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Product List Genie Review 2021: #1 E-Commerce Tool (Get 50% OFF)

The dropshipping industry's growth is impeccable; you can earn millions by strategizing your product in the right way. But is it that easy?

The main element of any business is its product, its uniqueness, and its offerings. What if we tell you that we have a tool to help you with product strategizing!

Product List Genie is a kind and popular tool, used by millions of Shopify business owners to grow. It's as easy as listing up your niche and finding the best benefits tailored just for you. No doubt that e-commerce businesses have great reach, but it's an excellent earning key too.

But do you think it's easy to mark up your print in a crowded space? Not at all, but it's not impossible, too, if you have the Product List Genie with you! All you need to do is connect your Shopify account with this fantastic tool and import an excellent product list within a second.

In this post, we have featured our honest and trustworthy ✅Product List Genie Review updated for 2021 that includes its detailed features analysis.

Dropshipping has lots of offers for newbies and professionals. It doesn't require a hectic installation, and you can do all the processes within the comforts of your home. Now, if you have installed it, the very next step is to target the right audience, and the Product Genie list covers that as well!

Detailed Product List Genie Review

Product List Genie Review

Now, as you are well versed in the benefits of the dropshipping business, it's the time to explore more about this fantastic tool: Product List Genie Shopify. If you are a beginner in this business, this tool is a boon for you because it can solve all the problems.

As it's tedious to find the right product in the dropshipping business, the Product List Genie looks after the trendiest and in-demand products across the web and automatically fills out your shop with the same. This will help you to boost your sales and know your audience properly.

You can increase your sales opportunity by Product List Genie, as it is updated regularly with the in-demand list, and you can pick out the best and land it in your store.

Most of the dropshipping businesses fail because the owners tend to bundle up their store with lots of unnecessary products. You can cut off your marketing expenses by Product List Genie, as it has the best resources. Product List Genie is intuitive and user-friendly, so don't if you are a beginner, because you won't require any technical knowledge to access!

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Product List Genie Features

The Product List Genie tool has the best features to help you manage both online and offline businesses. The software is updated frequently and has optimum knowledge of the market requirements or audience demand.

You can also expand your knowledge as an entrepreneur with a Product List Genie, as they have lots of resources, including courses and trained professionals. Your overall business gets automated, as you have to do less product research.

The Product List Genie software will also keep you updated with the latest news relating to the dropshipping business.

💥Creative advertising

The Product List Genie tool supports creative advertising for your business. The tool is compatible with Google and Facebook ads.

Creative advertising

As Facebook ads have a higher reach, you can use this tool to attract traffic in a quick time. You can create short videos of your business or products; and enlist your features, offerings creatively.

The Product List Genie tool will help you create the purpose of the campaign and the ad's copy. It also has a Facebook targeting option, so overall, this tool is quite innovative and a step further than its competitors.

🛒Suppliers from the US

This feature by the Product List Genie is quite attractive and unique from the competitors. If you have been using this tool for quite a while, you will find a unique product category with suppliers from the US. The US warehouse feature easily manages fast shipping.

Suppliers from the US

In this category, you will find products relating to sports equipment; that is popular. However, you won't perform ads on different platforms, as you may end up in copyright infringement cases. You need to seek permission from the brand to sell these products!

🏅Profitable product list

To run the Shopify shop, it is important to store high ticket products. Through the product list category by the Product List Genie tool, you can access high-earning items.

Profitable product list

All the products under this category are more than $1000, and you will also get a short training by the tool itself. To use this feature, you need to get approval from the supplier. You must have extensive knowledge to work in this business model.

Additional features offered by Product List Genie

The overall system working of the Product List Genie tool is automated. The team does not just help get your business the right product but also keep track of all the data. As a business, you won't require doing lots of research from your end, along with the latest dropshipping messages.

Product List Genie Coupon

The Product List Genie offers fast delivery rates to all the commodities sourced directly from the US.

Product List Genie Services

  • Trendy products in the software

The product genie searches the trendiest product for your Shopify shop. All the products are added daily by selecting through different advertising platforms.

  • High-demand products

The tool's marketing genies pick up the top 100 products that are in demand by the customers. This will help you boost your business instantly. The products are selected by different marketing strategies, demographics, and segmentation.

