Starting an e-commerce business is easier, but maintaining it is a difficult task in the long run. The competition is cut-throat, and you need to follow the latest trends to be in the market. But don’t worry; this Sellics review is something that can really help you.

Trends keep on changing each hour, with so many fluctuations happening. You need to make use of multiple tools to make your business more profitable.

Being in the business, you need to make instant decisions, but all decisions should favor growth. You need to do comprehensive market research with the help of several intelligence tools. Procuring the right data of customers is also a core aspect of the Amazon business. If you are new to the business, you might have heard about the Sellics tool.

Sellics tool not just provides all the required tools under a roof, but also it’s a one-stop-shop for popular Amazon marketers. Optimizing ranking, tracking performance, monitoring competitors gets a lot easier.

Hence, in this Sellics review 2024, we will cover all the important features of Sellics, along with its top 5 tools to help you get detailed information. Also, Grab amazing discounts for Sellics with our unique coupon code at the end of the review!

What is Sellics? – Sellics Review in a Nutshell

Sellics Review

Being established in Germany, Sellics is among the leading software tools for eCommerce growth. They have thousands of customer bases, including popular brands and agencies, to succeed on Amazon. Sellics provide an insightful and integrated all-in-one solution to its users to maintain and optimize important performance metrics of the Amazon market.

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As mentioned previously, some of the popular companies using Sellics are KW-Commerce, Chal-Tec, Bosch, Private Label Journey, L’Oreal, and Brita. The AI-based technologies of Sellics help brands to boost Amazon’s sales and market share through analytical analysis. Sellics also make use of automation focused and cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to give better results.

Sellics is available in two separate software platforms: an Amazon Sellers Edition and an Amazon Vendor Edition. If you are a vendor or a seller, know more about both the editions in detail through the Sellics official website.

Why is it called an all-in-one Amazon Software?

Like mentioned previously, if you connect to the merchant account, you will be straightforwardly directed to the product discovery page. There is also a convenient navigation bar at the top of the page, which allows you to switch between the product detector, the spy device, and the niche analyzer.

Sellics Coupon

If you have opened Sellics, you will find the interface clean, as the main features are hidden in a drop-down menu. This is because you need to log in to your central seller account for better usage.

Sellics provide limited data to avoid all privacy and data security issues. The best part is, whatever personal data you are sharing, it will be secured. Even as a member of the Amazon Solution Provider Network, the tool will never share any of your account details information to any third party or with Amazon itself.

Who Should Use Sellics? 

As per our review, Sellics is a fantastic tool for Amazon sellers who wish to get all the stats in a single place. You simply don’t have to get any separate tools and extensions. Now that’s something that can save you time and run your business more efficiently.

This tool fetches data directly from your Seller Center account in real time. In just 5 minutes, the data is updated. Now you can quickly analyze every aspect of your sales and profit and make the necessary adjustments required.

Well, even though there is a lot of data offered, the Sellics Dashboard is clearly visible. It’s super easy to use and has an easy-to-understand interface. The individual widgets on the dashboard, also known as the cockpit, are also clickable. So you can dive deep down into your data to the individual product level. Now that’s really handy for private-label products which you wish to optimize.

And Sellics come for three different types of users. 

The Seller Edition

Now that’s for the Amazon Sellers who already have their account set up through Amazon Seller Central. Here you get the following main features: 

  • You get the PPC manager that will show you how your rankings are performing. It provides you with critical statistics like revenue, cost, impressions, click-through rate, conversion rate and clicks. 
  • You also have the Rank Optimizer that tracks keywords. You can even optimize your listings to get better results. 
  • You can track your profit in real-time, which includes your Amazon Fees. All of this is feeded in automatically once you connect your account. 
  • With Review Management, you can track the reviews you get. 
  • Finally, you have Inventory management which tracks your inventory and alerts you when to re-order. 

The Sellics Vendor Edition

The Vendor Edition of Sellics is especially for Sellers who sell via Amazon Vendor Central. Here you get all the tools and solutions for brand owners who mainly focus on sales, marketing and general e-commerce.

With this edition of Sellics, you get features like:

  • You can control your brand reputation with the feedback management tool. 
  • Lastly, you have Amazon advertising automation, where you can run profitable campaigns to get the most out of your ad spend.

