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Searching for a web hosting provider can be a real pain, and if you search for a web hosting service provider, you might come across hundreds and thousands of service providers, and this is where Verpex comes into play in order to ace the game. In this Verpex review, we’ll look after all the essential key factors that make it listed in some of the top players in web hosting services.

Have you ever wondered what makes a web hosting service provider an excellent one? Well, in this Verpex review, we’ll not only explore the products and services delivered by Verpex but also look out for different parameters that lay the foundation of an excellent web hosting provider. So, let’s get started with that!!

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Verpex, which was founded in 2018, has shown some great progress in delivering its services around different parameters like Cloud servers, domain registration, dedicated servers and much more. We’ll look after them later in the article. To be honest, I’m pretty amazed as compared to the progress that they have shown so far in such a short time period. In addition to all this, it is worth mentioning that Verpex is a 100% privately owned company; the reason why I mentioned this here is that this can be considered as one of the main key factors in showing that they have paved their path to where they are without getting involved in any other organization, gives a kinda independent vibe. Now getting back to the features and tools that Verpex offers, well, they offer different services, which include:

  • Web Hosting
  • Managed Servers
  • Domains
  • Reselling

These different services are spread out into different categories, which will be discussed in the later sections.

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Verpex Review – Services Offered by Verpex

As I have already mentioned earlier, Verpex offers some great features which involve web hosting, domain registration, cloud servers and much more; let’s start this with web hosting.

Web Hosting: In order to make a website work along its way across different parameters such as stability, performance, etc., web hosting can be considered as one of the primary aspects making your website rank above others. Verpex offers two different ways of web hosting, which include:


Cloud Hosting

Verpex Cloud Hosting

Have you ever wondered what makes your website fast and good for almost everything? Well, this is all the by-product of having a powerful server embedded with some other parameters. There was a time when people were all engaged around traditional servers, which focused on solutions being deployed on a single server, whereas with new tech and advancements in hosting services, cloud hosting works on getting along with a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers that host applications and websites. In simple words, outsourcing the data and resources to a service provider that works along with an interconnected web server (like Verpex).

Now, after we are all done with what cloud hosting is, let’s take a deeper dive into the aspects and key factors that make Verpex cloud hosting a great choice to go ahead with:

  • Free Domain included: This can be considered an excellent choice as you get a free domain making it a great choice to go with. I pretty much like this thing as you can purchase a plan while also getting a domain free; in addition to this, you can also transfer an existing domain at no extra cost.
  • CPanel powered: The Verpex uses this excellent dashboard and management of control panel, which includes CloudLinux, Softaculous and many more.
  • Free SSL certification: This is not a standalone thing as a lot of web hosting service provider offers free SSL certification, and this quick and easy-to-install free SSL certification can help in delivering a good level of security.

WordPress Hosting

Verpex WordPress Hosting

It can be counted as one of the most crucial and important aspects of web hosting. Still, the thing that makes Verpex an excellent choice overall is its service, as you can get along with features like One-click automatic install, free migrations, advanced security, free domain name, offsite backups, WordPress optimization and much more. All these features can be utilized in order to make things work, along with some different aspects like delivering easy-to-use features to make things work for users.

Now comes another feature that can be counted as my personal favorite, the Verpex reseller hosting.


Verpex Reseller Hosting

Verpex Reseller Hosting

Well, if you are someone who wants to power the hosting business with 100% white-label, hosting can be considered as one of the major factors in making Verpex a great choice as compared to others. Suppose talking about the reseller hosting business having a 100% white-labeled hosting system.

Basically, if you are looking forward to expanding yourself in terms of business (reseller hosting), Verpex offers some great features making it an excellent choice; one of the primary features include WHM & cPanel, which allows you to reliably and multiple clients, which allows you to get along with a reliable choice while multiplying the count of your clients, another primary feature being is the choice of location, which these choices include London, New York, Sydney, Singapore and more. As a reseller in hosting, you can get along with several scripts, and this can be managed easily using Softaculous Auto-Installers, which enables you to manage more than 300+ popular scripts.



