Best Undetectable AI Alternatives

Have you heard of the popular proverb: Diamond cuts diamond?! 💎 (AI for AI, in our case)

AI writing tools are incredibly convenient, but they have one major flaw: they can be detected as artificial content.

That’s a problem if you want your writing to seem authentically human, whether you’re trying to bypass plagiarism checkers, rank higher on search engines, or simply engage readers more effectively.

To overcome this, a popular tool Undetectable AI comes in, but it surely does have some limitations.

In this article, we’ve listed the top 9 Undetectable AI alternatives! These advanced AI writing assistants ensure your content passes AI detection tests with flying colors. 

Why Should I Look for Undetectable AI Alternatives?

switch from Undetectable AI

As AI language models like ChatGPT gain widespread popularity, there are growing concerns about academic dishonesty and plagiarism from using them. Many schools and universities have started banning or restricting AI tools to prevent students from passing off AI-generated content as their own work. claims to offer this capability, but it has some potential limitations worth considering alternatives for:

  • Limited free trial with low word limits may not allow testing on longer content.
  • The effectiveness of bypassing advanced detectors like is unclear from reviews.
  • No integration with popular writing tools like Google Docs or Microsoft Word.
  • Lack of additional writing assistance features beyond text humanization.

While may work for basic humanization needs, exploring alternatives with more features, higher accuracy claims, and better integration could be beneficial for professional use cases.

9 Best Undetectable AI Alternatives 2024

AI ToolProsConsPaid Plans
Originality AIEasy to use, Accurate AI content detection, Affordable pricingNot free$14.95/month
Copyleaks Plagiarism CheckerSupports over 100 languages, Integrates with LMSPaid plan required for full features$10.99/month
StealthgptBypasses anti-AI gatekeepers, Unlimited uses during trialPremium plan can be costly$17.99/month
SaplingBetter grammar and writing suggestions, Multiple integrationsNot focused on business use cases$25/month
Winston AINo credit card required for free trial, Supports multiple languagesLimited detection capabilities$18/month
CrossplagOffers plagiarism detection, Free for research-constrained peopleNot the most accurate tool$9.99/month
GPTZeroCan detect a range of AI language models, Has a Facebook communityStill a work in progress in terms of preciseness$15/month
HumbotAims to achieve a 100% human score, Capable of working with a wide variety of contentEthical concerns about bypassing AI detection$11.99/month
Content at ScaleGenerates high-quality, SEO-optimized long-form content, Minimal editing requiredPrimarily designed for long-form content$15/post

1. Originality AI

Originality AI is a powerful AI content detection tool that helps ensure your content is original and free of AI-generated text. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, it can accurately identify content created by AI writing tools like GPT-3 and ChatGPT. Originality AI aims to be the best solution for detecting AI-generated content as its use becomes more widespread.

In contrast to tools like Undetectable AI which try to bypass AI detection, Originality AI takes the opposite approach – empowering writers and publishers to maintain content integrity.

Originality AI Key Features

  • Utilizes machine learning and natural language processing to accurately identify AI-generated text with high precision. 
  • Simple user interface that makes it easy to get started – just upload your content and quickly get plagiarism and AI detection results. 
  • Supports scanning content for both plagiarism and AI generation simultaneously, with the flexibility to check for each individually as well. 
  • Allows unlimited team members, websites, and scans while only charging based on the volume of content analyzed. 

Originality AI Pricing

Originality AI uses a simple credit-based pricing model. Comes with a pay-as-you-go model which costs $30, and is a one-time purchase with 3,000 credits and AI and Plagiarism Scan. The second is the Base Subscription at $14.95 per month, and users have the ability to cancel it at any time. It comes with many more features than the pay-as-you-go model.

Originality AI Vs Undetectable AI

When comparing Originality AI and Undetectable AI, it becomes clear that Originality AI is the better choice for most use cases. Originality AI is dedicated to accurately detecting AI-generated content using advanced machine learning algorithms, claiming 94% accuracy on text samples of 50 words or more.

On the other hand, Undetectable AI takes the opposite approach, aiming to make AI content undetectable and bypass AI content checkers. However, when directly tested, Originality AI consistently identified content generated by Undetectable AI as AI-written, while other detection tools struggled. 

2. Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker

Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker

Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker is a comprehensive AI-powered solution designed as an alternative to Undetecable AI. It offers accurate plagiarism detection by comparing text against billions of online sources and its own internal database. The tool delivers results in just seconds, making it fast and efficient for users to ensure their content is original.

Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker Key features

  • Seamless plagiarism detection within content, even if unintentional, providing a fully comprehensive report that highlights similar text and similarity percentages.
  • Ability to compare text against specific online sources selected by the user, with three layers of text similarity and filtering options for sources.
  • Option to download detailed plagiarism reports and easily share them with students or colleagues for review and correction.
  • Supports checking multiple document formats including Microsoft Word, PDF, and HTML with a high degree of accuracy.

