Want to attract more visitors and keep them engaged to your website page?

You need to create a stunning landing page that is awe-inspiring and adhere to visitors to your website.

But how to build such converting landing pages is the main concern.

To help you with creating beautiful and unique landing pages we have found out some exclusive landing page builders, that will ease the process and save your time & money.

Most website owners hire website designers to create a complete website but the expenses of hiring a developer and completing the website are costly and not everyone can afford to do so.

But what if you could design the LP’s and the complete website on your own?

That would be great as you would save a lot of money but this will require you to spend some time as you are designing it manually with the help of some tools.

Best 9 Landing Page Builders {Updated 2024}

Top 9 landing page builders to Boost conversions by 400 % - Updated 2024 1

In this article, we have listed top landing page builders that make your job easier and faster. Make sure to use these tools to create a landing page in your niche and never let your customers fade away or divert to other websites.

What is a Landing Page?

An LP is designed specifically for marketing purposes and remains static on a website. It is to generate leads in the form of a sign-up form or a button to redirect the user to the purchase page of the website after displaying useful information.

landing page is designed for a certain action from a user that increases traffic on the website and increases the conversion rate. In other words, an LP’s is when a user clicks on any ads (Google AdWords or Banners) and lands on your website page specifically designed for the user to perform some action.

A landing page is not limited to only one and so can be designed as per the marketing purpose.

Let’s check out these top beautiful landing page builders which enable you to generate high converting sales and LPs in minutes using their super collection of premium templates, drag and drop builders and AI.


GetResponse has been successfully providing its online marketing services for more than 15 years all over the world. It has more than 350,000 customers in over 182 countries all around the world using its immense hassle-free services.

The best part is, it offers the email marketing platform in 21 different languages. Its offices are located globally in the US, Canada, Poland, Malaysia, Russia, and India with more than 300 tech geeks who are creative and open to new knowledge and experiences.

Its quality and reliable online marketing services have built trust among entrepreneurs and helped businesses grow worldwide.

Why choose GetResponse?

  • It offers high-quality landing page templates that are responsive and result in higher conversion.
  • Over 5000 shutter stock images included with built-in image editor giving you a perfect look.
  • Grab your visitor’s attention by triggering a pop-up, placing a sticky sign-up form to the bottom or top and increase your conversions.
  • It allows you to switch from desktop to mobile view and look with the visitor’s perspective on how your landing page would occur to them.
  • Use countdown time to show the urgency and urge visitors to take action.
  • No coding skills required. Just drag and drop the elements and edit it for a perfect look.
  • With A/B testing & analytics you can decide which design is the best performing and best for SEO.
  • Easy integration with over 100 apps, including WordPress, Shopify, Salesforce, Facebook, PayPal, woo-commerce, slack, Magento, etc..

GetResponse is not limited to just LPs, and it offers complete Email marketing, auto-funnels, and comprehensive marketing automation. Their top converting landing pages with hundreds of pre-built templates, drag and drop builder, cloud-hosted solutions and more.

Try GetResponse today as it is undoubtedly the best and most recommended marketing machine.


Are you frustrated with the bouncing rate of your website? You must be losing visitors because of the poor landing page. But Unbounce ensures a high quality and beautifully designed landing page in your niche so you don’t lose your visitors and minimize the bounce rate.

UNbounce landing page builder

You can create customize landing pages without any coding skills required and convert more visitors.

Why choose Unbounce?

A 14 days free trial to test the features and get hands-on the tool.

  • Save the money that you spend on a developer and design stunning landing pages with drag and drop for desktop and mobile.
  • 100+ pre-made templates to choose from. Just match the templates with your niche and start customizing for high conversion.
  • Publish directly to your WordPress site once you are satisfied with the layout and customization.
  • Free high-resolution images from Unsplash to give professional look and free from copyright issues.
  • Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR) increases the chances for more conversion.

Unbounce is trusted by more than 15,000+ marketers and claims to be the world’s #1 landing page builder. It also offers popups and sticky bars and other AI-based tools to increase conversions. The tool comes with complete integration and easy to use interface. Try it risk-free today.


