Do you want to scale your affiliate marketing campaigns to the next level? Your dream to achieve success in affiliate business is just one step away. Continue reading my updated Voluum review along with the exclusive Voluum Discount coupon. The answer to fulfilling your dreams is an “Affiliate tracker” made by people for the people.

A Powerful Ad and affiliate tracker that can optimize your marketing performance and keep track of your advertising campaigns is here. Doesn’t matter how big your traffic volume is. The Voluum affiliate tracker can analyze all the data and provide you insights to take actions for profitable affiliate business.

Have you imagined a tracker with in-built optimization tools that offers cloud-based performance at an unimaginable price? I have never come across such an affiliate tracker, and this is why this article shows you that such wonders happen. Voluum is one such performance marketing tracker that will take your affiliate business to new heights. It is an all-in-one tracker with multi-purpose functionalities and supports various ad formats. Read this full article and know why Voluum is the #1 affiliate tracker for affiliate business.

Detailed Voluum Review 2024 | Best Ad Tracking Tool?

Voluum Review

Voluum is a better tracker to track your affiliate and ad campaigns with cloud-based functionality and AI-based auto-optimization. There are numerous affiliate trackers scattered in the market. However, only very few of them have unique features, and the rest are copy-paste.

Voluum is undoubtedly the best in the market with the highest features, own DSP, direct connectivity with traffic sources, and affiliate networks. Their new feature Voluum DSP lets you buy traffic directly from partners inside its dashboard and does most of the work automated. Voluum allows you to track, analyze, and optimize your ad campaigns, thereby taking your business to the next level.

Voluum supports multiple ad formats and tracks every click that you run using any ad format. These ad formats supported by Voluum include Native ads, banners, Pop-under, Push notification ads, Search, Social, Email, and Video.

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60% OFF Voluum Discount coupon
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Get a discounted monthly subscription or save up to 60% with an annual plan. Offer available for both new and existing clients. Show Less

Why Choose Voluum Affiliate Tracker for your Affiliate campaigns

Voluum offers premade templates so you can add any traffic source and work with them efficiently. These traffic sources supported by Voluum include Taboola, Facebook, MGID, Revcontent, Outbrain, Exoclick, 1 by AOL, AppNexus, Zeropark, and Google.

There are many more in the line, so you have too many options when working with Voluum, making it flexible.

Voluum tracks your campaign and optimizes it for better efficiency, so you don’t burn your money and waste time. Purchasing any of the Voluum plans is worth your money, and you no more have to step back into the affiliate business.

If you are using a self-hosted affiliate tracker, it is time to change your mind and switch to Voluum, as it offers easy scaling and flexibility. At the same time, self-hosted trackers have hidden costs, uneasy setup, and security issues. Moreover, these self-hosted trackers don’t offer notification, AI-based features, and bot detection.

Voluum allows you to know the platform during individual onboarding. It offers a step-by-step guide to ease your setup. Using its simple campaign form, you can start tracking within minutes. For any assistance, you can check out its video tutorials & webinars. You can contact your account manager dedicated to you for any technical assistance and solve your queries instantly.

Voluum is one great solution to all your affiliate tracking issues and better management of your business.

Solutions Offered by Voluum | Improve Your Ad Performance

While every affiliate tracking platform offers numerous unique features to stand out from the competition, Let’s see some top-developed solutions and tools under Voluum which enables you to scale your affiliate marketing revenue to 300%.


Tracking Your Campaigns

Voluum has multiple cloud data centers in around 5 continents, and the servers are always running with 100% uptime. This ensures you don’t lose a single click and keep track of your affiliate campaigns.

  • Track every event:

You can track every parameter of your campaign because that decides the success of your affiliate business. Without tracking parameters like impressions, visits, clicks, and more, you can’t decide where you lack and what improvements are needed to increase your profitability. It offers a direct tracking pixel that allows you to track organic and paid traffic without being blocked by Facebook and Google. This means saving hundreds of dollars that are lost as most traffic sources don’t allow redirects in URLs. Paid and organic traffic tracking without the long wait. Accelerate the sending of visitors to your lists and publish unlimited ads, even in regions with slow internet connections.

Voluum campaign tracking
  • Multiple models:

Different costing models make it easy for you to track your costs. Available models at Voluum are CPC, CPM, CPA or Revshare. This lets you know how much you have earned with each event and keep a track of your profit and ROI. You need to track each and every conversion may it be a sign-up, product/service purchase or a download. Tracking all your conversions gives you an idea from where the lead has been generated and helps you convert these leads into potential customers.

