CrakRevenue Review: #1 Adult/Dating CPA Network [Updated 2023]

Are you looking to scale your affiliate marketing earnings on dating/adult traffic with the highest paying affiliate campaigns?

CrakRevenue is one such top adult CPA Network that was created by the industry’s most prominent affiliates. It is the most efficient adult CPA network in this trade and ranked in the Top 10 best CPA network 2019 worldwide by mThink Bluebook.

Here is a detailed CrakRevenue review with an in-depth comparison, Offers list, payout proofs, user reviews, Approval process, etc. Let’s get started…

There are numerous top adult CPA affiliate networks scattered over the web, each of them having unique features and their USP however, CrakRevenue stands out from the crowd. It helps you to monetize your internet traffic better by its innovating tools, premium offers, better payouts, and support for multiple GEOS and niches.

Table of Contents

CrakRevenue Review Upfront

Affiliate NetworkCrakRevenue
Pricing ModelCPS, CPA, CPL, CPI, Revenue Share
VerticalsAdult, Gaming, Dating, Nutrition, 
Payment OptionsPaxum, PayPal, Bitcoin, Checks, Wire Transfer etc. 
Payment ThresholdMinimum $100 
Payment ScheduleNET 7, NET 15, NET 30, Weekly, Bi-Monthly
Official Site

CrakRevenue Review – About CrakRevenue (Behind the Whale🐋)


Adult/dating vertical is like bread and butter for CrakRevenue. Their expert & talented team help you to scale your affiliate earnings. CrakRevenue has paid over $45 million of commissions to affiliates in a year.

They have over 11+ years of experience in internet marketing and have over 1300+ products on their platform for now. It has more than 25,000+ Web marketers registered with their network.

They have gained 20+ Awards from top recognized brands.

CrakRevenue Experts Departments

The company has over 120+ young & energetic employees with skills of Marketing, Designing, Sales, Affiliate racking, Tech guys & IT Export in the following fields:

Business Intelligence: The team helps gather, integrate & Analysis data to extract trends and create charts.
Creatives: With Web 2.0 generation they prepare images & infographics, edit banners, cerate gits, trailer and videos and also design landing pages, pretenders and Ad tools.
Email Marketing: It prepares email campaigns, newsletters, mailing lists, Give reports. It also teste Emails efficiency and improves it.
Media Buy: Their media team searches for best ad spots, negotiate with media, manages budgets and optimizes sales funnels.
Tech Department: It offers excellent technical support to solve problems,  manage virtual infrastructure, help the development team and assist in new projects set up.
Sales: The sales team communicate with affiliates with new offers, optimize campaigns for their traffic, help achieve goals and reach to new publishers.

What Makes CrakRevenue a Recommended Choice for Affiliates?

CrakRevenue is a premier adult affiliate network that has over 100+ creative experts who are specialized in the online adult industry.

In this in-depth CrakRevenue review, we have tried to put forth key issues which make this network a go-to choice for all Affiliates.

  • This network offers access to over 700+ offers dating and cam verticals which are actually award-winning affiliate programs. 
  • They try to maintain a long-lasting partnership with exclusive offers and get the best out of it.
  • Along with this, they have top dedicated Affiliate Managers who are always ready to help you get the top-performing offers and ad tools which can bring you enormous traffic. 
  • CrakRevenue also has exclusive offers because it has partnered with among the most prominent advertisers through which they bring exclusive access to offers that you cannot find elsewhere. 
  • Mobile & GEO Smartlinks do ensure that traffic is sent only to those offers which have the potential to convert. And then, depending on the type, you can even customize the SmartLink, like the simple link or even a banner ad. 
  • With CrakRevenue, you are almost guaranteed to get higher payouts no matter what the offer is. Along with that, you also get various types of payout, including PPL, PPS or Revshare. 
  • It also has the latest platform, which allows you to view statistics in real-time, which helps you get insights into your traffic and revenues. 
  • Also, with the CrakRevenue referral program, you can earn 5% commissions on revenues earned by your referral link.
  • And with offers, you also get extra income opportunities like Smartlinks, Livecam widgets, BackOffers, and popunders. This gives an excellent opportunity to earn revenue and not leave behind a single penny. 
  • It also offers various promotion tools like a Survey machine, a Custom landing page, WordPress Plugin, Smart Affiliate Link etc. 
  • CrakRevenue also serves you advanced tracking on your dashboard by which you can track how your offers are performing. 
  • The Banners and creative released are thoroughly tested and verified for CTR, so if CTR is low, then the banner automatically does not get released.
  • Last but not least, CrakRevenue offers two payment periods each month. And all these payment methods are backed by fast payment terms which are released monthly and weekly.

