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CPA Life Moscow 2019: The Most Awaited Event on Affiliate Marketing

Peace, land, and bread!

Are you ready for gaining some internet marketing knowledge on an international platform?

One of the most awaited events of this year on affiliate marketing is back with a bang and it will take you to the destination known for its beauty and lifestyle.

This year CPA Life conference will be conducted in Moscow, Russia on November 13. The venue chosen for this exciting event is Music Media Dome (Moscow, Shosse Entuziastov, 5, s.2)

 Let us know more about this conference and what all it has to offer for Affiliate marketers.

CPA Life: The largest webmasters’ conference!

CPA Life moscow

CPA Life conference has been a successful event in the past and due to its success and being loved by thousands of geeks, it is again coming back this year 2019 with more practical presentations and some fun in the beautiful Russian themed afterparty.

CPA Life has more than 20 speakers with a top designation from well-known brands, 60+ exhibition stands and more than 2500 participants registering for this event every year.

This is the largest webmasters conference on affiliate & internet marketing that gathers thousands of attendees from the CPA community and some expert & novice marketers from Internet marketing.

CPA Life is growing its popularity and this is the 7th conference keeping it running in the marathon with other internet marketing conferences around the world. This conference will impart knowledge of traffic arbitrage, internet marketing, and the best ways to monetize traffic on the internet.

Who Should Attend CPA Life?

If you are passionate to seek knowledge of internet marketing then you will find it in this conference. This conference will change your internet life and you will climb up one step further with some useful tips and suggestions.

CPA Life Statics

This conference is for:

Internet Enturpurners: If you want to earn more by finding out the right ways then you can rapidly increase your revenue by meeting media buyers, advertisers, and experts in affiliate marketing. The more you connect with these people the more frontiers you will reach.

Advertisers: This is the best platform for advertisers to showcase their products/services and increase the target audience. With thousands of attendees, you are more likely to generate enormous results and pay only for that.

SEO specialist: While attending sessions and panel discussions presided over by expert speakers you will learn unique ways to attract more traffic to websites and monetize the traffic to generate high ROI.

Media Buyer: You will learn some useful tips to monetize your traffic and increase your earnings.

Publishers: While every ad network and CPA marketing companies hunt for a severe publisher worldwide, Publishers are the major key point for these conferences. Publishers arrive at affiliate marketing conference to find the right advertisers, the higher number of payouts and meet their account managers While advertisers come to get some quality publisher on board.

So, in my opinion, Affiliate events and conferences are ane exchange platform of publishers and affiliate networks.

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What to Expect from CPA Life Moscow 2019?

This year is going is to be fantastic with CPA life gathering brilliant people from around the world with facilities to interact with the top dignitaries live and get expert opinions from experienced faculties.

The conference consists of networking zones, conference and exhibition. Speakers from Google, Yandex, MyTarget, VK, and Mail.ruGroup will attend the conference part where they will give a piece of advice to the attendees.

Fundamentals of affiliate marketing, CPA networks, and traffic monetization will be explained thoroughly.

A large exhibition zone opens the opportunity to talk directly to the representatives of affiliate networks including affiliate managers and marketers. By taking this chance to talk to them directly, you can clear your doubts and learn the secret sauce to success.  

The atmosphere is enthusiastic and full of positive energy flowing around. You get positive vibes from professionals and this helps you establish a bond between you and the professionals.

There’s music all over and some gift hampers for free given by companies to promote their brands. You might be one of the luckiest one to grab one of those iPhones.

Grab Tickets to CPA Life {Early Bird SALE}

If you want to attend this event then you have to grab one of the tickets and enjoy the conference with full benefits.

CPA Life Pricing

You can choose from three tickets viz. Standard, Business and VIP. Here’s what you will get with these tickets.

Standard: You can buy this ticket at a price of 2990 rub. With this ticket, you get facilities such as attending the complete conference, win prizes by taking part in a lucky draw, get discount coupons from sponsors for their products/services, unique gifts from social media services and visiting master-classes.

Business: The price of this ticket is 7090 rub and the reason behind the cost of this ticket is that not only it includes all the facilities available in Standard but also it gives you access to afterparty.

