Sick of spending countless hours trying to create high-converting ad creatives? is here to automate that tedious process for you with specialized AI. This incredible platform can generate captivating creatives for all your advertising needs in just seconds.

And that’s not all – exclusive coupons allow you to access this game-changing technology at up to 50% OFF! By opting for discounted annual subscriptions, you get to boost campaign performance without burning a hole in your pocket. is the ultimate tool for advertising success in 2024. Let the AI access data, analyze trends, and create optimized creatives customized to your brand and goals. Meanwhile, you can focus on the high-level marketing strategy while leaving the heavy lifting of ideating, designing, and testing creatives to the technology.

The specialized AI will help improve conversions, engagement, and overall growth through data-driven creatives. So save thousands in creative costs, subscribe using a verified coupon, and take your ad results to unprecedented heights!

Main Highlights

  • can help you save up to 90% on design costs and time.
  • Now you can secure up to 50% savings on Annual Subscriptions.
  • Get a $2638 discount on Agency Plan and a $747 discount on Professional Plan.
  • As an user, you can also get Free Google Ad Credits.

Verified Coupons 2024

Save 50% on Annual Plans


Grab Annual Subscriptions at a 50% discount with this verified coupon.

50% OFF

Exclusive Coupon: $2638 OFF


Redeem this coupon and get $2638 discount on your Agency Plans Annual Subscription.

$2638 OFF Verified Deal: $747 OFF


Get up to $747 discount on Professional Plan Annual Subscription.

$747 OFF

Start Free Trial


Sign up for Free Trial and get unlimited generations absolutely free.

Free Trial Subscription Discounts with Coupons

Here’s a detailed table outlining the discounts available on subscriptions when using verified coupons: Coupon DescriptionDiscount AmountApplicable PlanNotes
Save 50% on Annual Plans50% Annual SubscriptionsGrab Deal
Exclusive Coupon: $2638 OFF$2638 OFFAgency Plans Annual SubscriptionRedeem Discount
Verified Deal: $747 OFF$747 OFFProfessional Plan Annual SubscriptionGet Discount
Start Free TrialFreeUnlimited GenerationsClick here to signup

Step-by-Step Guide to Redeem Coupon

Follow the step-by-step guide below to redeem your discount with coupon:

STEP 1: Click on the verified Coupons and get redirected to the official website.

STEP 2: If you’re a new user, you’ll need to create an account. If you already have an account, simply log in. Coupon

STEP 3: Navigate to the pricing section and select the plan that best suits your needs. Opt for annual billing to get the verified discount.

STEP 4: After selecting your plan, you’ll be prompted to enter your payment details. Checkout Page

STEP 5: After entering the code, the discount should be applied automatically to your purchase.

Voila! Your work is done. You have now availed a 50% discount on your subscription.

Why Use an Coupon?

Here are compelling reasons to use an coupon code:

  • Save substantially: coupons help cut costs by up to 50% on subscriptions.
  • Test risk-free: The free trial allows exploring features before committing.
  • Boost ad performance: Achieve up to 14x better ad CTR and conversion rates.
  • Automate creatives: Create optimized ads in minutes without a designer.
  • Stay on brand: Generates creatives customized to your brand guidelines. Pricing Plans Pricing Plans offers a range of pricing plans to meet the needs of different types of businesses, from startups to professional agencies. The pricing plans are divided into three main categories: Startup Plans, Professional Plans, and Agency Plans. Startup Plans

The Startup Plans are designed for small businesses and startups that are looking to leverage the power of AI for their advertising needs. The Startup Plans are further divided into four tiers:

  1. 10 Credits/month: Priced at $21 per month or $145 on a yearly basis.
  2. 25 Credits/month: Priced at $44 per month or $295 on a yearly basis.
  3. 50 Credits/month: Priced at $74 per month or $495 on a yearly basis.
  4. 100 Credits/month: Priced at $111 per month or $745 on a yearly basis. Professional Plans

The Professional Plans are designed for larger businesses and professionals who require more advanced features and capabilities. The Professional Plans are divided into three tiers:

  1. 100 Credits/month: Priced at $141 per month or $945 on a yearly basis.
  2. 200 Credits/month: Priced at $186 per month or $1245 on a yearly basis.
  3. 500 Credits/month: Priced at $289 per month or $1995 on a yearly basis. Agency Plans

The Agency Plans are designed for advertising agencies that need to manage multiple client accounts and require advanced features and capabilities. The Agency Plans are divided into four tiers:

  1. 500 Credits/month: Priced at $499 per month or $3350 on a yearly basis.
  2. 1000 Credits/month: Priced at $699 per month or $4650 on a yearly basis.
  3. 2000 Credits/month: Priced at $889 per month or $6000 on a yearly basis.

