PlayCash Affiliate Network Review

This article is going to give you a complete overview of the PlayCash Affiliate Program Review.

PlayCash is an affiliate program best for Gambling or Betting. It’s been 2 years since the Network came on the scene, and it has managed to create a buzz by becoming a reliable iGaming partner. PlayCash works directly with trusted advertisers and offers affiliates 500+ offers for various traffic sources and GEO.

Along with this, the affiliate program also offers easy-to-use tools and conditions through which its users can make easy money. It supports payout methods like – CPL, CPA, RevShare, and Hybrid. So let’s begin our PlayCash Affiliate Program review.

PlayCash Affiliate Network Review

PlayCash is quick time has become a premier iGaming Affiliate Network that both advertisers and publishers love. Also, the network frequently adds new offers for its partners. These offers can be viewed on the list of current offers from users’ personal accounts. Plus, they can also check out unique offers for rare GEOs in Oceania, Africa and Asia.

PlayCash Affiliate Network Reviews

PlayCash also offers dedicated managers who are, in turn, always ready to offer support and provide you with the unique and biggest offers. They also solve the issues related to your tracking links. If an offer is in any case deactivated, users are via the PlayCash Telegram bot if the traffic is driven to the said offer.

Benefits of Choosing PlayCash Affiliate Network?

The network offers the following benefits: 

  • There are offers for any source like – UAC, FB, SEO, TT, and Streams. 
  • The network offers weekly payments to various payment methods on request. Even it accepts payments on request. 
  • It has a minimum hold policy where the traffic is paid without waiting for payments from advertisers. 
  • There are also convenient conditions for testing new offers. 
  • PlayCash has an Individual bonus system where it encourages partners who consistently drive big volumes of traffic. 
  • Last but not least, it also offers possible financing for your turnover.

Traffic Sources Accepted by PlayCash Affiliate Network 

PlayCash is quite an easy-to-navigate and user-friendly Platform. It offers convenient systems by which you can set up s2s postbacks. It also offers technical specialists who are at hand to help you with platform integration with trackers and is always ready to answer your technical queries.

PlayCash Offers

We recommend PlayCash for users who work with more “exotic” methods of attracting players, as the Platform can offer them a complete guidebook.

Talking about the traffic sources, well, it accepts traffic of all kinds as long it meets the advertiser’s requirements. The key traffic sources include: 

  • SEO
  • In-App 
  • TikTok
  • Scheme traffic
  • UAC
  • Facebook
  • PPC

Key Features of PlayCash – PlayCash Review

The first feature which we will talk about is the Dedicated Managers offered by PlayCash for all users who are always ready to offer support. Plus, they also provide the latest and biggest offers along with redressing issues pertaining to tracking links. This support team is available from 9 AM to 12 PM. You can use the info in the PlayCash Personal account to get assistance. If any offer is deactivated from their end, users will be notified via the PlayCash Telegram bot if that traffic was driven to the said offer.

Secondly, PlayCash frequently adds new offers to its database, and users can see the list of all the current offers directly from their personal accounts. The list also has all the unique offers for rare GEOs like Oceania, Asia, and Africa. 

For its Partners, PlayCash offers the following tools for Free: 

  • Specialized Telegram bot as a personal assistant
  • PWA applications that have the ability to brand them for the selected offer and GEO
  • Web-view-applications for iOS and Android

Also, in the @playcash_support_bot, you get to choose trending Web-view applications for iOS and Android from the top market vendors along with:

  • Get Notifications about your conversions
  • Request a Customized PWA Application
  • Get Notifications about Application ban
  • Getting a name for Facebook/TikTok/UAC and sharing the application 
  • Contacting Technical Support
  • Following the Network’s News. 

PlayCash Affiliate Network Payouts

The best part which we really like about PlayCash is that the Network only has a minimum payout threshold of $100. And to withdraw it, you need to add a wallet from the settings in your personal account. Along with this, take heed of the following:

  • It offers a Weekly Payment System. 
  • You can also add a payment system upon your request.

PlayCash Affiliate Network Payment Methods

They offer payments every Thursday for all the confirmed conversions during the previous week. Even then, Early payments are also available on request. Along with this, you get the Following Payment Methods:

  • Wire Transfer
  • QIWI, Capitalist
  • USDT
  • Webmoney WMZ
  • Bitcoin
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

Individual Bonus System for PlayCash Partners

The Platform also encourages partners who provide stable traffic volumes and offer to form an individual bonus system. The bonus size requirements which are to be met are decided beforehand. And this bonus is paid on a percentage that acts as a booster on top of your regular payout rate.

So, For example, with an individual bonus system of “10% for 30+ first deposit” with a default payout rate on an offer/geo of $200, you can make 35 deposits a day. And then, by noon of the next day, the payout for these deposits will change to $220, which means an additional $700 profit for PlayCash Partners. In a few cases, it can even be “15% for 50+ first deposit,” which clearly means MORE TRAFFIC – MORE MONEY for both parties.

Top FAQs on PlayCash Affiliate Network

What is the PlayCash affiliate network?

PlayCash is a premium affiliate network that offers media buyers with iGaming offers for direct advertisers. It has a database of over 500+ suitable offers for various traffic sources and GEOs. Plus, the Affiliates also get the support of a unique Telegram bot and experienced managers to help them with their queries. Even the Platform has an intuitive and integrated dashboard with popular tracking solutions.

How to sign up with the PlayCash affiliate network?

You can get started with PlayCash in just a few minutes:
1. Head to the Official PlayCash website.
2. Hit the “Sign up” button
3. Provide your Email Address
4. Create a Password
5. And the Affiliate Manager will soon get in touch with you!

Which are the commission types offered by PlayCash?

PlayCash offers – CPA, CPL, Revenue Share, and Hybrid. You also have the cooperation models available. Even RevShare and Hybrid can be added on request.

Which are the accepted sources of traffic by PlayCash?

Primarily, PlayCash focuses on sources like ASO, SEO, TikTok, Facebook, UAC, In-App, and PPC. But if you work with another source, it will still choose an offer for you.

Does the PlayCash affiliate network have an app?

Yes, it does have a web view and PWA applications, which are free for its partners.

Which are the payment methods offered by PlayCash?

PlayCash offers the following payment methods – Wire Transfer, Webmoney WMZ, Capitalist, Bitcoin, USDT, Neteller, Skrill, and QIWI.

Does PlayCash offer good support?

Yes. Each PlayCash Affiliate is offered a dedicated manager who can solve any issue related to the Platform. Plus, you can also find the contact info for Skype, Telegram, or Email on the main page of your personal PlayCash Account. You have the support team available for your help from 9 AM to 12 PM. You can get in touch with them from your PlayCash personal account. Along with this, you PlayCash also has a Telegram Channel where they share their expertise, current offers, and promotions.

What is the minimum payout offered by PlayCash?

PlayCash has a minimum payout of $100, which is paid every Thursday for all confirmed conversions during the previous week.

Conclusion: PlayCash Review – Is the PlayCash affiliate network legit?

Yes. If you are searching for a reliable partner in the iGaming vertical, look no further than PlayCash, as the affiliate network has it all for its partners and advertisers to help them grow and expand their revenue-making potential. The network also offers regular payouts and has a bare minimum payout threshold. Also, the company has a wide array of offers for any GEO, a dedicated support team, free applications, and a helpful Telegram bot to make life easier for its partners.

Also, the platform is easy-to-navigate and user-friendly, and you can find all the tabs on your left. With various conditions for monetizing traffic in gambling and free appropriate tools offered, we recommend PlayCash for iGaming and Betting vertical! 

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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