Multiple models
  • Round the clock support:

With the superior customer support team, you can onboard quickly and figure out the complexity of managing your affiliate platform as it requires a deep understanding and is time-consuming. With support, you can start over easily and maximize your performance.

  • Detailed video tutorials:

Set up your campaigns hassle-free and configure them to tackle the challenges that stop you from generating leads and soaring higher profits. With video tutorials and helpful articles, you can configure the campaigns as per your need and easily track your campaigns for better performance.

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Analyze the Data

Analyzing the data in real-time helps you take action and work as an expert.

  • Deep analysis:

You can get as many as 30+ data points on every visit so you don’t lack when it comes to data-driven decisions. For better optimization and performance you need exact data-driven points and dig deep into the information that you expect from an affiliate tracker. Granular analytics system (GUT) allows you to take action based on data points about impressions, clicks, and conversion.

Deep analysis

Extracting the information and discovering the deeper layers will help you in profitable decisions and go along with the latest trends. With data grouping, you can find out the hidden pearls beneath the ocean, and so when your volume increases, you can easily extract those hidden gems of information. Accessing campaign data in real-time will save your time and money as you can’t afford to sit down and wait for the information to be pulled out slowly. 

Every affiliate needs high performance and cost-cutting, which is possible with real-time reports generated instantly. This helps you react immediately and stop the events that might be a hurdle in the future irrespective of your traffic volume. 

  • Automatic performance:

How great it would be if you could get the whole performance measured and draw accurate conclusions from it? But usually, it goes past our naked eyes as the data set is large and has complexity attached to it. To get improved insights into all the data you can use the campaign dashboard to get an overview of the very important metrics such as visits, clicks, cost per impression, and more. This way you can identify the patterns and improve overall performance.

  • Impression tracking

By following the impressions and their individual performance, which is a point of contact in the ad, it is possible to measure your advertising campaign’s overall impact and effectiveness. Combined with other statistics, impressions provide a complete overview of your campaign performance.

  • Voluum mobile application:

Every minute counts in affiliate marketing and you seriously can’t afford to lose any offer or not react to bot traffic. This might result in a huge loss. To react to every situation round the clock and keep an eye on what’s going on you need a tool that offers 24/7 monitoring from any device. Voluum offers a mobile app that allows you to monitor your campaign performance anytime from anywhere. If anything unfortunate happens then you can get instant notifications and take the required action.

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60% OFF Voluum Discount coupon
Get a discounted monthly subscription or save up to 60% with an annual plan. Offer available for both new and existing clients.

Optimize Affiliate Performance

By using automation to optimize your campaign you can improve your affiliate performance faster and effectively.

  • Advanced Targeting

Targeting the right audience is always a difficult part of affiliate marketing because without reaching the right audience you cant increase your conversions and your profit won’t soar high. So what is the solution to reach the right audience?

It offers an advanced targeting solution that helps you to know the user’s device, operating system, referrer, browser version and more. Targeting relevant audience will lower the cost and increase the profit so you can make the most out of your budget. What if you could optimize ad performance automatically? With artificial intelligence, you can have traffic redistributed automatically to the best offers in real-time.

  • Metrics Reports:

What if you had to spend the entire time just to examine the reports with various metrics and find out the fault? This becomes too hectic! But Voluum makes it easy for you by alerting you when any metrics changes. This way you can monitor your performance using mobile or desktop notifications and react instantly.

  • Run A/B tests:

Running A/B tests on different pages help you in receiving valuable information about the visitor’s action. This way you can know what variants are most converting. A/B testing is one function that you should try while starting a fresh landing page or creating anything new while starting a new campaign. With A/B tests you can take effective measures for improved performance and better conversions. By doing A/B tests, you can determine which of your campaign’s approaches will best produce the desired conversion rates for specific conversion goals and identify where efficiency improvements should be made for a more successful campaign.


Scale Affiliate Business

By scaling your affiliate business you can get more conversions at low cost and reach a wider audience thereby increasing your profitability.

  • Offers marketplace:

Are you finding it difficult to search for the best offers? It is time-consuming and requires you to find the finest affiliate offers. How wonderful would it be if you could access everything from one place?