What Makes CrakRevenue Best than the Rest? – CrakRevenue Review

  • First of all, it is an award-winning CPA network that has earned more than 6+ major international awards.
  • It comprises a vast network that has over 20,000+ affiliates and creates more than 50,000+ banners each year.
  • It has a dedicated team of experienced professionals from around the world, offering excellent support with 91% customer satisfaction.
  • Also, the network does not make money until the affiliates start making money by themselves. So affiliates don’t have to take the risk of shelling money as this network will do everything. 
  • It has a team of qualified professionals in business intelligence, media buy, email marketing, sales etc., who are ready to help 24/7.
  • Especially if you are working with adult affiliate campaigns or if you are looking to promote a few highly profiting money-making offers in dating verticals, CrakRevenue is the one to go for. 
  • And, of course, CrakRevenue does offer high-paying adult affiliate programs and 700+ optimized offers, especially for the dating niche
  • Plus, there are many promotion methods that you can use to promote the CrakRevenue offers and make huge revenue. It has over 100+ adult affiliate camping, and some direct premium offers like Live cam widgets, Bongacam etc., which make it an excellent choice for marketers.

How to Begin with CrakRevenue? – CrakRevenue Review

First things first, CrakRevenue is not a platform that users can understand at first. It has complications, but we are here to explain you in a simple, user-friendly way.

If you have issues regarding approval, you should contact their contact page by commenting or sending messages to them. They will definitely help you get approved. And as your account get’s approved, you can log in to your CrakRevenue affiliate dashboard, which looks like this.

You will then find that the CrakRevenue affiliate program offers many tools and even direct affiliate offers to promote. You can explore its affiliate offers page and check out the best-converting campaigns. Each one of them gives dozens of creatives, and you can also ask for the best and more optimized creatives and landing pages from their team.

Also, there are Pop Ads which are the most popular ad formats which you can use to convert popular ad traffic. You can also use its popunder traffic ads and fetch lots of traffic and scale your revenue.

And it is highly important that you use popunder ads carefully to get higher conversion rates and get your affiliate income goals. You can even check the official website of in order to get more tips related to adult affiliate marketing.

#1. MyFree Cams Community

CrakRevenue MyFree Cams Community

This one is among the hottest options for affiliates as adult cam sites and Live Cams are among the biggest industry in the adult market. It has offered great conversion rates and lesser risk, which also makes it a goldmine for adult affiliates. CrakRevenue has integrated MyFreeCams into its system and also lets publishers use all MyFreeCams offers and integrate its widget with a single click.

Also, MyFreeCams is among the most powerful landing pages, which offer high CTR ad tools, direct-to-model linking and even extra income options via popunders and back offers. You can quickly try the widget on your adult website or blog in order to boost your conversions. It offers CPA and even Revshare for the long term.

#2. Livecam Widgets

CrakRevenue Livecam Widgets

Online adult industry has enormous Live Cam sites. And in the models earn huge incomes and have the highest number of views. CrakRevenue lives cam widgets are great options for easy monetization on adult sites and blogs if you place them as a widget code.

Live widgets are 100% customizable with the exclusive and powerful promotion of live models only. The Live Cam Widget can monetize all 18+ traffic in a single click. It also enables you to promote only top-earning models which have the perfect conversion rate. And Affiliates can generate over $15000+ monthly using livecam widgets.

#3. Survey Machine

CrakRevenue Survey Machine

Now this one is an exclusive tool from CrakRevenue by which you can create customized surveys based on your needs. This Survey machine helps affiliates to understand the amount of revenue that they can make from certain traffic they have. Plus, it also can be used to create online polls and surveys, content affiliations and ultimately, more profit.

