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How to use Webinars to Explode your Sales without Selling

For some, the webinar might be annoying, but of severe affiliate marketers, it is the right way to convince your prospects. 

The webinar is a tricky way to make your prospects purchase your products/services. Using webinars in the right way is the essential thing if you want to explode your sales.

In this article, we will show you have proven methods to explode your sales using webinars effectively.  

So read till the end and become a master in organizing sales webinars to attract prospects by conveying the right message.

Webinars to Explode Your Sales

Structure of a Webinar

You need to know the basics of the webinar if you want your attendees to listen to you until the end.

You have to follow the basic rules of communication if you want your attendees to be present until you say goodbye. Only 40% of attendees stick from start to the end of the webinar, which is very poor. 

If you want to achieve a success rate of 90% or more, then you have to follow the golden rules, after which a tsunami of sales will flood your bank account.

Tell your attendees the main aim of your webinar right at the start instead of barging about anything else.

In a specific way, you tell them what you are about to say to them and keep reminding them of the main aim of conducting this webinar.

So, you have to be very clear on what message you want to convey to your attendees. Without a clear message, your webinar is going to be a low point.

Your webinar has to gain trust from your attendees and confidence that they are not wasting their time on some irrelevant content.

You should understand and value your attendees’ time.

With your web conferencing, you are asking attendees to balance the bicycle on one wheel, and they will do it only when they are confident.

The hierarchy of your webinar should be aligned in such a way to earn your attendee’s confidence and make them trust what you say.

Want to create your own success story using a webinar?

Follow these Golden rules and reach the pinnacle.

1. Write Relevant Titles with Goal-oriented subject lines

Your title is the first thing your audience will look at, and most of them make their decision based on reading the title.

It’s just like how you are served a dish when you go to a restaurant. If your recipe is decorated well, you will be eager to taste it or else leave it.

If you want your audience to take quick action like sign-up, then ensure your title is attention-grabbing. 

If you can understand your audience’s behavior and emotions, then you can get right to the point. Effective headlines will adhere to your audience to your webinar like a magnet. So your title has to create a strong magnetic field that attracts everyone around it.

It doesn’t matter what product/service you are looking to promote with your webinar. What matters is how you present it? If a person suffers from severe headaches or stomachache, then visiting the doctor will relieve the pain.

Think about the webinar as a reliever to your attendee’s problems and design it accordingly. Make your title unique and useful in such a way that prospects cannot resist clicking on it. Show some urgency in your claim to make your visitors take action immediately.

By showing the reason for attending your webinar in your application, interested people will click on it and rigorously attend it.

2. Talk about the key elements; people don’t want to know about you

Attendees don’t join webinars to know your background or experience. They have nothing or little to do with your experience.

The only reason they are attending your presentation is to grab the knowledge which would help them succeed or reduce their mistakes.

Don’t start introducing yourself with what you have done in the past. People already know who you are and what achievements you have made. In short, skip your introduction and get to the point, so your attendees realize that you are here to make something work fantastic.

Introductions are boring. So don’t waste your audience time, or else they will leave the session right at the beginning.

3. Deliver Your Audience What You Promise in Your Webinar Title

If you think your audience is a fool to attend your webinar only based on the title, then that’s not going to work. 

Article title power

Give your audience something new that they have never heard about – one level up.

Delivering topics that are spoken rarely will have a significant impact on your audience. If they think about that topic sometime later, then your webinar is what they will remember.

No need to put a lot of ingredients. Just make it simple but rare & effective.

4. Illustrate nicely and Encourage them for more

Don’t let your audience thirst go down in minutes. Your illustration is what will keep them encourage for more.

Try to impart the best of your knowledge and let them decide if it is going to be a life-changing presentation for them. Keeping simple can also be powerful only if you don’t confuse them and pitch them for sales.

Remember, you are selling anything on your webinar. You are exploding your sales by giving them knowledge on the product/service insights.

Always be ready with the next steps and present everything sequentially. Don’t jump from one topic to another, thereby creating more confusion. Your presentation should evoke questions in your attendee’s mind. Curiosity and eagerness to learn more from you are what will make your webinar successful.  

If you can answer questions, then this will lead to more questions as your attendees know about your knowledge. This question-answer session will build a repo between you and your audience that will make them connected with you.

5. End it with a call-to-action

If you were able to answer questions correctly, then at the end of the webinar, your audience will crave more. This is the time that you bring call-to-action and satisfy their thirst for more.

The hierarchy in which you presented your webinar will lead to attendees knowing more about your business and every detail that they don’t know about. Don’t let this opportunity fade away.

You have worked so hard in presenting minor details and resolving their issues. Now is the time you convert them into sales.

The best way could be offering a free trial of your product/service. This will allow your prospects to sign up and start using the product.

If they are happy and satisfied with the service, then they would purchase any of your plans, and your sales will rise. Pitching for deals at the end of your webinar is helping them logically understand the benefits of your product.

Best Webinar platforms and tools for 2022

If you re looking to start your new webinar and don’t wanna spend too much money, Your can start using these p[owersul webinar software that allows you yo ultimately host your webinar and funnels in complete automation


One of the most trusted and most used Webinar app by LogMeIn. It’s from the same company as GoToMeeting. It is designed to host your webinars and online conferences directly with powerful tools.

GoToWebinar comes with free seven days trial to host up to 100 attendees. You can, later on, upgrade to its premium pan to get all advanced features. The tool claims to be #1 in customer satisfaction. It comes with some unique features like event management, flexible scheduling, custom registration, branding, White labeling, hosting pre-recorded events, and webinar templates.


GetResponse is one of the most used digital marketing platforms that allows Automated email marketing, webinar, landing pages, and much more. Over 350k+ users trust it. Their webinars are focused on increasing conversions and engagement.

On GetResponse webinar, you can use chatbots, share files instantly, share your screen during the presentation, brainstorm ideas, and collect feedback. Enjoy best optimized and streamlined webinars with GetResponse. They have multiple ways to access and register for webinars, including Web, Android, and iOS apps, mobile, and even cellular audio. Try it risk-free.


ClickMeeting webinar software is another great tool to host un-interpreted webinars instantly with their state of art built solution. With ClickMeeting, you can start showcasing product demos, online course and training sessions, business meeting collaborations, and huge online events.

Start working 100% online with ClickMeeting today with automated webinars. There are dozens of features and USP with CLickMeeting. Try it free for seven days [No credit card required]


WebinarJam is a robust tool to increase sales and engage more customers. With a powerful webinar tool built for high-quality video conferencing and auto-recording each webinar for flexible scheduling. You can stream your webinar form were and form any device, including mobile application,.

WebinarJam is one trusted online meeting platform that has won the trust of thousands when it comes to hosting a professional online event or conference.

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Over to you

Your webinar should generate leads because if it doesn’t, then it was terrible.

Learn from your mistakes and make every second count. Craft your messages by focusing on every minor detail, including images.

Pause yourself and let your audience speak. Speaking continuously and not listening to them will create a reverse image. People don’t just want to listen but speak too.

In this pandemic, most of the events are being conducted online, and hence webinars and online conferencing software are in high rise now. Choose your platform wisely, and its better to utilize the free trial period before you invest.

The webinar is not about tricks, it is all about how you cooperate with your audience and go step by step to make them understand the objectives clearly.

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