The Sellics Agency Edition

This edition is specially designed for the Agencies by which they can manage their different Amazon accounts for their clients. This is really helpful for the agencies as they can manage all their accounts effectively. Not just this, they also provide you with reports by which agencies can check out how their strategies are working.

Here you get features like:

  • Content and SEO
  • Customer feedback
  • Amazon PPC advertising campaigns

Features Offered by Sellics – Is Sellics Worth Your Money?

#1. Sellics Experience

Sellics Experience

When you use Sellics, you will be highly impressed with its cool dashboard, which is also known as the Cockput. Here you can get an overall view of your current stats. Also, the dashboard widgets are clickable, and with them, you can dive deep into the product level to see even more detailed stats. 

#2. Niche Analyzer

Niche analyzer is the best feature by Sellics, as it helps users analyze the volume of sales and existing competition. Just add your desired niche, or else choose a profitable niche with the help of this feature.

Through this tool, you can quickly determine the number of sales generated in a specific niche. You can also get detailed information about how difficult it will be to rank the keywords of a particular niche.

#3. Product Detector

The Product detector is yet another best feature by Sellics. It does not just give users a detailed overview of all the products sold on Amazon, but also you can discover the most profitable niches. You can explore product ideas if you are a beginner and don’t know where you start.

According to the Sellics official website, the tool has more than 10,000 best and approved Amazon vendors in its product database.

To get the most out of the tool, make use of several filters available. You can filter the sales area, estimated sales, number of revisions, and weight to search quickly thousands of products that would match your preferences.

#4. Spy Tool

The Spy tool by Sellics is our favorite feature as it helps users spy the prices of your competitor’s products and discover bestsellers under a niche. Users can also track the actual sales volume of your target product. This feature helps to reduce the risk of investing in poorly sold products and unsold inventory traps.

Determining the actual sales volume of any product on Amazon gets easier with spy tool. You can make use of the tool to determine the value and pricing of products. With the spy tool’s help, you can easily set up the hacker alert warning to avoid getting hacked.

#5. Dashboard Distribution

You may not find all the tools of Sellics just by a single usage because the dashboard is quite intimidating. The dashboard of Sellics contains several widgets displaying all sorts of required data like sales, earnings, advice, performance, keyword rankings, PPC performance, the list of all products along with sales, revenue share, and current sales. Hence you can have a quick overview of all the required data and the current position of products.

#6. Keywords Classification

Through the Sellics Keyword Ranking Tool, searching all the new keywords, keywords classified by your competitors, and any combination of keywords gets easier. According to the Sellics website, the tool has more than 180,000,000 Amazon keywords in its database.

Keywords classification

Another best feature by Sellics is the Search Volume Ad through which one can find the most relevant keywords for any products. Through keyword tracking, you can rank your changes over time and look after the optimization’s impact.

#7. Inventory Management

It’s essential to manage all the inventory appropriately while in any e-commerce business. Manually stocking goods, especially when you have a diversified product portfolio, is challenging.

Inventory management

The inventory management tool by Sellics does not just automatically calculate the ideal replenishment date for all the products based on your current inventory but also calculates sales speed along with delivery time.

#8. Review Management Tool

Review plays a vital role in any business because it attracts customers or disappoints them. You can manage both positive and negative reviews through the notification management tool. The tool notifies users immediately when they receive any product review.

Hence, when you receive instant notifications, you can quickly respond to negative comments and avoid the after-effects. If you want to remove the negative comment from the panel, Sellics has a feature for that as well.

#9. Sponsored Links Manager

You can use the PPC Administrator to track, analyze, and optimize the overall performance of Amazon ads. Viewing performance statistics for ads is easier. You can sort all the ads through the revenue, cost, CPC, click-through rate, orders, impressions, and a lot more.

You won’t require to rely on Seller Central’s reports for determining the status of campaign performance.

You can integrate sponsored link administrators with Amazon’s Product Advertising API for automating all the campaigns. Create unique custom rule sets that automatically change their keyword based on the performance of the keywords.

#10. Profit Panel

Analyzing profit is important in any business to understand whether you are growing or not. The profit chart by Sellics is integrated into the Seller Central account that displays exact profit margins after all costs.