Why Choose Annual Plan for the Best Discount?

The annual plan is the most sensible choice to maximize savings with

  • 50% Lower Price: Annual deal offers a 50% flat discount versus monthly plans.
  • Lock-in Savings: Protect against future price hikes for 1 year.
  • Cost-Effective: Brings down the per month cost substantially.
  • Maximum Value: Get full access to features for the next 12 months.

Go for the annual subscription to unlock the Exclusive 50% coupon.

Get $500 Free Google Ad Credits, a Premier Partner with Google, is offering an exciting deal for its users. As part of this exclusive partnership, users can now avail $500 in free Google Ads credits. This offer is simple to claim.

Just connect your Google Account on the “Integrations” page, create or edit a brand, and select “Google Ads Ad Account“. Spend $500 during the first two months, and get $500 back right away. Google will match the amount you spend up to $500. It’s that fast and simple. Key Features Accessible on its Subscription offers a range of powerful features that make it a top choice for advertisers. Here are the key features you can access with an subscription:

  • Generate Texts & Headlines: Create sales-focused texts and headlines tailored to the platform you advertise on. This feature acts as your personal copy-writer, allowing you to focus on your business.
  • Creative Insights: See which creatives perform the best in your ad accounts at a glance. Get inspired by your best-performing creatives and let learn from your data to bring you even more personalized results.
  • Generate Social Creatives: Uncover and analyze your competitors’ top-performing ads across platforms. Gain valuable insights into their traffic sources and buyer demographics to strategize and refine your own advertising efforts effectively.
  • Get Winning Ad Inspiration: provides inspiration for winning ads, helping you create more effective campaigns.
  • Super Scalable: Whether you need 1 creative or 10,000 creatives a month, is designed to match your ad creative/banner needs.
  • Platform Integrations: can integrate with Google, Facebook, ADYOUNEED, and Zapier to help you make the most of the platform.
  • Created for Collaborations: Invite up to 25 users to and let them generate creatives simultaneously under one main account.
  • Text Generator: Generate results bringing texts for your ads within
  • See Insights: See which creatives perform the best on your ad accounts.
  • Whitelabel Ready: Change the logo and URL of, making it truly yours.
  • Creative Collection: gathers creative content from all the prominent social and display platforms.
  • Creative Analysis: Generate ad creatives and banners that have up to 14x better conversion rates for your entire client portfolio.

Top FAQs Related to Coupon

How much discount can I get with coupons?

You can save up to 50% on annual plans, $2638 OFF on Agency Plan, and $747 OFF on Professional Plans with current coupons.

What’s the best coupon available now?

The top Coupon can help you get up to $2638 OFF on Agency annual plans.

Do coupons work on monthly plans?

No, currently discounts are only applicable on annual subscriptions.

What is Refund Policy?

You can cancel an annual plan anytime with 30 days’ notice and a monthly plan within 7 days of the subscription date.

Are these coupons verified?

Yes, the Coupons provided in this article are 100% verified and working.

Wrapping Up on Coupons is an unparalleled AI platform that takes the effort out of creating high-converting ad creatives. Simply put, it’s an ad creative powerhouse in your pocket. With exclusive annual plan coupons offering up to 50% OFF, now is the best time to subscribe and step up your ad game.

Don’t lose sight of your goals – let bring out your full advertising potential at a fraction of the cost and manual work. The powerful AI will help boost campaign performance drastically while you focus on the big-picture marketing strategy.

So why wait when you can dominate advertising with Sign up through this exclusive link, redeem a verified coupon, and automate top-notch creatives customized to your brand and goals in an instant.

Boost conversions, increase engagement, and grow your business with today!

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