Everyone loves to make money from their blog and Google AdSense is the most traditional method widely used by almost all blogger.

Apart from AdSense there are numerous of advertising websites for publisher but none of them can compete with AdSense. And never they can, But unluckily If you are banned from AdSense or can’t use it then here is the best alternative to Adsense.

Its Reklam9.net – The super ad network enables you to show Google ads on your blog for higher revenue.

Reklam9 Review

Money.. Money … Money.. 

Almost everyone blogs for earning money and many of them are struggling to make a good income online what they have imagined


Many fails because of the improper blogging knowledge or sometimes choosing wrong ad network for your traffic.

Choosing the Right Advertisement Network

Many waste their hard work and blog traffic by selecting wrong advertisement network and left with thinking to quit blogging.

I have many examples of it, even in the initial stage I have wasted my traffic in some boring advertisement networks which I could not even make a single penny.

Right strategy is needed to monetize, and you can also earn like other pro bloggers are earning and like me also.

Reklam9.net features & benefits

#1. Double Click Ads

Reklamp displays Google DoubleClick, Appnexus, etc ads on your website if they are approved. These are the best quality advertisement with highest payouts. Doubleclick means the same ad your Site will be displaying which is displayed in Google Adsense.

#2. Higher Revenue Guaranteed

Reklam9 supports numerous of Ads platform to deliver the best converting ads for your website. Their innovative system enables optimizes ad codes depending on your traffic and will only show the highest paying ads as per your content and Website traffic.

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#3. Faster Payment

Reklam9 pays in NET 30 Schedule via PayPal. they pay exactly on time every month. this is my Personal experience with them. There is no minimum payment hold like Adsense. In Google Adsense, you need complete minimum of $100 to get paid but here if you still make $50 you will be paid.

When it comes to monetizing online from Ads, Content is the most important thing, None advertiser will pay you for Spam, duplicate and junk content. You should post high-quality content for humans and not for robots (Search Engine)

Conclusion: Reklam9 Review 2024 | Should you go for this ad network?

I have been using Reklam9 on for Earning money from ads on my many blogs. They have the best CPC and CPM. It is the premium Ad network for serious bloggers who really want to make money.

Do you know any other website similar to Adsense or have you ever made money from other ads site apart from Google Adsense, I am curious to know.. Share you experience with me in comments section below and stay tuned with BloggingEclipe for more updates.

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  1. Adsense is definitely the best but recently we’ve been having great success with sponsored content platforms such as content.ad. If the ad placement is right, it can make a big difference to CPM’s.

  2. Firstly Thanks for sharing your great thoughts and article with us. This will help me very much. Actually I wanted to start earning with AdSense, but I’m afraid, if I apply and if they reject me, then what will happen? I don’t have enough money to buy/create many site. Is there anyway to be sure that my application will be approved?

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