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[92% OFF] GoDaddy SSL certificate coupon 2022: SSL at $5.9/yr

Are you looking to get higher Google rankings of your site and get rid of “Not secure” warnings on your site on Google Chrome? Get an SSL on your website at just $5.9/Yr by using the GoDaddy SSL Certificate coupon updated for 2022.

Websites with SSL certificates are given high priority by Google in SERP & also get a secure https:// padlock and a lot of benefits.

It is always better to secure you while the website and its data by adding an extra layer of security that is SSL.

Godaddy is the leader in web services, and they offer huge discounts on numerous SSL certificates for the website with excellent support. Here I am sharing an exclusive Godaddy SSL Certificate coupon for 2022 which enables you to save the maximum of 92% discount instantly.

SSL certificates are issued by numerous web security companies such as Symantec, Comodo, GlobalSign, etc.

There are many types of SSL certificates from basic to advance and used on transitional websites or website collecting data from end-users.

Godaddy SSL Certificate Coupon :92% Discount

We have the latest Godaddy SSL Certificate prom code which lets you grab one website SSL certificate worth $69.99/yr in just $5.9/yr or ₹390/yr for Indian users. Click on the below button to directly redeem the deal. Use coupon code “SSHL5IN30 

Reveal Godaddy SSL Coupon


GoDaddy SSL Certificate coupon India- 92% OFF

For Indian users, this is the best deal to buy SSL certificate GoDaddy at just Rs.389 per year which is the cheapest price of all. While all other providers are offering SSL certificates from Rs.1000 to Rs.1500 per year, This deal enables maximum savings along with the trust and support from GoDaddy.

Godady SSL coupon India

Click on the below button to activate this Godaddy SSL cert coupon India. No need to enter any coupon code as we have already enabled it in the URL.

Some Extra GoDaddy SSL Certificates coupons

Here are some other 100% verified Godaddy SSL coupons for February 2022 which offers you the maximum discount. Click on the button below to redeem preferred deal and copy the coupon code.

35% OFF
Save flat 35% OFF on all Godaddy SSL certifiactes
Save flat 35% OFF on all Godaddy SSL certifiactes
Save flat 35% OFF on all Godaddy SSL certificates (100% working. Use code “rppromo6” )
Save flat 35% OFF on all Godaddy SSL certificates (100% working. Use code “rppromo6” ) Show Less
91% OFF
SSL certificate at Just $5.99 for first year
SSL certificate at Just $5.99 for first year
Get Single domain SSL Certificate form GoDaddy at the cheapest price of $5.99/Yr or...Show More
Get Single domain SSL Certificate form GoDaddy at the cheapest price of $5.99/Yr or Rs.400/yr for Indian users. The deal is valid for limited time, So act fast.. Show Less
30% OFF
Get SSL certificate from GoDaddy at Flat 30% OFF.
Get SSL certificate from GoDaddy at Flat 30% OFF.
Get flat 30% Discount on all SSL certificates on GoDaddy. The deal is valid for new and...Show More
Get flat 30% Discount on all SSL certificates on GoDaddy. The deal is valid for new and existing users. Show Less
40% OFF
Multiple website SSL Certificates only $69.99/yr
Multiple website SSL Certificates only $69.99/yr
Protects multiple websites and all sub domains. (Click on below button and use coupon code...Show More
Protects multiple websites and all sub domains. (Click on below button and use coupon code "CJCSSL17" on checkout) Show Less
92% OFF
flat 92% OFF discount on GoDaddy basic SSL Certificate
flat 92% OFF discount on GoDaddy basic SSL Certificate
Flat 92% OFF discount on Single domain SSL certificate. (Highest savings ever)
Flat 92% OFF discount on Single domain SSL certificate. (Highest savings ever) Show Less

👉Steps to purchase SSL Certificate from GoDaddy using Discount coupons

So as we have listed all verified coupons for purchasing an SSL certificate from GoDaddy at the vastly discounted price, here are the simple steps to be followed if you are a newbie.