Landingi is a wonderful landing page builder and optimizer that does not require any programming skills and superbly converts your traffic into customers.

The tools and features offered by Landingi are great to create a high converting lps You can easily create LP’s and publish them and later manage the leads and optimize the landing page.

You will get only high quality leads to work with Landingi’s bunch of tools. Landingi is trusted by over 4000 companies including Top Secret, player, PayPal and more.

Why Choose Landingi?

  • It offers 200+ templates available in the stock to choose from and start customizing for a stunning page.
  • You can easily customize anything you want without writing a single line of code.
  • Not just desktop but you can make your LP’s responsive for any device like a tablet or smartphone.
  • Before going live you can check the preview and ensure everything is picture perfect.
  • From the image library, you can pick out the best images to suit your website needs. You can also choose icons of different designs and fonts from a list of 800 Google fonts.
  • With one-click, you can duplicate your LP’s to check its effectiveness with different keywords.

Landingi is one of the premium page builders for non-programmers who can create and optimize custom landing pages in minutes and convert traffic from their funnels to customers.


Leadpages is the best tools to transform your website clicks into real customers.

But what makes Leadpages far better than other landing page builders is the content that is optimized for conversion and once a customer takes any action it ensures the return of the customer.

leadpages landing page builder

It’s not just about creating landing pages but creating lead pages.

Why Choose Leadpages?

  • You can grow your business by converting clicks into high conversions and all this with easy DIY.
  • With its built-in conversion guidance, you can easily identify what improvements are needed before you go on to publish the page.
  • No extra charges on for unlimited visitors or lead collection.
  • No limits on publishing landing pages. Without any fear of bandwidth exceed you can create landing pages for any campaign.
  • Page speed is 2.4 times faster and performance is 30% higher than the rest of the landing page builders. This results in higher sales conversion.
  • Code-free drag and drop functionalities and mobile-responsive templates give you a kick start to designing a high converting landing page in minutes.

Leadpages enables you to turn a click into customers. It comes with LP’s, pop-ups, alert bars, and beyond. Its more than a landing page builder which has some unique themes and good designs.


Instapage is one great solution that offers a post-click landing page experience. With the same ad spend you can get 400% more conversions.

Instapage offers Advertising Conversion Cloud that maximizes your conversions in the advertising funnel by automating the post-click stage.

Instapage Review

You can turn clicks into potential customers with such an amazing technology only at Instapage.

Why choose Instapage?

  • Within minutes you can create personalized and mobile responsive landing pages without the need of any developer.
  • Customizable forms and a sleek design with brand compliance ensure more conversions.
  • Instablocks + Global blocks help you to quickly scale with the page blocks. This can be saved, reused and updated globally.
  • Over 90+ conversion-optimized templates help you launch your dream landing page faster.
  • AMP landing pages deliver an elegant mobile experience and boost conversions.

Instapage offers up to 400% more conversions on the same Ad spend with their proven converting personalized landing pages. With dozens of features like heatmap, Cloud Conversion suite, and built-in speed. INstapage is also one of the preferred choices of Pro Marketers.

Click Funnels

Click Funnels enables companies and entrepreneurs to create astonishing sales funnel that converts visitors into leads and then potential customers.

If you are no good at coding then you can easily build beautiful landing pages inside the sales funnel and grow your brand online.

Click Funnels landing page builder

Click Funnels is a sales funnel builder that guides visitors through the whole sales process so they don’t get confused and then follow up the visitor once they leave your page.

Why choose Click Funnels?

  • You can simply drag and drop elements using the webpage editor.
  • In minutes you can build sales funnel that converts more and all this at a snap of a finger.
  • Design a beautiful shopping cart with 1-click upsells.
  • Integrate email and Facebook marketing automatically.
  • The intuitive dashboard offers easy customization and management.

