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Welcome to BloggingEclipse – A community of Bloggers & Affiliate marketers to get freedom from the 9-5 JOB lifestyle. This blog is dedicated to Internet Marketers, Bloggers and any person who is living an Internet Lifestyle or wants to…

On BloggingEclipse We share Tutorials, tips & tweaks about Affiliate Marketing, Making money from Blogging, SEO, turning our visitors into Customers and online marketing tips for Entrepreneurs and Start-ups.

BloggingEclipse was started in 2016 to help bloggers & internet marketers with resources, tips, tweaks industry news. Sine the launch, we have grown rapidly and our website is recognized on hundreds of Affiliate marketing websites, blogs, forums and events. This is the era of internet, and in this era, it’s not that much difficult to make money online, if you know the right approach.

What BloggingEclipse Shares:

My team & I write about SEO Tips, Affiliate Marketing guides, Web Hosting reviews, Ad-network reviews, CPA network reviews, growth tools, etc.. to help my fellow readers grow in internet marketing field & save money on their internet business investments. We do share latest coupons for internet marketing tools, cloud hosting and many exclusive deals for SEO tools, etc. with our unique coupon codes.

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What you will learn from BloggingEclipse:

Blogging is all about exploring yourself, Engaging in conversion and sharing your ideas, thoughts & creativity via a platform. It’s not only about coding but to make yourself available to millions via a platform.

Blogging & Internet marketing has become a full-time profession for thousands & Top ninjas are making more than $10,00,00 a month from it.

There are various options available to cash out from a blog or website, All it depends upon your work, approach, industry & patience.

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Here We will teach you the exact working methods to monetize your blog via affiliate marketing, running right campaigns on your traffic & SEO strategies to drive tons of organic traffic to your blog.

Brilliant Mind behind BloggingEclipse

Hello, my name is Aliakbar Fakhri, but you can call me Ali. And I am the owner and fountainhead of BloggingEclipse & several other blogs. I am an Internet Entrepreneur, E-Marketer, world traveler, daydreamer, and a visionary human being.

Sitting on a couch and weaving romantic castles in the air didn’t work for me and hence, Blogging was my stage to perform. I stepped in this beautiful field in May 2013, and then industry never lets me look back. Here I am with my creative repertoire of thoughts.


I have an experience of 6 + years in SEO & Digital Marketing field. With the strong knowledge of Internet Marketing terms like Social Media Optimization (SMO), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Media Buying, Blogging, E-commerce SEO & WordPress.

How I started building my virtual empire:

I began to learn about blogging in early 2013, searching for online money generating ideas, spending sleepless nights, reading stories of others self-claimed blogger(s) at that time, viewing payment screenshots form thousands of websites and then I realized the specific effective strategy of this field. It took a lot of time & patience to learn, understand & create money making blogs.

I was not having any resources or financial sources to start or invest in blogging as I was unaware of results.

Like every new blogger, I was also confused about where to start and should I continue Blogging for the living? My schooling got completed in 2012, and my college life began.

My Blogging Journey…

I started from (BlogSpot) and used fast money making methods in the initial, but I was getting fail in every blog. Many of my websites got penalized on google, and even my Google AdSense got banned several times.

In 2013 I launched my first blog which was a huge success and in the middle of 2013 my that used to get approx. 10k+ daily unique visits. I was earning between 200-300$ per month from Adsense & Cpalead, and gradually I started to invest in buying Different domains & hosting to start other blogs too.

Even some of my blogs failed but having patience and trusting in myself was the best thing I did. I knew success comes from failure and hence I never quit from Blogging.

Blogger Aliakbar Fakhri

In 2014 December I Started my other Blog which is a tech blog, and at the end of 2016, I started BloggingEclipse for helping other bloggers & internet marketers succeed.

I still consider myself a learner, because, in the field of SEO, you have to learn daily to survive on Google. 😜

Now I have more than 29 domains & all are live with websites in a different niche…

I have stopped using traditional display ads on my all websites, and now my 100% income is from Affiliate Marketing.

The Rise of BloggingEclipse

This blog was launched in the last quarter of 2016, but it came into notice of several pro bloggers, internet marketing ninjas and affiliate companies in the mid of 2017. With quality content and my in-depth strategies in the affiliate marketing industry, I have been able to drive thousands of organic traffic which actually turned loyal readers of this blog. has been featured in various forums, communities, Affiliate events & on social media handle of many companies. It is not only a blog but a community for bloggers to exchange ideas get latest trends, save money using coupons & deals for blogging tools and much more. By the end of 2018, this site will get a completely new design with forums feature, virtual training for blogging & making money online.


The presence of Bloggingeclipse & my other initiatives in the industry.

Over the past few years, this website and my several other websites for affiliate marketers have multiplied, and that’s the reason we have been Media partners for most fo the Affiliate events and conferences globally.

Most of my website is dedicated towards affiliate marketing, internet lifestyle, dropshipping and more and hence this is the reason we have been in the limelight and also individual media partners for numerous of events in the industry.

Here are few of the Super Affiliate marketing events which BloggingEclipse has been Media Partner.

BloggingEclipse Media Partners

I have attended almost all these events, and I highly recommend every affiliate, publisher or advertisers to go to these super events to get more business, meet industry experts and network with people.

