On December 8, 2023, in Bangkok, Thailand, Affiliate World Asia (AWA), the biggest affiliate marketing conference in Asia, will conduct an exclusive Affiliate Drinks Meetup networking event. Conversion Club, a group of affiliate marketers committed to networking and information sharing, is hosting this much-awaited event.

The Affiliate Drinks Meetup will be held at The Gardens in Bangkok starting at 8 p.m. Attendees of AWA will have a singular opportunity to socialize and network in a laid-back setting with sponsors, exhibitors, and other affiliate marketers.

More About Affiliate Drinks Meetup Bangkok 2023

Affiliate Drinks Meetup Bangkok 2023
Affiliate Drinks Meetup Bangkok 2023 by Conversion Club 2

A component of the Affiliate World Asia 2023 conference, which is scheduled for December 7-8, 2023, is the Affiliate Drinks Meetup. The world’s leading affiliate marketers and e-commerce business owners come together for the conference, which gives participants the chance to network with top executives in the field, take in mastermind-level instruction, and discover an opportunity-filled market.

Conversion Club hosts the unique networking event known as the Affiliate Drinks Meetup, which is intended to give attendees a laid-back setting in which to mingle with exhibitors, sponsors, and other attendees. It is anticipated that this will be the biggest assembly of the world’s leading affiliate marketers and e-commerce operators.

Location of the Event

The Gardens, in the center of Bangkok, is the venue for the Affiliate Drinks Meetup. Affiliates can relax in style at this elegant location after a hectic day at the AWA conference.

The Gardens is a place to network and socialize, with its chic decor, upbeat soundtrack, and open floor plan. The greatest gathering of affiliate marketing executives and entrepreneurs in the world will take place at this facility, which has a dance floor, beverage bars, and VIP spaces.

Agenda of the Event

An evening of opulent entertainment, exceptional networking, and beverages catered to affiliates’ preferences is promised by the Affiliate Beverages Meetup. On the agenda are:

8 PM: Registration, Welcoming drinks, and Door Opening

8:30 PM: Networking gets Underway in Earnest

10 PM: VIP Visitors Show Up

11 PM and 12 AM: Live DJ performance – Event ends

In between, participants may anticipate having a great time, mingling with peers, exchanging ideas, and forming new relationships. The Meetup, which is anticipated to draw over 500 people, will serve as Affiliate World Asia 2023’s premier networking event.

Info Partners

The Affiliate Drinks Meetup has partnered with several leading industry organizations as info partners, including iAmAttila, Masons Traffic, TechNoven, MAMA, IMPROVE Agency, AffSovet, CPA.RIP, Zorbasmedia, Reklamavinternete, BloggingEclipse, AFFTweaks, and Traffic Mafia. These respected companies will help promote the event and provide valuable insights into the affiliate marketing space.

Get your Passes

The Affiliate Drinks Meetup is free to attend, but registration is needed. Visitors to the event’s official website can reserve their place.

About Conversion Club

Conversion Club is a group of affiliate marketers committed to exchanging useful knowledge so that members can advance in the business together. The club has a reputation for producing unique and unforgettable experiences because of the several conferences and parties it has thrown for the industry.

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