The secret to any booming dropshipping business is dependent on the tools that identify winning products.

Here in this post, we are introducing the latest ✅Commerce Inspector Coupon Codes updated for 2024, which is a Chrome extension to track the most winning products, apps, product launches, ad campaigns, sales, and much more than you can think of. 

Before getting details about this tool, lets first have a look at the BloggingEclipse’s exclusive money-saving coupons for saving money. 

About Commerce Inspector

Commerce Inspector Coupon

Commerce Inspector allows in tracking any Shopify store’s sales, product launches, apps, best-sellers, ad campaigns, etc. It is a Chrome extension tool for competitive understanding and works flawlessly for Mac and Windows.

This competitive intellect helps in:

  • Building a better brand 
  • Grow business faster
  • Sell the right products
  • Scale efficiently
  • Use the best apps
  • Take exceptional decisions
  • Evaluating product and shop level profits

So, CI offers product intellects about a particular Shopify product along with the traffic trends, profits, product involvement, product data, and provider expenses. It is indeed the preferable spy tool in the market.

CI’s functioning depends on AI and Algorithms. It helps in collecting data from major social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, and other public sources. It divides the information accumulated and delivers estimates on profits and sales.

With all the data it collects from various sources, you get accessible and steadfast info about winning products, targeting, traffic sources, complete product rendezvous, and devices used across the whole network. 

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How to access the Commerce Inspector Coupons?

  • Before taking advantage of the Commerce Inspector coupons, get to read all about the Commerce Inspector features first. 
  • After you are satisfied with the features, click on Pricing to know the plans.
  • You will see five plans on the screen divided as per their price range and features.
  • The free plan will give you limited access, while the subscriptions give you unlimited data for the number of stores specified. 
  • If you want to go for a free trial, then all plans offer a 3-day trial for $1.
  • Next, sign up for using the tool and then fill in personal and banking details for setting up your account.
  • Once you are done with the payment, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Now, you have full access to the data with your personal dashboard to start tracking.

Note- All premium plans except the Free plan include the same feature set, but differ in pricing based on the number of stores stalked.

How do these Dropshipping Spy tools help?

We all know that in the present times, eCommerce has become the easiest, trending, and most affordable way to set up lucrative online e-stores. But, that’s the fact that every product or tool in the market comes with an attached hoodwinks that are not discoverable until you have a deep insight. 

For establishing any successful drop-shipping business or e-store, only the first impression of the site with a beautiful product line is not enough. One has to work as per the business’ existing viable insights. 

There has to a convoluted process to find out best-rated products in the market. 

And in this fast-changing and multifaceted world, the intense process and technology are offered by the spying and tracking tools like Commerce Inspector. These tools assist in discovering high conversion products along with other related analytics and make the whole tracking process very effortless. 

You will find hundreds of spying tools in the market, claiming to save your time and money by offering an impeccable list of potent features. Commerce Inspector also delivers data-driven results to its users along with full automation. The drop shipping business becomes far more laid-back than you ever thought of.

So, now as you are clear about what all spy tools like Commerce Inspector can let’s have a look at the predominant list of features offered by Commerce Inspector. 

Features of Commerce Inspector

  • Free Chrome Extension

You can download the free Chrome extension of CI and access quality information without any cost. The plugin is free forever, and light up acumens for any store with just one click as you surf. 

  • One-click Best-Sellers 

CI helps in discovering profitable products with one single click. You don’t have to dig through source code or type different URLs. 

  • Product Acumen

It helps in maintaining your competitive threshold. The evaluative charts tell you when the products are launched, including product sales volume, insights, categories, and tags showing success. You can even search for products by the trending keywords around all shops. In this way, you will be able to compete and develop your online business more confidently.

  • Traffic & Social Media Insights

With CI, it is quite easy to get an understanding of social and traffic sources direct from SimilarWeb plugin. If you want to know about the searches of your competing drop shipper, then the trending Facebook posts and groups, Shopify products across the system will fulfill your desire to know everything anytime.

  • Apps & Tools

You know that your rivals use secret apps and tools to get quick success online. Dealers can make a million by using a single app, hence increasing efficiency and driving growth. You, too, can do that by using CI, as CI assists you in finding the secret nerve for the most flourishing stores. You will have access to the data of almost 879456 top brands.