What are our income sources:

Well, I think income sources should always be kept secret as that is what your bread butter is. I do not feel revealing my income sources, and reports like most other bloggers do. A successful internet marketer never publishes their income reports at all.

I don’t understand why some of the blogger’s and marketers share their monthly income report online? While most of the reports shred are fabricated. I believe a person will only share income report either to motivate others or to increase their sales of paid affiliate marketing courses which are never worth.

We are working with numerous CPA programs and generating 100% revenue from affiliate marketing. Our income is not just limited from BloggingEclipse, and we have numerous other sites, coupon portals, Niche sites to drive more conversions and revenues.

Our traffic is not just organic, we have more expertise in generating paid traffic, and hence we do a lot of media buying. This is what professional affiliate marketing is. Remember, Affiliate marketing is never depended on free organic traffic, Actual conversions rakes place from paid traffic.


Some Tools & Resources which I use for blogging

Best Blogging Recources

Almost every blogger has their toolbox and resources which they love for numerous uses. Every blogger has different choices on domain registrars, web hosting providers, blogging, themes, etc., etc. Here is the list of my favorite tools & services which I am personally using to make my blogging life more easier.

[su_box title=”Services for my Blogs & Affiliate websites” box_color=”#164ff1″ title_color=”#ffffff” radius=”4″]

  • GoDaddy: Best Registrar for Domains, SSL & managed WordPress hosting
  • BunnyCDN: To speed up my blogs with ultra-fast & most affordable CDN
  • Cloudways: To host BloggingEclipse on DigitalOcean VPS servers with fully managed Control panel and Backups.
  • LongTailPro: To find highly profitable long tail keywords for SEO
  • Intellyo: The next generation Content Creation tool with all in one assistant.
  • SEMrush: A premium tool to spy on your competitors including backlink & keywords
  • GetResponse for Email Marketing & beautiful landing pages.
  • Grammarly: To check vocabulary and grammar with Advance AI.
  • DashLane For Managing all passwords, secure notes with ease.
  • Fiverr: For all SEO/Digital Marketing outsourcing.


[su_box title=”Products, Themes, Plugins, tools:” box_color=”#9016f1″ title_color=”#ffffff” radius=”4″]

  • Pluito: For complete task management & work assigning for teams
  • KontentMachine: To generate high quality articles for niche based blogs.
  • FreshBooks: The final cloud-based accounting and invoicing software for Bloggers/freelancers.
  • MyThemeShop: Best WordPress themes ever♥
  • SEOPressor: The only premium WordPress SEO plugin for improving On page optimizations.
  • WP Coupons plugin: The only premium plugin to add beautiful coupons section on your WordPress blogs.
  • HideMyAss: Best VPN for protecting Internet privacy & surfing anonymously.


Where am I standing today?

I started my journey in Blogging from part-time, and now I am a Full-time professional Affiliate Marketer. I started earning $5 per day & now I am Making more than $4k per month from several Affiliate websites. I have attended numerous of Blogging & Affiliate marketing conferences around the globe in the last 3 years.

I find myself lucky I started Blogging & selected It as my full-time profession. I quit my college & didn’t complete my graduation.

Now all my blogs are operated under brand name AFFiNCO and I have 5 full-time employees in my office who generates great content, promotes blogs and do various coding stuff as I don’t know any ABC of Coding. (I hate coding😜 

BloggingEclipse & TweaksMe has given me a lot of online exposure, and many people in the blogosphere know me just because of this blog.

What I have learned from Blogging Life

If you want to really make money from blogging or affiliate marketing, then you need to start working with the right approach. If you choose the wrong methods, Un-ethical ways or shortcuts, you won’t succeed. Blogging is an art, and you need to showcase your best creative talent via blog medium to users for driving more traffic.

When it comes to Affiliate marketing, Your marketing methods should be strong enough to turn a visitor into a customer. All I can say is don’t quit!

Some memorable pics from Blogging Events, With AM (Affiliate networks)

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AdTech 17

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W.H.D India 2016

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SATTE 2019

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AWE 2019

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AWE 2019

Barcelona Trading Conference 2019

BTC 2019

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Adtech 17

My Future Goals:

Currently, my goal is to reach next level of Blogging & start online Affiliate marketing courses at very cost-effective prices for new bloggers who can’t afford expensive blogging training.

My team & I am working on our new projects, and soon at the end of 2019, we will launch our Blogging Training module.

I have started working on my Affiliate Training module, Where I will be teaching Newbies the exact same strategy I use to create 6 figured generating affiliate website in 3 months.

I am also writing a Book (It’s not on myself), Its about my strategies, Hustling, tools & resources I used to create this online empire. It will be published soon.

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My other goals are to reach $10k monthly earnings & start offering professional E-commerce & search engine optimization solutions to companies with innovative ideas.

All I can say Blogging is freedom, you can work from any part of the world and believe me guys, this industry has a lot of potentials if you work ethically with patience.

Wish you Success in Blogging and Good Luck!

Aliakbar Fakhri Blogger

For your success

Aliakbar Fakhri.

I Believe Blogging & Internet Marketing can become a lifetime profession, in Simple Words “I Blog for Living

[su_quote style=”modern-blue”]“Blogging is not only about Making money, Its about helping readers find what they are looking for”[/su_quote]