Are you facing hindrance on your landline phone? Well then, it seems you need to upgrade to the latest technology of VOIP, i.e., Voice over internet protocol.

But the question is who would provide a better quality VOIP service across the globe?

And the answer to all your questions is VOIPO. It is one those companies that provide high quality and hassle-free phone service ensuring that you invested in the right place. So here is in-depth VOPIO Review with latest VOIPO coupon codes.

VOIPO Review: Cheapest VOIP Phone service

VOIPO Review

VOIPO is one of the leading VOIP service providers with affordable rates, and the best part is that you can use it for residential as well business purpose. So guys relax and grab a cup of coffee as your all your phone issues from such long years will be resolved by excellent VOIP service by VOIPO.

As many customers prefer VOIPO for its super fast digital phone service with affordable rates over other brands hence, it has become the #1 recommended choice for users in the USA.

VOIPO was founded in 2006 by one of the leading hosting provider Hostgator and since then it has never disappointed its customers.

Why prefer for international calls

Obviously, if you are a new customer looking to change from landline to VOIP, then it might be difficult for you to decide whether to trust VOIPO or go with some other phone service provider. Well, you need not worry as I will clarify all your doubts and you will surely prefer VOIPO over other VOIP service providers.

Obviously if you are a new customer looking to change from landline to VOIP then it might be difficult for you to decide whether to trust VOIPO or go with some other phone service provider. Well, you need not worry as I will clarify all your doubts and you will surely prefer VOIPO over other VOIP service providers.

Free Shipping:

Usually when you buy any product, then it comes with shipping charges, but VOIPO has eliminated the shipping charges. Also, it includes a free adapter.

Don’t you think you saved quite an amount by not paying for the shipping charges? And it’s not over yet, VOIPO also provides a free rollover line connected to the same phone number. This rollover line works as a separate line, so if anytime you face a problem with the front then you could use the free rollover line.

Free Rollover lines:

The rollover line comes handy when you have you have too many calls on hold. By using this line, you can attend other customers so they don’t have to wait for a long time which would reduce their irritation and build a healthy relationship between you and the customers.

More features like voicemail, call logs, routing the calls helps you to manage your account swiftly like butter on the bread.

VOIPO Pricing structure:

It is easy to decide which plan you need as the plans differ for residential and business purposes.

The WIFI plan can be purchased on a monthly basis or on a 2 years contract. Annual wifi plan will cost you cheaper than the monthly program but if you are a new user then first go for the monthly plan, and once you are satisfied with the service then you can upgrade to the yearly plan.

You won’t find many plans that apply to business as well as residential purpose hence it becomes quite easy to select the best suitable program either for residential use or business purpose.

The basic plan with free calling:

The basic program costs only $149(with additional discount) with ATA and could be interfaced with your regular phone line and the internet line. This is the cheapest plan that VOIPO offers 60 minutes of selected international calls and unlimited calls across US and Canada.

30 Days full money back guarantee:

VOIPO provides a 30-day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the quality of service. What else are you looking for? With so many features, free shipping, and cheap plans, VOIPO is definitely the recommended choice.

Low international Calling rate:


VOIPO offers cheapest international calling rates to numerous destinations across the world. Every VOIPO plan includes free 60 minutes calling to all premium destinations and unlimited calling between to U.S.A and Canada.

VOIPO key features:


You would be surprised to know that VOIPO offers over 711 functions for your convenience. But remember, not all the elements are available in the basic plan.

With the basic plan you will get over 40 features, and as you upgrade your plan, more features will be added to the list. The basic plan for home and small business costs $6.21/mo with 2 years contract. Some of the features that VOIPO offers are listed below:

  • VOIPO offers unlimited calls to US/Canada and 60 minutes free international calls per month on selected destinations. This makes VOIPO a unique choice for many customers.
  • Keep any ringtone that you are willing to with a virtual phone number.
  • Features like caller ID, call waiting, voicemail, conference calls and directory assistance that has helpline numbers in case of emergency.
  • The most unusual feature that VOIPO offers is for people with hearing or speech impairment. This feature allows access to these people to make calls using their text phones.
  • You can connect with your clients anywhere in the world by using call conferencing feature for business purpose, or if in case you want to talk to your relatives living at different places then this feature is beneficial.
  • VOIPO offers cloud service at just $3 per month that enables you to transfer your number as and when required.
    It allows you to send/receive SMS text messages included in both residential and business plan.
  • You can get access to PBX solution at a discounted price of $20 per month.
  • By using third-party applications any mobile or a computer can be connected via softphone.
  • A 30-day money back guarantee ensures that you are bullied for your precious money.
  • A dedicated team of professionals is ready to serve you 24/7 via phone, email or chat whichever is more suitable for you.

VOIPO coupon codes for 2024

So Now if you are interested in lowering your calling rates, then voipo coupons are the best way to do it!

Here we have listed all exclusive VOIPO Coupons which are working & verified by our editorial team. Click on redeem now button to directly activate each offer.

First month free + $6.21 from 2nd month

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75% Off on Phone Service

Get whooping of 75% Discount on VOIPO Services using this exclusive coupon code. Click on activate offer button below to redeem this deal and use coupon code:  4807259919: at the time of checkout.

1 Month free voip services

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  • Unlimited local calls in US/Canada
  • Free rollover line
  • Affordable price for both residential and business purpose.
  • No shipping charges with the free adapter.
  • Sometimes the call drops hence quality is affected.
  • Calls cannot be queued.
  • Tax needs to be paid.
  • The mobile app is not available.

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Lets conclude:

VOIPO offers over 40 excellent features that make a customer manage phone calls properly. is simply the best choice for VoIP phone service and VoIP cloud numbers. When you use coupons, you can save additional bucks.

The plans are cheap and affordable with excellent customer service round the clock. A free rollover line is beneficial for business which comes free with the plan.

VOIPO is unbeatable when comparing prices with other voice service providers. Even though the quality is not that good still many users prefer VOIPO over others due to its vast range of features and affordable plans.

The most amazing feature that enables hearing or speech impairment people to make calls makes VOIPO the people’s choice. Call conferencing and 711 features make it the most lovable among maximum users. It’s time to make your phone digital by using VOIPO digital phone services. Try it and trust it! 🙂

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