Yes, it is possible to offer a marketplace where you can search and compare offers from the top affiliate networks in the panel itself. With the advanced filtering option, you can navigate through and decide which ones are the best.

  • Share Data Safer way:

What if you want to share your data with your partners or anybody else? Hush! That requires a lot of effort as you have to export the data into CSV, arrange the fields, and eliminate the data you don’t want to share. Voluum offers shared reports using which you can grant access to anyone to any specific part of your data. You can decide the time for the data will be visible to the authorized person keeping it safe and clutter-free.

  • Pricing fits your needs:

Now that you have taken all the preventive measures, it is time to increase your volumes as quickly as possible. But while your traffic increases, you need a tracker to handle it, and at the same time cost for scaling should be below. At Voluum, you are ensured to get a custom plan to fulfill high volume requirements at a low cost. By choosing annual plans, you can save more and maximize your profit.   

The pricing plan offered by Voluum is one of the most affordable in the industry and, at the same time, offers a high degree of flexibility. This makes it easy for people to get started with this software immediately and give it a try without any limitations.

Voluum Pricing Plans Updated 2024| Exclusive Voluum Discount Coupon (60% OFF)

We have shared Exclusive Voluum Coupon code below which enables you to get up to 60% OFF on all its plans.

Voluum Pricing

Discover Plan – $89/Month

Discover Plan costs you $89 per month if billed annually {Using the special Voluum deal listed below}. It gives you 1,000,000 events and almost all standard features across all plans. It lets you use only one custom domain and a few essential tools. The plan is very cost-effective for startups and intermediate affiliate marketers.

In this plan, you can start tracking ad campaigns by using basic features. 

  • Basic Tracker Features
  • Features you get Discover Plan
  • 40 Active Campaigns
  • 1 Custom Domain & 1 SSL Dedicated Domain
  • Up to 1,000,000 events

Profit Plan – $149/Month

Profit Plan which costs $149 per month on annual billing {using special disocunt} is one of the best value paid subscription which enables plenty of premium features including 3,000,000 events, dedicated onboarding three custom domain, API Access, push notification rates integration, workspace, in-depth reporting and 12-hour support reply time.

In this plan, you can maximize your results with their AI & automation.

  • 6 Months of Data Retention
  • 3 Custom Domains & 1 Dedicated Domain 
  • Up to 3,000,000 events
  • 1-Hour onboarding call
  • Rule-based Traffic Distribution
  • 1 Big Data Reports
  • Auto-rules & API Integrations (free up to 1k ad spend)
  • Traffic Distribution AI

Scale Plan – $299/Month

Scale Plan which costs around $299 monthly on yearly billing {using our special dea} comes with all features of Profit plan + extra tools like fraud detection, traffic log, real-time reports, team management, and shared reports. The plan enables 10,000,000 events tracking.

In this plan, you can expand your ad operations and Fight bot traffic.

  • 1-Hour onboarding call + chat support
  • 5 Custom Domains & 1 Dedicated Domain 
  • 12 Months of Data Retention
  • Up to 6,000,000 events
  • Rule-based Traffic Distribution
  • 1 Big Data Reports
  • Auto-rules & API Integrations (free up to 1k ad spend)
  • Anti-Fraud Kit
  • Traffic Distribution AI

Click here to compare all pan’s features on its official website.

60% OFF
60% OFF Voluum Discount coupon
Get a discounted monthly subscription or save up to 60% with an annual plan. Offer...Show More
Get a discounted monthly subscription or save up to 60% with an annual plan. Offer available for both new and existing clients. Show Less

Regardless of your subscription, You can track any Zeropark events free of charge on any Voluum subscription.

Some unique features of Voluum make it #1 in the industry!

While most of the affiliate trackers in the market have common features across them, Voluum has made it the most by offering extra tools and some extra amazing features which other trackers lack…

  • Automatic traffic distribution:

With the help of advanced developed AI, Voluum analyses the performance of your offers, landing pages in real-time and distribute your traffic source for the highest ROI.

The automatic traffic distribution is designed to work by redirecting the highest volumes of traffic to the best-performing offers and landers, which can’t be achieved manually. By using the ATD feature, You get a higher ROI. Save your time as their AI works round the clock, so you don’t have to.

