Get ready for an unforgettable experience at the Online Casino Summit Italia 2023!

One of the most amazing crypto events The Online Casino Summit Italia 2023 is to be held in Rome, Italy. The event which is scheduled for May 4 and 5 is expected to cater to the top crypto crowd and have similar enthusiasts from all over the European market.

Online Casino Summit Italia

The main focus of this event is said to be the discussions over crypto payment methods and its growing market. Besides this, The Online Casino Summit Italia 2023 will also talk about the operators spread in Italy as well as the European market.

About The Online Casino Summit Italia 2023

The exhibition is expected to have the latest products from the casino and crypto industry. One can see and have a hands-on experience with such equipment and products. For an individual, this is the best opportunity to have their network built and meet new people.

The attendees can also have a number of opportunities to meet the perfect innovators from the whole market. Along with learning more about the market, they can even experience what exactly appeals to the local audience from the casino industry. The Online Casino Summit Italia 2023 exhibition will also have discussions about the latest developments in the European market.

As everyone knows that the Italian region is growing rapidly and yet has a lot of developed areas which can be of use, the iGaming operators as well as providers and investors now have an arena where they can display their work. If one wishes to expand their business in Italy and have the best out of it, they should visit this expo for all the cutting-edge and latest insights.

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Guests at The Online Casino Summit Italia 2023

As the special guest speaker the event will have Dustin Plantholt, the Count of Monte Crypto, who will then guide Daniele Tagliarini and Prof. Konstantina Papathanasiou. The event will feature their discussion over the feasibility of crypto payments in the market, as well as the regulatory considerations that operators should keep in mind.

Along with them, Emmanuele Canianelli and Liam Mulvaney will also take a hold of the stage and talk about the importance of retail and online offerings. They will be talking about the balance of the retail market and will mention the true situation of what’s going on in the current casino market.

On the other hand, Sophie Platts along with Marko Jakovetic will talk about the strategies for being a responsible gamer, that will ultimately drive business growth on a large scale. Then another guest speaker, Maja Jovančević will be on the panel to talk about the most successful and practical SEO strategies in the local market.

He will join the other international experts who will be talking about the latest insights into Italy, for those looking to succeed in the market.

The event will also see experts from iGaming industry, from the whole European market. This list of experts include Giulio Coraggio, Stefano Sbordoni, and Terence Casser. Meanwhile, Sophie Platts from Entain and Tom Banks from Kindred Group will be present during the event.

A word from the speakers about The Online Casino Summit Italia 2023

Patrick Georgiev, who is the Global SEO Lead, at Betsson said, “I’m really excited to be a part of the Online Casino Summit Italia, first off because of all the potential networking opportunities that there will be, and secondly so that I can share why the creation of dynamic SEO strategies that work hand in hand with Google’s vision of the SERPs is key to SEO success.”

Further talking about the event, Maja Jovančević, Head of SEO (Casino), Gaming Innovation Group stated, “I am happy to be part of this amazing panel at Online Casino Summit Italia. We at GIG Media have been successfully future-proofing for Google updates and I am happy to contribute to the topic.”

“I’m proud to be part of the Online Casino Summit Italia and to give my contribution to two panels: “Crypto Quest: Exploring the Potential Impact of Digital Assets on Italy’s Gaming market” and “What’s Next for iGaming: Insights into the Future of Online Gaming and What It Means for market Stakeholders”, says Daniele Tagliarini, Advisor, DTC Advisory.

More about The Online Casino Summit Italia 2023

The already art-acclaimed region of Italy which is famous for its royal history and entertainment has now got a new reason to enjoy life with higher expectations. The event organisers, Eventus will have The Online Casino Summit Italia from 4 to 5 May this year, which will be held in Rome, Italy.

Talking for the C-level audience, who are seeking a platform that will provide news and latest update about the online gaming industry, this event will also provide them with opportunities to have a platform for building network.

The event will be a hub of knowledge providing latest development about the current political climate of online gaming in the whole Europe. This will also provide updates about iGaming, metaverse and about the cryptocurrency industry.

You can grasp the knowledge about having an iGaming license. The exhibition by Eventus will have industry experts who will speak about taking charge of SEO in Google’s dynamic platform. They will also have tips and tricks which will help the new entrepreneurs and affiliates to grow further in their businesses.

With the help of re-optimisation and SERP tricks, the guest speakers will enlighten the minds of the attendees on how to optimize the casino content for Google. They will also help them discover the importance of Google News in the field of online casinos.

One can have full knowledge about the growing online gaming world and how to be a part of it. This wont just expand your knowledge about the casinos but also will allow you to have the best network breaks.

The Online Casino Summit Italia 2023 will have more than 50 key speakers and the best of their field. These are some speakers who belong to leading fields, and are also the operators, investors as well as advisers from top gaming ecosystems. The summit promises to be the only event that will host the most engaging series of discussions this year. One should not miss this expo if you are interested in insightful agendas, and want to have a super-valued networking opportunity.

Leading companies at Online Casino Summit Italia 2023

Global Transaction Charge (GTC) which is an international payment provider company, holds a unique and serviceable position in the gaming industry. The successful payment gateway which also has a large number of merchants around the globe will be present at the OCSI 2023. Along with them, Betting Software which is well known for its cutting-edge solution in the gambling industry will have a prime role during the event.

Register now for the Online Casino Summit Italia 2023

You can register yourself for the Online Casino Summit Italia 2023 to have the acces to the latest insights into iGaming and the Online Casino Industry. The ones who seek the best business development in the Italian iGaming industry should hurry up and connect with the top marketers in the leading C-executive niche.

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