SPiCE Sri Lanka 2023 is all set to take place, Check out what the event holds!

One can easily observe a huge change in the iGaming niche that is taking place around the world. With upcoming trends like 5G technology as well as the esports sector, the world has now been offered with new ways to grow.

Especially when we talk about the Asian iGaming market, it is now fuelled with international translations in multiple languages, which is why the whole iGaming world is now having eyes on the Asian region and its market.

And hence, Eventus International is more focused and excited to cover this whole region with the series of iGaming events. Beginning with their venture, this extravagant Strategic Platform for iGaming Conference & Exhibition (SPiCE) series will be initiated from Sri Lanka in the month of July this year.

Inaugural Series Event SPiCE Sri Lanka 2023

SPiCE Sri Lanka

Since the super successful SPiCE events that were earlier held in India, Eventus International is now on a great expansion of its brand. Eventus International will be covering the whole subcontinent and launching a separate edition of SPiCE in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

👉 A Look Back at SPiCE India

The event which is supposed to be held in Sri Lanka, will be taking place from 26 to 28 of July 2023 and will unlock some of the latest business opportunities. SPiCE Sri Lanka will be held at Ramada by Wyndham, in Colombo. One can easily build a new network with the C-level industry leaders at the event.

SPiCE event in Sri Lanka will have the best industry-leading experts who have already explored the depths as well as the potential of this niche. The island nation will have an opportunity to have the land-based casinos studied along with the online gaming industry.

The focus of SPiCE Sri Lanka 2023

The three-day event will brief the attendees about the game of skills, sports betting, the potential that land-based casinos hold, and more of such similar topics.

Eventus International has been planning this all along and now they are pretty sure that this segment of their SPiCE series will be a great start as they have invited some of the leading experts from gaming, tourism, regulation, and technology. These guests will be the ones who will inspire the visitors present in the event and talk about what exactly is happening within the industry.

The attendees will also be listening to some thought-provoking topics during the extensive conference sessions.

Why should you attend SPiCE Sri Lanka?

It’s not just an event that will bring together some people, it is an event that will bring together businesses. A perfect place to connect with industry experts and also collaborate to discuss ideas in a free atmosphere.

This event will even brief you about the regulatory updates related to the gaming industry. It will talk about the legislative aspect and the laws related to gaming in Sri Lanka.

If you own a business, SPiCE Sri Lanka will surely give you the best opportunities to showcase your products to the existing as well as your future potential customers. Along with all that, there are even plenty of opportunities to connect with clients and investors, while also exploring the investment opportunities of the gaming business.

The best thing about SPiCE Sri Lanka is that it will be one place, with a lot of minds together, so if you need any help or suggestions about the gaming niche in Sri Lanka or even about South Asian countries you have got lawyers, tax accountants, consultants, and even the gaming advisors who can guide you well.

Speakers at SPiCE Sri Lanka 2023

With a number of guest speakers invited for the event here are the first four diligent guests, who will lead the stage of SPiCE Sri Lanka 2023.

Here are some widely appreciated names in the industry:

  • Anutosh Chatterjee, CEO, Revenue Street
  • Asmita Gupta, Chief Commercial Officer, Spectatr
  • Deepanshul Rana, Gaming Consultant
  • Dmitry Belianin, Chief Commercial Officer, PM International
  • Erin Varghese, iGaming Consultant
  • Gaurav Subhash Sawant, Founder, HypeSquad & The Nestling Network
  • Gnana Shekar, CMO, Skyesports
  • Gursimran Brar, Director – Sales (South Asia), Sportradar
  • Jaydeep Chakravartty, iGaming Consultant
  • Joe Pisano, Founder and CEO, Jade Entertainment & Gaming Technologies Inc.
Speakers at SPiCE Sri Lanka

Topics that will be discussed at SPiCE SRI Lanka 2023

  • Sri Lanka’s Gambling Regulatory Authority and Responsible Gaming
  • Responsible Gaming: Legal Perspective
  • Growth Potential for New Entrants in the Market
  • Exploring Esports Partnerships in Sri Lanka and South Asia
  • Capitalising on the International Sporting Scene: Live Sports Betting Popularity

SPiCE Sri Lanka 2023 Schedule

On July 26 one can attend an atmosphere that will be much more relaxed. You can unwind and meet the other participants at the “SP’iCE’ Breaker Welcoming Reception” which is a great pre-event and social gathering, especially done to cater to the friendly nature of the event. This will be a perfect way, to begin with the event, where the evening is also designed to have a special meet-up with the attendees over drinks, food as well as some entertainment.

