Want to get the best out of your affiliate network? And do you wish to know almost every vertical with an in-depth analysis?

We suggest CrakRevenue could be of help.

One of the top CPA networks that deal with dating as well as the adult niche, is also the one that has got the highest-paying affiliate programs. This excellent web advertising platform, CrakRevenue comes within the top Adult affiliate programs that have been created with the help of some top industry affiliate marketers.

The affiliate network has even made its place in the top 20 best CPA networks in 2019 worldwide by mThink Bluebook.

CrakRevenue Awards

For further journey, we would ask you to fasten your seatbelts, because this journey is surely going to be one great ride, filled with excitement.

You can visit a lot of affiliate networks and innovative platforms on the internet. But we think CrakRevenue has to hold a place on the top as it has got the most impressions per month. It has got better payout methods and has a smooth approval process and constant optimization of tools. All these functions help you monetize in the easiest way possible. The innovative and progressive tools CrakRevenue has got are mind-blowing, and yes, how can we forget about the premium offers, better payouts, and optimum support for multiple GEOs. They are great at proving affiliate marketing guides, which help a lot in affiliate marketing earning. 

Here’s a detailed CrakRevenue review, which will help you understand it well and have better earnings through it.

CrakRevenue Review Upfront

Affiliate NetworkCrakRevenue
Pricing ModelCPS, CPA, CPL, CPI, Revenue Share
VerticalsAdult, Gaming, Dating, Nutra
Payment OptionsPaxum, PayPal, Bitcoin, Checks, Wire Transfer, and more.
Payment ThresholdMinimum $100
Payment ScheduleNET 7, NET 15, NET 30, Weekly, Bi-Monthly
Official SiteCrakrevenue.com

What is CrakRevenue?

CrakRevenue Reviews

CrakRevenue is an affiliate marketing program that deals in the adult and dating verticals. This affiliate marketing industry has got a huge team of experts, who are filled with great talents. These expert affiliate managers will help you achieve your goal within just a few months or better, within a month.

Just within a year now CrakRevenue, the affiliate marketing program has paid over $45 million in commissions to the affiliates they are working with.

The company holds over 11+ years of experience in internet marketing and have also got more than 1300 products on its platform. Speaking of it, CrakRevenue has also got 25,000+ web marketers registered on their affiliate marketing network.

The Canadian affiliate marketing program also offers over 1000 adult niches, for which they have also won over 8 international awards and are known to be amongst the top 5 CPA networks in the whole world.

The affiliate marketing company has got numerous sub-verticals in its adult industry and tools for affiliates. You may see: Live cams, Dating, E.D as well as Adult Gaming.

Is CrakRevenue an actual money-making website?

It is an affiliate marketing network recommended with absolute confidence by the top affiliates of affiliate marketing forums. An affiliate with great marketing skills can easily fetch up to $5000 a day while working with CrakRevenue.

At first, this affiliate marketing program might seem a bit tough to understand but once you get a hold of the website,  and understand the basic in and out of online marketing, you can earn more than you thought while registering yourself on the website.

Just try and understand the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and you will be an OG of the affiliate marketing forums.

How can you achieve a $300 goal?

First things first, as we said you need to understand the fundamentals of marketing to begin with your affiliate marketing journey. And in the beginning, the only barrier you will face is the unknown and vast universe of affiliate marketing.

We would suggest you have a systematic approach and learn the specific categories of your niche. Although the niche is too big, you’ll have to narrow your search and focus on the micro-niches where your adult traffic stands into.

Say for adult vertical itself, they have micro-niches such as:

  • Sugar babies
  • Black/Latin dating
  • BDSM/Fetish dating
  • LGBTQ dating
  • Introvert dating
  • Senior dating and many more.

Now you just have to focus on one specific niche. This will have you set clear goals about your audience and will also attract real and high-quality traffic. 

Once you have set your micro-niche, you just have to get a service ready that dominates the fields you’ve chosen. And then find an offer that pays you around $80 per sale.

If you somehow manage to get 3-4 sales a day you can easily hit the income goals of yours.

Those were a few in-depth tips that might help you achieve your goals. But let’s come back to the topic and learn a bit more about CrakRevenue.

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What makes CrakRevenue different from other Adult CPA Networks?

We have already mentioned about the awards it has won for fetching the best adult traffic and the vast network it has covered but enough of it. Let’s get to the real deal.

