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You might already know that slow WordPress sites result in losing your customers and loss in search engine rankings. Customers like to surf sites that load faster so they can view the complete site with all the plans and features.

To make your customers spend most of the time on your website instead of your competitor, you need a faster WordPress plugin that provides rocket speed. There is no need to go to NASA as the best rocket speed WordPress plugin provider is WP Rocket. But where to find this rocket that launches your site in seconds?

Here we are with a detailed WP Rocket review and some exclusive WP Rocket coupon codes, enabling maximum savings on making your site like a rocket!

✅Latest WP Rocket Discount Coupon & Promo Codes 2024

If you are directly looking for WP Rocket coupons for maximum savings, it is mentioned below with steps to apply promo codes and use them. Scroll below for reading its reviews & features.

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👉 Steps to Avail WP Rocket Coupon Code

In simple steps, you can build your WordPress site at WP Rocket. Just a few clicks, and you will be a pioneer with your competitors following in your footsteps. Follow the below steps to save your money by using the latest WP Rocket coupon code 2024.

  • Click on the discount button. This will take you to the official site of WP Rocket. Or visit the site and copy the coupon code from this site.
  • Contemplate all the plans and pricing with features you need for your site.
  • Click on the Pricing Tab and choose the best plan. But before that, look for the features incorporated into that particular plan.
  • There are three plans, so whichever plan suits your requirement, just click on Buy WP Rocket.
WP Rocket Pricing
  • It won’t take much time to register yourself with WP Rocket. Enter your email address, first name, last name, country and organization name.
  • Check whether the coupon code has been applied in the COUPON CODE field. If not, then paste the coupon code and click on APPLY.
  • Once the coupon code has been applied, you can check the Order Total, the discounted price.
  • Don’t worry about the security of your payment. All payments are certified by McAfee. That means your money is in safe hands.
  • Finally, click on PLACE ORDER.
  • All plans include the 14-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied and wish to cancel the plan.

Detailed WP Rocket Review

WP Rocket Review

WP Rocket is the fastest WordPress cache plugin provider that boosts your site speed, and your site runs like Usain Bolt. Due to lightning-fast speed, your WordPress site loads fast in a few clicks. More than 306013+ sites across the globe have been optimized with WP Rocket. It offers simplicity to design your WordPress site, so you don’t need any coding skills, even if you are a newbie. In a few clicks, your WordPress site will be up and running, and you will win the marathon race and reach the pinnacle.

Currently, the WP Rocket plugin helps more than 800,000 websites improve their performance by speeding up page load times and:

  • Optimize your web pages
  • Create the page cache
  • Compress the HTML, CSS, JavaScript code for websites.
  • Combine CSS and JavaScript files into one file.
  • Enable Lazyload for images and videos, so they load faster when needed.
  • And by making many other optimizations.

One of the advantages of using this WordPress plugin is that even beginners can install it easily by following simple instructions without having to worry about complex settings.

Reasons to Choose WP Rocket

In simple words, it’s simple! There’s no other way to describe how simple it is to launch your site with WP Rocket. WP Rocket offers a quick launching upon activation, unlike other complex plugin settings. No more headache, no more glitches, and everything happen speedily. Page caching is one of the factors that affect Search Engine Optimization deeply.

WP Rocket Coupon Code

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Caching is an essential element just like a pinch of salt, unseen but most effective. With caching, you get blazing load time that ultimately increases your conversions and enhances SEO. Page caching is impulsive when you turn ON WP Rocket.

Artificial Intelligence Based Caching

The indexing of your website greatly hinders without proper caching, but WP Rocket ensures that the indexing of your site improves by search engines. And all this happens instantly with lightning speed. Minification is a process that removes unwanted characters from the coding but doesn’t affect its functionality. Through minification, it reduces the weight of your HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files, enhancing the speed and providing faster load time.

The major reason behind slow load time is the loading of images at once. But WP Rocket uses an intelligent technique implemented by YouTube, Facebook and other brand websites, which loads the images only when you scroll down the page.

