Are you looking for the world’s fastest cloud server or fastest cloud VPS provider for your website or WordPress Blog?

This post will give you apt info on the UpCloud Coupons to get a discount on the subscriptions, along with the in-depth UpCloud Review to know the functionality.

It will help you in taking the right decision regarding your cloud hosting partner.

What is Cloud Server or Cloud Hosting?

Before starting with the topic, let’s first be clear on the exact definition of cloud Servers.

Cloud hosting is the acquisition of computing reserves from a cloud computing supplier or service to host data, facilities, and solutions. It is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud delivery model that offers a series of distant/virtual services. It is an on-demand supply of resources without the managerial involvement by the user.

Cloud hosting provides many benefits such as scalability, disaster recovery, cost-effectiveness, and lower investment. There are many additional benefits that most people don’t know about.

One such benefit is that it offers better security than traditional web hosting services and eliminates the need for servers and shared physical storage space.

Additionally, it allows the user to scale up or down as needed by using load balancing software like Kubernetes, which makes it more cost-effective as well as easier to manage than traditional web hosts.

What is UpCloud?

UpCloud is one of the superior cloud Server providers where you will get developer-driven quality and software-defined art for your website. You get an unbiased benefit of deploying your resources on cloud infrastructure with excellent performance & adaptability.

It is indeed the most affordable cloud hosting starting at just $5.

Now let’s first get the UpCloud coupons and promo codes and then get the details about its services and features.

Latest UpCloud Coupons {5 Months FREE🔥}

UpCloud Review+ Discount Coupon

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How to get the advantage of the UpCloud Coupons?

  • Click the above discount button to visit special Upcloud Deal page
  • Either sign up for free trial on the landing page or explore the various cloud server plans.
(Updated 2024) UpCloud Review + Discount Coupon | ($25 Free Credits) 1
  • You can choose from the plans starting at $5 per month depending on the memory and storage required by your website.
  • By clicking the desired plan, you will be directed to the signup page to fill in your details like name, email, and password.
  • After signing up, you will be directed to the plan you have selected along with the add-on features you will require for the flawless hosting.
  • Don’t forget to check the free credits in your UpCloud account. If you don’t see it, feel free to get in touch with their customer care services.
  • After finishing up all the signup formalities, you are all set to avail of the best cloud VPS hosting services for website or app.

A brief history of UpCloud – World’s fastest cloud servers?

The UpCloud platform scales to your workload, with more locations than any of their competitors. Customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with its experienced team trained to provide exceptional customer service paired with an impressive 100 % uptime SLA.

Upcloud Review

UpCloud uses its enterprise-grade cloud platform to provide high-performance and reliable service for its customers who run business applications on it. Don’t wait any longer – there is no better cloud today than UpCloud!

The key segments of UpCloud’s customer base are SMBs that work in website development, managed hosting, eCommerce, PaaS, and SaaS. Additionally, they’re GDPR compliant and take security seriously.

Overview of different products offered by UpCloud

UpCloud offers eight different products segregated into three categories, i.e., Computing, Storage, and Networking. The available products are as listed below:

#1. Computing Products

  • Cloud Servers

It offers high-speed cloud servers with a 100% Uptime SLA – which means you can spend less time on managing your cloud and more time on your other business tasks. Its user-friendly control panel and API allow you to take care of everything in just a few minutes!

  • Private Cloud

Its private cloud is exactly what you want it to be: superior quality, convenient, and with industry-leading elements. Their 100% uptime SLA ensures you’ll enjoy complete stability in the form of maximum performance and efficiency.

  • Completely Managed Database

The managed database is an ideal solution for small-to-medium-sized businesses. Expert-level installations and maintenance of your database mean a lot less work for you.

The managed database service currently supports MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, a scalable way to instantly start or grow your business.

#2. Storage Products

  • MaxIOPS Block Storage

UpCloud has developed an in-house block storage technology that provides high performance and reliability. 

  • Object Storage

It implements an S3-compatible programmable interface that lets you have an array of options to store existing code implementations and tools.

  • Simple Backup

Backup critical data easily and securely with a single click and keep your daily backups for weeks or even whole years with UpCloud’s automated daily snapshots.

#3. Networking Products

  • Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Make your cloud infrastructure more flexible, efficient, and secure with software-defined networking. You can create and configure new private networks which can be adjusted to suit your needs

  • Network Transfer Pool

This product combines all your transfer quotas from your UpCloud services into a single account-wide transfer pool, free of charge.

Highlighting Features of UpCloud

UpCloud claims to be the world’s fastest cloud by offering speedy servers and multi-functional tools to the users. Here are some of the features that make UpCloud number one among its competitors.

1. MaxIOPS block storage

Their self-developed expandable MaxIOPS block storage offers high performance at a very less price. UpCloud never restricts your operations based on monetary value.

