of the Digital Marketing Industry 3

For Example: If you book the VIP ticket on time, you can get the ticket at a price of $675, as the prices later change with time.

The overall event will have:

  • Networking with 3500+ like-minded specialists;
  • Huge expo zone with 80+ booths from leading brands;
  • 50+ papers from the top-level speakers;
  • Mind-blowing parties at the end of TS Expo and TS Island

Why Istanbul for the Traffic Summit 2022?

Traffic Summit 2022– Be One Step Ahead of the Digital Marketing Industry 4

One of the main reasons why the Traffic Summit is being held in Istanbul, Turkey, is its accessibility to all. The turkey can be called as one of the primary locations that work of the junction for all the flights, in addition to all this what even makes things better for attendees is the place for exploration, the exotic places along with the business places works like a cherry on the top. So, if you are someone from Europe, the USA or any other location in the world, getting along with the Traffic Summit, Istanbul won’t be difficult. You can even make an extended trip by yourself in order to explore more of this excellent place.

Every attendee will find himself surrounded by the world’s top digital marketers representing Lead generation, SMM, Crypto, Content Marketing, SEO, Performance Marketing, and many other tracks of high demand.

Join the conference and take over the digital industry with Traffic Summit!

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