At first, visit Click on the specified coupon button above or visit the particular GoDaddy landing page below

Now on the GoDaddy page, you see there is already an exclusive offer is already applied to your session, So you need to add a particular SSL certificate in your shopping cart to get a discount on the purchase.

GoDaddy SSL Coupon Steps

Simply click on Add to cart button to get 92% OFF and buy an SSL certificate in just $5.99/yr or ₹389 for Indian users.

On the next page, you will be redirected to the shopping cart where you can see a discount of 92% has been auto-applied (See image below), If not you can manually enter the promo code “CJCSSLR389” and click apply.

Update :Godaddy have changed their website look and feel and hence now you need to first click on Get started with Protection website and then select the tenure to 1 Year to get the deal price.

GoDaddy SSL Shopping cart

Now Sign in to GoDaddy with your existing accounts or create a new one if you don’t have and proceed towards payment to get your SSL certificate issued in some minutes. :)]

There are different kinds of SSL certificates available at GoDaddy. You can choose anyone. However, if your motive is to protect your single webiste with a domain validation certificate, then select SSL Standards that come with a flat 92% Discount for the first year.

Why Internet Marketers and Bloggers should use SSL Certificates

In the blogging industry, everyone wants to rank his/her blog on the top of search engines. We all want a quality audience, so we can monetize from your blogs. We have been trying numerous SEO practices for years to get better results.


However, do you know the power of the SSL certificate on rankings? Search engines have officially announced, Websites with SSL (HTTPS) will rank higher. So SSL certificate is a ranking factor. They offer priority to secure websites. Hence I have seen thousands of smart internet marketers are now using SSL certificates for their sites.

SSL certificates are certainly not cheapest, It comes with different pricing slabs depending on requirements. Numerous hosting providers offer free shared SSL certificates to their customers with basic features and certain limitations. Hence it is better to purchase your private SSL certificate key so your website loads with HTTPS layer instead of traditional HTTP.

Hence it is better to purchase your private SSL certificate key so your website loads with HTTPS layer instead of traditional HTTP.

Read More: Top Web Hosting Providers with Free LetsEncrypt SSL Certificates

How SSL certificate works?

Security is always a top concern for all types of websites. SSL works in a simple manner to provide an additional layer of the end to end encryption of transmitted data. SSL create s a secure tunnel through which your visitor & your website server can communicate privately.

SSL Handshake:  When a user request resources from your encrypted websites, The SSL certificates creates a secure connection with the browser & further communication is encrypted automatically.

SSL Padlock Icon 🔒: Once the secure connection has been established, your browser will show a padlock icon before the address bar. The HTTPS://  prefix is also appended to your domain name which indicates the connection is now encrypted. The browser status bar also turns green if you have a high-assurance EV Certificate.

Benefits of using SSL Certificates
Makes your website secure from almost all type of cyber attacks & malware.
Build trust between your website & reader.
Makes your blog website look authentic. Maximum users love to browse sites which have HTTPS in their address.
Boost your rank in search engines, as sites with SSL are given higher priority for ranking.
Safely accept credit cards on your website
Makes your customer feels safe & protect them.

Godaddy SSL Certificates Review: Is it worth buying?

GoDaddy SSL Certificate Coupon

Godaddy SSL certificates seal not only protect tour website from all types of attacks but also provides a unique seal of trust & authenticity on your site. There are hundreds of SSL certificates providers scattered over the web, but Godaddy is in the top list because of its cost-effective prices, instant certificate issuance, easy setup, etc. Let’s see a brief overview of the Godaddy SSL certificate.

1. Protect Sensitive Information

SSL certificates are mainly used for protection of information & website security. when you install SSL certificates from GoDaddy, It will encrypt all data transmitted from your website including customer addresses, emails, credit card details and will only decrypt once it gets to you.

2. Godaddy SSL Certificates Benefit

Godaddy is most trusted SSL certificate provider in the world. Users love it because Godaddy provides the maximum discount on its services with top class support & performance.

Godaddy is using they using SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption (the strongest on the market) enabling it to top secure all vital information & credentials on your website.


