Are you working on adult vertical and looking for the best adult advertising network?

You cannot get the most experienced adult advertising network than TrafficJunky. TJ is the best opportunity for all those affiliate marketers who need high-quality traffic for their dating sites, adult sites, or intimate health niches.

In this post, we have featured ✅ TrafficJunky Review updated for 2024 that includes detailed insights about its features, pricing, benefits, etc.

TrafficJunky is probably the industry’s best and popular ad network when it comes to mobile ads. 

About TrafficJunky

TrafficJunky Review

It all started in 2008 in Montreal, Canada, when TJ was founded. This big platform is owned by MindGeeks, who also owns the most extensive adult website directory. With TrafficJunky, you can advertise your content on the world’s top adult websites.

It is a far-fetching tool to grow your online business opportunities by attracting visitors and making sales.

It is a self-serve and pre-paid ad platform for affiliate marketers who want to make huge profits by investing less. You can explore TJ by yourself, getting timely help from dedicated accounts manager and 24/7 support staff.

TrafficJuny’s mission is to amend the operations of your organization and product with all internet marketing ad campaigns.

TJ ads are mainly banner ads like under player ads, mobile footers, interstitial ads. If you have experience in ad-buying and affiliate marketing confidence games, you understand that clicks and impressions are not everything in an ad campaign. You need high converting traffic for a successfully running campaign.

Tjs traffic comes from prime nations like the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, etc. You can analyze that more than 70% of traffic comes from these regions and convert easily as compare to lower-tier countries.

The conversion rate plays a vital role in making money, and that’s why TrafficJunky’s robust ad network is dominating the market.

TJ is for both publishers and advertisers

Through this flexible ad-serving platform, advertisers can get high volumes of targeted traffic and customized online global marketing for their brands.

As a publisher, you will generate high revenue in the form of competitive payouts and tracking tools to increase your website traffic. TrafficJunky helps in maximizing your online inventory revenue.

How to start a campaign with TrafficJunky?

To start the campaign, you have to select the following:

  • Kind of device used for campaign
  • Audience to be targeted
  • The niche you are working on
  • Regions to be targeted
  • Main keywords
  • Running time of the ad

As we told you that this is a self-serving pre-paid platform, you will get ads by bidding on them. TJ will first look into the value of the bid, then the niche and targeted audience, and finally, the budget you have set for campaigns.

So before bidding, you have to plan and search immensely and equipoise the three main factors to get more returns.

Why choose TrafficJunky?

There are a few reasons that make TJ the very first choice of affiliate and digital marketers to invest in it.

Let’s have a look at the points below:

  • Attain your targeted audience

Convey your advertising to the exact audience with TJ’s most progressive ad serving and auto-optimization technology. TJ’s team of experts put all their efforts into determining the traffic that converts for your business.

  • Renovate and convert your content

Get the most out of your website traffic with TJ’s large pool of advertisers and a compelling traffic dispersion formula. Get to convert, keep, and develop your business easily.

  • Extremely cost-efficient and impelling

Create sophisticated data-induced conclusions with all-embracing cost, click and impression stats send in detailed and understandable reports.

  • Quality Sureness

TrafficJunky makes sure that its audit team reviews all websites before going live. This approach guarantees that they offer premium traffic so both the Advertisers and Publishers can grow favorably within the TJ system.

  • Payment Solutions

TrafficJunky distributes payouts to their Publishers weekly. They give freedom to choose from a variety of payment options, including Paypal, Paxum, FirstChoice Pay, and International and US Wire Transfer.

You can manage your payment ratio by setting your minimum payout value.

  • Performance is Solution

The TrafficJunky Network is established on the performance of your website. TJ’s Run of Network algorithmic program insistently rates different sites based on clicks and conversion rates to find out how comfortably a website is carrying through. The healthier your website performs, the more worthy it becomes.

Benefits of using TrafficJunky

Did you know that TrafficJunky serves 14x more daily ad impressions than YouTube?

Yes, its accurate as this platform is quite hard-hitting and beneficial for its users as you get all-dominating tools in one place. Let’s check what advantages you get from TJ for your next digital campaign. 

We have so much to offer you, here are some more benefits we know you’d like!

