Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Forums for Newbies/Experts: Updated August 2018

If you are a novice and want to gather good knowledge about affiliate marketing then you should join some exclusive affiliate marketing forums that will help you in taking the right decision for growing your business online.

These forums are attended by the most popular speakers, internet marketers and major CPA affiliate networks all belonging to the same stream. You can listen thoroughly to the speakers and discuss face to face to get the best tips for effective conversions.

Most of the Aff. marketing forums are premium ones but there are few that only free entry also. Joining the free does give you knowledge about affiliate marketing but is limited whereas the paid forums give you the opportunity to explore the In-depth affiliate world by gaining knowledge, ideas, strategies from the pros and tools that allows you to grab and adhere more traffic.

Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Forums – Updates 2018

Affiliate marketing forums are the enlightened path with explicable solutions for startups, newbies and those who have a passion to achieve the pinnacle in the niche. After searching and attending different forums, we came up with a list of best free and paid affiliate marketing forums that we wanted to share with you.

With all the experience that we were able to gather from these forums, we would suggest you to also try any of these forums and use the right tools for better conversions.
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When it comes to sharing ideas and tips to others for improving their lifestyle then one word that arises in our mind is Blogging.

Blogging is the trending online platform for those who like to share their experience with others around the world but nowadays blogging has been succeeded by forums which is a more powerful platform and bigger than blogging.

Top 5 Internet Marketing Forums you should Join now:


Here is the review and short intro of Best five internet/Affiliate Marketing forums and communities which are ranked #1 by pro internet ninja’s and most of the top affiliate marketers in the world are members of these forums and share their secrets traffic strategies, tools, ideas to build the online empire. The below forums also conduct events and meetups to engage all industry leaders in one place for better knowledge sharing.

1: STM Forum

Whether you are a novice looking to launch your first campaign or an experienced marketer looking for to increase and build solid relations with affiliate networks, STM Forum is the secret sauce to both of you. By joining this forum you will not only boost your business relations but will also achieve tranquility.


STM was established in January 2011 and has focused on providing quality information on various topics to internet marketers. It strives to work as a central networking hub for the novice as well as experienced professionals and has expanded rapidly in a minimum span of just 7 years.

It gives the opportunity to learn about online business through various conferences and events and makes sure to impart updated information.

2: Wealthy Affiliate

If you are passionate about internet marketing and want to thrive success then you should join Wealthy Affiliate forum with over 1,000,000 + internet entrepreneurs. Creating an account with Wealthy Affiliate and earning is quick and easy. You first need to choose an interest by contemplating millions of ideas online on any topic. Choose any topic with the help of Wealthy Affiliate and become successful without any experience.

Choosing a topic doesn’t need you to invest any time instead you can choose from any pre-selected topics and have fun with it. Building a website with Wealthy Affiliate takes less than 30 seconds and you are good to go with a stunning, mobile-friendly and profit earning site. Creating a beautiful website will lead your business towards pinnacle.

The very important aspect of a successful online business is to grab as many visitors as you can.  Who would sell your products to or advertise to if you don’t have ample visitors? WA helps you in attracting massive and relevant traffic to your site with intelligent techniques that will rank your site on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

With over 3.75 billion active internet users searching for solutions to their simple or critical problems, you have got the best opportunity to capitalize visitors by joining Wealthy Affiliate.

3: Affilorama

Affilorama is a classic gateway to promote different products and monetize traffic that will generate huge revenues. By creating a free Affilorama membership you get access to quick – start guide that helps you avoid the big troubles and earn huge money as an affiliate. If you are stuck somewhere and don’t have an idea how to move forward then you can take help from the downloadable infographic to move onto next step smoothly.


If you are a novice then you can take help from the 120 video lessons and learn the ways to earn your business. Since the tools offered by Affilorama are a little advanced hence this forum is more suitable for experienced affiliates who already have a good knowledge about affiliate marketing.

Affilorama offers the latest and best online application that assists you in managing revenue generation, website analytics, SEO, PPC and social campaigns. It provides powerful keywords, quality content and amazing graphics so you won’t miss a single puzzle. You just need to join the puzzles and start earning like never before.

4: AffplayBook

If you are the newbie and want to learn about affiliate marketing at the cheaper price, then AffplayBook is the suggested affiliate marketing forum for you. In a low-cost budget, you get access to case studies of the best affiliates around the world.

AffplayBook is providing excellent services since 2009 and is, therefore, one of the most trusted and recommended affiliate marketing forum. It has more than 3,600 members taking benefit from its powerful tools and resources to become a pro in affiliate marketing.

It offers step by step guide, tips on monetizing traffic with different traffic sources like PPV, PPC, Facebook, Plenty of Fish, Mobile, SEO and more. At AffplayBook you get access to lessons & guides for product creation, suggestions on building landing pages, implementing code & track, advice on increasing productivity, advice from top affiliates, network owners and traffic sources to boost your business, conferences, live webinars and contests where you can earn cool stuff.

4: Warrior Forums

If you are looking to create and sell your products on a marketing forum then Warrior Forum is the best place to do so. It is the world’s largest internet marketing forum to buy or sell products and services at a great price. With WF your products will be advertised to over 1 million online marketers and have the potential to convert your traffic into the real money-making business.


It helps you in arranging business introductions to your target market. It creates a listing where you can sell your products & services and people provide reviews, testimonials and even ask questions related to your products & services. You can increase the listing by advertising on external websites and take your listing one step ahead.

Different topics which can be used to earn at WF are Internet Marketing, War room, SEO, Ad Networks, PPC/SEM, Social Media, Offline Marketing, Copywriting, eCommerce, Mind Warriors and many more.

My Last Words:

Affiliate forums are the best place to learn and earn independently with no more orders from any bosses and relaxing from your 9 to 5 day job.

You can utilize the tools and resources to attract tsunami of traffic and monetize it to convert into huge profits. You can buy or sell products or services to millions of affiliates around the world which gives exposure to your business and recommendations to other people whom you don’t even recognize.

You can take help from the guides, lessons, tutorials and meet top affiliates to take expert advice on how you can grow your business and make huge profits.

If you are confused about how to start as an Affiliate Marketer then join the top affiliate forums mentioned in this post and become a pro in affiliate marketing.

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