And the best part is that you can create N numbers of surveys, and once the user completes the survey, they can get a reward depending on the survey. Your affiliate link will automatically get embedded in each offer on the survey, so you get a commission every time sharing a survey.

#4. Other Tools & Features

The best part about CrakRevenue is that it is not just limited to a few exclusive tools and offers the best industry-leading affiliate, Smartlink, which gives the opportunity to fetch the best ROI on all types of traffic. It comes in with a native ad tool that allows you to build and rotate the best native ads for your website or blog, so if you are confused about which creative term to choose or which offer to select for promotion.

Along with that, affiliates get RevShare and referral commissions as well. So when you refer any affiliate to CrakRevenue, you earn a 5% lifetime referral commission without any limits. Also, there is a team of dedicated affiliate managers at CrakRevenue, which provide you with excellent customer support.

CrakRevenue Features at a Glance – Is CrakRevenue Legit?

Discover the great exciting features of CrakRevenue for publishes which makes the best CPA network in the industry.

1. 1200+ Premium Affiliate Offers – CrakRevenue Review

If you are looking for exclusive campaigns in dating and adult niche, You will only get it in CrakRevenue, It bet!. It houses multiple awards winning affiliate programs in dating vertical which allows maximum traffic challans.

All the campaigns have dozens of creatives and pre-landers for easy promotions. Apart from offers, CrakRevenue has premium advertisers and unique live cam widgets, smart links to maximum affiliates earnings.

2. Dedicated Affiliate Managers – CrakRevenue Review

VIP & elite affiliates are served with skilled dedicated account managers to provide custom Ad tools, creatives & top offers to best fit for their geographic and traffic category. The managers personally screen your traffic and promotional channels to offer you greatly customized payouts on special offers.

3. Instant & Accurate Reporting – CrakRevenue Review

The company does not use any third-party affiliate tracking tools or market software.

CrakRevenue Review: Most efficient Adult/Dating CPA network for Affiliates

They have their own home-cooked modern, innovative platform which enables you to view your performance stats in more intuitive with real-time updates on clicks and conversions.

4. Affiliates Referral Program – CrakRevenue Review

Their refer-a-friend program is designed to let affiliates refer another affiliate or their friends to join CrakRevenue via their referral links.

Crakrevenue-Referrals commission

You get 5% of your referral earnings for the lifetime. Isn’t it exciting?

5. High Payouts Guaranteed – CrakRevenue Review

As CrakRevenue has direct advertisers & all offers are direct, they offer the highest possible payouts in the industry. No matter if it provides higher revenue share or more incentive than the sale amount, You will always get the best commission rates for your promoted campaigns

6. High-CTR Advertising Tools – CrakRevenue Review

All creatives, landers, banners, API is uploaded after in-depth testing across a network of millions for high CTR. If a banner or landing page does not perform the required CTR, It is not shared with publishers. Hence you can be assured of high CTR on your Ad tools.

7. Weekly/ Bi-Weekly Payments – CrakRevenue Review

No need to wait for NET30 or NET 15 method, like on other networks. Here CrakRevenue has simple weekly and Bi-weekly payment terms for affiliates. If the minimum threshold is not reached, the Amount is forwarded to the next payment cycle.

Crakrevenue Payments

Well, to get paid, you have to meet the minimum payment of $100. If you wish to get paid by wire, then the minimum payment is $500. And one of the aspects which we really like about this network is that you get to choose multiple payment types mentioned below:

Here is my own CR’s account screenshot, You can see payments are made bi-weekly on time via wire transfers.

The payment methods are:

  • Paxum
  • Wire Transfer
  • ACH Transfer 
  • Check/Cheque
  • First choice of Pay
  • Bitcoin
  • ePay Service 
  • PayPal

8. Geo-Relevant & Mobile Links – CrakRevenue Review

Their media buy team constantly monitors all links and banners and updates links daily to ensure publishers traffic is sent to proper offers which are geo-relevant to that traffic with the ability to convert.