Having a name for your website can be considered one of the major aspects of making your business rise and shine, but having a reliable service provider can be considered one of the main key features of making your way surpass others. Well, if we look after domain registration by Verpex, it does offer some excellent features and benefits, which include:

  • Contact management
  • Registration under your name
  • Free privacy protection
  • Transfer out free of Charge

Verpex also offers the feature of domain transfer, which enables you to get along with some of the lowest charges in the market for different services, as mentioned above. Verpex offers some excellent features under the category of domain transfer as well. Something that is worth noticing over here is the Domain transfer process; Verpex has mentioned some of the steps that are categorized on the basis of the location, i.e., most domains and UK domains and other domains.

Most of the domain transfer process involves steps like unlocking the domain, Getting the EPP key/code, and the final one involving the order to be made. The domain transfer for the UK only involves two different steps, which include placing the order and changing the IPSTAG.

Another major aspect worth mentioning is Verpex managed servers; unlike most web hosting service providers, Verpex offers 3 different options for managed servers, including cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, and Magento hosting. So, let’s take a look around them and understand why Verpex is such a reliable option as compared to what’s already available in the market.

Before I dig a bit deeper into these services, let me give you a quick look at what has managed cloud services and how it can help you, as compared to what’s offered by other service providers. Well, talking about managed cloud services, these services basically offer partial or complete management of clients’ cloud services; the management of the services includes configuration, optimization, security, migration, and maintenance.


Managed Cloud Hosting

Managed Cloud Hosting

Now looking after managed cloud hosting, Verpex offers around 3 different server options, which include managed servers D4, D8, and D16. One of the major things that gained my attention was the availability of SSD Disk space with dedicated Xeon vCPUs. These different managed servers also offer some key factors like unlimited traffic, cPanel/WHM, Backups, SSL certificates, unlimited websites, app installers and much more.

Managed Server D4Managed Server D8Managed Server D16
4 GB dedicated RAM8 GB dedicated RAM16 GB dedicated RAM
80 GB dedicated SSD140 GB dedicated SSD300 GB dedicated SSD
2 dedicated Xeon vCPUs4 dedicated Xeon vCPUs6 dedicated Xeon vCPUs
SSL CertificateSSL CertificateSSL Certificate
Unlimited WebsitesUnlimited WebsitesUnlimited Websites

The most popular one over here is managed server 8, as the features are pretty optimal for small to medium-sized businesses and websites that belong to the medium level. Now looking after the price that one has to pay to get along with these servers:

  • Managed Server D4: Costs around $39.50 for the first month (usual price $79/month)
  • Managed Server D8: Costs around $59.50 for the first month (usual price $119/month)
  • Managed Server D16: Costs around $94.50 for the first month (usual price $189/month)

Like the servers mentioned above, Verpex offers some excellent features for WordPress hosting as well, so let’s take a look at what these different Managed WordPress hosting plans are.


Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting

Verpex offers a Managed WordPress hosting, which delivers almost everything starting from build to deployment to high-performance themes and plugins like Memberpress, Divi, WooCommerce and much more.
Verpex offer 3 different plans named Growth, Professional and Expert, which offer various different features as mentioned below:

10 GB Disk Space25 GB Disk Space100 GB Disk Space
50 GB bandwidth200 GB bandwidth1TB bandwidth
1 GB database size1 GB database size2 GB database size
Free SSL CertificateFree SSL CertificateFree SSL Certificate
45-Day money-back guarantee45-Day money-back guarantee45-Day money-back guarantee

As mentioned in the table, these plans offer different features and services. Still, it is worth mentioning that the professional is one of the most popularly used plans in WordPress hosting services, and these different pricing plans are as follows:

  • Growth Plan: Costs around $15 for the first month (usually $29.99/month)
  • Professional Plan: Costs around $21 for the first month (usually $41.99/month)
  • Expert Plan: Costs around $36 for the first month (usually $71.99/month)

Now comes the last one in, which is Managed Magneto Servers; basically, Magento hosting is usually used for websites that new start-ups and online stores use. So, let’s take a look at the plans and services offered in Managed Magento Servers. The servers are optimized so that it delivers some excellent value for new start-ups and online businesses working on Magneto.