  • Affiliate Managers: The website is known for the best affiliate support. Once you are onboarded, you will get a dedicated and helpful affiliate manager. This manager will be in charge of making you and your affiliate marketing journey successful. The person assigned to you is super calm in nature and will be a really great and helpful affiliate manager known in the whole industry. These are the well-experienced affiliates who hold great knowledge about almost every affiliate plugin.  They will support you and your ideas and even guide you through the one on one teachings.
  • On-time payments:  This is a common trait in most of the affiliate commission-based networks that they don’t provide funds on time. But not with CrakRevenue. On this super responsive platform, you can be stress-free and have guaranteed on-time payments, or whenever you need them. The network has also got various payment options.
  • Exclusive Offers:  Having partners around the globe and those being some of the big names in the industry, has helped CrakRevenue achieve a lot of goals. Here you get exclusive offers that surely aren’t available or even heard of on some other adult and dating affiliate networks. Except for the offers provided by these partners, the company itself has got some internal offers that are brought up by the network.
  • Promotional Tool: This should be one of the greatest things that are available on CrakRevenue. The tools that are available on this website will help you achieve your goals more easily and have greater sales. The website has got 16 high-performing affiliate marketing tools that are specially developed to boost your campaign. Tools such as the Live cam widget, Smart affiliate link, Custom landing pages, Survey machine, and WordPress plugin are the ones that will get you through the top sales.
  • Advance Tracking: Let’s get one thing clear, you can’t have a successful affiliate marketing business if you don’t have a good understanding of the data. Well, here CrakRevenue has a simple and understandable dashboard that helps you understand the whole data available about your product and offers.

CrakRevenue Experts Department

Let’s get into the real world now. Just as the company has got a great number of affiliates with really on-par experience, it has also got over 120 energetic employees who are young and hungry to explore. These are the people who have a good hold in marketing, designing, sales, affiliate racking, tech guys, and IT experts.

  • Business Intelligence Team: They have got a great business intelligence team that helps them gather, integrate and analyze data that can be extracted and then would be of help in creating trends and charts.
  • Creative Team: This team is great with Web 2.0 and they are known to create eye catchy images, as well as infographics to lure the audience and fetch more traffic. Meanwhile, they also got banners,  gif creators, trailers, and videos made. These guys are also the ones who design landing pages and Ad Tools.
  • Email Marketing: Preparing Email campaigns, newsletters, mailing lists, and having reports ready is the duty of Email Marketers. They are also great at testing email efficiency and improving it.
  • Media Buy: This team is dedicated to searching for the best ad spots, negotiating with the media, and managing the budget while also optimizing sales funnels.
  • Tech Department: They offer excellent support and solve each and every problem while also managing virtual infrastructure, helping the development team, and also assist them with new projects.
  • Sales Team: These are the guys who communicate with affiliates and talk about new offers, while also optimizing traffic and campaigns and helping them achieve goals and reach new publishers.

CrakClicks by CrakRevenue: New Offer for Affiliates in Dating Vertical

CrakClicks is one of the latest dating offers introduced by CrakRevenue which works on the CPC model. This program is designed to provide affiliates with a guaranteed income based on the quality of clicks generated by their traffic sources, rather than sales or subscriptions.

CrakClick by Crakrevenue

Key Benefits of CrakClicks

  • Stable Commissions: Earn more stable commissions compared to traditional affiliate marketing models.
  • Minimal Effort: Put little to no effort into your campaigns, as CrakRevenue’s team of experts handles the optimization and monetization of traffic.
  • Focus on Content: Concentrate on creating and promoting your own content while CrakRevenue takes care of monetizing your traffic.
  • Pay-per-click Model: Get paid per click generated from your traffic sources, regardless of sales or subscriptions.
  • No Wasted Traffic: Ensure that all traffic generated by affiliates is monetized, maximizing their earning potential.
  • Guaranteed Income: Receive a guaranteed income based on the quality of clicks generated from your traffic sources.

Since its launch in July, CrakClicks has already issued more than $70,000 in affiliate commissions and helped affiliates improve their CTR by 35%. The program is now open to all affiliates with US traffic, offering a base payout of $0.01 per click with a cap of $50 in commission to assess quality. Payouts may vary depending on affiliates and sources.

CrakClicks is considered a game-changer in affiliate marketing, as it shifts the focus from sales and subscriptions to the quality of clicks generated by affiliates’ traffic sources. This innovative approach allows affiliates to earn income more consistently and with less effort, making it an attractive option for those looking to monetize their traffic in a more stable and efficient manner.

Tool and Features

CrakRevenue offers a lot of tools that are some of the best in the industry. Let’s take a look at the adult affiliate network tools that CrakRevenue has got.

MyFree Cams

CrakRevenue MyFree Cams Community

Live cam and Adult cams are the most popular services in the legit adult affiliate network as well as on adult websites. For Adult Networks this tool provides huge conversion rates and lesser risk. This quality makes it a goldmine for adult websites.

MyFreeCams is integrated into the systems of CrakRevenue. They let all the publishers high-quality use this tool and have widget access that is available with a single click. This tool is known to fetch high-quality traffic and is amongst the most powerful campaign type.

MyFreeCams is also one that offers high CTR ad tools, direct-to-model linking, and even extra income options. It is great with pop-unders and back offers. It offers CPA and Revshare options for the long term.

Live Cam Widgets

CrakRevenue Livecam Widgets

The online adult industry has got a wide range of live cam sites. This also lets the models earn huge incomes while having the highest number of views. CrakRevenue’s online marketing widget, the Live Cam is one of the amazing features to get your hands into the easiest way to monetize on adult sites and blogs.