Afterparty is a fun party to relax your mind with hot girls and premium wines served for free. It begins at 8:30 pm and ends till 4:00 am. So if you buy this ticket then you can attend complete conference and after that enjoy unlimited wine, delicious recipes, live concert from a special guest and more.

VIP: Want to feel like a VIP? This pass is a little costly but gives you special benefits such as a booked place in the conference hall, VIP zone at the conference, special priority service for you and VIP zone at the Afterparty.

Not just the Afterparty but with this ticket, you can attend the Preparty on November 12 with fun-filled atmosphere and lots of wine and girls.

If you want this ticket then you can buy it for 17390 rub so if you have a lot of money then you can get VIP treatment with this ticket.

Sponsorship Packages

This is a great opportunity for sponsors to showcase their products/services in this mega international event. There are too many options to become a sponsor for this event. Sponsorships available for this event are:

CPA Life Sponsors Package
  • Exhibition: There are four different packages for sponsorship in exhibition. In general sponsorship you get complete observability with the biggest stand, in diamond sponsorship you get bigger exposure and better results, in platinum sponsorship you get a good chance to start new partnerships and negotiate with them, gold sponsorship is the best way to display your brand.
  • Networking Zone: With this sponsorship, you will get 2 VIP and 2 business tickets for this conference and a great opportunity to conduct the meeting and explain your products/services to the attendees in your standard brand zone. The price for this package is 4000 USD with 25% OFF on more ticket booking.
  • Charging Zone: This package will cost 4000 USD and includes 1 VIP and 2 Business tickets. Additionally, it offers 25% OFF on more tickets. This place if for advertisement purpose as visitors will come here to charge their gadgets and have a friendly talk with colleagues. Your company will be included on the website and in the video report.
  • Coffee break: The package price for this sponsorship is 6000 USD and includes 2 VIP & 2 Business tickets. When visitors come for a coffee break their eyes will be on your brand on every sip of the coffee. You will be remembered by them
  • Pre-party: What better to promote your brand by offering free wine and hookahs? The price for this sponsorship package is 8000 USD and includes 2 VIP & 2 Business tickets. People will remember you in their hearts and minds for refreshments and free drinks.
  • After-party sponsorship: There are three packages to become a sponsor for the Afterparty. In bar sponsor, you have to pay 6500 USD. This will include 3 VIP & 2 Business tickets with your branding on social media, flyers, 3 roll-up stands and more.

In hookah sponsorship, you get your brand sticker on every hookah, a hookah-working with your brand embossed on the uniform, logo on the screen and website and more. The price for this package is 6500 USD.

In the After-party package, you will get your own table, branding on waiter’s uniform, logo on website, mail-out and report video, welcome zone branding and more. All this and more comes at a price of 10000 USD.

Exhibition Area and its Planning:

The complete conference is divided by planning smartly to give the audience what they are looking for. The exhibition floor is divided into Conference Hall, Bar & Food, VIP Lounge, Networking Zone, Master-class and Charge Zone.

The conference hall will have in-depth sessions about tips on affiliate marketing delivered by expert speakers from the largest brands.

These speakers have the ability to attract a large audience by delivering the latest tips for faster growth and minimizing the errors.

Bar & Food area is available all the time for refreshments. You can buy drinks and food of your choice to keep you energetic during the whole event.

VIP Lounge is a place you don’t want to miss but is available to those having a VIP pass. It has comfy seating like those in the lounge with alcohol and beautiful girls for pleasure along with some delicious food.

Networking Zone is the place where you can chill and meet new people, make new friendships with a cup of coffee. This could become one of the reasons for your success in the future.

Master-class will have top companies in internet marketing sharing their experience and providing hands-on training the attendees under the guidance of expert staff.

Charge Zone is available in case the battery of your mobile dies. If you are missing someone from abroad then you can use this zone to communicate them and share your experience.

Conclusion: Why CPA Life?

CPA Life has changed many peoples lives by offering world-class tips from expert speakers in the affiliate industry.

Speakers like Yulia Lazareva, Igor Vinetskiy, Eduard Bark, Rafael Gabitov, Marina Chernova, Tanechka Alexandrova and more will participate in this event.

Don’t miss this opportunity to change your affiliate life and boost your revenues.

See you at Moscow🤞

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