🎯 Target your audience with TrafficJunky’s powerful tool

Getting to know about your audience is the first step for any successful marketing drive. After that, only you can target audiences individually as per their preferences.

Targeting the right audiences is what will be the driving factor to your campaign’s and company’s bright future. TJ helps you in the process.

💥 Traffic Acquiring Opportunities

With TJ’s smart algorithm, you can access large numbers of quality traffic at a small cost. It is incredibly beneficial for the Advertisers, and they can be confident that they will not surpass their preset payment limits.

💹 Across-the-board Statistics & Analytics

You will get an elaborated and clear picture of your complete marketing performance and respective campaign productivity with TJ’s advanced analytics reporting tool.

By taking your development and execution into account with simplicity, you can concentrate on arriving at a bigger target audience.

🔄 Demographics

TJ lets you target as per the countries, locations, cities, individuals, and groups you want. Observe the best times and spots to ambit your unique audiences.

TrafficJunky provides significant volumes of traffic, with the bulk coming from plum countries and binding all affiliated demographics.

📱 Mobile ads

A maximum number of people are online through their mobiles as it is a convenient mode of information and communication. TJ’s ad-serving technology gives power to mobile Advertisers by letting them run extremely targeted.

Payment Options

TrafficJunky functions on a pre-pay theory. Once you add money to your account, you can start using it straight away all over TJ Network.

Just set an upper limit to your bids and budgets, so you don’t ever go out of your way to spend unnecessarily.

TrafficJunky Payment Options

TrafficJunky Engaging Solutions

TJ connects with you in unexpected ways so that you get help whenever you feel stuck. It very well understands the importance of getting the right answers at the right time from the right person.

TrafficJunky Engaging Solutions

So, let’s explore the ways TJ will help you in your success journey. 

  • Stay connected with regular newsletters via email to know the latest announcements of TJ.
  • Ticket raising through a form fill up with all the questions in your mind.
  • 24/7 Live chat to offer instant support.
  • Detailed FAQ section containing all the essential questions.
  • Media Kit, for all the information about who they are, what they do, ad sizes and formats, targeting options, contact information and more.
  • Office Bound for scheduling any events or press conferences.
  • A blog for serial publication on any updates on business, advice, promotions, tutorials and more.

Pros and Cons


  • The all-inclusive solution for affiliate marketers
  • User-friendly interface
  • Flexible CPM bidding for publishers and advertisers
  • Lots of payment options
  • Weekly payouts


  • Take care of your website while going for adult ad campaigns
  • No pop-up or flash ads
  • Only adult-related top publisher websites

🌟 TrafficJunky FAQ

What is TrafficJunky?

It is a web advertising and digital marketing company that manages the banner advertisements of Adult tube sites. It uses advanced ad serving and auto-optimization technology in order to deliver ads to the right audience.

What are TrafficJunky’s Markets?

It mainly focused on online markets like Adult Dating, Adult Paysites, Entertainment and Gambling, Sexual Wellness, Gaming, Health, Beauty, etc.

What is a TJ conversion tracker?

It is a code that is generated by the TJ’s system, which can be placed on the conversion confirmation page, including Thank you page, payment page, order confirmation page, etc. This code will be used to track all the conversions.

How can I register to use TrafficJunky?

Go to the official website of the TrafficJunky. Click on the Signup button, which is at the top right corner of the page. Fill all the details and then click on the ‘Get Started Now.’

Conclusion: TrafficJunky Review Updated 2024 | Should you join?

TrafficJunky is a robust adult ad serving network for all those affiliate marketers whose website is built on adult, dating, or sex health verticals.

These verticals are very much profitable and can do wonders if you market them to the right people with the right marketing strategies. Here TraffinJunky helps you in the process of monetizing your adult website with impressive adult ads.

TJ gives you everything for getting conversions from premium audiences. It is indeed the best choice for affiliate and digital marketers. The actual users of TJ highly appreciate the customer support. 

Do you also have a website dealing with the adult content? Then explode your website with traffic from TrafficJunky’s impressive model? 

Do share your opinion about this post in the comment section below. If you like this post, do share it with your friends working on the dating or adult niche.🤑🤑

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