(Updated 2024) UpCloud Review + Discount Coupon | ($25 Free Credits) 2

MaxIOPS and storage technology have proven to be faster than SSD. while other cloud providers offering SSD storage, Upcloud’s innovative technology offers faster speed all over time. Cloud servers have outranked their competitors using MaxIOPS.

2. A simple but powerful API 

UpCloud offers a wealth of automation tools to help users automate different aspects of their infrastructure. This API lets you create, configure, and delete cloud servers and their services such as storage, floating IPs, firewalls, etc.

The API offers all of the features needed to manage a cloud account. It also provides all of the functionalities needed to automate your company’s cloud.

3. 100% Uptime SLA

By implying an N+1 notion end-to-end to their complete substructure, every particular point of nonachievement has been prevented. Their redundancy is trustable and hence will give you a 100% SLA with 50x payoff for any downtime of over 5 minutes.

4. Server tags & group accounts

Server Tags harness the power of granular permission control to give you total control. They provide an easy way to keep track with tags that serve as keys on your server, allowing you to identify what content can be shown where and when easily.

5. Completely inexpensive pricing policy starting at $5/mo

You will get the cloud hosting starting at $5/mo, or you can customize your plan with their Flexible plans option. With their 30-day money-back guarantee you can take a chance to try all its tools for free and judge the functioning.

6. Deployment takes less than 45 seconds

All cloud servers are set-up with the MaxIOPS technology, letting you generate and boot up a different cloud server in not more than 45 seconds!

7. 24/7 Customer support through various means

The team behind UpCloud aims at providing help when it’s required. With a 1m 55s average medial upshot time and a 95% satisfaction rate, they offer the best assistance in the industry credibly.

Customer support is quite robust and easily reachable via phone call, email, live chat, and ticket raising. You can also get in touch with them on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, and LinkedIn.

8. Personalized images

Create tailor-made snapshots and make your cloud structure entirely running at your fingertips. It allows for very cost-efficient use of sources and complete mechanization for your infrastructure.

9. Impeccable for developers

UpCloud’s simple-to-use control panel and API allow you to give more time to important and revenue-generating things, and less time controlling your infrastructure. Collectively with the larger groups, they evolve and hold a galactic library of open source API customers and tools.

Well incorporate your application with their infrastructure (Ansible, Terraform, Packer, Libcloud) Numerous open-source API-clients accessible (Go, Python, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby)

10. Cloud Community

UpCloud offers an excellent source of information through helpful their colossal community. This vast collection of data will not only help you in building a business but also healthy relationships for the future.

11. Tutorials

You will get hundreds of helpful tutorials written along with the community. Resources- Get several open-source resources and projects that assist you in taking full control of your cloud. 

12. Stories

Get to know the success stories of people who have benefited from the UpCLoud international cloud structure.

13. Events

The company participates or arranges events from time to time to meet up with their prospective clients or present users. The activities build better relations and help them to understand working in a better way.

UpCloud cloud servers Pricing – {Get $25 Free}

UpCloud has the most straightforward pricing policies with the limitless flexibleness to tailor-make your plans.  You can Sign up for a free trial and deploy on the world’s fastest cloud infrastructure!

If your storage and memory requirement is less (1 GB and 25GB with 1 CPU and 1 TB Transfer), than you can choose the minimum subscription of $5 p/m. If you need more storage to say of 2048 GB with 128 GB memory, then you have to go for the highest subscription of $640 p/m.

(Updated 2024) UpCloud Review + Discount Coupon | ($25 Free Credits) 3

If you want to host a single website or WordPress application on an ultra-fast cloud server with dedicated resources, Upcloud $5/Month is enough. One can even use Free, open-source control panel like Plesk Web Admin SE or CWP to host multiple websites on each plan and get more managed features without paying anything extra.

If you would like to use Managed interface like cPanel or Plesk on your Upcloud’s web server, You may connect your Upcloud’s server with any managed tools like Cloudron, Runcloud, Serverpilot, etc..

Click on the above button to activate Upcloud Deal and get $25 free credits on signup. The coupon is auto-enabled in the link. You can also use “F6845X” top claim $25 Free credits while signing up on Upcloud.

UpCloud pricing is certainly not the cheapest in the market, and the pricing is almost the same as other cloud providers: Vultr, Linode, DigitalOcean, But as it offers faster speeds than SSD and MAXIOPS, Upcloud is worth every penny.

What points make UpCloud best from the rest?

There has been a generous comparison of UpCloud with its direct competitors like DigitalOcean, Azure, Linode, Vultr and AWS EC2. On comparing, we have found that not only it performs better, but it is also a cost-efficient substitute that offers brilliant customer service. Key points that highlighted are explained below:

(Updated 2024) UpCloud Review + Discount Coupon | ($25 Free Credits) 4

Industry-leading assistance:

Their customer service is not bound with the packages you buy. Irrespective of the amount you spent with UpCloud, you get the best and the same 24/7 customer service just like the highest package buyer. They offer their users with a 1m 55s average out reply time, and the users have a 97% satisfaction rate.