Godaddy SSL certificates give you an insurance cover of $1,000,000 if any data lost or other damage caused due to external factors. They also provide 24/7 x 365 dedicated customer support for all kinds of issues regarding web services & SSL certificates.

YouTube video

3. Easy Installation process

Its easiest to install a Godaddy SSL certificate on your website by its one-click setup. Even a 5th class student can do it as it does not require any technical skills. Godaddy has also provided a detailed step-by-step guide with screenshots for installing SSL certificates on any web hosting like Cpanel, Windows, Java, Plesk, etc.

Types of SSL Certifiactes at GoDaddy

Domain Validation (DV) SSL

This standard certificate is best suited for single website protection and comes with the highest security. It lets you prove your domain ownership and boost Google rankings.

Organization Validation (OV) SSL

This organization-level SSL allows you to verify your organization along with your domain so that users can see your organization name in the SSL padlock section of the browser. It comes with more enhanced features and a higher-level trust seal.

Extended Validation (EV) SSL

This is the most security variant of SSL that shows a business legitimate and also displays the business name in the green address bar. It comes with all the same features of other SSL with an extended level of business and domain verification—most suitable for big companies or eCommerce.

Wildcard SSL

This certificate protects all sub-domains under the domain with SSL. Wildcard SSL is available under Domain validation and Organization validation SSL certificates.

All GoDaddy SSL allows you to display a security seal on your website and get up to $1 million liability protection.

Apply coupon “SSHL5IN30” at the time of checkout.

Security measures by Chrome without SSL encryption

Do you know, Websites which does not encrypt their content could face tougher restrictions from Chrome. Google security blog have said that in upcoming version of google chrome, Chrome will show a warning indicator to users logging in to a website which is “Not encrypted” Hence if you blog or website is still not using SSL encryption, You may lose your visitors because of the new warning feature of chrome.

🔥 Godaddy SSL FAQs

🙄How to Install SSL Certificate on Godaddy?

Installing a GoDaddy domain level certificate is an easy task. If you have a web hosting with GoDaddy, it is more comfortable. Perhaps Godaddy SSL can be installed on any website having Cpanel, Plesk, or another web interface in minutes. You need to import the crt file in SSL sections., thousands of tutorials and video documentation is available on the web for this task.

💲How much is a domain validation SSL certificate costs?

Usually, Doman validation is a single-domain SSL certificate with site seal badge and warranty for breaching. It costs from $15 to $30 depending on the providers you are purchasing form. Godaddy is undoubtedly not the cheapest SSL provider in the market, but by using some promos and exclusive discounts, one can save maximum and get it under $6 for one year.

🔎How to renew an SSL certificate on Godaddy?

You renew SSL certificates from Godaddy at one click by logging into your GoDaddy account and click on renew products. It should be renewed before expiration.

🏅Godaddy Standard SSL vs Letsencrypt free SSL. Which one to choose?

Letsencrypt SSL is a free self-signed secured layer certificate, which is suitable for primary usage or small websites. Premium SSL certificates come with enhanced features, support and trust bade or “safety seal,” which enhances trust and confidence with your users.

Conclusion: GoDaddy SSL Certificate Coupons {Updated 2022}

It is always better to use SSL certificates and make your blog or website load by HTTPS:// as not only it protects your whole site but also gives you boost in SEO ranking (which every marketer wants today.

Many Web hosting providers offer free shared SSL certificates to their customers. It is a good option for the initial stage. However, Free letsencrypt SSL is self-signing certificates that need to be renewed every 90 days. You may require some technical knowledge to replace it automatically.

Premium SSL Certificates is undoubtedly the best choice over free one as it provides more authority, more trust, guarantee, and is a complete individually private certificate, which is only issued for your website.

The Godaddy SSL Certificate coupon is valid for a limited time only and hence grab it before they change their promotional structure.  

Do not forget to check the latest Godaddy coupons section where we update working GoDaddy coupons codes for domains & hosting on a daily basis.

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