Amazon is the first choice of the global consumer when it comes to buying a product online. The success of Amazon has attracted many businesses to sell their product through Amazon’s state-of-the-art online e-commerce platform.

One of the greatest inventions of the Amazon service is the Amazon FBA sellers program. The program is designed for the manufacturer and sellers from a wide range of niches to sell their products quickly with the help of speedy Amazon end-to-end fulfillment and delivery services. It is common to see various Amazon FBA sellers compete with each other in the same product category. Due to high volume, it is very difficult to penetrate the competition and achieve the top spot.

In this post, we are taking you through our latest ✅ZonKeywords review, which includes its detailed insights. ZonKeywords is the tool designed for the Amazon seller to find the most profitable keywords that customers are searching for. 

Read this review on ZonKeywords at last that helps you understand how this tool expands your online Amazon business. Also, check our verified ZonKeywords coupon code that enables you to save some money.

Detailed ZonKeywords Review

ZonKeywords Review

ZonKeywords is a specialized keyword research tool design to find highly searched keywords on the Amazon platform. Identifying the new keywords and their volume would help you place your product in front of thousands of potential buyers.

The search result frequency changes every day, which could open a new opportunity for the FBA seller. The ZonKeywords would help you to invade the undiscovered region of Amazon and sell our product to a large number of buyers.

Listing your product in the less competitive but highly efficient keyword searches would help your business acquire more customers. Your sales will grow exponentially with the consistent traffic to your Amazon-listed products.

The global leaders from all the sectors are competing on the Amazon platform. Everyone wants to be at the top spot of the searches. Competition with the traditional practices would not help you a lot. You need to employ the advanced tool to find the way to reach the top layer of the most search keywords to find success. ZonKeywords is the tool that makes your brand reach the desire position in the amazon keyword search. Your brand will start appearing to a large audience which would lead to more sales of your product.

Does it still work in 2024?

You may be wondering exactly how the ZonKeywords tool works and what kind of features it has to offer. There are three key tools this ZonKeywords review will cover. All of these tools can help you with your Amazon rankings.


As compared to other companies, such as Helium10Jungle Scout, etc., ZonKeywords has fewer individual features and more comprehensive ones, making the process of using them that much simpler.

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Key Features of ZonKeywords

Before you start using the ZonKeywords tool for your next marketing campaign, you should first understand the features it offers, so it will be easy for you to determine how you can plan your next marketing move. An efficient marketing tactic would lead you to quick success in the targeted region. ZonKeywords tools are designed to reduce the amount of time you put into the marketing activity by offering the Amazon product search’s comprehensive data.

Here are the key features of the ZonKeywords tool:

🏅 Keyword X

ZonKeywords Keyword X

Keyword X tool is developed to find the search volume, interest overtime on the specific category or the product and word cloud. The Keyword X tool’s objective is to identify the hidden key phrases search on Amazon where the search competition is low but has high volume searches. The high volume shows the keywords are used to find the product. Low competition indication gives you scope to push your brand product in the searches and achieve the top ranking.

  • Search Volume

Keyword search volume would be gold for the seller as it shows the interest over time of many users. The tools give you an exact number of the consumer searches for the specific keywords. The data will help you run the marketing campaign to become the number one in the high-volume searches. The tool will help you to find the important list of keywords where you can rank your product. The search volume tool has the power to boost your sale overnight.

  • Interest Over Time

The tool is designed to track the search volume over time. The data produced by the tool would give you a perspective of the rising popularity of the keywords. If the trend is upward, it means the product has more demand in the market. And if the trend is slow down, it means the product is losing interest or people do not demand it. Based on the internet over time data, you can analyze the keywords that interest you and follow them.

The trending product will stay in the buzz for a while, and you will attract more customers in the future. Additionally, the interest over time tool also useful to find seasonal products. Products that are used in the summer gain more popularity as compared to the winter. So you will see the pick in the product range, which is made for the summers and drop in the winter season.

Based on these analytical data, you can plan your campaign before the search begins and reach the top spot before other players jump into it.

  • Word Cloud

Word Cloud is the keyword research tool. Once you enter the search bar’s keyword, the tool checks the database and suggests the relevant keywords to your given search query with the volume and competition. Use the given information to identify the lucrative keywords that would bring more business.

