Do you want to make your website or blog more interactive?

Then check out WP Review Pro plugin’s Review. You can implement this feature-rich WP plugin in your blog or website to make it more interactional. In this post, we will share money saving WP Review pro coupons so that you can avail the plugin at the best price. 

What is the WP Review Plugin? 

Wp Review Pro Review

WP Review Pro is a multi-functional and most powerful WordPress review plugin developed by MyThemeshop. It comes with super snippets, star rating, comparison table, and everything in between. It is a way to review content quickly without impacting the speed of your website.

Through WP Review Pro, every blogger or website owner can review its products, services, recipes, videos, and other content. WP Review plugin gives your website an impressive look as and when it appears on the search engine. 

Every action of the WP Review plugin is performed through its customizable and lightweight approach to generate reviews, using point rating, star rating, or percentage rating. It also comprises support for interlingual rendition, WPMU, Google rich snippets, and unlimited visual property.

For getting all these features, you have to install a WP Review Pro plugin in your system and follow simple configuration instructions to put it in your coveted location. 

Before exploring the features, let’s first get the WP Review Pro coupons.

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How to use the WP Review Pro Coupons?

WP Review Pro is a product of MyThemeShop, so to avail the Pro version, you have to follow the steps below:

  • Click the coupon button above to activate the discount .
  • Go to the WP Review Pro plugin and click on it to see the overall features offered to its users.
  • Now select the number of licenses you require for your website.
  • Click on Get it Now and then Log In or Register for installing the plugin.
  • Complete the payment process.
  • Start with the download and installation process by following the instructions.

Once you are done with the setup, employ the rich snippets and different ratings on your blog or website. You get a 30-day money-back policy with every license. It’s 100% risk-free as at any moment in these 30-days, you see the inconsistent performance of the plugin as stated, do email the support team, and get your refund. 

Why do we need a Review plugin on our WordPress website or blog?

The world on the internet is very much influenced by the reviews of products and services they are willing to buy. The unbiased reviews on the net are people sharing their views about anything they use or buy. Most of us always refer to reviews before purchasing anything online.

It has been seen that over 80% of people trust online reviews rather than offline recommendations. That is why review plugins have captured the market share and are used by most blogs and websites. 

Google Review schema preview

There are many free schema plugins available in the market for WordPress websites, but they don’t offer full freedom to turn your site into an interactive one. The features offered are limited, and the free plugins are quite heavy and complicated to configure. So, the premium version of WP Review PRO is light, easy to configure review and rich snippet plugin for your WordPress blog.

By adding rich snippets and review plugins to your blogs and websites, you get far better results in search engines, high CTR, and receive more positive outcomes from the efforts you are putting into your blog. Overall the WP Review Pro version features are best for the pro or already established WordPress blogs and websites. If you are just a beginner, go for the free version- WP Review.

Features of WP Review Pro Plugin

WP Review Pro is an unbeatable review plugin as it gives the power to websites and blogs by making them more expressive and candid. Let’s have a look at the features that make it an excellent plugin.

  • Includes 14+ types of rich snippets

WP Review is an immaculate review plugin for those who are reviewing various products and services on the internet. A total package of 14 types of snippets is included, and you can choose your preferable snippet in a few clicks. The free edition comes with the review snippet. These rich snippets are for:

The article, Book, Game Movie, Music, Painting, Place, Product, Recipe, Restaurant, Software App, Store, TV Series, Website, and more.

  • 16 Pre-defined Templates

WP Review put forward 16 pre-made templates that can be used once you set up the plugin. To adapt each template according to your brand, you can also customize every template’s colors and other components from the control panel itself. The free version comes with 2 pre-defined templates. The other templates for the pro version are.

  • Default – The simpler and most beautiful template for showcasing review boxes on your articles.
  • Amazon – For amazon niche and product review sites – inspired by theme
  • Aqua – A fresh waterish theme for showing peaceful product reviews
  • Blue – sky is not the limit 0 most successful review template
  • Darkside – When you love dark templates, this one is perfect
  • Dash – Do you like the new dash icon designs? ou will love this theme too.
  • Edge – Cutting edge technology, inspired by isometrics
  • Enterprise – More for e-commerce or affiliate review sites
  • Facebook – When you want to review for virtual products – FB lookalike templater
  • Fizzy – the simpler beautiful design you will fall in love with
  • Gamer – built for gaming and gaming gear websites.
  • Gravity – creational of gravity type force on websites.
  • Shell – abstract and cozy template
  • Tabbed – A full template with much innovative design
  • Xiaomi – The powerful template for gadgets, mobiles, and tablets inspired by Chinese mobile giant: Xiaomi
  • Zine – A simple decent review template
  • Multiple Rating System

All products don’t fit into one type of rating system. Various products and services need different sorts of review patterns, and WP Review is prepared for all of them. It offers:

  • Star rating
  • Point rating
  • Percentage Rating
  • Thumbs-up rating
  • Circle Rating

Thumbs-up and circle ratings are for the pro version and not the free one.

  • User Comment Rating and Review

With WP Review, you can even display your readers’ points of view about any products or services you review online. Users can grade properties, leave comments on reviews, and also mark other’s comments as assistive or not useful. 

  • Adaptable with all WordPress Themes

WP Review is produced by following WordPress protocols rigorously, which makes it harmonious with all WordPress themes. Just install and set up the plugin with any theme and start giving opinions about the products of your choice. To name the few themes, they are Schema, Genreatepress, Daily Buzz, Pets, Digital, Outspoken, Tabloid, etc. 

  • Incorporated Google Place Reviews

Google is the most trusted platform for everyone, and people always look forward to its reviews before going anywhere. You can take advantage of that faith by utilizing WP Review’s Google Places Reviews integration. Using this incorporation, you can insert any Google Review on your website easily.

