Vultr Coupon : $103 Free credits + 70% discount {December 2019}

Are you searching for ✅verified Vultr coupon codes to save money on SSD cloud VPS Servers?

Be calm as here we have the exclusive  Vultr coupons updated for the month of Black Friday 2019   which enables you to get up to $103 free credits and up to 60% instant discounts for all existing users and new-comers on Vultr cloud servers.

Vultr Coupon code: Up to 💲103 free credits {Coupons updated December 2019 }

Vultr Coupon : $103 Free credits + 70% discount {December 2019} 1

If you are still unaware of “Vultr” or you just landed on this post by seeing the phrase “$103 free credits” then let me tell you what is Vultr and how it is the best cloud VPS provider in the world.

Vultr is #1 high performing SSD cloud hosting provider in the world and offering the lowest prices on all their services as compared to other competitors in the market.

Vultr loves its users the most, and hence it has always been ahead in offering gift codes and amazing promos to its subscribers. Here we are sharing some verified & authentic Vultr coupon codes for December 2019 to get up to $103 free credits

New Vultr December 2019 Coupon: $50 Free Credits on signup
Thanks to this exclusive Vultr free credit offer which is still working as of now.

This new vultr Coupon enables a new user to get $50 instant free credits by registering with the below mentioned special link. Moreover, you can earn an additional $3 credits by following vultr on its social media handles.

How to get $50 Free credits at Vultr❓

At first, Click the below button to visit the special offer page.

Vultr USD 50 Free credits

Now enter your  new  email and password to signup

That's it. On the billing page, you can view the $50 free credits coupon automatic applied to your account. You can confirm your billing details by linking a credit card or PayPal or even deposit any small amount like $2 or $5 to activate your account fully. You can also get $3 extra credits via vultr twitter promotion offer.

Cloud VPS Servers can be deployed instantly using the free credits. Vultr now allows free Plesk Web Admin SE with its any cloud instances. Check this blog post from vultr for more details. Plesk free version will enable you to install SSL certificates easily via its GUI.

Vultr Trial promo code :$5 Free credits [Updated December 2019]

If you want to try any of Vultr cloud servers for a month or two, You can use this $5 free credits offer.

$5 Free credits
$5 Free to Try Credits on Vultr
$5 Free to Try Credits on Vultr
With this Vultr promo, Create your new account to receive $5 instant free credits to try...Show More
With this Vultr promo, Create your new account to receive $5 instant free credits to try its servers. Show Less

Click on the above button to activate the offer. The Vultr offer page will look like this.

Vultr 5 Free credits

This deal is beneficial for those if any above provided $50 deals aren't working.

$5 Free credits for WordPress Cloud Instance

Vultr has revoked some previous offers and started this new promotional offer in December 2019. They want to lure WordPress website owners and here they have to build a dedicated page for WordPress. With their new innovative system, One can deploy WordPress on the cloud in less than 60 seconds and also can avail $5 free credits on the first signup

Vultr one click WordPress install

$5 free credits can be used to host your WordPress website for two months free on the vultr cloud (When you deploy $2.50/Mo server) Vultr also offers free Plesk Admin Web SE which is an excellent control panel and also lets you use Letsencrypt one-click SSL for free.

Click on the special button below to activate Vultr $5 free credits offer.

50% Off Deploy new server (LIMITED TIME)

Vultr is offering a huge discount on a new cloud SSD server. You can deploy new servers in just $2.50/Mo with the configuration of 512 MB RAM, SSD, one-click ap installs. this deal is available in Miami and New York servers.


Click on the above button to activate the offer. (Coupon is auto-enabled in the link) ENJOY!!

$100 Free credit + 60% Off Promo Bare Metal Instance servers

Get 60% OFF exclusively on Bare Metal Servers on this December 2019 with $100 free credit to consume on your vultr account. This is surely the highest saving Vultr Bare Metal Promo code active so far.


Visit:  to know more about bare Mental instance and its promo.

