For the very first time, in Singapore Wiki Finance EXPO World will bring a most awaited expo focusing on the financial industry. The Wiki Finance EXPO Singapore, set to be held on May 27, will feature multiple events on a large scale. The event which is to be held at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre, MBS, Singapore, will focus on topics such as Forex, blockchain, NFT, Web3.0, and a few more to have the audience intrigued.

What is Wiki Finance EXPO Singapore?

Wiki Finance EXPO Singapore

If you belong to the finance industry and are eager to learn more about it, you should definitely visit this expo. Wiki Finance EXPO Singapore will have a lot of strategies discussed, which will build a much better financial stability in the island country. One can learn about the post-pandemic period and its effects on the financial market. The finance expo will have the attendees inspired by the talks about finance exploration and its growth in present times, in Singapore.

Besides, the expo will even have a panel filled with a number of speakers who will then share their experiences, journeys as well as tactics to have the financial market expanded. If one does want to extend the reach in Singapore financial market, he is in for a treat.

About the Wiki Finance EXPO, its exhibition is held on a multinational scale. The touring finance expo has been previously held in many countries and every time it has been done, it was done on a very large scale, with a number of attendees visiting it.

Now that this event is happening in Singapore for the first time, it will be done on an exponential scale. This will be the grandest event, even when compared to the previous ones. And will have a number of influential speakers, project owners, VC investors, and a few legendary practitioners from the APAC industry as well.

While a lot of events will be carried out under the same roof, the attendees will learn about various as well as revolutionary topics. Singapore has now accelerated its confrontation with the Western countries, and at the same time, they have made a strict policy of dynamic zero covid. Having such progression done on the island country, one can notice a lot of wealthy families shifting in it, which is also changing the financial market overall.

Looking at the continual growth and a drastic change in the market, it is crucial to have the best strategies for the financial market learned. The republic island has also been exposed to the latest development having great investment in the financial market and at the same time newer businessmen entering it.

Topics that will be discussed at Wiki Finance EXPO Singapore

The Republican island is looking at an upscale in the latest platforms of the financial market, and hence topics related to this field will be discussed during the event. Starting from Forex, Blockchain, and NFT, the attendees will get informational insights about Web3.0, Cryptocurrency, DeFi, and Metaverse as well.

Singapore is now a huge part of a revolution that is taking place on a global level. The global regulations related to cryptocurrencies are changing, and Singapore at the same time has become a part of the ‘new land’ in the cryptocurrency business. The island country is also progressing in a lot of ways and has now become one of the biggest markets for cryptocurrency, in Asia.

The event will also focus on getting the industry people to learn about such huge and dramatic changes and will even prepare them for what’s coming next in the Singaporean financial industry. Wiki Finance EXPO Singapore will also have sessions about investment in the cryptocurrency market. One can learn about various skillful techniques required to be on top of the wealth of Singapore. The island country is also known as the haven of global tax and has become a flourished land for greater investment and investors.

Talking about another topic that will be discussed on the panel by the speakers is about the Singaporean Central Bank. The Wiki Finance EXPO Singapore will talk about the measure that the Central Bank would take in the current situation of continually rising costs. The Singaporean dollar, which is the strongest at present in all of Asia, Wiki Finance EXPO will also have it discussed, about how one can gain the most out of it.

A few more topics such as the global economic development, cyber security, education technology and energy & stability will also be discussed during the financial event. 

Speakers at Wiki Finance EXPO Singapore

The guest speaker panel will have more than 20 experts, who are the masters of finance niche. Starting with Annie, who is the ambassador of Theirverse and one of the top Influencers In China, Rory Moore, Forbes 30 member Volunteering Strategy Consultant & United Nations Youth Representative will also be a part of this huge panel. Then Menexenia Tsaroucha, ESG expert at UBS, ex-IMF and WBG analyst, JIA NING YU, Ph.D. holder in Finance, Principal of Uweb, as well as Co-chairman of China Communications Industry, Caesar Chen, Ethereum Developer/IEEE International Standards Committee, Sonny Mohanty

CEO ETERNALUS AND NORDEK ADVISOR, U-Zyn Chua, the CTO and Co-Founder of Cake DeFi, and a lot more influential speakers will be talking about the financial aspects that are to be in focus during the event.

Venue for Wiki Finance EXPO Singapore

Wiki Finance EXPO Singapore will be taking place at Sands Expo and Convention Centre, MBS, Singapore. This is one of the most premium hotels in all of Singapore and is located in Marina Bay Sand Singapore on 10 Bayfront Avenue. The hotel is widely known for its great service and the infinity pool.

Previous events by WikiEXPO

Previous to the Wiki Finance EXPO Singapore, the company has had a number of acclaimed events in various locations, amongst which the recent one was done in Hong Kong in the month of December.  A few more finance expos were held by the event company in cities like Dubai, Australia, and the one which is the most memorable one was held in Sydney.

The WikiEXPO even had the people of Malaysia inspired by having an event in Kuala Lumpur, then Thailand, and even in Vietnam. 

Closest stays near the venue of Wiki Finance EXPO Singapore

If you want to know about the hotels and stay-ins near the venue, there are a lot of luxurious hotels around it. Which range in price and ratings. Hotels like Peninsula Excelsior and Hotel Clover Arts are some of the recommended ones.

You can also go for the hotels which are a bit pricey but are worth the money like JEN Singapore, Vibe Hotel, and Fullerton Hotel. These hotels are at the top of their class and can also be searched on ‘Agoda’ and other platforms.

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