Copyleaks Pricing

Pricing for Copyleaks is based on a customizable credit system, where each credit equates to 250 words (about one page). Plans start at 100 credits/month for $10.99 and scale up to 10,000 credits/month. This pay-as-you-go model allows users to adjust their usage and costs as needed. A free version is available for plagiarism checks on up to 20 pages.

Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker Vs Undetectable AI

Copyleaks uses advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to accurately detect both plagiarism and AI-generated text. It compares submitted documents against billions of online sources as well as its own comprehensive internal database. This allows Copyleaks to identify content matches with a high degree of precision. One of Copyleaks’ standout features is its ability to provide detailed, sentence-level analysis of text authenticity. 

While Undetectable AI specializes solely in concealing AI content, Copyleaks provides the valuable flip side – a comprehensive solution for detecting AI-generated and plagiarized text. This makes it well-suited for academic institutions, businesses, and individuals concerned with content originality and integrity.

3. StealthGPT


StealthGPT is an innovative AI-powered tool that generates undetectable AI content, serving as a reliable alternative to Undetectable AI. With StealthGPT, users can confidently utilize AI writing assistance without the risk of their content being flagged as AI-generated.

The tool also offers a user-friendly interface, supporting multiple languages and file formats. StealthGPT ensures high-quality, coherent output that maintains the authenticity of human writing while harnessing the efficiency of artificial intelligence.

StealthGPT Key features

  • StealthGPT’s core strength lies in its ability to generate AI content that remains undetectable by popular AI detectors. 
  • The tool supports a wide range of file formats, including .txt, .docx, .pdf, and even image files like .png. 
  • StealthGPT offers support for over 7,000 languages, making it a globally accessible tool. 
  • Users can customize the generated content by adjusting parameters such as tone, style, and format. 

StealthGPT Pricing

StealthGPT offers three pricing plans to cater to different user needs and budgets. The Essential plan, priced at $17.99 per month, is suitable for creators who are just starting out and need to generate up to 100,000 words per month. The Pro plan, at $24.99 per month, is designed for professionals who require a higher volume of AI-generated content, up to 500,000 words per month, with enhanced features. 

StealthGPT Vs Undetectable AI

StealthGPT outshines Undetectable AI as the superior undetectable AI tool. With its advanced algorithms that closely mimic human writing styles, StealthGPT generates highly natural-sounding text that consistently evades detection by AI detectors like Turnitin. In contrast, Undetectable AI, while capable, falls short of StealthGPT’s sophistication in humanizing content.

Moreover, StealthGPT offers a wider range of customization options and a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to users of all levels.

Extensive testing has shown that StealthGPT achieves better results in most instances, solidifying its position as the top choice for those seeking the best AI detection bypass tool.

4. Sapling


Sapling is a powerful AI writing assistant that helps make AI-generated content undetectable to AI detectors. It uses advanced language modeling and text humanization techniques to rewrite content, making it sound more natural and human-like.

Sapling offers a user-friendly interface with customization options to adjust the readability level, purpose, and degree of humanization of the text. It supports multiple languages and constantly updates its algorithms to stay ahead of the latest AI detection tools.

Sapling Key features

  • Sapling employs sophisticated algorithms and natural language processing to expertly paraphrase and modify the syntax of AI-generated text, making it indistinguishable from human-written content.
  • Users can tailor the readability level (high school to doctorate), purpose (essays, business, legal, etc.), and humanization degree (readable, balanced, more human) of the rewritten text to suit their needs.
  • Sapling can process and humanize text in various languages, including English, French, Spanish, and German, making it a versatile tool for users worldwide.
  • The platform regularly updates its algorithms to keep pace with the latest developments in AI detection technology, ensuring that the humanized text remains undetectable.

Sapling Pricing

Sapling offers a free plan with limited features and a Pro plan starting at $25 per month. The Pro plan includes unlimited usage on premium domains, advanced suggestions, and email support. For teams and enterprises, Sapling provides custom pricing based on the number of users and contract duration. 

Sapling Vs Undetectable AI

Sapling differentiates itself from Undetectable AI by focusing on AI-assisted writing for customer service teams. It integrates with CRMs and messaging platforms to provide real-time suggestions and offers conversational analytics to help managers coach their teams.

While both tools aim to humanize AI-generated content, Sapling emphasizes content generation, while Undetectable AI focuses more on detection and humanization of existing content. Sapling’s Chrome extension enables seamless AI content analysis across the web, and its transparent, flexible pricing could be an advantage.

However, more hands-on testing would be needed to definitively compare the two tools’ full capabilities in real-world scenarios.