Speaking of the widget, they are 100% customizable with the exclusive and powerful promotion of live models only. This live cam widget can monetize a wide range of adult traffic in a single click while it even lets you promote only top earning models. You can choose the models from having the best conversion rate and generate over $15000 monthly.

Survey Machine

CrakRevenue Survey Machine

Adding meaning to the affiliate dashboard, this additional feature that CrakRevenue has got is the survey machine. Here, with this amazing feature of an affiliate marketing tool, you can create customized surveys based on your needs. This tool will help the affiliates to understand the amount that they can make. This is also used to make online polls and surveys, while also having content affiliations ready.

Besides, an additional feature it has got is that you can have as many as surveys made and in the way you want them to be. Spread it across the affiliate networking industry, and once the user completes the survey they also get a reward, so it’s profitable for both, the affiliate and the customer. Here, even an affiliate gets a part of the commission over time he shares the survey in the affiliate space. The Survey  Machine is filled with extensive affiliate marketing expertise.

What do you require for signing up on CrakRevenue?

All you need for the sign-up process on CrakRevenue are a few personal details like Your Name, email address, and the name of your company. Just fill in these details, the rest is done by the affiliate managers.

What are the criteria for CrakRevenue payment methods?

You have to achieve a minimum payment of $100 to get paid. Here, you choose from various options, but if you wish to get paid via wire, the minimum required payout is $500.  As we said, CrakRevenue is great at a lot of things, and having multiple payment methods is one of them.

You get ACH, Check, PayPal, Paxum, and Wire as the payment methods.

About the payment frequency, there are two different periods first is from the 1st to the 15th and the second is from the 16th to the last day of the month.

Tips on getting successful on CrakRevenue

Don’t just choose one: What we meant here was to have at least two to three products that you would like to promote. This process will help you have great results and also cover high-paying offers from multiple niches. CrakRevenue is one of the biggest affiliate networks and has got a wide variety of offers like dating offers and many more.

We would suggest, focusing on just the high-performing offers by this advanced CPA network. You can choose from dating or even cam but try focusing on one vertical.

Take guidance from your affiliate manager and ask what the best-performing offers are in the vertical.

Testings: Test your offers, and see which ones give out the highest EPC (Earnings Per Click).

One more tip we would like to give you. EPC can be calculated by dividing your earnings by the total number of clicks.

Here, it would work as if you get 1000 clicks in a week on an offer then, out of that you get $150 as affiliate commission. Then here you have an EPC of $0.15 at the end of the week. 

Affiliate managers:  You get a dedicated affiliate manager and they are assigned to help you out with all of your queries. These experienced affiliate managers are there to have you succeed. They get a percentage of your sales, so it’s their job to get you on the high ground.

Ask them all the questions you have got. They have got access to a wide variety of company data and also know about active affiliate offers, affiliate activity, and many other things. They can help you with what’s working and what’s not working in the company, and provide you information about that.

Having an affiliate manager on your side is a great help and you should get all out of this resource. Get all the information you need out of them.

Use Back Offers:  These are known to boost conversations and can be used in the simplest way. A back offer is seen by a user when he or she clicks the back button. If you are worried about your site, don’t worry, you won’t face any issues with this.

Set Goals: Set daily milestones and get on them one by one. This will help you with a lot of things. Aim for a lesser start, and once you hit your goal have another goal ready and continue growing one by one. Track your affiliate activity.

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Pros and Cons

Yes, CrakRevenue has everything but every Yin has a Yan. Here are the Pros and Cons of CrakRevenue. 

  • It offers a dedicated affiliate manager.
  • User-friendly dashboard.
  • Excellent support team.
  • It also offers the best features like survey generators, smart links, etc
  • Long payment terms.
  • Time zone issues can be encountered, especially for the Affiliates based in South Asian Countries as they are based in Canada.

FAQs on CrakRevenue Review 2024

What type of traffic is not allowed on CrakRevenue?

It is strictly not allowed to have spam content locking and other similar tricks within CrakRevenue

Can you modify the payment information later?

Yes, active affiliates can modify their payment information anytime.

What are PPL, DOI, and SOI?

PPL: Pay Per Lead
DOI: Double opt-in
SOI: Single opt-in

What to do if I don’t have the company registered while getting along with Crakrevenue?

Registration numbers are only asked for Company Accounts. In case you don’t have a company number, you will have to select Individual Account in the Identity section of your profile and follow the instructions and complete the validation process.


It’s easy and much possible to get started with a passive income with CrakRevenue. You can take as much of advantage of the verticals and website and earn while also proving funds to them. This platform will appreciate your efforts and boost your affiliate marketing earnings. They also have you covered with affiliate marketing guides to help you on the right track to making some good money.

CrakRevenue – Most Trusted Adult CPA Network

Sign up on CrakRevenue and scale your revenue to the next level.

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