Are you into E-Commerce? Are you considering step-in into the E-Commerce market? Well, whatever your dilemma is, one thing cannot be ignored nowadays that online marketing and selling has become one of the prime sources of income for newbie entrepreneurs. Therefore, to help us earn more and start our business, several cloud hosting platforms are available worldwide. If you have to choose one of those platforms, which platform will you choose?

No worries, we are here with another exciting article on a premium E-Commerce platform. Keep reading ✅Best Sylius Cloud Hosting review to know about one of the best eCommerce platforms available out there.

To get started, we have to know about Sylius cloud hosting first; after that, only you would be able to come up with a decision on whether or not you want to associate your business with this platform or not.

Sylius Introduction

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Sylius is a free, open-source E-Commerce platform with an MIT license based on the Symfony framework. It provides:

  • The highest code quality.
  • Built-in agile workflow.
  • A robust testing environment.
  • An exceptional PHP solution tailored to meet your business and store requirements.

It has a robust REST API for seamless assimilation and improved customer experience. Developers love Sylius! Because it provides essential features and flexibility to help you trigger stable business growth. Sylius is an exquisite e-commerce site for creating convenient, small shops in a short period. The duration would last one or two months max.

It’s also an excellent choice for highly customized online retailers with a unique shopping experience compared to conventional e-commerce sites like Magento. There are highly customized goods with detailed specifications and a customized buying mechanism without checkout or a shopping cart.

It’s been formed with checking in particular and code consistency insight. Sylius is versatile and easy to use. Sylius has a better coding ecosystem than Magento, which turns adapting to Sylius e-commerce production even more manageable than learning other sophisticated self-hosted systems like Magento.

Sylius Cloud Hosting

Sylius’ testing environment is still pervasive, so the developer won’t observe and monitor any sensitive components when making the changes. Sylius also needs configuration steps; in particular, the page load time without cache protocols is just 0.5 seconds in dev mode.

It’s a tool that’s supposed to address 70-80% of widespread e-commerce problems. The rest of the 20–30% is what distinguishes the Sylius platform. It differs from other platforms. If the inbuilt features aren’t good enough for you, you can use the API or HTTP protocols to further extend or combine these other functions with other applications such as CMS, DAM, PIM, or automated tools.

Sylius Integration

There is an obvious answer to this question. If you want to get a renowned e-Commerce platform, then you can get nothing better than Sylius.

Sylius Integration

To specify the obvious, we have listed down the reasons to choose this cloud hosting platform. You can go on and read these features to have a comprehensive overview of this platform.

🌌 Unified Integration

Sylius provides unified integration. By harmonious integration, you can connect to other tools you are already using in running your stores like CRM, inventory, mailing, ERP, PIM, and more.

🏅 Upgrade in a Blink

The semantic versioning principles of the Sylius are considering precautiously, and the Sylius would always present the developer with clear update guidelines that make the whole process simple. Sylius recently from Symfony 3 to Symfony 4, which was a significant improvement. Following each minor Symfony release, it is currently one of the most updated E-Commerce solutions. Upgrading a Sylius-built program will take less than a week.

Sylius is the most beneficial in business because it has:

  • Over 2500 merchants
  • Over 6280 GITHUB starts
  • 620 Contributors
  • More than 45 881 downloads in a month
  • Providing 250 plugins
  • Around 3900 slack users

💸 Supports Multiple Payment Providers

With Sylius, you can use safe payment providers like PayPal, Stripe, American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and more to offer your customers convenience.

💻 Scalability & Easy Platform

You can use this modern web app on a popular platform, including Google Cloud,, Heroku, etc. Lastly, scaling and applying new features require less time and cost while ensuring high performance.

🎯 Runs on Multiple Devices

By offering built-in eCommerce application interfaces, Sylius makes it easy to craft native mobile apps for your Android, iOS device, etc., along with advanced web applications.

Extensive Features of Sylius

There are some extensive features of this cloud hosting platform, which are hard to ignore. Have a look at these features; then only you can come up with a firm decision.

Features of Sylius
  • Product catalog, attributes, and options
  • Specialized in Social Media platforms
  • Discount coupons and promotions
  • Configurate the checkout phase
  • Orders, cart, and invoices
  • Shipment Management
  • Multiple currencies and selling platforms
  • Formation of Customer groups
  • Permission management and address book
  • Image cropping, social logins, and localization
  • Options and features for the product

Given the lineless features of Sylius, you can seamlessly create your E-Commerce platform without any issues. You to keep one thing in mind, and the thing is that you need a quality and verified cloud hosting platform if we are considering choosing an E-Commerce platform.Therefore, here are the best reliable hosting provider to go with Sylius cloud hosting.

#1. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting has been providing super-fast, fine-tuned, and reliable hosting. It provides the complete solutions you require for Sylius and is developer-oriented. Its high-performing SwiftServers power your website for 20 times faster page loading. Setup the Symphony software using Softaculous requires a single click from the control panel.