The same goes for Smartphone links. If the traffic is from a mobile device, then it will redirect to the mobile relevant offer. To dominate the competition in the affiliate industry, CR’s team strives hard to get the best gets offers onboard and also makes it exclusively as they have the most substantial active publisher volume.

9. Self Post-Back Service – CrakRevenue Review

If you are working with any third-party offers tracking system or want to import CrakRevenue offers on your affiliate network, No issues. With its custom postback feature, you can create your own post back to send & receive information about conversions or clicks on your own affiliate tracking platform.

Postbacks are useful to import offer related information on your own tracking or a sub-affiliate network. This tool is useful for large-scale publishers that run traffic from multiple CPA networks and want to see stats & reports on their own desired tracking dashboard.

10. Extra Earnings – CrakRevenue Review

Wanna make extra money apart from your affiliate campaigning? CrakRevenue enables you to easily receive 30% additional earnings by enabling usage of pop-unders and back-offers on all custom generated CR affiliate links. Pop-unders are an extra supplement to income source on your existing websites as it allows you to promote the other offer without overloading your website with Ads and banners.

11. Efficient Sales Funnels – CrakRevenue Review

Their design team creates the most stunning landing pages and banners to boost the conversion rate to the maximum. Top affiliates also receive exclusive sales funnels, and custom banners form their design team to convert even the toughest traffic.

12. Affiliates Recognition – CrakRevenue Review

We always love recognization for our hard work. CrakRevenue enables you to enjoy the perks of becoming one of the top affiliate Ninjas. When you sign up on their platform, you are an Active Affiliate which includes all common features like help desk, hundreds of offers from kickass brands, lifetime referral commission & great support.


However, once you start optimizing your traffic and with your luck, You rank could be upgraded to VIP Status or ElIte Club Status where you get dozens of premium features like Dedicated Account manager, exclusive offers, Exclusive promotions, annual payout bumps of 10 days & one moth referral bumps of 20% and Christmas gifts. These are like rewards to recognize best affiliates who scale their revenues with their offers.

13. SmartLinks – CrakRevenue Review

SmartLinks an innovative tool but CrakRevenue is the simplest way to start monetizing your traffic without being confused about promoting offers and selecting different banners.

CrakRevenue SmartLinks

You just need to select the type of traffic of your website/blog & copy/paste the link code on your site. Rest assured, SmartLinks will automatically optimize your site with the relevant offers and will display links, popups so you can scale your earnings better. You can also add traffic sources so it offers better analytics on your performance stats.

Why Should You Use Affiliate Smartlinks?

At times you can lose ends in your sales funnel if an offer does not match what you expect, so if you run an adult site with banner ads as your primary main promotion method. In that case, you should choose one of CrakRevenue’s promotional offers based on the payouts and other factors.

But don’t expect anything like throwing darts in the dark and hoping to get success. When a user clicks on your banner, and the offer is restricted to, say, Singapore? So you will have to keep a backup plan like the Fallback offers, which group together numerous proposals and displays, so your user is not led into any incompatible offers. Again you need to also understand that Fallback offers are not as good as Smartlinks as they are predetermined.

So Why Affiliate Smartlinks?

You can term them as a turnkey solution where once you add your link, the rest will be seen by them. The only effort you got to make is to send your traffic and start making money. Smartlinks are actually designed to convert users no matter where they are from. Even you don’t lose any sales due to geographical or territorial reasons.

Also, these links are auto-optimized, so you don’t have to worry about it, and they will ensure that you get the highest conversion rates which will boost your overall revenues. These links only help you to get top offers that give you premium offers that can match your traffic interest and help you scale your revenue.

Let’s see how you can create your Smartlinks.

Just on your affiliate dashboard, you can see the Smartlink tab. Click on it, and you can create your own custom affiliate, Smartlink.

First, choose any of the six verticals:

  • Cam (18 +)
  • VOD (18 +)
  • Adult Gaming (18 +)
  • Global Adult (18+)
  • Gay (18 +)
  • Dating (18 +)

With these links, By default, the extra earnings options are activated. The pop-unders can be seen behind the browser, whereas the back offers act separately and are treated as retention tools that turn the visitors into customers. Its kind of the last attempt to sell something.