This loads your site even faster, ensuring your customers don’t miss any page of your site. It is user-friendly, and customization can be done at a go. No technical skills are required for customization, and everything is smooth and clutter-free.

Custom Cache Lifetime

WP Rocket is a plugin that ensures your website’s up-to-date content. You can manually clear the cache and empty it yourself when necessary or enable WP Rocket to do this automatically for you. Your website is updated often, but you can help visitors see a more up-to-date experience by setting a caching lifespan. With this option, you have the flexibility to set the cache duration anywhere between minutes, hours or days.

Caching can be enabled or disabled for logged-in users. This may be useful if you’re running a membership site, hosting a data project, or using other types of workflows where logged-in users see different content from visitors.

File Optimization

Another important feature of the WP Rocket plugin is file optimization. With File Optimization, you can minify the codes of your website in just a few clicks, letting you save time and reduce the size of the files. It also helps you to improve your site by combining CSS, JavaScript, Google fonts, etc. It will help reduce the number of HTTP requests for your site, which means your site loads faster than ever before!

Media Optimization

Large images may cause slower loading times for websites. To avoid these issues, WP Rocket offers several tools to optimize them. The plugin includes an optional LazyLoading feature that delays the loading and displaying of images and videos until the user has scrolled down to their location on the web page instead of automatically loading all the media files when the page loads in the browser.

You can load the emoji characters into your posts directly from the visitors’ computers instead of downloading them from WordPress. The WP Rocket team has also developed Imagify, which compresses your web pages’ images for faster load speeds.


If you activate preload mode, WP Rocket will start generating caches for pages from your site’s homepage first, then follow up with the specified sitemap URLs. You can preload any page by adding or updating its content. It’s easy to trigger preloads manually from either the admin bar or from the dashboard.

Database Optimization

Database optimization allows you to easily clean up your database by removing old revisions from your site. It helps you clean up your database by removing posts from the revision history, trashing them, marking them as spam, etc. Besides cleaning up your WordPress databases manually, WP Rocket can also schedule automatic database cleanup for you at any time.

While there are dedicated plugins out there, you might want to consider using WP Rocket to ensure that your database is optimized properly. It’s more convenient and should save effort in the long run.

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

As far as speed optimizations go, CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) are among the most important ones.
With this plugin, you’ll be able to quickly add CDN images, files, and JavaScript directly from the WP Rocket dashboard. When you use the CDN option, it will automatically rewrite the files (CSS, JS, Images) to addresses that you provide.


As well as reducing the file sizes of images, WP Rocket can also shrink down other types of files, including JavaScript, CSS and HTML files. WP Rocket can remove any unnecessary white space, comments, line breaks, and extra characters from code within your site’s HTML pages with the optional minification feature.

The reduced files should consume less bandwidth and load faster, giving you another way to improve your site’s speed.

eCommerce Friendly

WP Rocket works with many different e-commerce plugins as well. WP Rocket automatically excludes your site’s view cart and checkout pages from the cache to ensure there won’t be any problems when you’re speeding up your site.

WP Rocket Pricing Plans | What type of licenses does WP Rocket offer?

There are three license options available from WP Rocket: Single, Plus, and Infinite. You can choose one of them depending on your requirements:

WP Rocket Plugin Coupon

These plans include one year of free technical support and updates for your site.

Single License

The Single License allows you to use the plugin for a single domain name at just $49 per year. It comes with one year of support and updates. This plan is the best for personal use only as it allows the use of only one website.

Plus License

When you opt for the Plus License that is priced at $99, you’ll receive one year of updates and support for up to three websites. It’s best suited for people who own multiple sites.

Infinite License

With the Infinite License that costs $249, you will receive one year of support and updates for an unlimited number of websites. It’s ideal for freelance developers, agencies, and small business owners. Get this plan for just $249!

All the three plans include:

Easy and quick setup, Page Caching activated instantly, Cache Preloading improves indexing of your site, Sitemap Preloading, GZIP Compression saves bandwidth, Browser Caching stores static content in your browser, Database Optimization cleans the database and offers clutter-free functioning, Google Fonts Optimization minimizes HTTP requests.