Profit panel

Be it the FBA price, shipping cost, PPC costs, Amazon fees, action value, raw material costs, you will get detailed and real-time information about all the deductions. The best part about the dashboard is it is updated every five minutes, and it’s trackable throughout the day. To get more accurate results, we will suggest you enter all the costs manually. Finding the profitability of each product and the downsides of all is easier too!

Top 5 Sellics Features Amazon Business Owners Love!

Now, you must have seen some of the above features common in most of the Amazon growth tool. You might get confused as of now, that why to buy Sellics. Below-given is a list of unique and profitable features by Sellics making it one of the market’s top tools.

1. PPC Manager

Sellics not just help individuals to save their time but also they can optimize their PPC promotions to increase PPC sales from Amazon. As a result, one can solely concentrate on ads’ effectiveness and generate a higher return on ad spendings. Evaluating success in the campaigns also gets easier.

Sellics PPC Manager

Moreover, you can monitor the overall performance of all the Supported Ads despite the period. All of it will enable you to see exactly the core improvements that have positively influenced the campaigns’ results.

Another best advantage of Sellics is that users won’t have to perform any of the time-consuming tasks. You can transfer high-performance keywords from one campaign to another or insert underperforming keywords manually to a negative keyword list just by a click. Hence, it is visibly seen that the tool is more accessible and time savior when you want to set up unique campaigns quickly.

2. Profit Dashboard

The next unique feature by Sellics is the profit dashboard that helps users to monitor their income. All the income analytics are real-time of the overall modules.

Sellics Profit Dashboard

The module automatically covers the overall Amazon fees, shipping costs, FBA, PPC fees, coupons, taxes, and product costs. As a result, you will get a fully automated estimate of your actual income on Amazon.

3. Amazon Ranking Optimization

It’s important to rank higher on Amazon to reach out to the customers, more specifically, on pages 1-3. You are more likely to get good orders from these sections of Amazon search results. The opportunity lies down here, and to get there, you will need the right tool.

Amazon ranking optimization

The Amazon Keyword Analysis & Ranking Optimization feature by Sellics lets users build conversion and benchmarking lists against the existing competitors. The working of the tool is exciting to look after. Initially, the Amazon Keywords Analysis tool works the guesswork out of what clients are searching for on Amazon. It digs out the high volume, winning keywords to boost your campaigns.

The next step is to optimize the product listings and update the current product list according to the market trends. It also fills in the content gaps to give better results. In the end, the tool tracks the overall keyword rankings. It keeps an eye over the keyword rankings to check and refine the existing rankings to give better results.

4. Inventory Management

Yet another important feature one must have while running Amazon business is inventory management. Manually doing it all takes a lot of time. You can easily upload the lead time for any product as per your preferences. Initially, Sellics determines the ideal reorder date for each product automatically. As a result, you will have full inventory control and have information about the selling velocity.

The Reorder Pipeline by Sellics is more than whatever you have thought. You can prepare your resources appropriately to keep an overview of your 90-day reorder pipeline.

5. Review Management

You need to track your reviews at first to boost your business. Negative reviews hamper the customer base that will affect rank and conversion rates. It’s seen that sellers respond to negative feedback more quickly than positive ones, and it has a long-lasting effect.

The Review management feature by Sellics immediately informs users about the new feedback on the product they get on Amazon. Negative feedback also affects the average star rating. Hence, you can sort all the reviews and prioritize the response rate accordingly. All you need to do is connect your Seller Central account to your Income Dashboard just by a click. Lastly, Sellics measures the overall Amazon costs automatically by entering the product’s cost to get more accurate results.

👉 Sellics Login with Simple Steps

Sellics Login
  • You can easily access the Sellics account from the website and also by using the links in the following responses.
  • You only have to enter your Username and Password for your Sellics Account.
  • And if you don’t have a Sellics account, you can create one. If you have forgotten or lost your password, you can reset it so that you may log in.

How to Manage Your Sellics Account? 

When we talk about managing account, you can manage who has access to your Sellics account and which modules they can utilize. 

As you set up an Account Admin, you have permission to add and delete users. You can also edit the permission for each user to access different modules, tags and markets. 

But remember that only the original account admin can add another user as admin for the account. 

When you click on your account at the bottom left, the first tab you will find is Settings. Here you can change your language or even change your login password. 

Manage Your Sellics Account

In the second Tab is Team, where you can add new users who can use your account and other features. In the connected Amazon Accounts of the Amazon Website, you can manually upload products, add extra Advertising and connect MWS integrations. 