If you create sales funnels or conversions funnels, Click Funnels is the perfect choice for you. It s a complete funnel builder for entrepreneurs with step by step creator, Upsell builders, and conversion optimizer. Get high conversions on your product selling or lead collection platform using ClickFunnels Now.

Thrive Architect

If you are looking to create an impressive and engaging LPs then Thrive Architect is the best solution for WordPress page building with beautiful content and layout.

At fingertips, you can create powerful LP’s without wasting your time on slow editors that don’t even focus on conversions.

Why choose Thrive Architect?

  • Using Thrive Optimize add-on you can run A/B tests for your landing pages from the dashboard itself.
  • Choose from multiple templates and content templates that can be added on your web pages and blog posts.
  • No need for a plugin to design contact form. Now you can easily create a contact form page within the builder tool.

It’s one of the most popular landing page builder suite for WordPress. Maximum of marketers use WordPress today for LP’s due to ease of use, substantial available resources, more control, and self-hosted platform.

Thrive Artichest is #1 WordPress p[age builder whir you can create conversions optimized landing pages in clicks and use it for your multiple products/ services. It comes with great features like A/B testings and more.

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Create free LP’s and funnels with the world’s leading landing page creator that has over 1500000 users and 3000+ brands trusting its service over the years.

Lander offers the best converting designs with over 100+ pre-made page templates that help you start building landing pages in minutes.

Why choose Lander?

  • The super-easy editor allows you to design a landing page with drag and drop functionality so are you are good to go in minutes.
  • Test your pages with A/B testing and reveal the best version to achieve the best results.
  • Create pages with Facebook tabs on your own without relying on any other app or coding lines.

Lander is another popular landing page creator that offers 100+ stunning ready-made templates. It provides simple yet powerful features like easy to use editor, A/B testing tool, and Facebook Page tab integrations.


Create conversion-optimized landing pages for WordPress site and more at OptimizePress. Not just LP’s but OptimizePress also helps you in creating a sales page, membership portals, sales funnel and more.

OptimizePress landing page builder

Over 50,000 solopreneurs have joined OptimizePress and created unlimited pages.

Why choose OptimizePress?

  • There is no limit on creating LPs, sales page or any other marketing page for any of your site licensed with OptimizePress.
  • A bundle of over 300+ templates is available to choose from with 60 templates included and over 300 templates available to be purchased from OptimizePress Marketplace.
  • Easily create opt-in forms in just a few clicks.
  • Easily integrate with any email marketing and CRM systems.

OptimizePress lets you create sales pages for increasing sales and leads on your website. It’s undoubtedly one of the top page builders which comes ith risk-free pricing plans. So try it!

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 What is the importance of a Landing page?

A beautifully optimized landing page is one of the key factors to promote your website in the digital marketing era.

It helps you grow traffic on your website and creates an opportunity to convert users into potential customers.

The reason to design an LP is to make it easy for the user to take any action like it maybe signing up a contact form or purchasing any product/service.

Perfect Landing page infographics
Source Formstack

This way your conversion increases and thus you soar high profits. LP’s page plays a vital role in generating leads that in the future become potential buyers and is, therefore, an important element in the conversion funnel.

With an eye-opening LP including sharp images, forms, and funnels you can share the best elements of your product and lure users to buy that product. Therefore landing pages are game-changing and an important piece of the puzzle in the digital marketing campaign.

So till now, you know what an LP is and what its importance is. But now we will tell you the top landing page builders that offer simplicity to design an LP in your niche as per your need.

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Last Converting Words❗

If you want to convert more traffic into customers then you need a powerful first impression page that explains why your product/service is the best in the market.

In this article, we shared some of the most powerful landing page builders that can help you achieve success with sleek design templates and sales funnel. Make use of it and stay ahead of your competitors.

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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  1. I think CloudFunnels deserves to be on the list too. I have been using CloudFunnels for years to create landing pages. It helped me to create SEO-friendly landing pages and with its drag and drop landing page templates, I’m able to create landing pages in just minutes. This tool is also helpful for those without coding skills or who are newbies in this field.

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