Managed Magento Servers

Managed Magneto Servers
4x Xeon vCPUs8x Xeon vCPUs16x Xeon vCPUs
140GB SSD Space300GB SSD Space620GB SSD Space
30 cPanel accounts30 cPanel accounts30 cPanel accounts
  • Developer Plan: Costs around $59.50 for the first month (Renews at $119/mo.)
  • Manager Plan: Costs around $94.50 for the first month (Renews at $189/mo.)
  • Premium Plan: Costs around $150 for the first month (Renews at $300/mo.)

Verpex Reviews & Customers Testimonials

Verpex Review - Testimonial

🌟 Top FAQs on Verpex

Is Verpex a good hosting service?

Hosting companies that gives a poor experience leave you frustrated. Verpex is the best and cheap web hosting provider that performs the way you want. It offers free SSL certificates and backups to increase the security and performance of your site, so the user doesn’t need to worry much about websites going offline for unknown reasons like downtime or DDOS attacks. Whether you’re a business owner, startup, blogger, etc., Verpex offers the fastest hosting plans.

Does Verpex offer a higher renewal price?

At Verpex the user will not charge any extra costs or hidden costs. This leading web hosting company will keep all the payment information transparent with you.

Which Verpex web hosting plan is best for me?

If you are confused about which Verpex web hosting plan you should go for, you can easily contact their support team. The support team of Verpex will help you to find the right hosting plan that fits your needs.

Does Verpex offer any money-back guarantee?

Verpex provides a 60-day money-back guarantee on all its hosting plans. You can easily try their web hosting services, but for any reason, if you are not completely satisfied with their hosting services, you will get a full refund.

Can I get a free SSL Certificate from Verpex?

Yes, all the hosting packages of Verpex offer a free SSL Certificate that you can easily install on your site.

Does Verpex offer any discount coupons?

Yes, if you are looking to save the maximum amount on your hosting plan, then grab the above-mentioned Verpex coupon codes.

How much discount will I get by using the Verpex coupon code?

By using our special Verpex discount coupon, the user will save 20% off on their first order. If you go for Cloud or WordPress hosting plans, then you will get a 90% discount on your first month.

Verpex Facebook Group

Verpex Facebook Group

Conclusion: Verpex Review + Verpex Discount Coupon | Is Verpex worth it?

Well, the answer to this is YES. One of the main reasons why I prefer getting along with Verpex is its price range, which is comparatively better than what’s available in the market; the tools and features are pretty decent. Another major factor that gained my attention was its 45-day money-back guarantee and other multiple offers. Overall, it was a good deal to go along with.

Some of the features that gained my attention were:

  • Hosting Package
  • Shared Hosting options
  • The simple User interface for almost every aspect
  • Daily backups
  • Unmanaged Cloud Hosting with managed option as well
  • Reseller hosting services

These were some of the key factors that gained my attention, making Verpex a good-to-go option. Hopefully, this Verpex review has cleared some of the doubts you might encounter.

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Verpex Review
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Verpex is the leading hsoting company that specializes in reseller hosting, shared hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, etc. It is the only hosting provider for sites that take your business to the next level. Get your site up and running in just a few minutes with Verpex! You’ll get up to 5x faster upload speeds, with multiple storage options, free SSL Certificate, free migration and the latest security features.

  •  It offer easy to use cPanel.
  •  60 Day money back guarantee.
  •  It offer free migration and free SSL Certificate.
  •  24/7 Cusytomer support.
  •  Daily offsite backups.


  •  Uptime guarantee is bit low.

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