The affiliate marketing industry is booming; stepping in right now will give you long term benefits. Many of you will get this suggestion lately to start an affiliate site, but how? Nobody has the answers.

One easy way to make your own affiliate store without the tremendous hassle of managing and designing is to use a store builder. One of the biggest questions is which one to use!

Here we are with a fantastic Fresh Store Builder Review. This detailed description will clear all your doubts. This review is specially built by keeping its readers in mind. Are you wondering what this tool can do to you?

Have a look below!

Detailed Fresh Store Builder Review

Fresh Store Builder Review

Through Fresh Store Builder, you can create unique Amazon affiliate sites, boost your earnings and attract huge traffic at a more considered pace. That too in just a few minutes and not hours!

Amazon is the largest IT industry, has lots of offerings for its sellers, buyers and contains unlimited stores! The market cap has increased tremendously, and it has become the global shopping center for buyers.

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The Fresh Store Builder is the Amazon associate tool, famous for several reasons. Why choose Amazon is the question you might have now. It gives a larger chunk of advertising fees.

Moreover, a Fresh Store Builder also offers a 15% commission on any sale you drive. Isn’t it a win-win deal?

Benefits of Amazon Affiliate Sites

Here’s Step by Step process on how you can make the best out of Amazon affiliate sites:

  • Sometimes, Amazon might give you less commission than others in the market, but you must know how to gain benefits. Initially, you will get an 8.5% commission, but you can get up to a 15% rate with high ticket products.
  • Pick up a domain name that speaks about your business; a random name won’t benefit you; choose a niche accordingly.
  • For choosing the right niche, you can take the help of different analytics tools.
  • Build quality content for your website, and then sell products with big numbers. Try working on your content first, and later you can start with generator or inverter business.
  • Promotion is the key to gaining profits in any business; it gets visible only because of that. Choose the right social media platform and collaborate with influencers via Fresh Store Builder itself.
  • Always search for potential products that can attract your customers at a glance not to require much advertisement.

Here’s what you should not do with your Amazon affiliate sites:

  • Always look for the Amazon affiliate link, as there are lots of scammers and abusers. There are also lots of legalities to look after before starting with the business.
  • Never use affiliate links for your benefits, as it can cause problems for you.
  • Use the Amazon affiliate link on the page only. Don’t try to look for shortcuts, like sending links directly by eBooks, emails, or any related format.
  • Use authentic customer reviews and ratings because it shows your business’s credibility. You will find many products on Fresh Store Builder, but it’s up to you how effectively you use it.

Features Offered by Fresh Store Builder

As you know by now, Fresh Store Builder is the best software one must-have for building the Amazon affiliate business.

We recommend this software because of its features, like:

Fresh Store Builder Features
  • Make your own new affiliate store

A one-click solution, its simple features help you build your own online store in no time using its unique store wizard. Get affiliated products from Amazon and eBay, access to traffic tools, and much more.

  • Powerful cloud hosting with Fresh Cloud

Get fully managed cloud hosting services from Fresh Cloud, a powerful hosting option powered by Google Cloud, with more than 99% uptime, automatic backups, and SSL certificates.

  • Personal management at your fingertips

Manage multiple websites from the comfort of one account; both beginners and pros can benefit from its step-by-step builder, login, and get website backups in just one click. Additionally, Fresh Store Builder is tablet and mobile-friendly, so now you can manage your store from virtually anywhere!

  • WordPress support

Hassle-free WordPress website creation with instant installation, one-click backups and logins with recommended setups, and easy monitoring. All without any theme or plugin restrictions!

  • Complete design control

The software allows you to change the font, color, positions according to your preferences. Moreover, you can easily change any product information or add and remove any slide show, pages, and articles.

  • Comprehensive reports

The Fresh Store Builder team will offer you monthly and weekly reports of your actions. You can quickly check what your visitors are looking for and how much profit you are earning. If you are worried about losing your visitors, you can benefit from the exit popup feature.