5. Winston AI

Winston AI

Winston AI is a powerful AI content detection tool designed to help publishers, educators, and content creators maintain the integrity of human-generated content in the face of emerging AI writing tools. The platform provides detailed reports, including human and readability scores, as well as a line-by-line breakdown of potentially AI-generated content. It is an ideal choice for professionals looking to safeguard their content from the increasing prevalence of AI-generated text.

Winston AI Key features

  • Winston AI utilizes cutting-edge technology to detect AI-generated content with up to 99% accuracy, providing users with reliable results and peace of mind.
  • The platform supports multiple file formats, including docx, pdf, and images, and offers OCR technology to recognize digital texts and handwritten documents.
  • Winston AI provides comprehensive reports, including human and readability scores, plagiarism detection, and a line-by-line breakdown of potentially AI-generated content.
  • With project and document management features, as well as team management options, Winston AI facilitates seamless collaboration among team members.

Winston AI Pricing

Winston AI offers a simple 3-tier pricing structure, including a free plan, an Essential plan at $18/month ($14/month when billed annually), and an Advanced plan with priced at $29/month. Winston AI also comes with a Custom plan for businesses and institutions. 

Winston AI Vs Undetectable AI

Winston AI offers a more comprehensive solution for detecting AI-generated content compared to Undetectable AI. It also generates detailed reports with human and readability scores, as well as a line-by-line breakdown of potentially AI-generated content.

In contrast, Undetectable AI focuses more on humanizing AI-generated text to bypass detection rather than accurately identifying it. Winston AI’s user-friendly interface, team collaboration features, and affordable pricing make it the superior choice for safeguarding content integrity.

6. Crossplag


Crossplag is an advanced AI content detection and plagiarism-checking tool designed to ensure originality and academic integrity. By combining sophisticated machine learning algorithms and natural language processing, Crossplag accurately identifies AI-generated text as well as plagiarism across over 100 languages.

Crossplag Key features

  • Crossplag’s AI Content Detector leverages a vast dataset to analyze patterns and predict if text was written by AI or humans. 
  • It compares submissions against an extensive database of over 70 billion web pages and 300 million archived documents to identify content similarities and ensure original work.
  • Crossplag stands out for its extensive language support, able to analyze text across more than 100 languages. 
  • Committed to data privacy, Crossplag serves as a secure haven for sensitive user data. 

Crossplag Pricing

Crossplag offers flexible and affordable pricing options for both individuals and institutions. For individual users, the Basic plan starts at $9.99/month for up to 5000 words per check. Upgraded plans provide higher word counts per check, with the $39.95/month Premium plan allowing up to 50,000 words. All individual plans include unlimited checks.

Crossplag Vs Undetectable AI

Crossplag is a superior alternative to Undetectable AI for several reasons. First, Crossplag offers both AI content detection and comprehensive plagiarism checking across over 100 languages, while Undetectable AI focuses solely on making AI-generated content undetectable.

Also, Crossplag utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms trained on over 1.5 billion parameters, enabling it to accurately identify even subtly disguised AI content. In contrast, Undetectable AI’s primary purpose is to help users bypass AI detection tools, raising ethical concerns about content authenticity.

7. GPTZero


GPTZero is an advanced AI detection tool that identifies whether text has been generated by AI models like ChatGPT, GPT-4, and others. It provides a detailed analysis at the sentence, paragraph, and document levels, offering insights into the authenticity of written content.

GPTZero has become a crucial tool for educators, authors, and businesses. Its API access allows organizations to integrate AI detection capabilities into their workflows. GPTZero’s comprehensive approach to AI detection positions it as a leader in maintaining the integrity of written content in the era of AI-generated text.

GPTZero Key features

  • GPTZero can detect content generated by various AI models, including ChatGPT, GPT-4, GPT-3, GPT-2, LLaMA, and other AI services based on these models. 
  • Users can upload files in various formats like PDF, DOCX, or TXT for analysis. GPTZero also allows batch file scanning, enabling users to scan multiple files at once, organize, save, and download reports for efficient analysis of large volumes of content.
  • GPTZero offers integrations with popular tools such as Google Docs and Microsoft Word, as well as a Chrome extension for real-time AI content detection while browsing the internet.
  • GPTZero provides specialized models for detecting AI use in student writing and educational applications.

GPTZero Pricing

GPTZero offers three pricing plans to cater to different user needs. The essential plan, designed for educators, costs $15 per month and includes a 150,000 character limit per document, unlimited batch uploads, and access to a fine-tuned detection model for education.

The premium plan, for super users, costs $24 per month and offers a 300,000 character limit per document, and unlimited batch uploads. The Professional plan is priced at $35 per month and offers a 500,000-character limit.

GPTZero Vs Undetectable AI

GPTZero has several advantages over Undetectable AI for detecting AI-generated content. GPTZero provides detailed analysis at the sentence and document level, has specialized features like “burstiness” scoring, and continuously evolves its models through collaborations with academia. User reviews praise GPTZero’s accuracy in catching AI text.