Lastly, you have the subscriptions and payments part of the website, where you can modify your billing information and payment methods, change your billing address or cancel your account.

Sellics Pricing – How much does Sellics cost?

As Sellics is a feature-packed tool, it’s important to look after the pricing to decide. If you find the cost of Sellics higher, then you can use the discount coupon to get it at the lowest price possible.

Sellics Pricing

Sellics offer a 14-day free trial period to all the users. You can make use of all the free features at this time. You won’t require any credit card in the trial period. Also, on the Sellics official website, the tool itself recommends users to test their Ranking Optimizer features. Hence, make the best use of the tool by searching as many relevant keywords as possible.

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Just after you have completed the free trial period, you can choose a subscription. The pricing of Sellics depends on how many products are sold; this model is also called variable pricing.

Previously, Sellics worked on a credit system for keywords or tracked products, and it became confusing with increasing time. Hence, Sellics recently changed its pricing model and made it easier for the customers to understand. However, we still find it a bit confusing due to several reasons. Let’s check out there pricing plans.

Sellics Starter Plan – $250/month + Any applicable taxes

  • 1 Retail Media Platform 
  • Up to $5,000 in monthly ad spend
  • Onboarding call
  • Access to Perpetua Support Team
  • Access to Perpetua slack community

Sellics Growth Plan – $550/month + Any applicable taxes

All the features of Starter Plan, along with: 

  • 2 Retail Media Platforms
  • Up to $10,000 in monthly ad spend
  • Dedicated Customer Success Rep
  • Hourly Share of Voice and Organic rank insights

Sellics Pro Plan – % of Ad Spend + $550/month + Any applicable taxes

All the features of the Growth Plan, along with: 

  • Unlimited Retail Media Platforms
  • Up to $200,000 in monthly ad spend
  • Quarterly business review
  • 3 & 6-week checkpoint call
  • Customized launch strategy & on-boarding plan
  • Perpetua Stream: Hourly reporting and Intraday optimization

Sellics Enterprise Plan – Custom Pricing

This is a custom plan from Sellics for which the pricing is not mentioned on the official website. You will have to contact customer support for its pricing. With this package, you get all features of the Growth and Pro plan along with the following: 

  • Unlimited Retail Media Platforms
  • Over $200,000 in monthly ad spend
  • Early access to Perpetua Betas (including DSP self-serve)
  • White-glove account set-up
  • Datalake integration
  • Custom dashboard production
  • Amazon Marketing Cloud integration
  • Custom dashboard production

How to Use Sellics Discount Coupons?

Just after you have chosen any product to buy, you can use any coupons to get it at a discounted rate. Land on the Sellics website and use the updated coupons or discounted codes.

Before making the final purchase, always check twice that you apply a promotional code or discount.

Sellics CouponDiscountRedemption Link
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Get 10% off on monthly plan at Sellics10% OFFActivate Deal
Save $240 with annual plan$240 OFFActivate Deal
Take 25% discount on Sellics for first order25% OFFActivate Deal
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Start 14-day free trial on SellicsFREE TrialActivate Deal

Sellics Customer Support

Yet another best part about Sellics is its customer support system. Customer service is available both via e-mail or live chat. You can find the chat area in the lower-right corner of the home page. The customer support team will instantly get back to you on weekdays or within a day itself.

Sellics Customer Support

Chat Box

The customer support of Sellics is handled by a messenger bot when their customer agents are not available. We did try to test out this by putting in some questions and had to wait for just a few whiles when the reply came stating to drop by email address in the suggestion box. Earlier, a few days ago, we did realize that a real person was operating the instant messenger, so it depends on what time of the day you are looking for support. This will actually determine whether you will get an instant answer or you will have to wait.

Email Support

  • There is also a separate support email for vendors and agencies – [email protected].

Help Center

There is a separate help center page for users where they can find all the answers to their questions, along with links to articles and video tutorials. There is also a search bar at the top where they can search for the information.

Sellics Affiliate Program

Sellics offers the fastest-growing affiliate programs in the industry. Sellics is a leading Amazon All-in-one solution that helps sellers and vendors and also brands grow their business on Amazon.

Sellics Affiliate Program

Why should you become an affiliate with Sellics?

