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[Updated] 7 Best Native Ad Networks for Publishers (2023)

In this post, you will learn about the 7 best Native Ad Networks that will make your online journey of making money more bourgeoning.

Imagine you are searching for some vital information on a web page related to your child’s project, and suddenly an adult product ad pops up on the screen. What will be your reaction to it? Either you will close the particular window or shut down the page in particular. And it might be that you will think twice before going on that specific page because of that creepy and irrelevant ad.

Now here comes the role of native ads. Natives ads are fully related and blended ads that appear on the web page without disturbing the reader as well as showing the most relevant product.

It is the use of paid ads that counterparts the structure and purpose of the platform upon which it is seen. In numerous instances, it works like an infomercial and demonstrates as a video, editorial, or a viewpoint.

Role of Native Ad Networks for Publishers

Now you might get a little confused as to which type of ad network will work for your website. Well, it all depends on the kind of users you have and the niche you are working on. Another form of Ad networks might be obtrusive for some online publishers, unlike native ads. Native ad networks offer you the inobtrusive kind of advertisements that unsurprisingly jibe with the web content, thus getting more attention.

The primary role of native ad networks is to make ads look less like advertisements by merging them in the most relevant content type. Native Ad networks make the ads look like provocative and pertinent anecdotes or bulletin items, generally at the end of the web page.

For instance, on the technology page of Forbes website, you will find an add related to “Best 5 Noise-Cancelling Headphones”, which is sponsored by Amazon.

Benefits of joining the Native Ad Networks:

  • Native ads merge with the content immaculately without appearing like an ad.
  • They are less disruptive as they look like information, editorial and stories.
  • Promote brand awareness better than any other form of digital media.
  • They can circumvent security measures by holding the line,.
  • They have better click-through rates especially, especially on mobiles.

6 Best Native Ad Networks Updated 2023

Best Native Ad Networks

Let’s check out some of the most popular and proven Native ad networks for publishers and webmasters, which enables you to scale your website monetization to the next level. Their intelligent AI-based Ad tools help you to increase your Ad revenue by over 200%.


First, on our list of best native Ad networks for publishers is Ad.Style. This network has been around for a long time now and has become a global leader in digital marketing and native advertising. The network leverages machine-learning technology, data-performance and scale and boosts the growth of publishers, thereby increasing their revenue.


The company was founded in Florida in the year 2015, and since then, it has partnered with over 200 websites and server ads in over 30+ languages globally. This network also works with leading brands, advertisers and marketers all over the world. It offers a team to assist publishers and also advertisers in fulfilling their desired objectives. Not just this, the network is also dedicated to aiding customers in developing and creating a more visually appealing approach to generate more profits.

The Ad.Style native ad network strives hard to find the precise and ideal match for publishers with advertisers’ requirements. This is beneficial for both and delivers guaranteed growth. Along with this, the network offers high-quality, better-converting native display ads without burdening the page. It installs widgets through Javascript code and is processed in parallel with the page.

Publishers get an intuitive dashboard that contains all the key insights which are required to make decisions. It also displays the adverts which deliver the most revenue. What’s more lovely is that it offers average CPM rates ranging from $4 to $11, which is simply fantastic.

Highlights of Ad.Style Ad network:

  • It offers an easy-to-use interface. 
  • Great CPM offers.
  • Offers a variety of international audiences
  • Fantastic 24/7 support team
  • Quick installation of widgets to help publishers get up and running in no time
  • Robust security measures to ensure brand safety
  • Low payout threshold, which makes it a great option for publishers. 


MGID enables you to convey your brand’s implication to pertinent and affianced onlookers using native positionings of ads on numerous top entertainment and lifestyle websites. As a publisher, you will get to generate high revenue with their non-interfering classy content exclusively tailored for your users.

MGID for publishers

It offers the most interesting solutions coherent with your publisher’s platform performance. In this way, publishers will be able to either monetize traffic or rotate the viewers. MGID is one cohesive platform where all associates of the native advertising network come across and reach others and find solutions for their exact needs.