  • The best Anti-Fraud Kit:

While most traffic sources are legit and offer ethical traffic, some traffic sources are still integrated bots traffic, and robots click to make more money from the advertisers. So if you are paying high for the traffic and your campaigns are not converting because of Bots traffic, You will lose all your media buying investments. Voluum’s anti-fraud kit detects bot and robots traffic and takes action to save your budget. Their algorithm finds suspicious clicks and unrealistic conversions to compressive metrics.

Their anti-fraud system investigates traffic quality to determine fake or bot traffic and filter it out by taking action. You can export detailed data for invalid traffic and apply measures to keep your campaign running smoothly. It helps you save money on traffic, but it also enables you to keep good relations with affiliate offer owners, increase your ROI, and get actionable insights.

  • Collaboration tools:

The latest Voluum collaboration tools let you organize your work within a team or easily share your results with partners.

Voluum collaboration tools

Teamwork is the most important part of internet marketing, and without it, one can’t grow. Voluum collaboration tools let you manage your business more efficiently by showing numerous data or results to partners.

For example, one can show their partners the payouts so that volume can act as an affiliate network here. You can also give access to traffic sources to manage several parts and statics. If you are working on a different project or joint venture, you can give your partner access to a particular campaign. Voluum has made it simple by offering the best collab tools and features. Check its demo here

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Book a Free Demo at Voluum and Claim Your Discount

Suppose you are a newbie in affiliate marketing and just started using trackers. In that case, the Voluum video tutorials and support team are there to enable you to understand the tracker completely by giving a hands-on demo and also detailed tutorials + video recording, and more to help you connect with your traffic source and affiliate network.

Click on the above button to start the demo and free onboarding. Their team is always ready to help you on Skype and emails. 

How to Create Marketing Campaigns with Voluum?

The best part about Voluum is that you can get started immediately after signing up. It’s effortless and straightforward to create campaigns with Voluum. To use Voluum, it is essential to create a campaign. After this, you must select the traffic source you already predefined. When you create campaigns, I recommend you keep the country tab empty to get better insights.

You should also know whether you want to track your costs in your ad network based on the pricing model you are using. You can set the CPM, CPC, and CPA value which you pay for your traffic. If you are using SmartCPM, you don’t have to set your ads to cost here. I would recommend you select the “Do not track costs” so that you don’t require to track them. But make sure you do check your costs on your ad network.

Voluum has several valuable features that come with it, and sometimes it isn’t easy to know which feature to use for a specific task. The best part about Voluum is the ability of automatic cost tracking, and this feature has helped me reduce the need for manual tracking that I was using before.

If you want to use it, I would recommend you to pre-test it so that you can do all aspects correctly. In the Advanced Settings tab, you can select the source which you have predefined in the previous step. Apart from that, you can also create a new specific route for this campaign by selecting an offer and location before you start the campaign. After this, choose a unique offer URL as the destination URL, and that’s all.

How to Track Events with Voluum Affiliate Tracker?

Voluum follows the different actions that are performed by visitors to your site. It records it as ‘events.’ Different events have different effects on the performance of a campaign, so it is essential to distinguish them well. The main motive of Voluum is to manage the information. And the information includes: 

Events: Clicks, Conversions, Visits, and Impressions.

Video Characteristics: This information is captured by the visitor and transmitted from the source or from Voluum to have a reliable understanding of who they are and how they behave on your site. This data can characterize the visit like country, device information, the cost paid, payment method, etc. All this information is collected, transmitted and recorded by Voluum. All this information is used to better understand your campaign’s performance and optimize your campaign’s configuration. This is done through various means, including gathering more information about your visitors and using that data to better understand their behaviors and patterns.

So now, after knowing how Voluum manages information, let’s have a look at how to track events using Voluum.

There are two methods by which you can track events: 

  • Redirect Method
  • Direct Marketing Pixel 

Let’s start first with the Redirect Method. 

One of the essential features to consider when tracking visits is the configuration of Voluum. This can be done by adding an additional data point- a traffic source and a campaign. It is also recommended that you do always add a bid element so that you can enrich your reports and use the traffic redirection options. So let’s see the necessary elements. 

Traffic Source: It is best to register the information of an external traffic source platform correctly. 

Campaign: This critical element is linked to all other elements in the campaign’s axis configuration. It is often placed at the end of the axis and is typically used to give general information about the campaign and also to direct traffic to a selected destination.