  • As a Sellics affiliate, you have got unlimited earning opportunities, and there are no limits on your income. 
  • In the Sellics affiliate program, the commission is offered for Free Report. Now that’s something that you have never heard of! 
  • Affiliates can promote Sellics as it also provides special deals and personalized codes along with deals for your audiences which can help promote better.
  • Sellics affiliates will be paid immediately as the payout will be processed just as it is reviewed.

All payments are made through PayPal and Stripe.

Is Sellics Really Secured? – Can You Rely on its Privacy? 

When you store all your financial details and also your customer details in a third-party software well, that can be a genuine primary concern.  Even though Sellics runs off Amazon web services, it extracts data directly from Amazon’s API and displays it for you; there is nothing actually to worry about as they are never actually stored in the Sellics. 

If you are still concerned about this, you can check out Sellics’ privacy policy, where you can find numerous FAQs based on data security.

Sellics Alternatives You Must Try! – Top Competitors of Sellics

Sellics Vs. Helium 10 (Best Sellics Alternative)

Helium 10 does not need any special introduction when we talk about Amazon FBA Business. It is a complete Amazon tool kit with more than 30 features to ensure your profits are enlarged.

Helium 10

With Helium 10’s Product Research module, you get everything that you want to make a successful Amazon Selling Business. Its features are almost known to everyone, but still a few of them we shall discuss quickly.

1. Cerebro

The tool will display all the competitors’ keywords in a single click. It will also analyze the popular listings along with identifying the reasons behind their success.

2. Magnet

This feature will help you find hundreds of keywords of high-ranking terms. It will provide you with a list of all the important, relevant keywords along with the actionable phrases in just a few seconds.

3. Listing Optimization

Helium 10 listing optimization offers guides and writing resources so that you can increase the value of your Product listings.

4. Scribbles

By using this feature, you can keep track of the phrases which you intend to use in your product descriptions automatically. So Each time you put a recommended keyword in your copy, it will be automatically removed from your ‘keyword to-do list.’

5. The Refund Genie

With this feature, you can enable Automatic Seller Reimbursement requests and get them all from Amazon customers faster.

6. The Inventory Protector

As the name goes, this feature protects your inventory by restricting the number of items clients can purchase for every order. You get complete control of the inventory about what’s on the way.

7. Mobile Application

Helium 10 mobile app is something that many sellers love as they can check out all their details relating to their Amazon business on the go. This App is convenient as it offers notifications about almost everything, by which Sellers can never miss out on any of the details.

Along with this, other features of Helium 10 include:

  • Frankenstein
  • Index Checker
  • Black Box
  • Analytics 
  • Chrome Extension 
  • Misspellinator
  • Trendster

The Pricing of Helium 10 compared to Sellics is also quite less, whereas its Starter Plan starts from $29/month. And the Platinum and Diamond cost $84/month and $209/month, respectively. 

Sellics Vs. Teikametrics

Teikametrics is an Amazon Advertising management tool that integrates, and automates, Data science and Amazon expertise and helps improve Amazon PPC. This tool is mainly known as PPC software, but it does offer an all-in-one solution for Amazon Sellers. Flywheel is the name of Teikametrics’ retail optimization system, and it comes in two types: managed and self-managed.


A few of the features offered by Teikametrics are as follows:

1. Intuitive and Informative Dashboard

Flywheel offers a dashboard where users can manage their Amazon campaigns easily. The dashboard presents a clear picture of overall revenue, total advertising revenue, Ad spend, 56 Days of marketing expenses of sale, along with the wasted Ad budget for the whole campaign.

2. Advertising Campaign Manager

This tool organizes all your ads with its Ad campaign manager, so the customer only has to log in and establish a campaign and put the suggestions into practice. And then, Flywheel will optimize keyword searches and make the information more cost-effective.

3. Support for Unlimited Products and Ad Campaigns

Teikametrics has no restrictions on the size of items and campaigns the user can run. It charges the same fee as the ad budget is within the subscription plan of the user.

4. Managed Services

It offers account managers that are skilled at creating and auditing campaigns. Plus, they also run weekly campaigns to execute negative, auto to manual and focusing activities to keep costs low and profits higher. These manage to make their action plans transparent, and they ensure to call users frequently to assess account performance and alter campaign strategies.

5. Bidding with a Price in Mind

Users can customize their ad bidding settings on-site. These setting help Flywheel algorithm regarding the user’s ad spending preferences and budget.

