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SPiCE India 2024: Legalizing iGaming in India

SPiCE India 2024 is all set to take place. This will be the fifth event of Strategic Platform for iGaming Conference & Exhibition (SPiCE) India that will be done in Goa, by Eventus International. Get ready to enjoy the breeze and to taste the actual spice of iGaming and casino. As the country had previously given a great response and has given full support that too filled with excitement, this time Eventus International will be bringing forth something that has never been done before.

A lot of excitement and a lot of surprises is what you should get ready for and attend the closure of the SPiCE series that will take place in Goa, India. This will be the last segment of this series that had begun in Sri Lanka and will be held in February 2024 from 27-29.

Covering the prime South Asiatic continents, the SPiCE series also went for the Philippines, and even Bangladesh along with Sri Lanka.

About SPiCE India 2024

SPiCE India 2024

This final segment of the long tour of the SPiCE event series will primarily focus on the key areas which are also the major talking points in the gaming industry. It will focus on the region’s gaming sector and also talk about the current stance of the Indian government and its regards to the iGaming regulations.

What could happen if and when the market is regulated? What is the expected time frame for the legalization of iGaming? These will be some of the topics that this event would focus on and have discussions about.

As per the words of the organizers, they are looking forward to having inspiring and long discussions over these same topics. At the same time, put the regulations and strategies they learned in other countries and see if they can be applied in India.

What all challenges would come forward and what kind of opportunities would be available while regulating the rules in India, all such topics will be discussed in the event that is taking place in Goa.

And it’s not limited to the formal meetings and intense discussions, you will even have the opportunity to be a part of pre as well as post-event parties and an especially curated poker tournament.

Be it the participants or be it the attendees, everyone is going to grab the best out of this event.

Who should attend SPiCE India 2024?

The SPiCE India 2024 will be the perfect event if you are looking to grow your business and garner the best opportunities within the iGaming sector. The event wholeheartedly welcomes the enthusiast who are interested in iGaming and the ones who are focused on affiliate business strategies.

Also, if you are interested in speaking at the event, there are multiple opportunities as well as benefits that you can grab onto. SPiCE India event has scheduled everything in such a way that will profit each and every person present in the event. Be it the attendees or speakers or even the sponsors. Everyone gets to have fun and everyone gets to grow.

To be a part of the most knowledgeable and influential figures who belong to the industry of iGaming within the Indian sub-continent, you can register yourself on their official website.

Similarly, if you want to exhibit to become a sponsor of the SPiCE India 2024 event you can visit the website and get yourself registered. 

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