Offer: The position of a proposal gives additional options by which the traffic deviation can be managed. You can use quotes in routes, channels, or feeds to pass different campaign information from your affiliate network platform using the redirect method to set up conversion tracking, reporting URLs, or even detailed reports. 

Tracking Clicks: To track the clicks effectively, you need to use an externally hosted landing page and add an appropriate landing page in Voluum as well. After this, you got to paste a destination URL that Voluum provides on your landing page. 

Lander: This thing links Voluum to your landing page. The unique thing is that it can also be used right on the paths and the flows with the offer element as well. 

Click URL: This link is generally provided by Voluum and can be included on your landing page to make it easier for visitors to be redirected to an offer.

Tracking the Conversions: With any tracking method, you can track conversions. 

Tracking with the help of the redirect method: For this, you should be on a server-to-server postback URL which must be set up right in the offers setup. 

Tracking with the help of direct method: For this, you have to use a conversion tracking pixel which should be implemented on a thank-you page.

Tracking Visits with the help of Tracking Pixel: A landing page is generally required to track the visits using the tracking pixel. This method can easily track visits and clicks, as well.

Direct Pixel Tracking: Using this feature, you can track visits and clicks by using the direct method. You just to ensure to add a data source element and campaigned source elements. 

Tracking Impressions: Well, if you wish to track your impressions, it should be compatible with your source traffic platform. 

So that concludes our section on how you can track events with the help of Voluum easily. Now I will take you to a unique section where we will see how we can create A New Traffic Source From A Template.

How to Create a New Traffic Source from a Template in Voluum?

Well, honestly, the best part while doing this Voluum Review is its interface. In the following steps, we shall learn how to configure a traffic source based on the Voluum templates.

Step 1: Head to the Traffic Sources section in Voluum. There you can find the traffic source.

Step 2: Click on the New Traffic Source button, and a new Traffic Source Template will pop-up window will appear.

Step 3: Select the template you wish to add by clicking on it.

Step 4: Click the Load Template button, and your New Traffic Source will display.

While loading a volume traffic source template, all the options and text boxes by default are already full. You simply don’t have to change them or add information to them. However, you can change the configuration as per your wish.

Step 5: Just click on the Save button, and you’re done!

What did We like the most in Voluum Affiliate Tracker?

Voluum is not just another player in the advertising performance tracking space. And it is a serious player. The company has handled over $1.5 billion of revenue this past year alone, which speaks volumes about its legitimacy and capabilities. With easy-to-use and powerful features such as granular reports, post-install analytics, and flexible campaign setup, optimizing media buying for lifetime value is just a matter of a few minutes of work.

For users who prefer to work with the API, Voluum has done a fantastic job in regards to documentation and has made it easy for you to set everything up and send your requests. You can now work on your campaigns from anywhere with the data available in the cloud to be accessed through an app hosted on both the App Store and Google Play Store. Its platform works on the SaaS model, giving it a decisive advantage over its own tracking solutions. All you have to do is switch or upgrade your plans on the site according to your needs. They have plenty of different pricing options to suit any requirements and preferences.

Recently, Voluum has expanded its service by integrating a Demand Side Platform (DSP), which enables the purchasing of native advertising and media in-app. This is a huge change for us. Now, Voluum handles all the buying and analytics for you. You have it all in one place. Voluum is hosted in 9 data centers situated in different parts of the world, which practically means that your data is always processed and safe. This is possible because Voluum’s hosting architecture ensures that your data is never stored in one particular site; it can be replicated on up to three servers at a time, with each server stored on a different continent.

Voluum has also been updating its anti-fraud solutions, with the platform being integrated with a third-party solution as well as having its own. They have been steadily adding to these systems so that they remain at the forefront of innovative data protection methods. At times setting up campaigns in many native ad exchanges can be time-consuming. However, in the Voluum platform, this is reduced to just five minutes! This is only possible due to the constantly growing list of Voluum partners. Currently, they have more than 20 different native ad exchanges integrated.

When doing performance marketing, it is crucial to monitor your campaigns to ensure everything is running smoothly. In Voluum, you can take a break whenever you want because the auto-optimization feature is like an autopilot that automatically adjusts when needed.

Some Common Questions Regarding Voluum

#1. Is Voluum self-hosted or cloud-based Tracker?

