The sports industry is a huge one and covers sports events, equipment, merchandise, gear, and more. It plays a significant role in the lives of many people as they are incredibly passionate about it.

However, what’s tricky here is to find the ✅Best Sports Affiliate Programs in 2024. But we have got you covered. Below are the 16 best sports affiliate programs to boost your affiliate earnings.

Best Sports Affiliate Programs in 2024

Sports Affiliate Programs
Best Sports Affiliate ProgramsCommissionCookie DurationJoin Now
1. AI’s Sporting Goods10% Commission150 daysSign up now
2. BPI Sports10% Commission60 daysSign up now
3. Eastern Mountain Sports7% Commission14 daysSign up now
4. Fanatics10% Commission7 daysSign up now
5. Enigma Fishing20% Commission90 daysSign up now
6. Fitbit3% Commission15 daysSign up now
7. Gainful$20 Commission30 daysSign up now
8. GoPro5% Commission30 daysSign up now
9. Hidrate Spark10% Commission7 daysSign up now
10. Leather Head Sports10% Commission60 daysSign up now
11. Jump Sport Fitness8% Commission30 daysSign up now
12. LeftLane Sports10% Commission60 daysSign up now
13. Mountain Hardwear10% Commission21 daysSign up now
14. Online Sports10% Commission60 daysSign up now
15. PlayYourCourt$15 Commission90 daysSign up now
16. Improves.co10% Commission90 daysSign up now

#1. AI’s Sporting Goods

This program carries brands like Nike, Under Armour, The North face, etc.; its team holds sports at its core. The more and the better the brands are, the more customers will be there.

AI's Sporting Goods

This further leads to higher commissions and convers for AI’s Sporting Goods and their affiliates. Every season, over 1,200 vendors are offered sports gear for every sport. The affiliates here are 10% for each sale made by you. The cookie duration is 150 days, and this allows you to 5 months so that you can receive credit from your link. Be it fishing, hunting, indoor sports, field sports, winter sports, water sports, hiking, camping, or any other sport you will find gear for every sport here at AI’s Sporting Goods.

Their average cart value is $120, and this makes it a great option. There are discount codes and promotions available. They have a very high average amount of an order, and they provide you with a high commission rate. Lastly, they have a too-long life of a cookie.

#2. BPI Sports

It offers a great variety of supplements like protein powders, pre-workout formulas, and fat burners, all of which are of high quality. Domestically and internationally, they are the fastest-growing company in sports nutrition.

It is helpful for both men and women as it aims for better physical health. Apart from supplements, it always produces accessories and apparel, making sure they hit you with the right content. It has one of the best affiliate programs that a company offers. It offers a 60-day cookie program. Their code allows you to earn a 30% commission through it. The affiliates focus on health, athletic lifestyles as well as bodybuilding. Don’t miss this opportunity and join this new exciting program.

#3. Eastern Mountain Sports

It is a huge and big brand with 60 retail stores in the outdoor industry. They carry top brands like the Go Pro, North Face, Mountain Hardware, and much more. There are great deals and discounts available on their sites and outlet shops so that you can have more significant savings.

Eastern Mountain Sports

It has an excellent policy that allows the dissatisfied customers to return their items and get a full refund so that they are encouraged to try new and more products from them. Since it’s a big brand, the commissions are bound to be significant as well. The commission rates for the affiliates at Eastern Mountain Sports receive 7% based on every generated sale.

For high volume affiliates, the VIP rates are 9%. Along with this, you get a cookie life of 14 days, which means you will have two weeks to earn a commission.

#4. Fanatics

One of the world’s largest online retail shops is Fanatics and sells officially licensed merchandise for NBA, MLB, NFL, NCAA, NASCAR, MLS, UFC, NHL, and many more.


They also offer comfortable and hassle-free 365-day returns and also Fanatic Rewards, so your savings are increased. Affiliates at Fanatics can earn a commission of up to 10% on every sale made, depending on the relationship you make with your audience, their level of engagement and trust that you gain, and the traffic that you generate from your audience. The cookie life is, however, is lower- 7 days.

#5. Enigma Fishing

It is an online store and is a great option to choose if you want to partner up with it to market fishing supplies. From rods to reels to sheers and tools, they have products of every type and that you require. The unique thing about this company is that it provides a lifetime warranty on all of its products and is the only company that does this.

The fishing supplies sell accessories like sunglasses and military apparel and gives a 10% discount to military men and women on all the products they purchase. What makes it one of the best affiliating sports programs is high commissions and longer cookie duration than others. The commission rates are 20% per sale, and the cookie duration is of 90-days, which is 3-months.

#6. Fitbit

Fitbit works on tracking the watch wearer’s activity and does everything from counting their steps to their sleep quality. It has emerged as a must-have technology for all sports lovers. It’s the fitness market accounts for 472%. The aim is to build products that transform people’s lives for the better to move towards a healthier lifestyle.


The focus is on the fitness level and tracking every person’s goal and focusing on different people’s budgets. The starting commission rate for an affiliate is 10%, and as you promote and become a high-volume affiliate, you will be eligible for a higher commission rate. The cookie’s life is 45 days so that you as an affiliate get a month and a half to convert the leads. Being a well-known and trusted brand that they are, more sales means higher conversion rates for them. It has been the number one company on Amazon and promotes products for fitness enthusiasts, and this makes it a brand that they are more likely to trust.

#7. Gainful

Another company that creates effective and efficient supplements is Gainful. It works on areas that are neglected by other supplement companies. Its team realizes that everyone has different levels of fitness and everyone has different fitness goals. Hence, it aims to create personalized fitness protein powders for their audience to attain their fitness goals.