It also sends you constant notifications through emails whenever a new version of Symfony releases so you can keep your online store up-to-date. It provides free website migration employing its migration experts who transfer all your data in a secured manner.

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If you are still not comfortable and satisfied with its service, you can claim its anytime money-back guarantee! Yes, you can do that. A2 Hosting’s Guru Crew is an experienced team of knowledgeable professionals to help when you need any assistance. The price of A2 hosting starts at just $2.99/month for one website and 100 GB storage.

#2. Nexcess


When you are considering the appropriate hosting solution with excellent features, flexible integrations, and better workflow management, Nexcess can be a perfect option. It lets you go with advanced application stacks and integrations with ease.

The Nexcess Cloud Auto Scaling benefits you in scaling your website in an automated manner depending upon your traffic. You can level up your user concurrency without upgrading the hosting solution. For improved performance, Nexcess offers the Cloud Accelerator to boost load times. The high-performing web server NGINX powers these features and manages static content like JavaScript and your website’s images.

#3. Emizentech


Emizentech is an E-Commerce firm with a solid team of professionals for every technology.
Technologies include Opencart, Sylius, Shopware, Shopify, Salesforce, Magento Commerce, and others.

The platform serves a diverse range of domestic and foreign customers in a variety of sectors.
Emizentech is a well-known IT firm specializing in offering high-quality e-commerce services for a variety of business sections. They make E-Commerce company websites and apps that are functional, flexible, and cost-effective, boosting overall market success by generating colossal traffic, revenues, and referrals to your digital business.

#4. Codiant


Codiant has been described as a reliable collaborator, a trustworthy service provider, and a notion.
It has been a vital source for the world-class development of mobile applications, web apps, UI/UX, enterprise mobility services, and application management services across different platforms. Codiant is recognized as the most favorable mobile applications firm, with a strong world presence in the USA, UK, Australia, and India.

It supports the innovative ideas of startups, small and small enterprises, and large organizations. It works through an experienced mobility team and web experts with solid experience in a range of vertical areas such as Travel, Fitness, Dating, Tourism, Healthcare, BitCoin, Digital Wallets, Augmented Reality, Big Data, IOT, Artificial Intelligence, and world-changing industries.

#5. Maticz


Maticz is the renowned blockchain development Company in India that provides an end-to-end business solution to climb your business on the success ladder. As an expert blockchain development company, we have in-depth knowledge of AI, IoT, Blockchain, and cloud services.

Already technical in developing multiple business solutions like Blockchain, fintech, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, AR/VR, Big Data, BI, and cloud computing. We have well-trained software professionals to deliver high-quality software solutions that add value to your business.

#6. Xigen


Xigen is renowned for developing high-performance e-commerce platforms for corporate and small-to-medium-sized market customers to expand their operations. Their data-driven strategy indicates that the e-commerce solutions, multimedia templates, and marketing material they produce are user-friendly.

#7. Tallum

Tallium Inc. is a trustworthy industry growth partner. They train in exhibiting high-quality smartphone and online apps for both startups and authenticated businesses, supporting their excellent clients and suppliers from idea to launch and maintenance of the system. Qualified graphic designers, top-skilled architects, QA engineers worldwide, program managers, communications consultants, and industry analysts make up a team of 45 IT experts.

They have extensive knowledge of AI, game-based mechanics, geo-marketing, VR/AR technologies, and comprehensive experience designing functional and significant marketplaces, sharing media, and interactive mobile apps. They are delighted to share knowledge of developing reference creation systems and offer staff enhancement services to strengthen current teams with their best experts.

🌟 Sylius FAQ

What is Sylius?

It is an open-source headless eCommerce platform for all mid-sized to large enterprises looking for a custom solution. Sylius is the core of every new eCommerce platform that offers an excellent customer experience.

Does Sylius capable of fixing bugs?

Sylius immediately detect and fix the bugs before they hit your users and revenue. As we all know, Sylius is a leader in automated testing and quickly encodes that technique in your project.

What type of projects does Sylius support?

Sylius is suitable for all types of enterprises solution, from small to large-scale B2C merchants. It has all the modern approaches required for your project that beat your competitors and provide an amazing experience to your customers.

Is it easy to host with Sylius?

Yes, it is effortless to scale and host with Sylius as it accelerates your business’s growth. It can be easily used with Docker and Kubernetes in order to become a scalable stack on a different cloud platform.

Conclusion: Best Sylius Cloud Hosting 2024 | Which is the Better Hosting Platform?

Selecting the right E-Commerce platform for your facility could be a bit of a hectic job. But, believe us, if you want to go with the right thing, then choosing Sylius would be beneficial for you in any manner. Who knows how much profit you will end up with if you decide to go to this Cloud hosting platform. Other than that, Sylius has all the qualities to make it one of the best E-Commerce service providers in the market.

If you look at all the E-Commerce platforms offered by Sylius, you will realize that they do not compromise their quality. We hope you have read our latest Sylius cloud hosting review carefully because it is essential to choose the best while considering starting your business. Do not forget to let us know what you think about our review in the comments sections below. Till then, take care and stay safe.🙂

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