Voluum is a long-standing cloud-hosted solution for Digital Marketing, unlike many other self-hosted affiliate trackers like Binom or CPVLab Pro. This is significant for a rookie Media Buying novice who just entered the business. You just don’t have to invest in separate servers to install a self-hosted tracker as it is a Cloud solution. Also, this Cloud solution has a global CDN, so you can run it in any country.

#2. What can you track in Voluum?

You can track all your affiliate marketing success, including organic and sponsored traffic, from various traffic sources. Voluum allows you to comprehensively track every aspect of your marketing campaign and see the effect it has on traffic, sales, conversions, and more.

You can also design automated paths for users to follow based on a range of criteria, such as the type of device they are using or their location. Voluum offers a dedicated Flows page that you can use to design a variety of funnels that are suited for the needs of any business. For example, you may have a default funnel that can be applied automatically if you don’t need to specify specifics.

#3. Can Affiliate Marketing beginners use Voluum?

While Voluum is an incredibly user-friendly program, it may be necessary to seek help from an expert in order to get the best results. With Voluum’s comprehensive documentation, you can find tutorials that will teach you how to do anything from path creation to logging information.

After purchasing a plan, you will receive an onboarding email, and you may sign up for an individual onboarding session or a group webinar (depending on the package you choose). As a whole, Voluum is easy to use, even for those who have never used affiliate marketing software before. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, it is very appealing to beginners.

#4. What are the Ad formats supported by Voluum?

You get support for all ad formats and traffic sources, plus you have access to pre-made traffic source templates that include the most popular ones, such as Facebook and Google. You can also create custom templates for any type of traffic that you wish to use. Email advertisements, Pop-ups, Push ads, Search ads, Social ads, Native ads, Video ads, and Display Banners are all supported ad types.

Some Major Voluum Alternatives to try in 2024


Affiliates looking for a way to generate more recurring revenue have had just about every need covered with the advanced traffic distribution, innovative filters system, and a variety of other features Binom has been specifically designed with them in mind. The Binom software is powered by state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence that knows how to optimize traffic toward a landing page. It cleverly does this by understanding which pages the user has seen but not converted on and which offers might be more relevant to them.


Binom is a revolutionary way to increase your profit margins on all content by intelligently increasing your frequency caps. With its campaign analysis and optimization features, Binom provides the seamless experience that you deserve, allowing you to effectively grow your audience the right way. These tools developed in conjunction with rapid multi-level reporting and drill-down functionality will allow you to quickly find profitable segments in your campaign.

Binom is a great tool for companies because its handy feature allows a user to access the landing page without being redirected. This is done by registering when the user has reached their desired page and providing the output report better. Binom has just one paid package. It offers unlimited access to all the available tools and functionalities. The plan is named Binom License and comes at $69 per month (Billed Annually). With this plan, you get features like: 

  • One server
  • Unlimited Server
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Free SSL for all domains
  • Lifetime updates
  • Additional licenses – $49
  • Free 24/7 Support
  • Skype, live chat, email and much more

👉 Also Check: Binom Review: #1 Self Hosted Tracker for Professionals

Binom Tracker has a generous free trial period of fourteen days with no limitations. In addition, they also extend the free trial by 30 days upon user request. To sign up for a free trial, simply fill out the form on their official website. But when you compare it with Voluum, it does lack features like A/B testing and optimizing media, real-time data processing and instant information. 


Another prominent alternative to Voluum is RedTrack. RedTrack is a powerful affiliate marketing platform that provides various services and solutions designed to make tracking, analytics, and reporting easier. This platform was launched in Lithuania in 2015 to assist affiliates and media purchasing teams all around the globe in achieving higher ROI.


All over the world, affiliates and advertising purchasing teams require sophisticated services like affiliate marketing trackers and analytics platforms that would give them a better return on investment. This tool supports all advanced data deployment modalities like SaaS, Cloud and Web. The company has also received international recognition for its in-depth customer service and training programs that help customers through complicated turns and turns. They are known for their fast and thorough response times, with many clients reporting a turnaround time of fewer than 24 hours when contacting the customer service department.

Some of the features offered by RedTrack are:

  • Facebook CAPI Support 
  • SaaS
  • Autoscale
  • AI-Smartlinks
  • Geo-Balancing
  • Custom Domain
  • Custom Dashboard 
  • LP Pixel 
  • Smart streams and so on. 