Along with this, they help their customers in finding the perfect mix of supplements at ease. All the team makes the customers do is take a quiz of 5-minutes. This supplement mix is delivered at their doorstep and a subscription of receiving it every 30-days is also available. They provide their affiliates with a flat $20 per sale, and the cookie duration is 30 days.

#8. GoPro

One of the most well-known companies and brands in sports and fitness is GoPro. They provide you with the most versatile cameras with all the accessories that you would need.


Affiliates at GoPro get a commission of 5% per sale and a cookie life of 30 days. Sports fanatics and enthusiasts do not rely on any brand by GoPro due to their creative needs. Munts, mods, cases, bags, you name it, they have it!

#9. Hidrate Spark

It is a company that brings you a smart water bottle to track down how much water you drink in a day and flashes when you are not drinking enough water to remind you to drink water.

Hidrate Spark

Not just this, you also get bottles integrated with fitness trackers, including Apple Health, GoogleFit, etc. they pay a 10% commission to their affiliates. The only downside it has is the cookie life, which is only 7-days.

#10. Leather Head Sports

What makes the company different from others is that they customize vintage leather balls for sports like baseball, rugby, soccer, and football. They believe in the days when there were laces on the balls and produce balls with laces.

Leather Head Sports

They have quite a great Unique Selling Proposition (USP), especially in a world where people are learning and looking for lives made simpler.

#11. Jump Sport Fitness

It has been in the market since 1995 and has been responsible for creating the safety enclosures required for trampolines ever since it was started. It provides a whole range of safety enclosures.

Jump Sport Fitness

However, back in 2008, it decided to expand and started coming into the fitness trampoline market. Their commission rate for affiliates is 10% for every sale made, and the cookie duration is 2-months, that is, 60-days. Even non-sport people can buy these balls due to the uniqueness they bring in. The market for sports collecting is as big as goods for sports or somewhat more significant. After all, who doesn’t like handmade balls?

#12. LeftLane Sports

It is a program that aims to bring you all the brands, including your favorite ones, and the products at prices that no one offers. LeftLane offers a rich and great selection of sports apparel, footwear, and accessories for running, stuffing, skating, swimming, cycling, and trekking.

LeftLane Sports

The excellent pricing that they have is already enough for people who want to increase their savings. However, this brand makes sure that they are not compromising on the quality of the product. The company also shows its conversion rate five times higher than the average industry standard, making it one of the best sport affiliate programs to join. The cookie duration is 60 days, two months, and the commission rate for affiliates at Left Lane Sports is 10% on every sale made.

#13. Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Hardware is a brand that offers a great variety of attractive tank tops, pants, hoodies, and shells, both for men and women. Comfort is their motto, and the focus is on making sure that the quality is top-notch quality.

Mountain Hardwear

Their products do not tear apart easily, which is unlike other brands and the products are robust. This is because they are made to withstand the wear and tear involved in hiking, trekking, and climbing, which comes with it naturally. The commission rate is 10% on every sale, and the cookie duration is 21 days, which is three weeks.

#14. Online Sports

If you or someone is looking for a brand’s reputation that you want to market for, this is the program to go for, and there is no other better option.

Online Sports

Since 1995, this company has been making Online Sports products, and since it has been working for so long, it is also one of the oldest companies present in the industry. Being one of the world’s largest companies right now, it offers 150,000 items, including memorabilia, supplements, accessories, and apparel. The average size of the order is $125, leading to its commission rates being at par compared to the companies in the present scenario. The cookie life is 60 days, 2-months, while the commission rate for affiliates is 10%.

#15. PlayYourCourt

It is a great program that teaches you tennis by sending a qualified coach to train you to your neighborhood. Unlike all the programs mentioned above in this list, PlayYourCourt offers only services and not any products. People who love playing tennis and are enthusiastic about the game can learn to play better as it connects them to a qualified coach.


Not just this, you can also practice as you’re a former player and, lastly, hone your skills as well. This service allows you to connect with the best coaches that are present in your area. On every sign you make, they provide you with a pay of $15 as a part of their brand ambassador program, but before getting $15, you will have to pay an amount of $5.99 so that you can get yourself enrolled in the program first.

The commission, as mentioned above, for the affiliates is $15 per sign up. The cookie duration is high on this, which is 90 days, which sums up to 3-months.


“If you want to offer your visitors personal coaching from Venus Williams coach, or former World #1 players or coaches then can help.

Improves Affiliate Program

Tennis players simply record themselves playing tennis and within 7 days they’ll get personal video analysis from international tennis champions. It’s perfect for players of all levels. Players love it because they get the best coaching available whenever it suits them. Video coaching is great, but videos only show you how to do it – not where you’re going wrong. But getting personal coaching from the best is the easiest way to improve. You get 10% of each sale and cookies last for 90 days. You can make up to $45 per sale. 

🌟 Sports Affiliate Programs FAQ

What is the sports affiliate program?

A sports affiliate program is a marketing strategy that enables you to make money if working in the sports niche. If any user purchases any sports service or products through your referral link, then the sports company will pay you commissions.

Can I really make money with sports affiliate programs?

Yes, Sports affiliate programs are a great way to earn more money. As we all know, affiliate marketing is lucrative, but at the same time, it takes a commitment of time and money to make it a real business.

What is the highest paying sports affiliate program?

If you are looking to earn a massive commission from the sports affiliate program, check the list mentioned above that provides a great commission to their affiliates.

Where can I promote affiliate programs?

If you have a blog or website, you can easily promote affiliate products by placing affiliate links. You can even write honest products review that includes affiliate links and banners.

Final verdict:

We hope you do not have to look at any other source for sports affiliating programs with this list in hand. What do you need to do? All you need to do is choose one program based on the commission rates you are looking for.🙂

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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