As in the image above, you can even add SUB ID if you wish to track the performance of your link depending on where you place it on your layout, email campaigns etc. Also, it is not necessary for Smartlinks to have plain old or boring URLs. You can choose other formats too, like pop code, banners, iFrames and HTML ads and use them for promoting in a unique way.

Smartlinks Upgraded Algorithm: Maximize your earnings with CrakRevenue Smartlinks:

  • Increased EPC by upto 17%.
  • Increased CR by upto 13%.
  • Data-powered auto-optimization.
  • You will get high-quality exclusive offers.
  • State-of-the-art AI-generated algorithm, which is running 365 days a year.
  • Improve your geo-targeting: 250+ geos.
  • Get extra earning opportunities (Pop-Unders Back-Offers)
  • Available for 20+ promotions methods (Best option selected automatically)

CrakRevenue New CBD Vertical

This is the latest vertical added by CrakRevenue if you are looking to take your income to the next level. This CBD vertical is now going to take your income sky-rocketed.

The CBD market has enormous potential and is gaining much popularity as well. Many Businesses have started providing various products related to CBD. CBD products have become popular among the masses and have become a niche that is money-making and revenue-generating.

You might be asking yourself where and how you can promote CBD and in which market.

Well, let me tell you, as more and more people realize the benefits of CBD for their ailments, including chronic pain, depression, anxiety and more, CBD is getting popular. Of the users of CBD, 56% are women who take CBD products, and the rest are taken by Men.

And CrakRevenue offers a wide variety of CBD offers which you can promote on the coupon and review sites, social media, discount sites and more.

What are the Types of Payouts Offered by CrakRevenue?

CrakRevenue offers almost every type of payout. You can pick any of them from the offer tab, and you can see what kind of payout they offer and following are a few of them:

  • Single-Opt-In (SOI)

This payout is among the most easier payouts where they will pay you for an email lead you offer them. And it is not required that the client confirm their email. The payout can vary between $0.01 – $12 for a few offers.

  • Double-Opt-In (DOI)

You will get paid for any email lead, which leads to confirmation from their email. This payout can be between $0.01 – $18.

  • Cost Per Install (CPI)

So here, the payout will redirect to software or an app to download and install. And if the client installs it, you will get paid anywhere between 0.03$ to 4$.

  • Pay Per Signup (PPS)

This payout will give you a fixed amount when the customers start to pay for a particular service; no matter how much they spend on it, you will get a definite sum of money as soon as their credit card spends $1. And you can expect anywhere from $1 – $450 for some offers.

  • Revenue Share

Here you will get a certain percentage each time a customer buys. Suppose, let’s say, a customer spends $100 on an offer that you are promoting. And now, every time this customer pays some money on that website, you will get a commission which can be between 20 % to 65 %.

CrakRevenue Terms of Payment – Very Important to Note!

As mentioned earlier, the affiliates at CrakRevenue get paid commission on Bi-Monthly Net 7, 15, or 30 bases. So you can say that they get paid twice.

So the two different payment methods per month are: 

  • From the 1st – 15th
  • From the 16th – the last day of the month

Following Terminologies you need to understand:

NET 7You will be paid 7 days after the end of each payment period.
NET 15You will be paid 15 days after the end of each payment period.
NET 30You will be paid 30 days after the end of each payment period.

And the minimum payout for this pay cycle is $500.

Jerkmate’s Affiliate Program on CrakRevenue

It is the hottest cam aggregator on the adult market right now. This affiliate program has paid over $10 million + affiliate commission since January 2019. It has received minimum conversions of 10% and has proven as the ultimate lead generator in the industry.

CrakRevenue pays a minimum of $3.50 DOI per lead generated on Jerkmate’s. No matter what’s your promotion method. It allows all. JerkMate affiliate program gives you steady affiliate revenue with its most potent cam aggregator engine.

Hundreds of CrakRevenue’s affiliates remaking thousands of dollars each month from just the JerkMate aff program. Start it today and see your earnings go high!