SPiCE event’s inaugural segment which is supposed to be held in Sri Lanka will begin on 27 July, sharp at 9:30 am which will be the registration session along with morning coffee.  Then beginning at 10 am, the event will have opening remarks from the chairperson, later leading to an opening address at 10:45, which will discuss the insights into the Sri Lanka gaming industry “Exploring key growth and opportunities in land-based, sports betting, online gaming, and lottery”

At 11:15 one can attend the keynote address topic “Analysing the current regulatory framework in the Sri Lanka gaming market.” After a quick networking tea break session, at 11:45 the panel discussion will begin covering the topic of  “Is Sri Lanka ready for Integrated Resorts (IRs) & World Class Casinos? Looking ahead at opportunities and challenges that will impact the industry in 2023.”

A lunch break at 13:15 will be given after which the presentations will start. At 14:30 presentations on “Port City Colombo: South Asia’s world-class city in the making – Positioning Sri Lanka on the global map” will be initiated, which will lead to another session of panel discussion, covering the topic “Navigating the new casino tax laws: updates and the impact on the Sri Lankan iGaming industry.”

The first day of the event will end with closing remarks from the chair. Later the attendees can enjoy the networking drinking session and the SPiCE Sri Lanka Poker Tournament.

The second day of SPiCE Sri Lanka will begin at the same time holding similar events as the first day. Sharp at 10:15 welcome remarks surrounding the topic of “What is the potential for eSports in Sri Lanka? “ will begin along with a presentation at 10:45 on “Big data in land-based casinos and other gaming offerings: Using numbers to increase revenue, attract and retain players.”

A similar event of the presentation will begin at 11:15 covering the topic of ‘Combating match-fixing and illegal betting during cricket season: how to recognize illegal activities and what can we do more’ leading to a networking tea break session.

Right after the tea break, at 12:15 a series of panel discussions will begin covering the topic of “The Opening for Cryptocurrency in the Sri Lankan Market: to what extent is payment a viable option?” and at 13:00 “The Popularity of live sports betting and how to capitalize on the international sporting scene”

Then after a lunch break which will begin at 13:45 a few more panel discussions will begin at 14:15 and will go on till 16:30.

The topics that will be covered during these four segments of panel discussions will be “Marketing Matters: Exploring ways in which iGaming operators can start attracting high-quality traffic with the help of affiliate marketing”,  “Effective Partnerships in the ‘Information Age’: How operators and affiliates can collaborate with AI technology”, “Adjust and Adapt: A look into trends and innovations that will benefit both operators and affiliates within Sri Lanka’s iGaming industry”, and  “Responsible Marketing: Ensuring a safe and sustainable gaming market through selective affiliate marketing.”

The closing remarks at 17:15 by the chairperson will lead to the networking drinks which will begin at 17:45.

Nominations for SPiCE Sri Lanka 2023 Eventus Awards

The event is set to have a fabulous awards ceremony. This is where the individuals, as well as the companies that are at par excellence in their belonging fields, will be awarded for their work.

You can have a look at the categories and have your vote given today at https://www.sportsbettingevents.com/spice-sri-lanka-award-nomination.

Also, the nominations for this awards function are about to be closed on 21 July 2023 so hurry up and get going.

Venue for SPiCE Sri Lanka 2023

Ramada, Colombo is situated in the commercial capital, and within the heart of Sri Lanka. The venue is just minutes away from the Central Business District and also minutes away from the best places for entertainment, dining, and shopping.

You can reach the venue within 25 minutes from the Bandaranaike International Airport.

The hotel is well known to provide leisure with a combination of superior service and facilities with affordability. The hotel has got 94 spacious rooms offering complimentary wifi. It has even got four restaurants within itself, a bar, spa, swimming pool as well as gym for the one who likes to stay fit.

SPiCE Sri Lanka Tickets

Tickets for SPiCE Sri Lanka 2023

There are various range of tickets available which you can buy from here

Kind words of Market Experts at SPiCE Sri Lanka 2023

“SPiCE Sri Lanka 2023 can help to unlock the full potential of the Sri Lankan gaming market, which is already home to 4 million gamers and expected to grow at a rate of 10% or even more.” says Deepanshul Rana, a well known Gaming Consultant.

Further talking about the event, Asmita Gupta, who is the Chief Commercial Officer at Spectatr adds, “I am super excited to meet with like minded folks and know about the innovations happening in the industry.”

Also, Rakesh Eligapalli, the Co-Founder and CEO of Primecraft Games says “I am keen to understand how Sri Lanka contributes to the global iGaming industry. More importantly I am looking to synergise with local connections for business growth. And lastly, I want to keep SPiCE on my tradition list.”

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