Click on the above button to activate the offer. No manual coupon code entering is required for this special deal.

Vultr Social Promotion gives you $3 credit

This is a special bonus for both new & existing customers. Follow Vultr on twitter to get extra $3 free credits on your billing profile instantly. Though $3 is small, it can power your cloud hosting for more than ten days. Get $3 extra by verifying twitter and following it.

Click the link below to visit “Vultr earn free credit” page.


30 days FREE trial Plesk Onyx 1-click Install

Since April 2018 Vultr started offering One-click Plesk control panel installation on all their servers.

Deploy PLesk onyx on Vultr

Plesk Onyx (The innovative alternative to popular “cPanel”) comes free with Vultr cloud VPS. No need to pay extra to managed cloud platforms, Just install Plesk in a click on your server and you are done.

  • Web Pro Edition: $7.50/mo (Free for the first month)
  • Web Host Edition: $12.50/mo (Free for the first month)
  • Web Admin Edition SE: Free for a lifetime (Max Three Domains + Free SSL via LetsEncryypt)

More details on Plesk partnership with vultr is available here:

Some Extra 💯 working Vultr Free credit Promos:

$5 Free
Vultr Ubuntu SSD Server Promo - $5 Free Credits
Vultr Ubuntu SSD Server Promo - $5 Free Credits

$5 free credits
Vultr Gaming VPS Promo: $5 Free credit
Vultr Gaming VPS Promo: $5 Free credit
Create your account and receive $5 free credit for high-performance gaming serversShow More
Create your account and receive $5 free credit for high-performance gaming servers Show Less

$5 Free credit
Vultr Windows VPS Promo: $5 Free credit
Vultr Windows VPS Promo: $5 Free credit

What is Vultr Cloud Servers? and what does it offer? offers cloud SSD hosting in budget-friendly pricing, and it is one of the best and cheapest SSD cloud VPS hosting provider which enables you to deploy your own Cloud server within seconds with the best security.

Vultr is the The Infrastructure Cloud™ Which lets you to deploy cloud servers, Bare metal servers & storage in all global locations with exclusive pricing, superior support & ultra-fast SSD cloud hardware.

Vultr is like DigitalOcean or Amazon cloud, etc. Vultr offers high-performance instant cloud Servers with SSD drives, and their data first are located in 15 cities in different parts of the world.

Vultr Cloud Compute (VC2)

Vultr cloud compute VC2

VC2 is a powerful compute instance that is perfect for your web apps or development environment. It starts at $5/month. If you want to use WordPress on vultr SSD cloud hosting you can create a new VC2 in seconds and select WordPress which will be auto-installed.

Vultr Block Storage:

Vultr Block Storage

Get super-fast SSD backed storage up to 10TB volumes. Block storage enables you to Create expandable storage volumes and mount them from your Compute Instances. It starts to the cheapest pricing of just$1.00 per month for 10 GB SSD.

Vultr Block Storage is backed by fast NVMe enterprise SSD offering speed of  1200MB/sec of data for your storage.

Vultr Dedicated Cloud:

Vultr Dedicated cloud

Leave away noisy neighbors, Vultr dedicated cloud hosting offers dedicated CPU, SSD drives, RAM just for you so you can use it only for your website or app without any hassle. They promise 100% Intel hardware and 100% SSD platform.

Bare Metal Servers:

Vultr Bare Metal

Get full control of your environment with high-performance single-tenant dedicated Bare Mental simplified™ servers. With Vultr bare Mental is more comfortable and cheaper. Currently, the company is offering 60% on its plans. Check vultr bare mental features.


Vultr Bare Mental comes with numerous exclusive features like deploy Dedicated hardware in seconds, hourly billing, feature-rich control panel, No noisy neighbors, etc.. Vultr is running a new offer now as of December 2019 where you can get $100 free credits for trying their Bare Metal servers and also 60% OFF on plans. Scroll below for the coupon code.