  • Search tool

The improved search tool by the Fresh Store Builder will give solutions to all your problems and help you target fresh markets. By Amazon search results, you can decrease the number of negative sales as well.

  • Auto-populate

The products in the store are automatically added and updated for your benefit. You also have the opportunity to stop it if you don’t wish to automate it all

  • Supports all Amazon websites

The tool supports different websites; hence you have no boundaries for your store. You can sell your products throughout the globe.

  • Currency conversion

Through this, you can change the currently displayed currency in your shop. It doesn’t matter which Amazon site you are promoting; you can still benefit from this feature.

  • IP country redirection

You can set up a redirect according to your visitor’s country by few clicks through this feature.

  • Internal page linking

The software provides an option for internal page linking to create links for your page within your site’s content. It will improve your internal link structuring and will help you rank higher.

  • Related product list

You can easily pick and choose which products you want to cross-sell from your store.

  • Newsletter signup

To attract your visitors, you can create a newsletter and ask them to sign up. This feature makes your store more attractive.

  • Integration

The Fresh Store Builder is entirely SSL compatible and can be easily integrated into popular social media platforms just by a tap. The social sharing buttons will faster the loading stores and makes them highly responsive. You can combine the Facebook page or Pinterest with growing your store.

  • Search engine optimized

The software claims that it is optimized for all the search engines to help you rank better.

  • Ease in use

Even after there are many features in the software, it does not slow down. A beginner can use this tool without any technical knowledge, and if, in any case, they get stuck anywhere, there are lots of resources available for taking the help.

  • Cookie timeline

Each new user gets a 90-day cookie duration from the team. You can extend it by choosing any business model. Hence, you will earn commissions even after the visitor clicks on a product or item in the next 90 days.

  • Customer support and strategy building

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Fresh Store Builder has stellar customer 24/7 customer support with a live chat option. Apart from support, get access to in-depth, easy-to-follow, step-by-step training and access them from virtually anywhere.

The Fresh Store Builder Interface has extra features like a shopping cart, automatic sitemaps, rich snippet markup, and a widgets homepage. You can also add customer reviews to attract your visitors.

There are three fully optimized and brand new templates available for free in the software, which you can make the best use of at the beginning.

Fresh Store Builder User Interface

After you have signed up on the Fresh Store Builder, you will redirect towards your account. But before that, we would like you to know the structure of the user interface. Is it too complicated to understand, or has every option lined up for you straightforwardly?

Fresh Store Builder User Interface

The dashboard is intuitive, along with an attractive hosting system for the users. If they are a beginner, then they can use guides and materials available in the tool itself.

The Dashboard works like just the dashboard system of My stores. The Download section has everything you have downloaded in the software, which makes it more efficient.

You will also get Traffic training from professional people to boost your sales and earn money but under premium membership. This training will help in lots of aspects.

Fresh Store Builder Premium Membership

You can also buy the Fresh Store Builder’s premium membership to access the late features and premium customer support.

You will be entitled to a 24-hour responsive support team through this membership but on business days only. You will also get extra credits for the feature request system, access to different case study programs.

If you are looking forward to getting a great deduction on your web hosting plan, then the Fresh Store Builder’s premium membership is the right pick. The premium plan cost is surprising because it’s highly affordable, just $45 per month.

As the non-premium members are not allowed to place signatures, you can add an image and links at ease with the membership.

Fresh Store Builder Free Trial 

You can now try Fresh Store Builder for free! Get unrestricted access to all its premium features at no additional cost for 5 days! Easy upgrade and cancellation; try for free here.

How to become a Reseller?

Are you anxious to know about the reseller program because it’s challenging yet profitable? We all know that building a website, creating a store is tedious. However, there are many alternative ways to make money by selling the Fresh Store to different clients via several online purchase places.

Fresh Store Builder Coupon

If you get the Fresh Store Builder’s reseller license, you become free to sell as many units humanly. You will even get access to several resources, features, databases, and private forums to make a better deal possible.