  • Yelp Reviews Incorporated

Yelp highlights reviews of many businesses. You can dive into that review pond by including any Yelp review on your website using the Yelp Review Integration in WP Review.

  • Facebook Reviews Incorporated

Inserting Facebook Reviews on your site is a cinch with WP Review. Just enter your Facebook app details and start shipping any Facebook reviews in a blink of an eye.

  • Table of Comparison

Besides reviewing individual products, WP Review can also generate comparison tables to equate the elements of numerous products. By using this feature, you can create product comparisons tables and assist your visitors to make the right buying decisions.

Comparison table WP review pro

Table of comparison works flawlessly with google featured snippets and may show the table on google results. This schema feature in Wp Review pro makes it worth the price.

  • Popup and Notification Bar

WP Review’s pop-ups and notification features will get you more taps and views on your reviews. You can advance multiple affiliated reviews with the way out purpose popup and use the notification bar to boost any review on your website.

  • WooCommerce Integration

Reviews are an intrinsic part of any e-commerce store. WP Review boosts conversions on your eCommerce store by substituting the fundamental WooCommerce reviews forms with the innovative, tailored review forms in WP Review.

  • Progressive Options Panel

Shaping the WP Review in any manner is quite simple with the Advanced Options Panel. It enumerates all the settings, choices, and constellations of WP Review in a user-friendly way.

  • Mobile Affable

Most of us surf the net through our mobiles, so being mobile is not a choice but a compulsion. With the mobile responsiveness feature, any reviews you create with WP Review will look ideal on all mobile devices.

  • Made Perfectly for Speed

If your website’s loading time rises for a second, you can drastically impact your bottom line. WP Review’s modified structure and many other transformations guarantee that WP Review loads amazingly fast on any site.

  • Spick-and-span and Safe Code

A single security exposure on your website can abolish years of your hard work. WP Review defends you against security issues with its uncluttered, improved, and invulnerable code.

  • Translation Ready

With WP Review Pro, you can create reviews in any language as WP Review is meagerly convertible, and it follows WordPress’s transformation road map, which makes it safe and straightforward to interpret it into the lingual communication you desire.

  • Developer Friendly

WP Review packs compelling features, but it is also extensible. Web developers can generate customized templates to be utilized for the reviews or use the many filtrates in WP Review to tailor the plugin.

  • 24×7 Dedicated Support

The premium support staff is accessible 24/7 to assist you every day, all year round. MyThemeshop has extensive documentation and community forums to support for every lengthiest technical issue instantly.

  • 10 Custom Widgets

You can use these 10 customized widgets to add different types of reviews to your footer, sidebar, and other widget enabled portion of your website.

  • Multi-site Choices

Whether you operate a single website or many websites, WP Review will still let you generate impressive reviews with its WordPress multi-site support.

  • Custom Images for Ratings

Make WP Review speak the linguistic of your website by customizing images for ratings. By uploading a custom symbol, you will be able to grade your products with your customized ratings.

  • Google Product Review Feed Support

WP Review completely supports the Google Product Review Feed. The plugin also boosts the feed with extra information, which is then shown as on the searched pages.

  • Thumbnail Selection Option

Fetches click to your reviews by selecting captivating thumbnails for your feedback. These thumbnails are displayed on different search engine feeds and give you the competing margin your website requires.

  • Role Manager Options

Handle your website and writers with the omnipotent Role Management capabilities inside WP Review. Using this feature, you can plan with precise particulars what each manager of your website can do inside WP Review.

  • Brand New Template

Immediately make your reviews more acquainted and trustworthy by utilizing the brand new Facebook influenced template in WP Review. It comes with an amazon affiliate template and other conversion-focused review templates.

  • Adds Text Along with Star Ratings

WP Review allows you to insert additional text alongside your ratings. You can use this text to illustrate your ratings, give feedback, or deliver added value that is piquant for the user.

Pros and Cons


  • across-the-broad features
  • mobile and user-friendly
  • great support
  • fast loading time


  • little pricey

✨ Wp Review Pro FAQ

Is WP Review compatible with my WordPress Theme?

Wp Review is crafted with standard WordPress guidelines so it works with all WordPress themes that follow the standards guidelines. It works flawlessly with other SEO plugins too like Yoast, Rankmath, etc..

What are Rich Snippets?

Rich snippets also called rich results or SERP features paranormal google search results with core with additional data like images, carousel, star review, table, and other. Rich Snippets gives you high CTR on SERP and enhanced traffic.

Can I use WP Review on more than one website?

yes, Irt depsnds on which liscne youa re using? WP Review pro comes with single, three site and unlimited site license. You can buy multi-site liscence to use it on multiple sites.

Will WP Review affect my website’s speed?

No WP Review does not affect apeed as it does not add bulky code to the pages. it only adds review box with lihest code and smallest footprint. It is designed in such a way that it does not affect on performance at all.

Final Thought

It is a known fact that impressive product reviews sell products. WP Review Pro offers full support in creating exquisite, information-loaded, mobile-responsive, and high converting reviews, thus attracting prospective customers to make precise buying decisions.

WP Review is an excellent plugin for your website because no other plugin in the market comes with jam-packed features, ease of use, and exceptional performance. By using the WP Review Pro plugin, you get paid for the hard work you put in your website.  t

Don’t you think that WP Review Pro is a powerful and feature-rich plugin?

If no, then post your reviews in the comment section and let us know the plugin you use for your blog or website. It will be beneficial for our readers. And if you are satisfied with our WP Review Pro review, then share it with your friends on social media. 

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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