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Wix Ascend Review 2022: All-In-One Business Solution by Wix

Are you wondering how much Ascend by Wix will cost you? Is it the right plan for you or just a hype? or Why Should I buy Wix Ascend? Well, a lot of questions go into mind while buying any subscription if you own a small business. And to help you with that, Here’s the detailed ✅Wix Ascend Review 2022!

If you are thinking of buying Wix Ascend, then you might be familiar with Wix itself. If not, Wix is a leading and popular cloud-based development platform having over 141 million registered users worldwide.

The platform is for everyone, from big enterprises to startups. Also, they provide free and premium subscriptions to empower businesses, artists, freelancers, and startups to grow their brand and workflow. Some popular Wix products include Wix editor, Website editor, Velo, Logo maker, WIX bookings, and many more!

Talking about Wix Ascend, the tool has a suite of 15+ products that helps small businesses to scale their work. From invoices, emails, newsletters, quotes, website forms, workflows to reminders, one will get everything together. Hence, the user won’t have to integrate multiple applications from several platforms and manage their business better. The tool brings out a lot of opportunities to small-business as there are no limitations to functionalities. Hence, in this Wix Ascend review, we have tried to cover all the amazing features of Wix Ascend, pricing, and how the tool works!

Detailed Wix Ascend Review

Wix Ascend Review

As mentioned previously, Ascend provides a bundle of tools to all its users to run their website smoothly. These tools aim to help owners get the best experience even in the toughest times. Ascend is freemium and premium because many features are available for users, but to use it fully, they have to buy a plan.

Businesses can connect with customers never like before through Ascend’s powerful CRM. Also, the tool allows users to optimize the business time with customers to attract and convert new visitors. The advanced technology by Wix Ascend also helps users to generate invoices for free. Users can optimize their workflows and prioritize important projects, all just with software!

Hence it gets extremely easier for an entrepreneur to run their business and alongside improve their online presence. For example, they won’t have to go to a separate website for email marketing, social media post generation, maintaining a contact list, etc.!

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Unique Features of Wix Ascend

Wix Ascend includes a suite of 16 tools for business management and promotion. Some of the major features are:

📃 Wix Contacts List

Wix Contacts List

While starting any business, it becomes quite tedious to manage the contact list. But in the case of Wix Ascend, the tool automatically builds a list whenever any user submits a contact form, subscribes to a newsletter, or buys something from the site’s online store.

Users can even import old contacts and can explore it all, when required, just by a click. And to perform it all, you won’t have to sit at a place, as you can access contacts from anywhere on your dashboard. You can also organize the list by adding labels to all the contacts.

This feature is available for free, and you don’t have to upgrade your account. All you need to do is invest your time to organize the list, and the rest of the feature will do for you. Talking about synchronization, you can sync all the submitted forms and store them for future reference. Users can also build up an entire CRM with workflows, contact lists, and automation!

📧 Wix Inbox

Wix Inbox

Every single interaction taken on your website will be displayed in Wix’s inbox. Be it the messages sent through forms, store purchases, invoice payments, live chat messages, etc. Wix inbox is quite a powerful tool to create the right business funnels for your business. You can operate it easily from the dashboard!

📑 Wix Forms

Wix Forms

Yet another powerful feature you will get by Wix Ascend is the forms that were available for free. The overall design of the forms is excellent and is powerful for small-scale businesses. You can add file uploads to your form, add the payment options for your customers and allow more form submissions too!

💹 Wix Invoices & Quotes

Wix Invoices & Quotes

Whatever the business is, sometimes it gets difficult to create price quotes for clients, financial reports, deadlines, etc. Before the user used to build any invoice, there was the Ascend branding printed at the bottom. But with premium plans, you can remove the branding and send the quote or invoice to clients.

🏅 Wix Chat

Wix Chat

Live chat function plays an essential role in any business, and Wix has made it available for all their clients. Through this feature, your users can send messages to you, and you can immediately respond to it just like normal texting. You can do this all through your mobile phone, and with this, your customer service will become even stronger. All these multiple apps included in the Wix Ascend pricing automate tour business and give you more time to actual growth.

💻 Wix SEO Wiz

Wix SEO Wiz

No doubt SEO plays quite an essential role for any business, and if you are starting your journey, you have to plant this solid foundation right away. There are several important aspects of SEO like meta title, descriptions, long tail, short-tail keywords, etc. With Wix Ascend, you can directly index your site with Google and start trying to rank your site.

📨 Email Marketing by Wix

Email Marketing by Wix

Wix Ascend has a lot of creative and user-friendly templates that can be fully customized. Hence you can add your email campaigns and can even track your campaign statistics. Wix Ascend’s basic plan will help you set up 5 campaigns, and if you are gaining popularity, you can upgrade the plan accordingly.

🌌 Marketing Integrations by Wix

Marketing Integrations by Wix

It gets easier to get the site’s statistics with Wix because it has partnered up with several different platforms making it easier for you to integrate. Some of the major platforms include Facebook, Instagram, MailChimp, Crazy Egg, Google Data Studio, and Google Analytics. The tool is also constantly upgrading this feature and adding many more new integrations that you can check from your dashboard.

