Looking for best reliable premium VPN software for South Africa? Check this most updated list of top 5 VPN Providers.

Forests and wildlife of South Africa are well known around the world. It is dense, and people from around the world visit this place for adventure and spend holidays with friends and family.

Previously it wasn’t developed, but with the modern and advanced technology its economy has boosted.

Use of internet has made possible for the people living in South Africa to connect with the outside world, but one issue that is common for everyone is the limit to browse through restricted sites. Some sites cannot be visited with local IP addresses.

Hence there has to be a remedy to resolve this issue. Being not able to stream or download videos on restricted sites is a major concern, and sometimes it is important to hide the original IP address so that your identity is hidden.

Top 5 VPNs in South Africa Updated 2024


The solution to this problem is to use VPN that ensures to keep your original IP hidden and still lets you surf anonymously on the internet. With VPN you can visit restricted sites and download or stream unlimited videos without getting caught by your ISP.

1.   ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a pioneer VPN service provider with secured servers and ultra-blazing speed. It is the most recommended VPN’s in the world and is compatible to run on Windows and other platforms such as Mac, Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad, and Linux.

You can choose from145 cities in 94 countries. It provides instant setup and hassles free surfing by hiding your IP address.

Reasons to choose Express VPN:

Doesn’t matter which operating system you have, ExpressVPN runs smoothly on any device (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad and Linux). By using encryption based on a 4096-CA, it ensures that you enjoy surfing hassle with blazing speed. Unlimited bandwidth, server switches, and speed lead to 99.9% network uptime guaranteed. Protocols such as Open VPN (TCP, UDP), L2TP-IP sec, SSTP, and PPTP offer powerful encryption.

No logging or spying on your traffic which makes customers trust its service. It can be used for up to 3 devices and if the services are not what you expected it to be then with the 30-day money back guarantee you will get your money reimbursed. For any queries or assistance, you can take help from the support team 24/7 via email or chat.

2.  VPNArea

VPN Area provides a better way of surfing, streaming and playing from anywhere with optimized speed and privacy breaking all the barriers that restrict you to access censored sites. All your internet traffic is sent through its secured servers which provides progressive surfing and streaming experience. The best part is, along with the VPN you get a complementary Ad Blocking for all the apps on your devices via its own DNS servers. Even though VPN Area is new in the market, its services are not less complimentary than others.


Reasons to choose VPNArea:

VPNArea allows you to connect up to 6 devices simultaneously and switch IP between 69 countries. To select the best server you can test the speed for yourself and then decide which one is the fastest and doesn’t have much traffic on it. Using its own DNS, Ads can be blocked.

It provides unlimited bandwidth with an assurance of not leaking IPv6, WebRTC and DNS. KillSwitch protects your IP even if VPN is disconnected. 7-day money back guarantee ensures that all your money is in safe hands and if you make up your mind to cancel the plan then your money will be refunded.

3.  NordVPN

NordVPN provides the most advanced and top-notch VPN services for South Africa. The privacy protection is excellent with a double layer of encryption ensuring that you don’t have to compromise on performance. It was established in 2012 by four childhood friends with a vision to fight for human rights against censorship or surveillance. With its core VPN services, it now has more than 1 million users worldwide. It allows you to access geo-restricted content. Using for Windows, Mac and iOS devices is easy.

Reasons to choose NordVPN

NordVPN provides hassle-free streaming and downloading of videos by incorporating the fastest servers that surely guarantees bullet speed performance. No worries about logging as it follows no logging policy. It ensures that P2P traffic is not throttled. It uses Onion over VPN. No technical skills are required to install and run it, with simple steps you can go online with different IP’s.

Payment can be made via Bitcoin too so get ready for unbelievable discounts. Its unique feature Automatic KillSwitch closes the site in case VPN stops working. It offers unlimited bandwidth so you won’t face any downtime and if any time you meet any issue then you can reach the customer support day and night, warm or cold.

4. IPVanish

IPVanish vanishes your original IP by allowing you to choose another secured IP that is reliable and provides super-speed browsing on any device and operating system.

It is one of the most trusted VPN providers that ensure to protect your identity so you could surf anonymously with a duplicate IP address. It has 40,000+ shared IPs, 850+ VPN servers in over 60+ countries. With its lock and critical encryption, you can keep the bad guys at bay even when using a Wi-Fi connection.

Reasons to choose IPVanish

IPVanish doesn’t throttle P2P and provides unlimited bandwidth and server switching. It uses strong encryption, i.e., 256 bit AES encryption and ensures that your traffic will not be logged. It’s easy to use and provides strong encryption even when using external Wi-Fi connection.

Protocols such as SOCKS5 web proxy, OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPsec VPN protocols are used that are reliable and offer hassle-free surfing over the internet. It allows multiple devices to be connected simultaneously but limits up to 5 connections. It offers a 7-day money back guarantee which is quite less as compared to other VPN’s but still counts.

5. PrivateVPN

PrivateInternetAccess is a one-stop solution to all your private surfing needs. It provides a dedicated VPN service with quality and reliability. The prices are affordable and competent with other VPN providers in The US and elsewhere. It is a US-based corporation with in-house support available round the clock 365 days. It has 3272+ servers in around 25 countries around the world and is expected to come up with more in the coming years.

PrivateVPN south Africa

Reasons to choose PrivateInternetAccess:

PIA uses best in class encryption protocol to provide a secured VPN connection which is secured even when using Wi-Fi. It supports P2P, PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec.

It thwarts attacks caused due to malware, viruses & hacking and also blocks Ads. It allows you to connect up to 5 devices simultaneously and includes SOCKS5 Proxy. It ensures that your online activities will not be monitored with zero logging. Payments are secured and it also accepts major gift cards. It is compatible with all the devices and runs hassle-free.

Benefits of using a premium VPN while surfing the internet 

There are multiple reasons that insist you to select VPN for safe and secure browsing. One the primary reason to choose VPN is to stay away from the hackers. bad guys always look to manipulate your information if they recognize your IP address. VPN is a strong barrier for hackers as instead of showing your original IP will show a duplicate IP of some other country. In this way the hacker cannot trace the location you reside in.

Another reason for using VPN is to stream unlimited videos on Netflix and Amazon Prime as they do not provide service in South Africa. By choosing a different IP of US you can stream any content on Netflix and Amazon Prime. For those who like to watch movies and episodes can take vast benefits of a VPN.

In this post you will find the top 5 VPN’s that provide excellent service in South Africa and just like a Tiger kills its prey by hiding in the grass, even you can surf anonymously by hiding your original IP address.

Bottom Line

VPN’s are extremely useful as they protect your identity from being harmed by the bad guys.

There are numerous advantages of using VPN such as surfing through restricted sites that are banned by the government, stream videos on sites that do not allow access to a particular country or region and most importantly when using Wi-Fi it protects you and thwarts hackers from intruding into your system and leaking your vital information.

All the VPN’s for South Africa mentioned in this post are reliable, fast and secure with updated technology and authoritative servers. Choose any of the VPN’s and visit any free sites with ease. While choosing any VPN to go through the features offered and the price package that should be affordable.

Do not select bogus VPN’s as they might let you surf with different IP’s but sell your identity which can lead you into trouble.

Hunt your prey with a different identity by choosing VPN!

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