  • Slide into the store

The Product List Genie tool is built up in such a way to bridge up the gap between consumers and businesses. All the products are not just of high-demand, but you will get an instant conversion. Once you have inserted the items in your shop, the promotion is done within seconds.

  • Sneak to the ad account

Yet another exciting feature by Product List Genie is you can import winning product campaigns directly to your Facebook ads within a quick time. So, now there are no more lengthy ads because the genie does it all for you.

  • Regular updates

The Product List Genie improves and updates their list of products almost daily, or once a week. They keep on adding exciting features to help you convert quickly. You can also join the passionate and successful merchants to boost your business.

  • High ticket delivery with Minimum Purchase Price

If you wish to sell high-price products in your shop, then the genie has it all. They update the list of products every day by following the minimum purchase price policy to attract customers.

  • Reverse engineering for competitors

Competitors are the best source of knowledge in any business. You can learn about their strategies, traffic, and products to improve your business instantly. And the Product List Genie tool helps you review the competitors' ads to help you get the competitive information, even if you are already converting?

  • US ship/source facility

You can get the genius product list quickly through the tool. However, the shipping may get delayed if you are in the US.

  • Extensive support and guide

The Product List Genie tool offers round the clock service to their users. If you have any queries relating to the tool's functioning, the support team reverts within an hour. You can also join the Product List Genie community to get excellent tips and tricks about the dropshipping business.

If you want to learn more about the Product List Genie or are stuck at a point, this community is very beneficial.

Is Product List Genie Legit?

The Product List Genie works on a function list. You need to open a Shopify shop and set up with direct shipping. See to it that you include ready to ship products for better and manageable shipping.

When your shop is linked with the Product List Genie, you will get access to a list of best products and how to sell them in your store. If you are a beginner, then don't worry; there's a group support system available where you can take the team genie's help.

As all the products are up to date and the Product List Genie also provides simplified advertising to help you get the right traffic for your business, your shop will get a quick hit in minimum time. The information provided by the Product List Genie is relevant and supported by lots of shop owners.

Hence, we would indeed say that the Product List Genie is worth the hype because it has excellent features to help you grab profitable traffic for your business!.

Product List Genie Pricing

There are two different packages by Product List Genie for their users, depending on the features. You can also try the tool for 7 days for free!

Product List Genie Pricing
  • Base package for $67
  • Pro package for $99

If you are a beginner and have started your Shopify store recently, then the Product List Genie might be expensive for you. The base package comes with limiting features, but the pro has abundant benefits. You can connect with a community with extensive knowledge about the tool; to help you get the best quickly.

You can try other alternatives as well if you find the Product List Genie expensive. However, different coupon codes will help you get the tool at best possible reasonable price!

Pros & Cons


  • Precise targeting
  • Customized FB ads for your business
  • Orders fulfilled within a click
  • No requirement of technical knowledge
  • Money and time savior
  • Extensive round the clock customer service
  • Spy and research on competitors ads
  • Provides creative designs
  • Weekly prizes that are highly rewarding
  • Access to 10,000 viral products instantly


  • Can't discover new trend products instantly
  • Limited trial period

🌟 Product List Genie FAQ

🤔How does Cash On Delivery (COD) work?

The process is straightforward. You sell online, and your users will be going to pay for the products upon delivery. As we all know, people only spend money when they have the product as they trust more in this type of transaction.

🔎Can I sell any products?

No, because Product List Genie only focuses on the winning products that are already tested. This is very useful for you as you do not need to waste your time and money testing products.

🙄Do I have to install anything?

It is an all in one complete platform, so do not need to focus on any technical parts. You just need to login and start your business right away.

🤑Does Product List Genie offer any free trial?

Yes, it provides a 7-days free trial in which you can gauge the features of this platform and check if this tool works for you or not. According to the official website of Product Line Genie, you can even cancel your subscription and get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service.

Conclusion: Product List Genie Review 2021 | Should you go for it?

E-commerce is a broad market, and if you are a beginner, you will be required to do lots of groundwork to grab a handful of customers.

A Product List Genie is an excellent tool; in this case, it does not just have the best features to boost the traffic, but it will help you get the relevant and in-demand product for your offline business.

We would highly recommend you to try this product for once and get an insight on your own. The list of products by Product List Genie is up to date and can benefit you in several ways. There are some downsides relating to trendy products, but it is manageable!😊

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