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1 Dollar web hosting coupons : List of cheapest web hosting providers

When purchasing a web hosting, everyone looks for coupons, cheap pricing & deals to save money on online business expenses.

Here we have combined list of Reliable web hosting providers who are offering 1 dollar web hosting coupons & deals So you can grab your favorite web hosting in just $1 per month with tons of freebies & free domains.

Don't get me wrong!  In the title of this post, I have mentioned the phrase “Cheapest web hosting provider” It does not mean I will be listing any Un-Reliable or new web hosting companies in the list.

I will be only shearing exclusive coupons for getting Web hosting in $1 per month using coupons from top Web hosting providers.

Do they really offer Web hosting in $1 per month?

1 Dollar web hosting

To be honest, all top web hosting provider's does not offer 1$/month web hosting discounts. However, some lovely companies do provide this type of exclusive promotions & offers which makes them boost in sales & also user is benefited.

Top companies like Bluehost, Hostgator, Znetlive, Greengeeks, WP-Engine does NOT offer 1 Dollar web hosting per month. Their plans are bit costlier and enterprise-friendly.

Hence 1 Dollar web hosting plans are suitable for new bloggers, entry-level internet marketers and a blog for mild traffic.

How web hosting providers offer quality hosting in $1

Have you ever thought, how these web hosting providers who are offering cheap price web hosting makes profit. The truth is they earn more profit than other providers in the industry.

Everyone is here for making money, it's not like that if they are offering free or cheap prices, so they want to make the minor profit or makes their own loss.

It's their strategies for doing business for a longer term. Maximum of hosting companies offer discounts for the 1 year or 1st billing. When you renew the services next year, You will be charged on their standard pricing, and hence they make the profit with long-term customers.

Hence it is always better to buy 2-3 years plan at once so you can get bigger discount on your fist billing.

Cheap web hosting and free domain

Almost every hosting provider offers the free domain with hosting plan to lure customers and to attach customers with them for the longer term. As when you get the free domain with a web hosting, numerous companies do not allow it to get transferred to another registrar in the first-year term.

Which means you will have to renew it anyhow 2nd year as you can't lose your domain name. Hence this is their real strategy for providing free domain names with every hosting plan.

However, this does not apply to Godaddy. Godaddy also offers free domain name with their every hosting & website builder plan, But they have reasonable renewal fees, and users can only renew their domains to transfer to another GoDaddy account if they want.

Dollar 1 Good Cheap Web Hosting providers for 2018

Web hosting companies here in the list certainly is not the cheapest one in industry, But we have assumed them as cheapest after applying their promotional coupons & promo code.

So you can buy 1 dollar web hosting from the top companies along with a free domain using below-mentioned coupon code for each of them.

1. GoDaddy Hosting

Since months Godaddy is offering huge discounts on its award-winning web hosting plans. You can get Linux Web hosting for 1 website with unlimited bandwidth in just $1 per month or ₹99 per month for Indian users along with free domain name of your choice. This deal lets you save 77% OFF on normal web hosting pricing at Godaddy.

1 Dollar web hosting coupons : List of cheapest web hosting providers 4

Moreover Godaddy is also offering the best WordPress hosting for 1 website with 10 GB SSD disk space, 25,000 monthly visitors in just $1 per month or ₹59/month for Indian users along with a free domian name, enabling you to save 87% OFF on normal pricing

GoDaddy is ranked i#1 regarding web hosting and domains worldwide. Their al plans are crafted for user's benefits which offer highest page loading speed, unlimited bandwidth on all projects, more top CPU Resources.

Their plans are indeed not the cheapest but I suggest you use the current running exclusive GoDaddy coupon codes to get it in $1 per month along with a free domain for a year. For next billing term, one can use GoDaddy Renewal coupons to save extra 30%-40% off on renewals too.

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2. 1&1 Smart hosting $0.99 per month + Free Domain

1&1 Internet is offering most affordable domains & web hosting. Although 1&1  is not such a popular company like Godaddy, they have the best customer base in U.S, U.K & other regions of the world.

1 Dollar web hosting coupons : List of cheapest web hosting providers 5

1&1 100% smart hosting comes with latest hybrid technology is which is 100% fast compared with other providers. The smart hosting form 1&1 comes with Geo-redundancy, Unlimited web traffic allowed and unlimited disk space.

With the current promotion from 1&1, get 1&1 smart web hosting in $0.99 per month with unlimited everything, 24/7 support, Unlimited websites to host & free domain name is included in ervey plan.


1&1 is offering thier basic plan which allows one website in just $0.99/month for first year. The plan also offers frtee SSL wildcard certificate, hgiher RAM and CPU resopuices, 100 gigs of storage, Free domain name for firast year and mroe in jus $12 for one year. click on below button to activate this special offer.

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3. Namecheap web hosting coupon $7.9/Yr + Free Domain

Namecheap, which is one of the top Domain registrars is offering heavy discounts on their exclusive web hosting packages.

1 Dollar web hosting coupons : List of cheapest web hosting providers 6

In less than $8 per year Year you can avail Namecheap web hosting with 20 GB SSD Disk space, 3 domains allowed, 50 Sub domains & unlimited parked domains, Truly unlimited bandwidth, 100% up time guarantee, latest dell server hardware technology and much more features, including C-Panel with cloudflare, 24/7 x 365 support, 50 email address & one click wordpress installation.

What you will be getting in $7.9?

  • 20 GB SSD value plan hosting for 1 year
  • Free. Website Domain
  • Free WHOIS guard protection for your Domain

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We have listed well cheap web hosting provider form which you can avail 1 dollar web hosting with free domain names. There are many more companies who fall in this 1 dollar web hosting list, but as said above, we have only shared the best & reliable web hosting provider to whom you can blindly trust.

All these $1 web hosting provider offers the free domain with 1-year duration plan.

Which hosting plan you are using 7 whats the monthly price of it? I am curious to know, do share your experience via the comment section below and stay tuned with BlogginmgEclipse for more Blogging tips & tricks.

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