Rewarding Funnels

CrakRevenue creative team knows what runs best, They have designed the most beautiful landing pages, pre lander, and creatives for their exclusive affiliate campaigns.

All the creatives and funnels provide by the CrakRevenue team are thoroughly tested across a large volume of traffic and only those with the highest number of CTR and proven conversion rates are available.

CrakRevenue  Exclusive 📹Live CAM Widget

This is the most advanced tool for online cam advertising today. Developed with AI technology and in-depth research, THE CR’s Live cam multi-brand widget enables you to get the highest payouts in PPS, PPL or Revshare.

Once you install the Live cam widget on your website or mobile site, Your earnings start coming form top live models and shows from different platforms.

The live cam widget sends users directly to live show of the chosen model, and your commissions start coming in from every purchase, lead they make. The widget has three pre-made templates to start earning. However, it is 100% customizable, and you can make it as per your website’s color theme, it comes with vast configurations, thumbnails, and columns for better implementation.

The exclusive algorithm for Live cam widget generates more commission and earnings. Affiliates have increased their earnings by 230% by implementing this widget on their adult & dating websites. As it comes with a massive inventory of models from different top sources.

Live cam has the most significant share in the adult industry, So don’t be left behind. Promote this perfect cam funnel on any of your adult niches to start monetizing instantly. 😊

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How CrakRevenue is the Best CPA Marketing Platform for Dating/Adult Niche?

While there are so many TOP CPA dating networks, like Maxbounty, ClickDealer that also houses exclusive premium CPA offers, However, to be honest CR is more efficient and your traffic will monetize better with this company. Not only the great reviews about this company from different pro affiliates but even my own personal experience has proved this CPA network to be on the top list.

CrakRevenue takes and steps extra to bring advertisers and publishers together in one platform by providing the highest caliber with brilliantly designed landing pages, best exclusive campaigns, strategic growth to advertisers, and superior affiliate support in the Industry.

The company is always in the limelight when it comes to Affiliate conferences and parties. They have been top sponsors in S.T.M Island party, etc. It focused on current technology trends, provides the best landing pages, and 24/7 monitors their offers with significant updates and better payouts.

If working in the Dating or mainstream adult niche, One needs premium offers and unique landing pages which can make the audience addict to your offers. Crak’s Team definitely optimizes the best dating campaigns which are easy to work with and does not have lots of terms & conditions.

CrakRevenue Review: #1 Adult/Dating CPA Network [Updated 2023] 1

One can use multiple traffic sources like Website, Email funnels, Landing pagesViral traffic, social media and adult SEO on their offers. You can also create your own pre-landing pages to promote the offer via social media buying by asking your affiliate account Manager.

Read More: The Ultimate Adult SEO Guide by CrakRevenue

💡How to Get Approved as a Publisher on CrakRevenue?

As it is a premium, high-quality dating/adult CPA network, Only serious publishers are allowed on their panel.

Serious does not mean that one has to give them colossal traffic or results. However, there is quality control. Hence publishers and affiliates who are generating good traffic to scale their revenues are approved very fast.

Every skilled CPA company asks dozens of questions before approving a publisher account, the CrakRevenue approval process is different and straightforward, CR team verifies each profile information thoroughly before allowing them on board.

Let’s see how to get your affiliate application approved…

Focus on Quality: Quality is the king. Quality does not mean lots of traffic or huge earnings here. Keep your website or traffic sources simple and clean when you apply for a publisher account on CR. The design of your website should be clean with a decent amount of genuine content, proper navigations. It should NOT have any illegal or abusive content.

Its better to remove another sort of traditional advertisements banner till your account is approved.

Fill Sign up Form Extensively: Most of us are Lazy, and we skip filling minor details on the registration page, fill all information with accurate results as this increases your chances of getting approved more faster.


Traffic Sources are the Key Points: Think, if you are a CPA network, you will only make money when your publishers have good converting traffic. Similarly, you need to have quality traffic which actually benefits the CPA Network and advertisers. Traffic sources are of utmost importance for your affiliate account approval.

