Connecting with the world full of surprises gives you a chance to learn something new and experience something beyond your imagination…..

Living in a solitaire won’t give you solutions to your unending problems and would irritate you your whole life.

Here is the complete Affiliate World Europe 2019 Overview and reasons to attend this biggest gathering of influential performance marketers and e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Affiliate World Conferences is undoubtedly the best premium Affiliate Marketing events in the world. Its held every year in Europe and Asia.

It is rightly said: An empty mind is a devils workshop”. The more you work the more active you will be and the more productivity.

Not working and sitting idle by thinking about the destiny won’t take you the top of the world. You have to take efforts and try something out of the box that gives you right solutions and right way to success.

One of the best ways to get effective solutions and great ideas is by meeting experts and experienced professionals who know the industry better than you do. But where do you find such people out of their busy schedule?

These experts don’t meet you daily but there is one place where you could meet these super man and super woman. This wonder place is Affiliate World Conferences. A place full of excitement and knowledge. So you can party hard and also gain knowledge directly from the experts live face-to-face.

Affiliate world Conferences: What is it?

Why Should you Attend Affiliate World Europe 2019? 1

Affiliate World is the grandest stage of all. It happens twice a year in Asia and Europe and is the largest affiliate marketing conference that you can ever experience.

This year Affiliate World Conference {Europe} will take place on 8th and 9th of July in Barcelona Spain. You can also attend other events adjacent to this conference such as FBML (Facebook marketing) on 10th of July and ECML (e-commerce marketing) on 11th of July.

This event is for newbies and experts to connect with each other on a large platform and share their ideas to move into the affiliate industry with innovation and technological advancement.

Such a nice platform allows newbies to learn and network with different affiliate marketing companies, Push Ads, e-commerce and dropshipping.

Marketers from around the globe wait every year for this event eagerly as it is one of the most promising events with success stories of people who started from scratch, learned and later after few years made it to the big stage.

This event gives you access to an official AW networking app that allows you to connect and chat with over 3000+ attendees anytime you are willing to.

You can connect & schedule meetings with the attendees before, after and during the conference. Everything is in right in your pocket just a click away. All the list of speakers, exhibitors, venue maps will be available in the app with awe-inspiring features to give you a better experience.

All the latest updates about the event are showcased on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or WeChat. You can also subscribe to the YouTube and Youku channel for grabbing more knowledge on affiliate world Conferences . The schedule of this event will be available on the official website and also on the app.

And don’t worry, you won’t be thirsty or hungry as there will be plenty of water and filter coffee available for free. For snacks and other food items, you can always access the cafes inside the conference and make easy payments via cash or credit card.

Affiliate World Europe 2019: Event Overview

This conference will take place at Fira de Barcelona Montjuïc, Barcelona, Spain. This is one of the most important places in Europe and is also a trade fair institution.

Affiliate World Europe 2019 Venue

If you want to stay closer to the conference venue then the best hotel recommended would be the Hotel Catalonia Barcelona. You can get exclusive discounts only available for the attendees of this event.

Let me guess why you are visiting this event? Is it only to attend this conference? No at all, coming from a far-away country only to attend this event is not a wise man’s choice.

So while attending this event you can explore Barcelona. Visit Barcelona official website to explore this place and experience cuisine, culture and great arts & architecture.

How to buy tickets for AWE 2019 ?

Planning to attend this World’s premier affiliate event?

There are two types of Passes: Affiliate and COmpany/Let’s see their features in details.

Affiliate Ticket:

AWE 2019 affiliate Ticket

If you are an Affiliate Marketer coming alone to attend this event then you choose the Affiliate ticket that gives you access to all the major parts of this conference.

With this pass, you can visit the exhibition market, meet the panels, hear the words of wisdom by expert speakers, and also attend the networking sessions on day 1 and 2 of the event.

Affiliate Ticket Pricing: This ticket will cost you 849 Euros {Sale till 25th June 2019} which gives you 2 day access to this event, 25+ live speeches, 4xNiche Labs, App and Live chat with attendees and Affiliate after hours.

Visit the official website of AW Conference and choose the ticket that best suits you.

Company Ticket:

AWE 2019 Company Ticket

If you are working for a company with a suitable designation then you choose the Company Ticket that gives you similar access to this conference just like you get in the Affiliate ticket but what separates this ticket from the Affiliate one is that your company logo will be printed directly on your badge.

So when you buy this ticket you will be recognized as someone representing a company and this opens up the opportunity for new business ventures.

Company Ticket Pricing: This ticket is for company representatives and will cost 1199 Euros. With this ticket you get your company logo printed on your badge, company name will be listed in the market book and all the other features that are available with the Affiliate ticket.

