The fifth edition of the renowned SPiCE India will be held at Goa Marriott Resort & Spa, India from 27 – 29 February 2024. This prestigious event will once again bring together gaming industry stakeholders from the Indian subcontinent and beyond, providing an excellent opportunity to exchange thoughts with industry leaders on technical and commercial global developments.

👉 Covering the prime South Asiatic continents, the SPiCE series has also taken its place for the Philippines, and even Bangladesh along with Sri Lanka.

About SPiCE India 2024

SPiCE India and Sri Lanka Merger 2024

SPiCE India 2024 is set to focus on emerging trends and the market’s potential. The event will concentrate on key areas that are major talking points in the gaming industry in the region, including the current stance of the Indian government concerning regulation. The conference will explore what could happen if and when the market is regulated, the expected time frame for legalization, and the pros and cons between regulating and not regulating the market.

The event will also share and discuss the lessons learned from other countries, as well as the challenges and opportunities in the industry. With a glamorous pre and post-event party and a specially curated poker tournament for the attendees, SPiCE India 2024 promises to be a fantastic event for participants and attendees alike.

Venue of the Event

The event will be held at the luxurious Goa Marriott Resort & Spa, a venue that perfectly complements the grandeur of this event.

Agenda of the Event

The three-day event will kick off on 27th February 2024 with the SPiCE India Conference – Affiliate Day, followed by the SP’iCE’ Breaker Pre-Event Party. The second day will feature the SPiCE India Conference & Expo, culminating in the SPiCE India Eventus Awards & SPiCE After Party. The final day will continue with the SPiCE India Conference & Expo, followed by Networking Drinks and a USD150 Buy-in Poker Tournament.

SPiCE India Affiliate Day

SPiCE India 2024 Affiliate Day is an excellent opportunity for attendees to learn about affiliate marketing. Day One is devoted to enhancing operator-affiliate relationships and includes discussions on critical topics such as the importance of affiliate marketing in regulatory compliance, legal and tax issues for affiliates, user experience, and conversion optimization. These courses are designed to provide attendees with useful strategies for succeeding in the competitive world of marketing and affiliations.

Gain Insights from Affiliate Experts

SPiCE India has emerged as an exceptional platform for connecting with gaming professionals and business leaders worldwide. Having been actively involved since its inception in India, I’ve discovered SPiCE to be an incredible avenue for gaming professionals to thrive.” – Sid Gupta, Co-founder and CMO, SilverAce Media Estonia

The SPiCE India 2024 is a prominent gaming industry event, and we are eager to participate to gain in-depth insights and establish connections with well-known industry players.” – Soham Thacker, Founder & CEO, Gamerji

Insights from the Leaders

SPiCE India 2024 provides an excellent opportunity to exchange thoughts with industry leaders on technical and commercial global developments. This will definitely have a cascading effect of ensuring best practices are adopted with respect to contracts and compliance in India.” – Mahesh Madan Bhat, Founder, MMB Legal

Speakers in the SPiCE India 2024

Speakers at SPiCE India 2024

Some of the Distinguished speakers at SPiCE India 2024 include Mahesh Madan Bhat, Founder of MMB Legal; Amar Gahlot, Partner/Advocate at Metalegal Advocates; Ketan Joshi, Senior Associate at Maheshwari & Co; and Soham Thacker, Founder & CEO of Gamerji, and many more. These experts will provide valuable insights on regulation, innovation, mobile gaming trends, and more in India’s evolving igaming landscape.

Passes for SPiCE India 2024

SPiCE India Tickets

SPiCE India 2024 offers a range of ticket options to cater to the diverse needs of attendees. The VIP Delegate Passes, available for international, Asian, and local participants, include a comprehensive package with 3 nights’ accommodation, airport transfer, $150 poker tournament buy-in, and full access to the event’s networking and conference activities, with prices ranging from €1895 to €2295.

For those seeking conference access without the additional perks, the 3 Day Delegate Passes are available from €595 to €995, and the 2 Day Delegate Passes from €395 to €795, depending on the attendee’s location.

A 1 Day Affiliate Pass is also available for those interested in affiliate networking and the SPiCE Breaker pre-event, priced at €195 for locals and €395 for international guests. Additionally, a standalone Poker Tournament Buy-In is offered at €150 for enthusiasts looking to participate in the gaming action.

About SPiCE India

SPiCE India is a premier gaming industry event that brings together stakeholders from the Indian subcontinent and beyond. The event provides a platform for industry leaders and innovators to discuss key issues, share insights, and explore opportunities in the gaming industry.

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Connecting Dots of SPiCE Series:

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