Talking about the pricing of RedTrack, it comes with 4 pricing plans: 

  • Pro Plan – $83/mo 
  • Advanced Plan – $124/mo 
  • Team Plan – $208/mo
  • Enterprise Plan – $624/mo 

The features do vary according to the plan you select. Plus, you can also go for a custom plan as well. 

Even though you are a beginner, you don’t have to be concerned, as RedTrack provides you with proper tools and simple learning curves so you can be an expert in no time. The Affiliate Campaign Tracker on the platform is quite remarkable. It’s easy to install, quick to get up and run and offers a myriad of data that can be utilized in various ways. The number of active campaigns is limited in Voluum, but in RedTrack, they are unlimited. 

There is no need for any server when using this software. All you have to do is sign up and begin editing your site. You will be redirected to high-quality templates, presets, and other features that allow you to easily customize your website for the best possible results. With on-demand training, you can master the intricacies of customization at your own pace.


This is yet another AI tracker for affiliates who want to push through their affiliate marketing journey. It is an all-in-one inclusive platform that would save your time and effort so you can focus on other aspects like strategy building. An important aspect of ThriveTracker is that it is self-hosted software, so you don’t have to install separate hosting software.  


With ThriveTracker, you can easily record your profit and loss of the campaigns and get information in a more systematic order. You can get a screenshot of your performance which can help you to better analyze your campaign. It offers you features like:

  • AI Optimization
  • Bot Filter 
  • Landing Page Pixel 
  • Automatic Scaling 
  • Funnel Support
  • Quickest Redirects
  • Multiple-User Access  
  • Good Support 

The best thing about ThriveTracker is that it is a self-hosted private solution. So all your data belongs to you and remains on your database. This gives you the assurance of absolute privacy, which is very much required nowadays. It is also recommended for its Mobile-Enhanced Capabilities, by which you can have faster data redirection with minimum interruptions. 

Even though ThriveTracker is among the most advanced tracking software with remarkable speed, it is actually user-friendly as well. Even new users or technologically not so sound people can also use it as its every operation is understandable. Further, it also offers a 30-day trial which you can sign up with your email address to see how this software works and whether it suits you or not. 

Thrive tracker is better than any other self-hosted server because it can handle heavy loads from large numbers of concurrent users without slowing down the software.

ThriveTracker offers six pricing plans which are as follows: 

  • Cloud Lite: $44/mo billed annually or $49/mo 
  • Cloud Lite +: $50/mo billed annually or $59/mo 
  • Cloud Classic: $79/mo billed annually or $99/mo 
  • Cloud Pro: $249/mo billed annually or $275/mo 
  • Cloud Enterprise: $799/mo billed annually or $899/mo 
  • Cloud Elite: This is a custom plan

Also, ThriveTracker does believe that it is its responsibility to teach the user about its features and functioning. You can learn from the video tutorials provided by them. And it is one of the best alternatives to Voluum as it has good customer reviews and marvelous speed.

Are you using an Affiliate Tracker for your performance marketing campaigns?

Affiliate marketing is incomplete without proper tracking and management solutions. An affiliate tracker helps you analyze your performance marketing campaigns, understand which traffic source is working best for you, and how much is ROI.

Voluum Review + Voluum Coupon 2024: #1 Affiliate Marketing Tracker in Budget 2

Gone are days when marketers used to do all this stuff manually, which consumed a lot of time. With the help of affiliate trackers, Its very easy now and save hours, so you can utilize that precious time in exploring new campaigns and traffic sources.

Affiliate tracker works with all networks, platforms like the tune, Affise, and also any custom-built tracking platform., They support most traffic sources, including native, push, pops, and more.

So if you are still working with the old traditional method, its time to innovate and move to the most innovative and Smart Affiliate tracker in the Market — Voluum!

Top FAQs on Voluum Review

What is Voluum Tracker?

Voluum is an analytics platform with cutting-edge real-time data tracking. The Codewise system is developed for advertisers that want to track the success and profitability of their campaigns. With Voluum, advertisers can measure their campaign’s success at the keyword level with detailed conversion statistics and figures on how much they are spending in total, per day, hour and minute.

Does Voluum allow real-time data processing?

As a result of Voluum’s architecture, Marketers and advertisers may expect real-time updates on their campaigns, and it is capable of processing large amounts of data in near-real-time. This translates to faster and more detailed insight into the performance of any campaign at any given moment, yielding better results for every campaign. Using this tool, users are able to study their campaigns in detail and improve what might seem like minor details.