Tracking real-time sales of numerous e-stores

With CI, you can refine competitive spirits by almost tracking any store’s touchstone. It means that you follow any brand’s top-sellers, product list, profit trends, web traffic, and much more. In this way, you will be able to find the top-trending brands as per your demand.

  • Ad Tracking

You can track the ad campaigns of any store through the persuasive creatives of CI. These ad differentiators help you in acquiring a cutthroat advantage by tracking all ads introduced by your competitor. In this way, you can quickly refer to active and inactive ads. 

Therefore, these features help you in fetching overall information about your competitor’s product, sales trends, ad tracking and tools, and apps driving sales. 

🚀Commerce Inspector Pricing Plans

Commerce Inspector pricing policies are simple and crystal clear. If you have any doubt in your mind, then go ahead with CI’s 3-day trial offer for $1. This offer is valid on all the premium plans. Moreover, you also get the liberty of upgrading, downgrading, and canceling he subscription anytime. 

Now let’s jump to the pricing of the plans:

Commerce Inspector Pricing
  • $0 for Free plan with limited data and limited features
  • START plan at $49/pm with unlimited data for three stores
  • GROW plan for $99/pm with unlimited data for ten stores
  • SCALE plan for $249/pm with unlimited for thirty stores
  • CONQUER plan for $499/pm with unlimited data for all the stores

Difference Between Free & Premium Plans

Features offered for free chrome extension:

  • Current product launches 
  • All-time top-selling products
  • Product launches by tag and days
  • Used apps

All premium plans include:

  • Current product launches
  • All-time top-selling products
  • Product launches by tag and days
  • Used apps
  • Product and shop level profits
  • Last week’s top sellers
  • Search products and apps across shops
  • Top selling and trending shops lists
  • Present ad creative live
  • Old ad creative

All subscriptions have a similar suite of features, but the pricing differs due to the number of stores tracked.

Pros & Cons


  • An all-inclusive tool with various features
  • Ease of use
  • Offers undercover details and detailed product insights
  • Most demanded product range


  • Little expensive
  • Free plan with too limited features 
  • A few resources for help

🌟 Commerce Inspector FAQ

Is the data offered completely reliable?

Like other spying tools, CI’s evaluations are built on segregating numerous sources of data to foresee proceeds and unit sales. They are regularly improving the process of combining this data to conclude sales and income. Though no tool can claim to be 100% correct, their customers constantly give positive feedback about the accuracy of the data.

Can the user unsubscribe to a store and use that space for another store?

Yes, one can unsubscribe to a store after 30 days of subscribing, and that too right from your Account page. This is to avoid users from continually subscribing and unsubscribing to stores and thereby getting access to more information than is incorporated in their plan. You can upgrade anytime to be able to subscribe to unrestricted stores.

If you subscribed to a store by mistake and want to unsubscribe before 30 days have gone by, simply contact us.

Is there any refund policy?

No, they do not encourage any refunds at any cost though you can cancel your subscription anytime so that they don’t charge you for another month.

Conclusion: Commerce Inspector Coupon Codes Updated 2024 | Should you go for it?

The whole idea of accumulating data through various sources is definitely one of the best in the market. Commerce Inspector has all the features required for a smart spy tool, but to compete with the super best spy tools, it still has to come up with more accuracy and on-board features. But for a beginner, this is an easy-to-use tool.

I hope you will consider the Commerce Inspector coupons for saving your hard-earned money. If you want to know about any other spy tool, then do let us know. We will offer you a genuine review along with money-saving coupons. 😉

Commerce Inspector Coupon
Commerce Inspector Review
0out of 10

Commerce Inspector is the ecom spy tool available in the market that you can use to easily track all Shopify store’s most important metrics, including top products and sales, ad campaigns, and more. You can analyze your competitors quickly by using its Chrome extension or web version. Download the Commerce Inspector free Chrome extension and discover the most premium data for free.

  •  Simple pricing plans.
  •  Offer free Chrome extension.
  •  User-friendly dashboard.
  •  It gives detailed insights about products.
  •  Track real-time sales.


  •  It does not offer web tutorials.

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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