Vultr Object Storage:

Vultr Object Storage is available from August 2019. The new edition to expand the vultr worldwide cloud infrastructure has been finally launched. Its a highly scalable for hosting tons of files and attaching it to your server. Object Storage was designed to help you manage data and storage with blazing fast speed and security.

Vultr Object Storage

Vultr object storage its available to all its customers, and it comes on pay on the go billing. So you will only need to pay for the amount of data stored. If you need a quality online storage fo your custom infrastructure and need to save tons of files for your business, the Vultr object storage is a cost-effective way to start around.

Vultr Direct Connect:

Vultr Direct Connect

Extend your network with Vultr superfast cloud using their enterprise-ready connectivity. this new Vultr service for enterprises is available in major locations worldwide. Vultr Direct connect is price starts from $500 per month for 10 GB speed. Soon vultr may introduce more cost-effective plans for this service too.

Upgrade to Cloud Servers from Traditional shared hosting

When it comes to serious internet business, we all love our sites to be extremely fast and always up. Shared hosting services are for the small business owner who has a very less number of visitors on their website. For all business websites and e-commerce portals, one needs VPS or dedicated hosting.

VPS vs shared hosting

Image source:

Earlier in 2017-2018, Cloud VPS hosting used to cost around $15-25 per month, but now due to rising in cloud providers like Vultr, DigitalOcean, Alibaba cloud, One can start with their independent cloud server from just $2.50 per month.

VPS servers are far better than most great shared hosting plans, So if you are facing the issue on your current shared hosting company or need a better website experience for your audience, move to VPS NOW!

With all companies providing a one-click WordPress image on VPS servers and also you can install free Plesk web admin SE on vultr to get complete management like file manager, databases and free letsencrypt SSL certificate. On VPS cloud server you can scale anytime when your traffic grows. Happy monetizing 💰

Why Vultr is the best choice for Bloggers and Affiliate marketers

Internet marketers need a fast web pr VPS hosting for their blogs, websites, niche websites, and landing pages. Shared hosting is not so powerful to handle huge traffic and it also does not offer you private IP's, dedicated hardware, etc..

Vultr for Affiliate Marketers

There is a boost in Cloud VPS providers since 2016 because most of the marketers, e-commerce, and huge websites have quickly shifted to Cloud VPS for better performance and content delivery.

While all other web hosting providers offer Cloud VPS products to their clients but they cost very high. With Vultr one can get their Cloud VPS in just $2.50 per month or $5 per month.

The best part is you can either host one website by using their one-click WordPress template or also install Plesk web admin SE in a click and host up to three websites in a single VPS plan.

I am using multiple Vultr Cloud VPS with Plesk web admin SE and its one of the best free control panels which also lets you install one-click SSL {Letsencrypt}, manage files, and emails.

To be honest, 100% SSD Cloud VPS is far better than traditional shared hosting, Get started with your first cloud instance from just $2.50 per month for your affiliate marketing websites. Using the above mentioned Vultr promo codes lets you save additional bucks.

Conclusion: Vultr coupon Codes for December 2019

Hands Down, Try Vultr today as it offers the cheapest price SSD cloud VPS hosting for all your needs. You can deploy a cloud server with WordPress auto-installed within seconds.

It comes with world-class security & backup functions too. You are also getting tons of free credits by using Vulr Promo codes which makes it the best choice for every internet entrepreneur.

Hope you enjoy the “new vultr,” Recently the company has revamped the whole website, launched high frequency compute and also changed their logo. The new updated version of their website with stunning design is fast and more effective to manege cloud VPS instance with ease.

Do you like Vultr Swags? Request Free Vultr Stickers to your home here:

Vultr Swags

Soon I will be writing a post on how to deploy VPS instance and setup your PHP standalone website on SSD cloud VPS providers with detailed info.

Stay tuned with 👉🏽 Bloggigneclipse for more upcoming posts related to cloud VPS and if you have any doubts or questions regarding Vultr coupon codes or having trouble applying it on your account, feel free to ask me via comment section and I wish you Happy Savings✌!!

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