Are you looking for the Best Website Builders for Affiliate Marketing in 2024? Here is a list of the best blogs and website builders for running a full-time and hustle-free affiliate marketing business.

If you wish to take a hike in the affiliate industry, you will need to have an affiliate marketing website to promote affiliate offers. It means a website you own, control, and insert your affiliate links without restrictions, especially when you desire to go for SEO organic marketing research.

Building an affiliate marketing website is a little intimidating. Especially when it comes to knowing how coding and web design works. The best website builders for affiliate marketing are super easy for anyone to create an affiliate website quickly. Here we have reviewed 3 of the best website builder platforms for affiliate marketers. Read this article to find the right one for you❗❗

Best Website Builders for Affiliate Marketing (Updated 2024)

Website Builders for Affiliate Marketing
Best Website Builders for Affiliate MarketingFeaturesPricingOfficial Links
#1. Elementor• Offer drag & drop editor.
• 300+ Ready-made templates.
• 90+ Widgets.
• Responsive editing.
• Essential: $49/year
• Advanced: $99/year
• Expert: $199/year
• Studio: $499/year
• Agency: $999/year
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#2. ClickFunnels• Offer advanced funnels.
• Custom domains.
• A/B split tests.
• Excellent support.
• Free Trial
• Startup: $97/month
• Enterprise: $297/month
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#3. Wix• Provides stunning templates.
• Mobile optimized.
• Unlimited fonts.
• Advanced designing tools.
• VIP: $39/month
• Pro: $24/month
• Unlimited: $18/month
• Combo: $14/year
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Let’s begin with the first website builder for Affiliate Marketing.

1. Elementor

Elementor Discount Coupon

Elementor was launched in 2016, which has a quick shot up charts. It is active on over 5,000,000+ websites while maintaining an impressive 96% rating on 5746 reviews at On a specific note, Elementor is a visual drag and drop page builder plugin.

Elementor is known to have a Visual feature which means you see what your visitors see when designing your content. Once you publish your page, there won’t be any confusion about how your page will look. Drag-drop features can move around various design elements like buttons, forms, or images by dragging and dropping them with no code required.

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Elementor helps add advanced styling, layout, and design elements to WordPress account content without knowing code. In the new Elementor Pro version, design your entire WordPress theme without any code.

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Key Features of Elementor

Now that you understand the primary interface, let’s take this Elementor review a bit more hands-on and dig into some of the basic and specific features that have helped make Elementor successful.

💻 Elementor template library

It gives you complete access to create unlimited designs from scratch, and you don’t need to do everything yourself always and thanks to the Elementor template library. As of Elementor 2.0, the templates comes into two formats:

Elementor Coupon
  • Pages: Full-page designs can be imported and tweak as needed.
  • Blocks: Designed for specific “sections” rather than entire pages. For example, Drop in a pre-built contact section to an existing layout. Partnerships can help you do that.

Once you have some of your designs, you can also save them as templates or blocks to reuse later.

📳 Mobile previews & design controls

Elementor traffic

With massive web traffic happening on mobile devices nowadays, you need your site’s mobile version to look great. Elementor takes things further by showing, hide individual widgets on specific devices. Elementor’s responsive design controls hide it on mobile devices with the click of a toggle.

🏅 Detailed layout controls

Elementor layout

To achieve that simplicity, sometimes you have to sacrifice flexibility over where you position elements. The page builder eliminates the custom code to achieve that simplicity by giving you tons of intuitive controls to special place every widget, section, and column precisely. Also, you can do manual set padding and margin for cells, columns, and gadgets and adjust columns, widths by just dragging the divider between columns. Position your devices vertically within a column or columns within a unit. And create blank space between columns with an adjustable column gap.

📑 Inline text editing

Elementor pop up

Rather than using a popup like some other page builders, Elementor lets click on the page and start typing as inline text editing is a convenient method for editing text on a page.

🎯 Easy undo/redo & complete revision history

Elementor theme builder

When you try out new design approaches, you’re probably going to make a mistake, and if we mess something up, Elementor makes it easy to undo mistakes in two different ways. First, every action is logged and can be reverted as needed, and second, every time you save your design, get a completely new revision that you can retreat to if needed.

💥 Clean code after deactivating Elementor

Elementor clean code

To deactivate Elementor at some point, you can rest up easily by knowing it will never leave behind a mess of shortcodes. For example, WPBakery Page Builder or the Divi Builder instead leaves behind clean code. When it comes to Elementor, the numbers don’t lie, as it is already one of the top page builders. The developers have continued to roll out significant new improvements regularly. Because the accessible version of Elementor is so generous, you should install it on WordPress to test the site and try it for yourself. If you like how the interface works, you can consider adapting to Elementor for building your business with more elements, templates, and other helpful features.

2. ClickFunnels


It is a cloud-based lead generation platform, which allows businesses of all sizes, including eCommerce, consulting, and other industries, to automate Facebook and email marketing. Which processes and converts visitors into customers. Using the inbuilt templates, professionals can create custom landing pages or funnels to attract customers. ClickFunnels enables teams to capture customer’s contact information and send targeted follow-up messages via text or desktop notifications to reconnect with the visitors.

ClickFunnels is a website builder that allows users to create everything from membership websites, sales funnels, lead generation systems, product launch pages, landing pages, squeeze pages, and e-commerce systems, all with drag and drop ease.

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ClickFunnels is the world’s most popular online sales funnel platforms, where users can quickly and easily create beautiful sales pages. And later that convert visitors into leads and paying customers. No tech, design, or coding experience necessary. Hundreds of plug n play templates at fingertips and customize funnels. ClickFunnels comes with training, tutorials, and smooth 3rd party app, email, and payment integration. Users can have inbuilt working funnels in less than 10 minutes.