The tool is amazing to find the hidden keywords which you might even imagine which are exist in the Amazon searches. The tool will open a completely new realm to your keyword research technique and give you more scope to become the industry leader.

💻 Reverse ASIN X

The ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. Each seller or the competitor who uses the Amazon platform to rank their product gets the identification number. The Reverse ASIN X tool uses the information to find the search keywords targeted by your competitor.

It does this by following ethical practice to identify the high-ranking keywords used by the competitors on Amazon. The tool will help you find the loopholes and get into the ranking where there is no competition.Using the tool is easy; you have to put your ASIN information in the tool. Once you have submitted the details, the tool will run its algorithm to find the closest competitors, excluding the sponsored listing.

The report would give you the list of the keywords where your competitors are ranking and keywords where no one is competing. Once you found the right keyword, you can start targeting your product for the low, competitive keywords. You also get the monthly volume of the searches. Use the data to filter the trending keywords.

🌌 PPC Concierge

ZonKeywords PPC Concierge

Here the PPC stands for the Pay per click. Use this tool to set your PPC campaign by sending the ASIN details to the team of the ZonKeywords. The team will revert you within 24 hours with the comprehensive report. You will receive the list of the keywords you can target, excel documents, select the keywords you can use for the higher amazon rankings, etc.

The tool is useful to find the exact, broad phrases and low bid keywords for the spored campaign. Once you have the targeted keywords list, you can implement it in your amazon PPC campaign and rank for the high volume, low competition keywords.

Also, filter the keywords based on the bidding price and choose all the low bid keywords which receive average search to high search volume. The tool will push your business on a steady growth path for the beginner who enters the world of amazon product selling. As you gain experience handling the large inventory, you can target high bid price keywords to attract more customers.

Is ZonKeywords worth for Amazon sellers?

The ZonKeywords tool is filled with several useful features that make it lucrative for small to enterprise-level businesses. Too has the power to turn your business into a profitable venture. The tool offers real-time data about the volume searches and key phrases on Amazon.

ZonKeywords Discount Coupon

Ultimately the tool has everything that amazon sellers would look for in the automated software to boost sales. As far as the pricing is concerned, the tool nicely prices, so anyone can buy the subscription and start using it instantly.

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ZonKeywords Pricing Plans

ZonKeywords offer affordable pricing plans with an amazing discount coupon that meets every individual’s need to start using this amazing tool. You can begin using ZonKeywords by paying $1 for the first month and after that $97/month.

ZonKeywords Pricing Plans

The full package of ZonKeywords costs $36/month and $436/year. This plan allows you to access the powerful ZonKeywords web-based software, along with the ZonKeywords Chrome extension.

ZonKeywords Pros & Cons


  • Save time and efforts in finding the targeted keywords
  • Wide range of services with different sales tools options and services.
  • Achieve top spot in the Amazon search result.
  • Software with advance features available at an affordable price.
  • Multiple payment options


  • The monthly price of the ZonKeywords tool is too high compare to the yearly subscription plan.
  • The ecosystem is easy to use, making the people stick to the tool and cannot use other products once they have developed the habit of using the ZonKeywords tool.

🌟 ZonKeywords FAQ

What is ZonKeywords?

ZonKeywords is a powerful Amazon FBA software that offers the right tools to Amazon sellers to grow their online Amazon business. ZonKeywords is the best tool if you are looking for the exact products that rank higher on Amazon.

Is ZonKeywords free?

ZonKeywords provides 7 days free trial that helps you to test this amazing tool for free. One can use our 100% working ZonKeywords coupon code that helps you to save 80% off on their pricing plans.

Does ZonKeywords offer chrome Extension in its plans?

Yes, ZonKeywords provides a chrome extension that helps you to get live and accurate data from Amazon. With the ZonKeywords chrome extension, you can even estimate the sales, monthly revenues, unit price, etc.

Is there are active ZonKeywords coupons?

To access this Amazon software at the lowest price, check the above-mentioned best ZonKeywords coupon code that enables you to enjoy a flat 80% off.

Conclusion: ZonKeywords Review + Discount Coupon 2024

If you are looking to become a successful Amazon seller, ZonKeywords is the best choice as it offers various tools that help you scale your Amazon FBA business. Hope the ZonKeywords review has helped you to know more about the product. The tool has everything that you need to become the top amazing seller. Try the service and experience the rapid growth in the industry.🙂

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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