The Hipther x AllConfsBot Collaboration is here! Hipther Agency, which is a large-scale event as well as the gaming company is about to collaborate with AllconfsBot, a leading events calendar on Telegram. The collaborative partnership between these two giants is being marked as a big step ahead, which will profit the attendees a lot.

The top Telegram calendar which is available in multiple languages like English, Russian as well as German will hereon provide details about the events that are being held by the gaming and event company, Hipther Events. Let’s see what this Hipther x AllConfsBot Collaboration holds!!

Hipther x AllConfsBot Collaboration

Looking at the new beginnings, this new partnership can be seen as a strategic collaboration between Hipther and AllconfsBot. This also promises a new dimension when it comes to event discovery. This is regarded as the best deal and a great medium for event hunters, who are continually seeking more.

Hipther x AllConfsBot Collaboration

Passionate event seekers can now easily learn about gaming, technology, and anything related to the same field. They have vast access to the numerous events being organized by Hipther and will get to know about the valuable gatherings.

AllconfsBot is one of the best events calendars on Telegram. It can get you access to a wide range of global events within the Telegram App. Also, as a user if you want to add events to your own calendar of Google or Apple that too is possible with ease.

Upcoming Hipther Events

If you have missed our previous blogs on the best of the best events that are being organized by Hipther Events, let’s give a quick revisit to all of them.

The upcoming Hipther events include:

GamingTECH CEE Summit: This is an event that is scheduled for September 26-27 this year. The gaming event will be held in Budapest and is actually carrying a grand seven-year tradition of being a premier autumn event.

GamingTECH CEE Summit is an event that is being held in the Central and Eastern European region, hence the name ‘CEE’. This event will offer a unique trend and an opportunity for the attendees to get into the latest iGaming insights.

The event is best for industry leaders who are trying to convene, share insights, and foster meaningful connections. One can also attend the gaming awards at the prestigious event that will bring forth many hidden talents up on stage and promote their businesses and worth. This award ceremony at the GamingTECH CEE has been specifically organized to celebrate the innovation and excellence within the said region of Central and Eastern Europe.

European Gaming Congress: The next event that is scheduled for this year is the European Gaming Congress. The event is actually returning after a big gap of three years. And believe us, this is one of the most anticipated events that will take place this year from October 30 to 31. The two-day event is about to be held in Warsaw and is about to bring forth the best of the best compliance experts, regulators, and gaming industry professionals. This will also converge to discuss the advancement, as well as updates about the gambling industry.

If you wish to learn about the gambling updates that pan across the European continent, this is the best event for you, which we would suggest to not miss out on in any case, or in any given scenario. The event will actually have a great number of panel discussions and also some of the best valuable insights for attendees looking for iGaming news.

Moving further, to 2024, Hipther Events has planned out something best, which is also unforgettable. The 2024 events list begins with the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit. This event has been scheduled to take place on March 25-27 2024. Similarly, the MARE BALTICUM Gaming & TECH Summit will be held in the month of May, 13-15 2024. This event will be taking place in Tallinn.

Speaking more about next year’s events, one thing is for sure, the events by Hipther which are about to be held in the upcoming year will deliver some of the best and unprecedented networking experiences. Also, these events will give you a grand platform for having a dialogue with industry experts and luminaries.

Hipther Events and the Future of the Gaming Industry

The grand event company, Hipther Events is one of the dedicated event management firms that is putting all the efforts to become the best in its industry. Or let’s put it this way, the event company is actually the best in the field but is still not stopping and expanding more, reaching out to further heights.

And now that the company has got along with AllConfsBot, the partnership now ensures that the event enthusiast gets the most efficient as well as a convenient way to get the latest event news in hand, which is also available within the easiest reach.

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