ClickFunnels users have collectively generated over $4.2 Billion in sales revenue. The company rocketed from zero to over $100,000,000 in revenue in 5 years without outside investor financing.

ClickFunnels has created an engaged community of over 100,000 paid users bestows in The 2 Comma Club Award to entrepreneurs who have generated $1 Million in revenue with one of their funnels. It has multiple user’s accomplishments each week.

Along with your ClickFunnels account, users get complimentary access to FunnelFlix, the world-class training, and courses in sales, marketing, business growth, traffic, and more to help grow your business beyond. The pricing starts at $97.00 per month for every feature. They do not have a free version as click funnels offer a free trial.

3. Wix


The second best affiliate website builder is Wix. The trendy website is used for building an online business. It’s an affordable option. It is operated by a hundred million people all over the world. Wix is a cloud-based service that allows setting up, customizing, and designing websites and online stores without coding. Unlike, Wix handles all aspects of hosting the site. It means the Wix platform takes the affiliate websites hosting. It also offers tons of inbuilt features and comes with a drag-and-drop builder interface for building and customizing websites.


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With Wix website builder, you get access to:

  • Create a blog
  • Build an eCommerce store
  • Hosting a forum and much more

Wix comes with tons of built-in website templates, unlike WordPress website builder, and it provides free hosting for all users. Wix is not an open-source platform, but it also doesn’t require many plugins to function, and it gives a choice of over 500 templates for diverse industries. It may sound a little disappointing, as it doesn’t have any website or blog template designed for affiliate marketing on the Wix library.

But it lets you customize any of the blog templates to be used for affiliate marketing, as there may be standard SEO settings to encourage search engine, ranking, and indexation. When it comes to using your custom domain with Wix website builder, register a new domain name through Wix and connect a domain you already bought. So, in this regard, it doesn’t give much choice with hosting as it is bundled or locked to theirs. Unlike WordPress, you can move away from as many hosting companies as possible when you’re not satisfied.

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Wix Website Pricing

Wix comes with a free plan, which lets you use it as long as you want, followed by the seven different paid plans. And advance, professional features all start with a 14-day free trial with Wix.

Wix Pricing

The free plan is not a good fit if you plan to get serious with affiliate marketing or create a long-term online business. It comes with ads, which prevents from connecting domain and a lot more. Here we have the Wix paid plans:

  • Connect domain plan for $4
  • Combo plan for $8
  • Unlimited plan for $12
  • VIP plan for $24
  • The primary business plan for $17
  • Business unlimited plan for $25
  • Business VIP for $35
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We wouldn’t recommend using Wix website builder for your affiliate marketing website or blog. Wix is not the wrong platform, though, but remember, over 100 million people and counting are using it. However, the limitation is that someone gets stuck with their hosting forever, monthly cost, restriction, and bandwidth.

🌟 Website Builders for Affiliate Marketing FAQ

How do I build a website for affiliate marketing?

Before creating an affiliate website, it becomes very important to decide the niche for your site. Choose the desired domain name and buy it from the top registrar like Bluehost or GoDaddy. Find the affiliate products that you want to promote on your site.

Which website builder is more beneficial for blogging and SEO?

Above mentioned, all the three webiste builders for affiliate marketing are better options for blogging and SEO. We recommend starting with a WordPress website builder for blogging and SEO. There are various bloggers or affiliate marketers who also like to prefer Elementor Pro because it easily works with every WordPress theme.

Which is better; WordPress Vs. Wix?

In our opinion, WordPress is the most reliable and superior platform as compared to Wix. If you own a small business, Wix is the best and easiest to use website builder for you. On the other hand, WordPress gives you all the freedom that you need to insert your affiliate links.

What is the most reliable website builder for affiliate marketing?

Check the above list where we have reviewed the top 3 website builders which is available online that you to choose to create an affiliate website.

Conclusion: Which is the Best Website Builder for Affiliate Marketing?

If you are looking for an all-in-one software platform, create entire affiliate websites and blogs for affiliate marketing. Then don’t look further than on the choices which have been mentioned above in the article. It is evident and has been proven a lot of times to grow affiliate marketing income substantially. One needs to keep track of the consistent traffic flow and a solid presence in online affiliate marketing.

For this, a place to call home needs to be there to run your traffic engine or business to scale in the field of affiliate marketing. It means, in short, you own and control web property. In this case, an email list is a wild and famous example. One of the favorite ways is through a website. Websites and pages are not inbuilt by waving a magic wand. It would be best if you had an affiliate website builder.

But not all website builders serve the same purpose.

We highly recommend you to go with a solution that gives you freedom, flexibility, and options to run your affiliate business entirely the way you desire. After all, freedom has led us to the run into this competitive world. We’re all into this, and with the advancement of technology and the new developments in the world, the world has changed its term of marketing in different ways outsourcing the products.

So as with affiliate marketing, as multiple people and multiple products meet up across the world, affiliate marketing has attained massive profits in business, which is why every person opts to own his own business by creating his website an affiliate marketing. But an affiliate marketing takes the right tools and correct choices of the products and right field to promote in. As already, we have mentioned the three best website builders for affiliate marketing. So, make the right choice for your own online business to improve and gain in this vast field of affiliate marketing, increasing every day.

Keep track of the traffic lane to know which tool is turning out to be best for you to run your business in the direction of profits, not in the loss. As every company doesn’t come with gain flying straight into your pockets and remember every business needs investment, so carefully go through each article based on website builder to make sure that your online business or affiliate marketing doesn’t go into loss-making.

Instead, check for the things you lack while running your business as business needs quality, not quantity, if you want to keep making progress and profit in the field of affiliate marketing.🏅

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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