You can mention or link to this page to CrakRevenue team for faster approval.

Explain your traffic sources in detail. Most of the quality traffic sources are social media, Adult SEO Traffic, Organic Traffic, SEO, Media Buy, etc. Make sure you do not mention any black hat traffic sources or software as it will 100% decline your application. No one wants un-ethical traffic or robots based clicks. The advertisers pay for ethical targetted traffic.

Affiliate Traffic Sources

Moreover, you can also mention your affiliate marketing experience with similar other networks you are working with as they too want experienced players.

Are there any sign-up requirements for CrakRevenue? 

Many people think that the requirements for CrakRevnue are enormous and tough to go through. But its not so. The Signup process for CrakRevenue is quite simple and straightforward. You only have to enter your name, email and company name. Rest the affiliate managers will follow up to approve your application. Also, do remember that if your account remains unused for a few months, you will be automatically deleted from the network.

Choosing the Right CPA Network for Dating/Adult Traffic

There are so many CPA networks, and it’s always a tough job to select the type of offers for your audience. When you receive continuous emails from your affiliate manager for the latest offers and dating campaigns, and you are still confused to try with another network or not.

When you see it carefully, decidedly fewer Affiliate networks have premium offers, direct advertisers and rest most of them have campaigns from other CPA networks. Hence it is better to choose the CPA company which has the history of on-time payments, direct and exclusive offers, and their account manager helps you to better optimize your traffic via their innovative tools.

CrakRevenue is one such network with innovative tools, premium daring campaigns, highest payouts & lot more. Let’s see CrakRevenuwe review to know all the aspects.

🚀 Tips to Get Successful on CrakRevnue 

  • Try to pick 2-3 products first. We understand that it can be tempting at first to promote as many products as you can. But you should understand that to get better results; you should focus on just a few of the high-performing offers within one niche mentioned earlier. 
  • Do talk to the Affiliate Manager of that region and ask for his advice about which is the best-performing offers in that particular region.
  • Remember to test your offers and then find the best perming offers to get more earnings. (EPC)

This EPC can be calculated by dividing your earnings by the total number of clicks:

EPC = Earnings/ Clicks

Suppose you get 2000 clicks in a week, and from that, you get $200 in Commission, so your EPC will be $2 per click. 

  • Try to make the best usage of Affiliate Managers as they are the persons kept for your help and to serve you as a resource for your success. Usually, they are paid a percentage of your sales, so if you don’t do well, they will not make any money. But their advice is undoubtedly invaluable to increasing your revenue. 
  • Use the Back offers, which is the show to you when you click the “back button.” There you can see the best converting offers for that user or device. It is safe and increases your conversions. 
  • Keep your revenue goals a bit realistic As a daily Earnings of $20/day is nothing terrible. Later you can improve on it. 
  • Also, try to keep on learning a few new techniques and skills which can maximize your earnings.

What is the Earning Potential from CrakRevenue? 

Well, the Earnings do depend on the type of niche you choose. 

But we have tried to give you a rough estimate of how much your earnings can be.

  • Adult Gaming – $30-$50 per sale
  • Senemax Affiliate Program – Men’s Sexual Health – 10% Commission on new and repeated orders.
  • MyFreeCam Affiliates – $1.5 – $5/ double opt-in.

Again we would like to clear things off that it is just a rough estimate. Generally, the CrakRevenue payouts are above 30% for a given product. But we must tell you that you first join CrakRevenue and then check out your earning potential.

CrakRevenue Support

CrakRevenue has got a good support team that gives excellent customer service, where they offer live support, which is really active, and you can expect their replies to be quicker. Also, the knowledge base section contains FAQs and written blogs that can help you grow as an affiliate.

You can expect to get in-depth Customer Support, especially their Blog Section, which has typical answers for all the queries that can help you solve them. The Affiliate managers are also quite friendly, and their advice is really valuable, especially for the New Affiliates, which can help them learn and grow.

CrakRevenue for Adult, CAM, WordPress and XXX Affiliates

If you are running X.X.X websites on Wordpress or adult cam sites, Crakrvenue has numerous high paying affiliate programs and APIs for monetization,. from its Wordpress plugin to bongacam affiliate program and exclusive adult monetization API’s and innovation tool for CAM promotion makes it an ideal choice.

