The organizers of The Forex Expo Dubai 2023 are excited to announce the forthcoming major event, which will take place from 26 to 27 September 2023. This Forex Expo, a flagship event in the financial industry calendar, promises to be an innovative, dynamic, and interactive platform for the trading community.

About Forex Expo Dubai 2023

Forex Expo Dubai 2023

The Forex Expo Dubai 2023 aims to connect thousands of Forex professionals, businesses, and enthusiasts from across the globe under one roof, enabling networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. The Expo will be hosted at the Dubai World Trade Centre, Hall 6, 7, and 8. This is a prestigious location known for regularly hosting world-class events and conferences.

The event offers an unparalleled opportunity for attendees to immerse themselves in the world of forex trading. With a wide array of exhibitions, presentations, workshops, and panel discussions, the Expo will provide invaluable insights into the latest trends, strategies, and technologies in forex trading.

Among the high-profile speakers will be leading experts, seasoned traders, and innovative fintech entrepreneurs who will share their experiences and knowledge, contributing to the attendees’ professional growth.

Notably, The Forex Expo Dubai 2023 will also act as a catalyst for introducing innovative forex trading solutions and platforms. By hosting a diverse group of exhibitors, including top-tier forex brokers, technology providers, and financial institutions, the Expo will offer a sneak peek into the future of the forex trading industry. The participants will get the opportunity to explore and engage with these cutting-edge solutions, thereby gaining a competitive edge in the global forex market.

Topics to be discussed at Forex Expo 2023

As an attendee, you can learn a lot about What is the current trends in forex investing and trading. Along with that get yourself indulged in topics such as “How the regulations for the forex industry is matured?”, “Facts that constitute the current Forex currency Trends”, “What are the top Forex currencies in today’s market?”, “How Forex payments have expanded in everyday life?” and “Learn about the industries adopted to Forexcurrency payments.”

Awards at Forex Expo 2023

The event will also feature an awards ceremony, recognizing the accomplishments and contributions of top performers in the forex trading industry. This celebration aims to inspire and motivate participants by acknowledging the best in the business. The awards categories will include ‘Best Forex Broker,‘ ‘Best Trading Platform,’ and ‘Best Mobile Trading Platform,’ among others.

Speakers at Forex Expo 2023

With an intriguing list of speakers, the event is set to blaze on the whole arena. Meet the professionals like Habib Akiki, Senior Market Strategist at XM Global LTD, along with Anthea Razu, the Head of Sales, at Right group financial limited. Similar to this, there are a number of profound speakers that you can learn from well and brighten your future with.

Speakers at Forex Expo Dubai 2023

For the Exhibitors

This event will give you vast opportunities where you can meet and engage with over 1200 financial brokers and at the same time also learn from 5000 plus investors. In the event, you can easily target the 6000 plus traders, and over 3000 IB and Affiliates. As per the talks in the market, one can also meet over 300 B2B technology providers, who have a high demand in the market. These will be the people present in the exhibition with a few of their finest offerings.

Also with that, as an exhibitor, you also have the opportunity to meet and engage with 10000 plus Forex traders and investors attending face-to-face, to showcase your company’s products and services. Also, win appreciation and gratitude awards to celebrate your success, and reach the maximum number of potential clients and investors from all across the world.

Premier Sponsors at Forex Expo 2023

With the event coming close day by day, the Forex Expo Dubai 2023 has launched its list of premier sponsors. These sponsors belong to a number of different industries and are the leading ones in their specific niche. They are regarded as the ones who have brought great changes and innovation in the financial industry.

  • Titanium Sponsors – Accuindex, ADSS, alpari, ATFX, AusGlobal and more.
  • Diamond Sponsors – ActivTrades, Adroll, Alchemy Markets, Blackbull Markets and more.
  • Platinum Sponsors – A- markets, Admirals, Arn Fintech, Avatrade, Capex and more.
  • Gold Sponsors – Arabian Business Academy, Adenasoft, APM Capital and more.
  • Silver Sponsors – Arab Platform Capital, Ark Trader, Connectee, Deneo Partners and more.
  • Featured Sponsors – FloxyPay, Forsol, IQX trade, OEXN, Philip Capital and more

Why should you attend the Forex Expo 2023?

Here, as an attendee, you have the opportunity to meet financial brokers and investors. Well, you are in for a treat as this won’t just be a place to meet but also learn a lot from these prominent professionals. Get to know the traders, IBs, Affiliates, and also the B2B technology providers, who will be sharing great insights and offering multiple-level knowledge at the event.

Get the grand experience at Forex Expo Dubai 2023 of:

  • Insightful keynote sessions and panel discussions
  • Networking opportunities with industry leaders
  • Live trading demonstrations and growth opportunities
  • Access to cutting-edge solutions and technologies

In addition to the knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities, The Forex Expo Dubai 2023 also promises to deliver a memorable experience for its attendees. Dubai, known for its luxury, world-class services, and multicultural environment, offers a spectacular backdrop for this landmark event.

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