The above two tickets is for 8th and 9th July. You can also attend the FBML and ECML on day 3 and 4 by purchasing extra tickets for these two sessions.

Optional events and Mastery courses @ AWE 2019:

Facebook Mastery Live will be held on 10th July by iStack Training which gives you immense knowledge on how to operate Facebook and earn a living from it with advanced level training.

Ecommerce Mastery Live will be held on 11th July by iStack that would provide training to ecommerce enthusiasts. If you are someone having an ecommerce website or looking to start selling online then this event will be a turning point in your life.

Why Should you Attend Affiliate World Europe 2019? 2

FBML and ECML are optional events but can be purchased at an extra cost if you have purchased the Affiliate or Company ticket. Both the passes are for two days hence when you purchase any of the tickets you get two-day access this event. There are no one-day passes available.

If you are not sure about choosing the name of the attendee on the ticket then you can do it later.

In case due to some reason you are not able to attend this event then you can transfer your ticket to another person before 48 hours through the link in your ticket confirmation email.

Tickets cannot be shared with others in between the event as you have to pick up a badge with your name by showing a valid ID proof.

Instant VISA invitation letter

AWE 2019 makes it easier for you to attend the event from overseas and also enjoy your holidays in beautiful Spain. Once you get a ticket to AWE 2019, You can instantly download a VISA letter which can be used to obtain SPAIN visa in your country with ease.

To attend this event you must be above the age of 18 but in case you are not 18 then you need to be accompanied by a parent or a guardian and that parent or a guardian must also have a ticket to attend this event.

How to Register For AWE 2019

Firstly you need to collect your badge at the entrance. The registration process will start from 7 July at the conference venue hence those attendees staying at the hotel can also collect their badges on 7 July itself.

Why Should you Attend Affiliate World Europe 2019? 3

A valid electronic copy of your ticket and ID proof is required. For security reasons, business cards and credit cards are not required. Please verify the name on your ticket and the name on your ID proof that should match each other.

All the sessions and panel discussions will take place on the stage which is open to all the attendees. The schedule of speakers and stage sessions can be found on the official AW website or networking app closer to the event.

Networking drinks will be organized at the beachfront club on the 8th of July in the evening. Over 150+ companies will take participation in this event and are open to all the attendees on both days of the conference.

AWE 2019 Schedule:

AWE 2019 Schedule
  • Registration will start at 8:00 from 17:00 on 8th of July
  • Opening remarks will be given by Jason Akatiff from 11:00 to 11:30
  • After this speech, there will be speeches from different expert speakers on different topics.
  • Meanwhile if you don’t want to attend the speaker’s session then you can visit the Ecommerce Branding & Traffic Lab starting at 11:40
  • The exhibit market will open at 10:00 and will get close on 17:30
  • Also, there will be networking events like E-commerce Marketing Mixer starting at 13:50
  • The event will close at 17:30 and after that, you can enjoy the Affiliate after Hours{Party}.

Affiliate world Speakers @ AWE 2019

Affiliate World Europe 2019 Speakers

Their would be 30+ speakers at AWE 2019 who are inspiring, innovative marketers in the performance and ecommerce marketing world.

👉🏽 Check out full list of AWE 2019 Speakers

Exclusive Niche Labs {Bonus}

Niche labs is a serious of dynamic events oarganized specailly for niche strategies. Your ticket to AWE 2019 includes complete Niche labs for 2 days.

Their are 4 niche labs: 👇🏽

Why Should you Attend AWE 2019? Reasons

If you want to scale your affiliate earnings to the next level, You need expert knowledge, tricks, better affiliate offers, and specialized payouts. This all can’t be just done virtually. You need to know your industry expert’s experiences, opinions, meet your affiliate managers, negotiate on offer payouts, and more.

Affiliate World Conferences are the major event in this industry. With the highest number of companies, the global audience over 3000+. It has become a global pioneer. More than 48% attendee who attends this conference generated over $1,00,000 per month,

The conference not only enables you to meet industry leaders and companies, But It also offers premium networking, a bunch of sessions which gives you in-depth knowledge about making money online.

It houses more than 3,000 of the top performance and eCommerce marketing professionals around the globe.

Affiliate world Conferences are for serious performance marketers to scale their revenues.

AWE 2019: Goldmine for Affiliates‼

Can you really afford to skip this event? Not a wise man’s choice.

Better to leap forward then just sit idle and think about all the bad things that took you down in your past. Affiliate World Europe will not just impart great knowledge but also will bring a smile on your face.

So get ready for this excited event full of experts from around the world and don’t forget to party hard.🤞

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