It doesn’t matter who you sell the store to; your license won’t be of concern after the selling process. Purchase the lifetime access of the Fresh Store Builder for $97, and make your journey limitless.

Fresh Store Builder Themes & Add-ons

From the theme and add on the Fresh Store Builder section, you can do quality shopping and buy plug-in instantly. That will help you to accelerate your programs on another level. Many products are available to help you pick the right suited theme and optimization for phone and bundle masters.

Fresh Store Builder Themes and Add-ons

Some of the boosters are included in the package to give you an instant rise just after joining. There are links, inbuilt content spinner tools, Market Samurai, Fresh Website Hosting, AmaSuite MailChimp, and SERP suite available under the toolbox option.

How to Build Your Affiliate Store? | Make Money Online

With Fresh Store, you can easily build your very own money-making online affiliate store.

The first step is to create an Amazon or eBay account for payments and a Fresh Cloud account to host and create your actual store.

After the initial set up you move over to building your store. With Fresh Store Builder, choose from 600 pre-made store templates or make your own according to your specific niche. You can even add your store to an existing webpage.

 Use Fresh Store to create a unique Affiliate Store fully populated with products from Amazon, eBay, and more.

Get hands-on training from Fresh Store Builder to learn more.

Fresh Store Builder Customer Support

If you are setting up everything on yourself, you will require support and experts’ help. The Fresh Store Builder offers access to a community of experts named ‘done for you’ to their users.

Be it installing the store on your website, writing content logo designing, or upgrading, the customer support team will help you.

As they have worked on the entire blueprint, all these works are more accessible for them. The categorization of the blueprints is named graphic designs, WordPress, website builder, and content creation.

Moreover, the knowledge base has several FAQs and demographic materials to support you in and out. The Fresh Store Builder’s new feature allows the users to report bugs instantly; what else a beginner or professional need?

Fresh Store Builder Affiliate Program

Just like other referral programs, Fresh Store Builder also has its affiliate program. Through this, you can earn a 20% commission instantly after every sale you drive.

Fresh Store Affiliate Program

Fresh Store Builder Pros & Cons


  • Integration with Facebook and Pinterest
  • Added ability to integrate with WordPress website
  • Unlimited license after purchasing
  • IP country redirection
  • Integration with several text spin rewriters
  • Can work on autopilot mode
  • Social sharing tabs available
  • Text and video guides for users
  • Attracts immense traffic


  • Vague customer support system
  • Just a few free templates available
  • Some problems faced with Amazon API
  • To get access to a private forum, premium support, one needs to pay extra.

🌟 Fresh Store Builder FAQ

What is the Fresh Store Builder?

The Fresh Store Builder is an Amazon affiliate store builder to promote, build, promote Amazon affiliate stores and attract huge traffic.

What is the Fresh Store Builder WordPress plugin?

Fresh Store Builder provides three pricing plans that are Starter, Unlimited, Pro. The starter and unlimited plan cost you $497, and the pro plan cost you $1997

How much does Fresh Store Builder cost?

Fresh Store Builder provides three pricing plans that are Starter, Unlimited, Pro. The starter and unlimited plan cost you $497, and the pro plan cost you $1997.

What are the best Fresh Store Builder alternatives?

There are lots of Amazon affiliate platforms available out there, but only some provide reliable features and solutions to build a profitable business. However, you can look for some according to your preferences.

Conclusion: Fresh Store Builder Review 2024 | Should you go for it?

The cost of a Fresh Store Builder is just $97, and we believe that it’s the most affordable pricing compared to the competitors. You can create an unlimited number of stores just after purchasing, and that’s the best deal ever.

It’s a risk-free deal in itself, and along with building a business, you will understand the real factors embodied in e-commerce.

You can also become a reseller of the fresh store builder stores and sell them via different marketplaces. The software is worth every penny, and it has all the features to give you good value for your efforts.

Do try the software, and let us know your experience with it! 🤞

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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