The plugin also removes Query Strings from Static Resources.

The Lazyload feature enables loading of images as the page is scrolled down, Minification / Concatenation lightens the files resulting in blazing speed, Defer JS Loading loads the JavaScript files at the end of the page rendering, CloudFlare Compatibility offers better performance but needs an account with it, CDN reduces the latency of HTTP requests.

WP Rocket Comparasion

DNS Prefetching offers preloading that reduces the time of DNS resolutions from external domains, Mobile Detection so your visitors can visit your site seamlessly, Multisite Compatibility, Ecommerce Friendly so when using WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Jigoshop, iThemes Exchange or WP-shop excludes the checkout pages from caching, Multilingual Compatibility enables to use WP Rocket with plugins such as WPML, etc., Connected Users can access all the features at one click, Import/Export tool saves time by using your favorite settings, Developer Friendly so you can customize accordingly and White Label to customize the plugin with your brand and remove WP Rocket reference.

🌟 Top FAQ on WP Rocket

What is WP Rocket?

WP Rocket is the powerful web performance plugin for a WordPress site that instantly boosts your page speed score and increases your organic search engine rankings. It provides a highly optimized WordPress environment that can reduce your load time, increase scroll speed, and also boost your Google PageSpeed.

Who should use WP Rocket?

WP Rocket is a fast, powerful WordPress accelerator plugin that works from small blogs to large ecommerce stores. WP Rocket is the leading plugin that can be used by anyone who has a WordPress site, as it works for all kinds of WordPress sites. It also does not require you to be a technical WordPress user.

What are the requirements for WP Rocket?

WP Rocket required a minimum of PHP 7 and “Pretty.” It will work well on the servers like Litespeed, Apache, NGINX, or Windows.

Is my WP Rocket license automatically renewed?

After 1 year, your WP Rocket license will automatically be renewed, and therefore, you do not lose any updates and support.

Can I upgrade my WP Rocket license?

Yes, the user can easily upgrade their license to add more WordPress sites to their account. Grab our special WP Rocket discount coupon to save some money on the renewal of your license.

Does WP Rocket offer any free trial?

WP Rocket does not provide any free trial or free version to its new users. But it offers a 14-day money-back guarantee on all its subscriptions.

Does WP Rocket work on WordPress.com?

One can easily install WP Rocket on your site if the user has a Business or eCommerce plan on WordPress.com. If the user has opted for a Personal or Premium plan, they cannot use or install the WP Rocket plugin.

Are there any working WP Rocket coupon codes?

If you are looking for the 100% verified WP Rocket discount codes, then use the above-mentioned WP Rocket coupon codes that help you to enjoy maximum discounts on your purchase.

How much discount can I get by using the WP Rocket coupon code?

By using our special WP Rocket coupon code, the user will save a flat 20% off on purchasing a new WP Rocket license and 50% off on renewal.

WP Rocket Reviews

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Conclusion: WP Rocket Coupon Codes 2024 | Rocket launcher for your WordPress site🚀

It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large WordPress website. WP Rocket services are for everyone. With the cache plugin, you will reach the finish line in seconds. This means that your site will load within seconds.

If you are still not satisfied after looking at all the WP Rocket’s features, then a 14-day money-back guarantee ensures that your money will be refunded to your account. Everything is safe and secure and certified by McAfee, so you are in safe hands.

Launch your site with rocket speed by choosing the rocket launcher – WP Rocket!

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WP Rocket Review
0out of 10

Get the most robust plugin in the world to kill internet slowness and give you a faster, more reliable website. WP Rocket is a super easy-to-use plugin that does not require any coding skills. This web performance plugin is built for WordPress, so it will also help make your site more secure. If you want to grow your WordPress site faster and more efficiently, we highly recommend the use of WP Rocket! With WP Rocket, you’ll speed up your website site effortlesly.

  •  Easy to use interface.
  •  1-Click setup.
  •  CDN integration is available.
  •  Great customer support.
  •  100% money back guarantee.


  •  No lifetime license.
  •  No free version.

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