Can you use Voluum on your smartphone?

One reason that Voluum was created is that many marketers and advertisers today are on-the-go. That is why they have included mobile applications for tracking ad campaigns while on the go so you can be more productive while on the go. So the users can easily stay up to date and control all their actions.

What are tools you can integrate with Voluum?

Voluum can be integrated into the following types of systems: DSP, Tracking, Security, Billing & Payment, Reports and Profile Management.

Does Voluum support custom domains?

One can add multiple custom domains to build custom tracking links. Custom domains can be added to any plan and give you much more control, and Whitelabel feels.

Can I integrate Google Ads or Facebook Ads with Voluum?

Yes, Google ads, Facebook Ads, Bingads, Tiktok ADs, and hundreds of other traffic sources work flawlessly with the Voluum tracker and can give you much data. If you are running affiliate offers on PPC, then it can track your conversions too on Google ads.

Can you set the daily cap and filters in Voluum?

Voluum now offers auto optimization based on AI, which does the maximum of the work and saves hours. If your affiliate campgian has a daily cap, you can set that on Vollum so it will stop delivering the traffic once the cap is set. Saving huge bucks.

Does Voluum have a referral program for Affiliates?

Voluum referral program allows you to earn a 20% lifetime commission from users referred to you. You can signup for its two-tier affiliate program by visiting the Accounts>Referral Program.

Does Voluum support campaign migration?

You can easily import campaign data from BeMob, AdsBridge, Binom, or Thrive automatically. If you are someone who is using some other tracker, you will have to contact its customer support to get assistance with the transition.

Can you perform split testing in Voluum?

Well, if you are working with Single Offers, Voluum does offer a split-testing option in which you can send the same traffic to other distinct offers of partners so that you can discover which one is more profitable. Then you can direct all of your traffic to the best offer, or you can also set a percentage rule to direct only a portion of your traffic to the most profitable offer. This strategy can be handy in scaling up your revenue in the longer run.

Does Voluum offer data retention?

In Voluum, the historical data is available for a particular time only, which depends on the plan you are on. But Voluum does store data indefinitely, and you can upgrade if you want to view the data which is further back than your plan.

Does Voluum offer API integration?

Voluum’s reporting suite allows full integration with all the powerful features of its tracking application, making it even easier to automate reporting and maximize the efficiency of your marketing campaign. However, if you need more than what Voluum offers, you can leverage the API to integrate your existing tracking system with Voluum. Its users can get all the required information without leaving the platform UI.

What is Voluum DSP?

It is a demand-side platform that is custom-made for programmatic advertising by which you can buy native and banner traffic from numerous ad exchanges. The platform is integrated with Voluum Tracker, allowing you to track and optimize campaigns using real-time advanced reporting options.

What are the main features of Voluum?

The main features of Voluum include Campaign Migration, Collaboration Tools, Daily Caps, Data Retention, Automatic Campaign Optimization, Fraud Detection, Event Tracking, Push Notification Alerts, SSL Certificates, and Lander Protection Script.

Can you Unsubscribe in the middle of a Plan?

Sure. You can unsubscribe anytime you want, but the plan will be active for the month and then get deactivated. No charges would be applicable further on.

Voluum Facebook Community

Voluum Facebook Group

Conclusion: Voluum Review 2024 | Should you go for this affiliate tracking software?

Voluum allows you to upgrade your plan anytime and for higher features and high requirements. If you want to migrate from any tracker, you are free to do that with the automatic campaign migration.

With Voluum, you can track everything from paid to organic traffic of any volume. If you like my Voluum review, please share this post on all trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding affiliate tracking, please ask us in the comments section below.

Take Care and Happy Monetizing! 🤞

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Voluum Review
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Voluum is the leading affiliate tracking software recommended by digital marketers globally. With advanced analytical features and built-in optimization tools, this sophisticated affiliate tracking software helps you save time and increase revenue by giving you an insight into your traffic, clicks and conversions. With Voluum, you’ll be able to track, analyze, & automate your advertising more effectively than ever before. Voluum helps you to save hours of your time & thousands of dollars on marketing costs by automating your affiliate marketing campaigns with powerful tracking and analytics.

  •  User-friendly interface.
  •  It allows tracking domains with SSL.
  •  It offers direct tracking pixels.
  •  An automatic campaign optimization feature is available.


  • Pricing is quite high.

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