It has all tools and advance algorithms to promote perfect CAM funnel and make the most money out of it.

FAQ related to CrakRevenue

Is CrakRevenue a scam or legit?

After testing and being associated with CrakRevenue for a long while now, we can really say that CrakRevenue is quite legit, and also the payouts are also higher. Unlike typical Affiliate Programs where there are no timely payouts, CrakRevenue offers timely payouts and also a broader spectrum to work with unique and exclusive offers which are handpicked by the platform. Also, they have passionate Affiliates who can help new marketers.

Are their CrakRevenue tutorials or videos?

Yes. There are quite a few Videos and Tutorials offered by CrakRevenue which can help you learn more about the platform and check out its deep insights of this platform. You can use them to get more information from it and discover more opportunities for earning.

Which type of traffic source is not allowed on CrakRevenue?

You cannot promote CrakRevenue offers via Content locking, Spam or any other deceitful tactics.

How can you integrate CrakRevenue into your website?

1. Go to the official website of CrakRevenue.
2. Fill in all your details via Email and click on Signup through Email or Facebook.
3. And then your Email will get verified.
4. After this, Open the CrakRevenue Portal.
5. Submit your website under the Website column.
6. Then get your website approved.
7. And finally, get the codes that are to be inserted into your website.

When CrakRevenue offers payouts?

CrakRevenue has among the best payment cycles as it pays via NET7, NET 15 and NET 30. A few of the VIP Affiliates can also request on NET1.

Which are the payment methods offered by CrakRevenue?

CrakRevenue offers payment via Paxum, Payoneer, ACH, PayPal and Checks. And the Minimum payout is $`100. You will get paid in your local currency, which is associated with your bank account.

How much does CrakRevenue pay?

CrakRevenue has a minimum payout of $100. If you want to get paid via Wire Transfer, the minimum payout increases to $500 because of the high processing fees.

What are the rules to be followed while you make money on CrakRevenue?

A few rules are to be followed when you make money from this platform:
1. Do not force clients to buy or put their Email using e-whoring or even chatting on Snapchat with clients.
2. No Bots
3. No Viruses or Malware before the user clicks on the links
4. Do not try to put leads in your offers using any kind of cheating or via proxies.

How much can you make from CrakRevenue?

There is no specified amount that can be defined when we talk about the income from CrakRevenue. As an Affiliate Manager, you can make up to $5000 per day with CrakRevenue. But of course, this can only be achieved if you become a top affiliate, and for that, you have to learn more about the program, which can help you grow. 

Follow the Whale 🐋 – CrakRevenue Final Verdict

Let the crak slips money in your wallet with the highest paying adult affiliate offers on their system. I hope this CrakRevenue review consists of all their significant features & benefits.

We can really state that it is the best CPA network designed by affiliates for affiliates. If you Sign up for CrakRevenue, you can get a great way to earn more passive income. If you become a CrakRevenue top affiliate, you can enjoy the highest perks offered by them.

So if you are serious to monetize your adult/dating traffic, it’s time to try CrakRevenue to scale your earnings.😊

9.8Expert Score
CrakRevenue Review – Make more money with CrakRevenue!!
CrakRevenue is the most trusted and efficient CPA Network in the industry that offers high converting traffic monetization products. CrakRevenue partnered with the biggest advertisers. One can access around 700+ offers by joining the CrakRevenue CPA network. If you register as an affiliate on CrakRevenue, you will get a dedicated affiliate manager. Try CrakRevenue today if you are looking to monetize your adult traffic.
  • It offers a dedicated affiliate manager.
  • User-friendly dashboard.
  • Excellent support team.
  • It also offers the best features like survey generators, smartlinks, etc.
  • Long payment terms.
  • Time zone issues can be encountered, especially for the Affiliates based in South Asian Countries as they are based in Canada.
CrakRevenue – Most Trusted Adult CPA Network
Sign up on CrakRevenue and scale your revenue to the next level.

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