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Get 20% OFF on all yearly Plans​ @ AdsPower
Activate our special AdsPower coupon and save a flat 20% Off on all yearly plans.
Activate our special AdsPower coupon and save a flat 20% Off on all yearly plans. Show Less
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Start AdsPower Yearly Plan only at $7.2/month, Limited time offer.
Start AdsPower Yearly Plan only at $7.2/month, Limited time offer. Show Less
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Start AdsPower Plan for Free, Limited time offer.
Start AdsPower Plan for Free, Limited time offer. Show Less

Why is AdsPower a “Must-Have” Tool for Affiliate Marketers?

AdsPower browser is quite an important tool when it comes to managing multiple accounts for your business or personal uses, and this includes:

For Affiliate Marketing: AdsPower lets you run unlimited ad accounts and manage them accordingly in a single place using a single browser.

For Agencies: AdsPower can help you securely manage accounts for multiple accounts that can be later used for several clients at the same time.

Crypto: AdsPower can also help you in managing things from the crypto perspective as well, so no more worrying about restrictions of physical infrastructure.

Ecommerce: As an ecom seller or someone who is indulged in similar operations related to ecommerce, charge your sales across multiple channels while being able to make things even better for all the operations.

On the other hand, AdsPower also gives you access to some of the different options in terms of browsers; these browsers basically include Sun Browser and Flower Browser; we’ll be discussing them in the later sections on how these AdsPower browsers can be helpful in performing the right operations and how?

The browsers offered by AdsPower can help you in multiple aspects, including data, encryption, and other important aspects.

AdsPower Pricing Plans – Does AdsPower Offer Free Trial?

AdsPower offers 4 different pricing plans, including the free plan and a customized pricing plan.



AdsPower Free Plan: The free plan gives you access to 2 profiles and a single user; the free plan gives you access to a firefox-based browser, browser fingerprint control, account import via login/password or cookies, Local API, Real person support, use extensions from extensions menu.

AdsPower Base Plan: The AdsPower Base Plan costs $9/month; the plan gives you access to 10 profiles and a single user. The base plan gives access to all the features that were included in the free plan, along with upload extensions, operation log, permission management, profile sharing, RPA robot (5000 points for free), and Remote training.

AdsPower Pro Plan: The AdsPower Pro Plan costs $50/month and gives access to all the features which were offered in the free and base plan. Some of the additional features include a profile recycle bin, Profile storage, and automatic proxy matching.

Custom Plan: You can also get yourself a custom profile, custom team, tailored solutions, and dedicated consulting service.

The payment options that are accepted by AdsPower include PayPal, Webmoney, Sofort, iDEAL, Przelewy, Trustly, Yoomoney, Mastercard, Crypto (Bitcoin, USDT, USDC, and ETH), and many more.

🔥 Get 20% OFF on all plans

🔥AdsPower Antidetect Browser FAQ:

What is an anti-detect browser?

Anti-detection browsers generally grant users the ability to customize the data that is sent by the browser itself with the intention of reproducing certain HTTP request-based signals. By pretending to be other signals like user agents, web drivers, as well as IP addresses, it gives fraudsters a chance to try and get away from being discovered by security systems.

Does VPN stop browser fingerprint?

No, a VPN basically hides your true ISP, whereas it cannot protect you from browser fingerprinting; this basically includes unique variables.

Does Incognito prevent fingerprinting?

Incognito does not prevent you from browser fingerprinting.

What is a browser fingerprint?

Browsers collect data on a computer that is far away, known as a fingerprint. Websites use this information to recognize individual people or gadgets. Google and Facebook generally permit one account per user. If someone attempts to make multiple accounts using the same device, the platforms will detect that the accounts possess matching browser fingerprints and connect them, thus resulting in the accounts being suspended.


As an overview, it can be said that AdsPower is one of the highest-rated virtual browsers on the market, being referred to as the World’s #1 Virtual Browser on their website. They offer a wide range of services, including traffic arbitrage, digital advertising, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, betting, crypto, and more. They have been awarded a 5-star rating from G2 and have a 4.6-star rating on Trustpilot. 

AdsPower can be an excellent choice for people indulged in different operations, including online advertising, dropshipping, betting, crypto, traffic arbitrage, and much more. So, if you are someone who is looking forward to having better privacy while being able to cross unauthorized browser fingerprints, AdsPower is all set for you.

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