🏹 Wix Automations

Wix Automations

There are several automatic functions available within Wix to help you set up your site depending on your visitor. Whenever your visitors sign up for your newsletters or subscriptions, they will receive a custom message via email. And surprisingly, you have to set it all just for once, and after that, the app does the work for you. You can also integrate your website with Zapier to get more out of the app and save your valuable time!

Wix Tasks & Reminders

Wix Tasks & Reminders

You can get your things done within a quick time period through Wix Tasks and Reminders. You can set up a task for a day, next week, year, according to your needs. You will get an instant reminder for the pending task, and this way, you can finish it off quickly!

📹 Wix Video Maker

Wix Video Maker

There is also a section by Wix Ascend through which you can create small videos and upload them on your site or any social media account. You can even connect your site with any social media channel/account like Facebook and Youtube. And do remember that this feature is available just for premium users!

🚀 Wix Social Posts Management

Wix Social Posts Management

Social media is the best thing happening nowadays because all your audience is present to look after your products and services. With each post, you will not only attract your regular customers but can also get new customers. Hence, Wix offers its user an amazing social post maker. Through this tool, you can create unique content and edit and share it across all social media platforms. Because of social media integrations, you can directly share these posts to Facebook from your desktop or post them on Instagram.

💵 Wix Coupons

Wix Coupons

If you own a Wix store or use Wix bookings, you can quickly create coupons for your users and send them to get discounts. These coupons have many potentials to grow your business, and you don’t have to waste much time. All you have to do is enter all the details, and the app will generate a coupon for you!

Wix Ascend Pricing Plans

Since Ascend is not included in the regular Wix website subscription, you have to order the plans and upgrade them separately. The best part about Ascend is you get access to a lot of free features, of course with some restrictions, to help you understand the tool better.

Here are three plans by Ascend and its pricing:

Wix Ascend Pricing Plans
  • Ascend Basic Plan: $10/month

With this plan, you can remove the Ascend Branding and can schedule chat hours. You will get 50 lead capture forms, 10 Customizable Forms, Payment Forms, 9500 emails per month, 5 social media posts per month. Also, you can sync it with Gmail and Facebook Messenger.

  • Ascend Professional Plan: $24/month

This plan includes everything from the basic plan. You can also add 5 contributors, automate the chats, get real-time customer details, and get 20 social posts per month. Also, you can send 50,000 emails per month!

  • Ascend Unlimited Plan: $49/month

The plan includes everything available in the professional plan, but over here, there are no restrictions. You can grab unlimited lead capture forms, payment forms, Unlimited social media posts, along with VIP support. Also, with this plan, you can send over 1,000,000 Emails per Month!

Do you really need Wix Ascend?

After looking at all the above-mentioned Wix Ascend features, how can you understand that your business needs all of it?

So basically, if you are a freelancer and you constantly want to make invoices and create social media posts, all on your own, then you must consider buying Wix. And with this being said, you can consider purchasing the basic plan, which is highly affordable.

YouTube video

Next, if you own a startup and have many contacts to manage, hiring people will surely cost you more. As Wix Ascend uses advanced technology to build contact lists, email marketing, and social media post management, you can cut off your workforce a bit. Creating feedback forms or inquiries for clients, employees, and other individuals gets a lot easier with Ascend. In these cases, Wix offers a lot of flexibility, and you can be as creative as you desire!

Moreover, as an entrepreneur, you can find creative solutions for your business with all these features. And the most important of all, you don’t have to remember deadlines, because the software does it all for you.

You don’t have to manage several platforms all at once without panicking much. You can list out what you require the most to run your business in the free trial period itself, which is no less than a boon to save your money. And let’s not forget that all the pricing is highly affordable and you won’t regret buying!

Pros & Cons


  • More than 15 tools to scale businesses
  • Real-time customer details
  • Online chat support for seamless interaction
  • Complete control over automation & workflows
  • Easy invoice building
  • Fluent email marketing


  • No chat automation available in the basic plan
  • For getting VIP support, the user has to buy the Ascend unlimited plan.

🌟 Wix Ascend FAQ

🤔What is Wix Ascend?

Wix Ascend is the complete marketing & customer management platform that allows solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to grow their business by connecting with their potential customers.

🙄Is Wix Ascend worth the money?

The features and products that Wix Ascend provides are very necessary to run an online business. Wix’s pricing is worth the investment as you will get all the essential products on one single platform.

🔎Does Wix offer a free domain?

Yes, Wix offers a 1-year free domain in its yearly and multi-year premium plans. Wix allows you to choose your own domain name such as .org, .com, .net, etc.

🧐Does Wix offer a refund policy?

If you are not satisfied with Wix’s features, you will get your 100% money back.

Conclusion: Wix Ascend Review 2022 | Is it the right platform to build an online presence?

We would highly recommend you contact the Wix support team before purchasing any package, as they will help you get the right one. Also, grab the best advantage of the 14-day free trial period, and instead of searching random things, explore each feature in brief. Since all the products by Wix Ascend are curated in such a way to help small businesses avoid everyday struggles, the tool is surely all that you will need to grow.

Each penny you will pay will be worth the investment. If you have made up your mind to buy Wix Ascend, let us know your experience below❗❗

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