Better performance and pocket-friendly rate:

On comparing with AWS EC2, not only the performance issues were found but also the offers were not up to the mark. So, overall, there is a slowdown in the price/performance ratio. Customers always tend to pay more for getting the needed high performance for the premium services. But with UpCloud, you spend x12 less on getting the same superior level of cloud hosting services.

For delivering the enterprise-level performance and dependability equally to everyone, UpCloud developed its retention technology by the name MaxIOPS. They are indeed the #1 performance leaders in Europe as stated in the report of the best European cloud providers on the market from Cloud Spectator.

Flexible scaling

If your website or app runs into a heavy load scenario than you either have to upgrade to the next time occurrence or buy the extra resources that will not get used ever or soon.  Not all cloud hosting services, including AWS EC2, will give you the flexible plan option to configure resources separately like UpCloud. With UpCLoud’s flexible plans, you can put together RAM, Storage, and CPU freely and pay only for the used amount.

UpCloud is lightning fast

A few services like Azure have slow performance even if you go for SSD. For getting high-performing storage, you have to go for the premium storage subscriptions. But in the case of UpCloud, their solely owned storage technology MaxIOPS delivers 3x higher enterprise-grade functioning SSDs. They have an upper performing limit of 100,000 IOPS per virtual storage device.

Worldwide truly private networking

Secluded networking and Floating IPs are necessary for creating ultramodern and ascendable web apps.

Upcloud Networking

UpCloud’s private network allows your cloud servers to transmit through a secured passage that is not open to the public system and doesn’t add up to your bandwidth price. Contrary to others, their private network extends to all our data centers and locations and is not separated by an individual data center.

Linux and Windows support :

Unlike Digital Ocean, UpCloud offers you both Linux and Windows server choices. You can select from your preferred Linux distributions or use the current Windows Server to set-up your cloud servers. You can move present work to UpCloud without any authorization trouble as it is a component of the Microsoft License Mobility Program and Authorized Mobility Partner.

Added features:

UpCloud offers some added features as well which include:

Firewalls are an important part of keeping your data secure and private. UpCloud’s firewall is adjustable and lets you block or allow the traffic before it reaches your servers. It also provides options for thickening network security with varying levels of ease.

Backups help save all data created at any time in case something unexpected happens. The best aspect of this backup solution is that you can easily initiate scheduled backups using true snapshots. This will help create backups instantly and reduce the time it takes to restore them.

Server Cloning can help the long-term security and stability of your entire organization’s IT infrastructure. Server cloning allows you to convert existing cloud servers into a new virtual machine for staging, differentiating UpClouds existing features from other cloud hosting service providers.

UpCloud witnesses to be more robust on competitors

By looking at all the performance aspects, it climbs the ladders to win the top position in the competition. It’s reliability and high-performance levels have been proven by the 50 plus page report by Cloud-Spectator in which it is declared an industry-winner among Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

Setting up your server package

Server instances are set up to be accessed through the terminal interface and not just by clicking around on something. You can take a look at the updates and any other information about them on the terminal.

The process of checking for software updates is fairly simple, with commands being run on a timely basis. However, this is not always effective and time-consuming.

Apticron is recommended in case one needs to install important security patches. It ensures that users remain informed and take care of their data by regularly updating them on any new updates.

This is only available on the Debian or Ubuntu servers. So if you are using CentOS or Red Hat, you will have to find a different alternative.

How to install WordPress on your UpCloud server?

If you’re looking to get a WordPress installation up and running on your VPS, installing is as easy as pie. You’ll just need to take to configure your VPS with SSH commands (more details below) and get started; after that, you can just go ahead and copy & paste commands one by one, and you’re done!

WordPress is an awesome website platform of any size- there are plenty of websites on the internet that use it, and some of the web’s best hosting companies offer WordPress solutions.

You can get started by installing an SEO-friendly theme with some basic configuration, which will allow you to launch your site for maximum speed and availability.

UpCloud Pros and Cons

Here is a complete list of UpClouds Pros and Cons


  • Stable 100% uptime
  • Easy to understand control panel
  • MaxIOPS storage
  • Responsive 24/7 customer support
  • Stellar network quality
  • Additional performance-enhancing features
  • Flexible and affordable price packages


  • Not so easy for newbies
  • Mandatory credit card sign up
  • Relatively costly servers

Final thoughts: Is It Worth It?

There has been clear evidence that UpCloud has proven its enterprise-grade performance time and again at every stage of its services offered.

The key factors that make a cloud hosting stand out from rest are all included in UpCloud. There is speed, reliability, high functioning and above all, equal customer support to all subscribers irrespective of the plan they have opted for.

So, if you too liked our UpCloud review, then go and save your few bucks through the UpCloud free credit code mentioned in this article.

Do share your experience with any other reliable cloud hosting service you have tried before. Share this UpCloud coupon post with your friends who are also looking for the best fastest websites.

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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