Hey there, adtech enthusiasts! Get ready to mark your calendars because we’ve got some exciting news for you. Introducing World AdTech Day, a brand new celebration that’s all set to take the industry by storm on March 27, 2024! This groundbreaking celebration is dedicated to recognizing the tireless efforts and unparalleled achievements of adtech professionals worldwide.

From the brilliant minds behind the brands to the savvy experts, clients, influencers, and affiliates, World AdTech Day aims to honor everyone who’s shaping the future of digital advertising. And guess what? It’s all thanks to the visionaries at Adsterra, a global advertising network with a decade of experience under their belt. So, get ready to celebrate, connect, and inspire like never before!

What is World AdTech Day?

World AdTech Day 2024

World AdTech Day, set to debut on March 27, 2024, is a global celebration that recognizes the tireless efforts and groundbreaking achievements of adtech professionals worldwide. This industry-wide observance, initiated by Adsterra, a global advertising network, aims to unite the diverse ad tech community, including ad exchanges, affiliate networks, marketers, and enthusiasts.

By bringing together experts, influencers, and curious individuals, World AdTech Day seeks to foster innovation, share best practices, and shape the future of digital advertising. It’s a day to honor the ad tech industry’s contributions and inspire collaboration among its passionate members.

World AdTech Day Participants

World AdTech Day welcomes everyone in the ad tech industry, including:

  • Ad exchanges
  • Affiliate networks
  • Conversion trackers
  • Marketing software providers
  • Influencers
  • Media buyers
  • RTB programmers
  • PPC managers
  • And many more!

Whether you are an adtech brand, company, project, or simply a curious individual, this event is open to all who share a passion for adtech innovation and best practices.

How to Contribute and Participate in World AdTech Day 2024?

Celebrate World AdTech Day 2024

World AdTech Day 2024 offers numerous ways for individuals and organizations to get involved and celebrate the ad tech community’s achievements. Here are some ideas to inspire your participation:

Social Media Engagement

  • Share your ad tech-related content, such as work processes, team photos, successes, results, memes, or even poems, using the official #WorldAdTechDay hashtag.
  • Engage with other participants’ posts by liking, commenting, and sharing to foster a sense of community and collaboration.

Visual Support

  • Display the World AdTech Day logo prominently on your website, social media profiles, or email signatures to show your support and solidarity with the adtech community.
  • Encourage your colleagues, partners, and clients to do the same, creating a visual representation of the event’s global reach.

Educational Initiatives

  • Host or participate in webinars, workshops, live streams, or other educational events to share your expertise and insights with the ad tech community.
  • Collaborate with industry leaders, influencers, and educators to develop valuable content that helps professionals stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices.

Networking Opportunities

  • Organize or attend networking events, both virtual and in-person, to connect with like-minded professionals, exchange ideas, and celebrate the ad tech community’s achievements.
  • Leverage the power of social media and industry forums to expand your network and foster meaningful relationships with peers from around the world.

Innovation Showcase

  • Highlight the groundbreaking innovations, campaigns, and success stories that demonstrate the transformative power of ad tech.
  • Share case studies, testimonials, and behind-the-scenes insights to inspire others and showcase the industry’s ongoing evolution.

Creative Contributions

  • Develop unique and engaging content, such as videos, infographics, or interactive experiences, that capture the essence of World AdTech Day and the adtech community’s spirit.
  • Encourage your team members to unleash their creativity and develop memorable contributions that resonate with the event’s mission and values.

Remember, these are just a few ideas to get you started. The possibilities for participation are endless, and we encourage you to develop your own unique ways to celebrate World AdTech Day 2024. By coming together as a community and showcasing our collective achievements, we can inspire future innovations and shape the future of advertising technology.

Who’s Behind the World AdTech Day 2024?

You might be wondering, “Who’s behind World AdTech Day?” Well, it’s not some mysterious entity, but rather a familiar face in the industry. Adsterra, a global advertising network with a decade of experience under its belt, recognized the need for a celebration that brings the ad tech community together. They took the initiative to make World AdTech Day a reality, but here’s the best part: they’re not looking to hog the spotlight.

Adsterra wants everyone to get involved and host their own events and activities. The goal is to empower the entire ad tech community to contribute and support each other. So, whether you’re a big player or a small startup, World AdTech Day is your chance to shine and make a difference in the industry.

Current Partners

World AdTech Day is proud to have the support of several industry leaders, including RichAds, kjRocker, CrackRevenue, Evadav, Keitaro, MyLead, Binom, Yellana, CPV Lab Pro, Bemob, TrafficShark, TrafficStars, and EMEC EXPO, among others.

Mission of World AdTech Day

The mission of World AdTech Day is to praise the fundamental role of adtech professionals in strengthening digital advertising and to unite a powerful community dedicated to adtech innovation and best industry practices. By bringing together professionals from various sectors, such as ad exchanges, affiliate programs, and more, this event aims to shape the future of advertising collaboratively.

Join the Celebration

As World AdTech Day approaches, we invite you to mark your calendars and join forces with the global ad tech community to make this inaugural celebration a truly special and memorable event. Together, let’s recognize the incredible work being done in the ad tech industry and inspire future innovations.

For more information about World AdTech Day 2024, please visit the official website https://worldadtechday.com/

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