6. Sponsored Brands Algorithmic Bidding

This feature was included in 2019. Brands seek to adopt dynamic, profit-based bidding technology that can improve the efficiency of Sponsored Brands programs on Amazon. And this feature will assist in boosting additional sales without hampering profitability by constantly modifying bids depending on the competitive forces and keeping the desired margins or limits.

Teikametrics offers three pricing plans: Basic, AI-Powered and Optional Ad Managment.

The basic plan is a free plan, whereas the AI-powered plan costs:

Monthly marketplace salesPrice
< $10K/monthFree
> $10K/month3% of monthly ad spend

FAQ on Sellics Review

What is Sellics?

Sellics is an all-in-one software for eCommerce growth used by thousands of Amazon sellers and brands to succeed on Amazon. This leading software is divided into three different versions. The software covers the need of the sellers, vendors, and agencies.

Does Sellics provide a free trial?

Yes, You can definitely try Sellics, especially its Seller Edition. Sellics provides a 14-day free trial that allows you to access all the features of the Seller edition.

Who owns Sellics?

On April 19, 2022, Sellics was acquired by Perpetua, part of Ascential PLC.

Does Sellics have a keyword research tool? 

Yes. Sellics does have its own Free Amazon Keyword Research Tool named SONAR. With this tool, you can research using keywords you already know as well as via ASINs.

Is Sellics safe and secure?

Yes. Sellics ensures the security and privacy of its users very seriously. As the company is based in Germany, it has stringent data security laws. Along with this, Sellics does not have access to the Seller Central Information. It is entirely transmitted via Amazon’s official API.

What does Sellics do?

Sellics is a fantastic PPC management and optimization tool for both Amazon Sellers and Vendors that have managed to combine 7 key features which work together to help users scale their Amazon Selling Business to a new level and earn good revenue.

Which are the marketplaces currently supported by Sellics?

As Amazon continues to expand into new marketplaces, so is Sellics. And following is the list of markets currently supported by Sellics, both for ASIN and Advertising management: 
United States
United Kingdom

How can I cancel my Sellics account?

Sellics provides a user-friendly interface, and through that interface, you can cancel your Sellics account. To cancel the account, you need to first log in to your account and find the account management page. You will get the box that shows all the details of your subscription, and you will need to click on the terminate that cancels your subscription.

How can I reach the Sellics customer support service?

The professional team behind Sellics takes their customers very seriously, and therefore, they offer a wide range of channels to reach out to them. You can contact their customer support team via mail, email, chat, etc.

Conclusion: Sellics Review + Discount Coupon 2024

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, Sellics is a perfect tool to boost the Amazon business. You will get the right analysis tools all under a roof through which you can sell products profitably.

Moreover, users also get access to all the data and performance metrics required to grow your Amazon business. There are several options available to browse to get more exact information.

Sellics is unique compared to all other tools because of its analysis panel that gives information about the approximate profitability of your products and comes with handy features like PPC administrator. You can also rank higher across different search engines through Sellics.

If you are looking forward to boosting your business, Sellics is a must-try for you!🚀🚀

Sellics Review 
0out of 10

Trying to achieve success in the Amazon advertising world can be frustrating. Traditional advertising doesn’t allow you to gauge the ROI of your ads and optimize them accordingly. Broken campaigns cost you time and money in the long run. With Sellics, Amazon advertising becomes easy. Sellics is the leading advertising optimization software that offers you powerful data insights, advertising costs on different ad networks, ad campaign performance, and many more.

  •  All in one comprehensive tool that provides you with all metrics. 
  •  Comes with inventory management.
  •  Allows you to monitor your PPC campaigns.
  •  Notifies when there are negative reviews.
  •  Provides stats in real-time.
  •  Offers a 14-day free trial.
  •  Includes keyword research.
  •  Compatible with several Amazon marketplaces, including Germany, Canada, the US, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Great Britain, and France.
  •  Innovative and intelligent dashboards.
  •  In-depth information about the supplier and products.


  •  The tool requires you to connect your Amazon seller account even if you are just checking it out.
  •  Data history is just 60 days.
  •  It can be a bit confusing as the pricing is based on sales turnover.
  •  A bit of improvisation can be done in the customer support team.
  •  The starter plan comes with a lot of limitations.

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