However, Undetectable AI specializes in modifying AI output to bypass GPTZero’s detection by “humanizing” the text. This highlights an ongoing challenge, as AI generators find ways to exploit weaknesses in detection tools. 

8. Humbot


Humbot is an intuitive AI-based tool that transforms AI-generated text into human-like, natural language. Utilizing advanced proprietary technology, Humbot thoroughly analyzes and rewrites content to bypass AI detection while maintaining the original meaning and intent.

The output is not only undetectable as AI-written, but also error-free, plagiarism-free, and of high quality. Humbot showcases its effectiveness through comparisons of original and humanized text, enhancing productivity in content creation.

Humbot Key features

  • Advanced AI text rewriting technology that thoroughly humanizes content while preserving original meaning and intent.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface designed for beginners and seasoned professionals alike.
  • Supports multiple input methods (copy-paste, document upload, URL) for seamless integration into workflows.
  • Generates unique, error-free, plagiarism-free output that bypasses leading AI detectors like GPTZero and Copyleaks.

Humbot Pricing

Humbot offers flexible pricing plans to cater to different user needs and budgets. The basic plan starts at $11.99 per month (or $7.99 per month if paid annually) for 3,000 words per month. For users with higher volume requirements, plans scale up to unlimited words per month at $59.99 per month (or $39.99 per month if paid annually).

Humbot Vs Undetectable AI

Humbot outperforms Undetectable AI in several key areas. First, Humbot produces higher quality, more readable output that is free of grammatical errors and awkward phrasing, while still preserving the original meaning.

Second, Humbot offers a more user-friendly interface with convenient input options like copy-pasting, document upload, and URL input. Finally, while making AI text undetectable, Humbot also optimizes it for important keywords to improve search engine rankings. This combination of high-quality output, strong AI detection avoidance, ease of use, and SEO benefits makes Humbot the superior choice over Undetectable AI.

9. Content at Scale

Content at Scale

Content at Scale is an enterprise-level AI writing platform that generates high-quality, SEO-optimized content at scale. As an alternative to Undetectable AI, it focuses on creating original, human-like content that can bypass AI detectors.

The tool employs advanced machine learning algorithms to mimic various writing styles and tones, making the output virtually indistinguishable from human-written text. Content at Scale caters to publishers, agencies, and marketers who require a consistent flow of engaging content to enhance their online presence. 

Content at Scale Key features

  • Content at Scale utilizes state-of-the-art AI models for natural language processing and generation, enabling it to create fluent, coherent, and contextually relevant content that closely resembles human writing.
  • The platform is designed to optimize content for search engines, helping websites rank higher in search results and attract more organic traffic.
  • Content at Scale allows users to tailor content to specific audiences, increasing relevance and engagement by adapting to various writing styles and formats.
  • With the ability to generate large volumes of content rapidly, Content at Scale addresses the need for constant content updates.

Content at Scale Pricing

Content at Scale offers three pricing plans to cater to different user needs and budgets. The Basic plan is priced at $15 per post, and a custom plan.

Content at Scale Vs Undetectable AI

Content at Scale outperforms Undetectable AI by focusing solely on generating high-quality, long-form blog content. While Undetectable AI offers a broader range of AI writing capabilities, Content at Scale specializes in creating in-depth, SEO-optimized articles that closely mimic human writing.

Content at Scale’s AI algorithms and ability to generate 2,000+ word posts from a single keyword input set it apart. Content at Scale also integrates plagiarism checks and AI detection tests to ensure originality, whereas Undetectable AI may struggle more with AI detectability.

Can AI Generated Content Rank on Google? 

9 Best Undetectable AI Alternatives 2024: Stealthy Scribes 🥷 1

The short answer is YES but with some important caveats. Google has stated that AI content is allowed as long as it provides value, and expertise, and meets search intent. However, purely machine-written content often lacks the nuance, originality, and authoritativeness that Google rewards.

This is where AI writing tools that “humanize” output come into play. Tools like Jasper, Anthropic, and Grammarly’s AI writer claim to produce more natural-sounding content by rewriting stilted AI text. When combined with human editing and oversight, this AI-assisted content can meet Google’s standards for quality and rank well in search results.

Ultimately, AI generation alone is not enough – the content still needs to be refined, fact-checked, and optimized for search by human experts to truly shine on Google.

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Fly Under the AI Radar

So there you have it, folks – a roundup of the top Undetectable AI alternatives that can lend you a hand without raising any red flags. Pretty dandy, right?

Of course, they’re not meant to replace human writers altogether. But when you’re crunched for time or need a nudge to get those creative juices flowing, these sneaky little helpers can be a game-changer.

Hopefully, you might have found the best alternative to Undetectable AI, look for which tool suits you better and let the game begin!

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