It has an easy turn-key application with just a copy-paste code. The well-defined and projecting representation works across different devices, platforms, and websites. It is also compatible with third-party DFP.

Highlights of MGID Ad network:

  • CPL, CPA and CPC pricing model.
  • Reach in 2 European nations.
  • High CTR on news and viral websites.
  • Require traffic of 10,000-page views daily, or 300,000 views .monthly.
  • CPM rates -30 cents to USD 2.
  • Minimum payout $100.
  • Payment frequency -NET 30.
  • Payment methods- PayPal, WebMoney, Wire Transfer.


Evadav has over 11 years of experience in evolving and incorporating advertising products. This technically advanced network is paying attention to the benefitting market of push notifications and native ads. It also offers the most accessible way to boost the publisher’s revenue.

Evadav connects your visitors to your website by their simple mechanism of push messaging. It offers 100% approved traffic along with full safety to the publisher. With the highest conversion rate, Evadav focuses on users by providing them the most relevant ads based on inhouse investigation tools. At present, they have the 10500 publishers, and 4905 advertisers with over 474630 active campaigns.

Highlights of EVADAV Ad network:

  • Worldwide geo-locations covered.
  • Tier 1 and tier 2 publishers, ad networks, ad exchanges, and SSPs.
  • 5% referral commission.
  • 915217360 daily impressions.
  • 100% weekly payments.
  • 100% system update.
  • 60% click rate and12% conversion rate
  • Complete safety to the publisher.

Evadav is not limited to just native ads, The company has a huge market share on push notification advertising and DSP. It offers the best rates on push Ads to advertisers as well as publishers. Signup today on Evadav and start monetizing.

With’s contextual ad network, you can reach over 100 million US, UK, and Canada desktop users. But over 90% of ad revenue comes from the users of the US. In 2016, a Chinese group run by Beijing-based Miteno procured for 900 million USD. The company tied up with Yahoo and Bing network to boost publishers’ profits. native ad network

It hyped as an excellent substitute or Google AdSense. Lots of leading publishers and conglomerates like Forbes, WebMD, NY Times, USA Today, Martha Stewart, and Cosmopolitan use’s ads on their websites.

The contextual ad format categorizes the users’ purpose through appropriate search keywords. It ensues in exceptionally directed ads, and much higher returns as advertisers are eager to pay more for visitors with competent intention. You can also prioritize user experience with their native ads.

Besides their global coverage for ads, publishers also benefit from their acquaintances with AMPs, Horizontal Networks, Agency Trading Desks, Performance Networks, etc.

Highlights of Ad network:

  • Global demand for your inventory
  • 70 million-plus ads.
  • 87.5 plus billion ad displays.
  • 50,000 plus active ad campaigns.
  • Multiple programmatic options.
  • It usually requires traffic of 2000 views daily.
  • Payment schedule- NET 30.
  • Minimum payout $100.
  • Payment methods- Payoneer, PayPal, Wire, Indian bank transfer.

Media.Net is the #1 contextual ad network that comes with unparallel support and hassle-free payouts and mobile-optimized ads for higher profits to publishers.

AdSense Native Ads

It is indeed the oldest, biggest, and best Ad network used by small, medium, and big size firms. Their CPM rates are quite challenging to beat, and the setup is quite easy and quick. These ads are managed, sorted, and sustained by Google. The referred pricing models are CPI and CPC. AdSense has a global reach, and some of its top publishers are eBay, Times Network, HubPages, and Mashable.

The publishers have full control over the website deciding all the factors of an ad (where, when, and how to display). Native ads of AdSense offer top-notch user experience, a great look and feel on all screen types and ease of use. You can use in-feed or in-article ads and match content to display your ads. The ads use high-quality advertising components and offer a great reading experience to your visitors.

Highlights of AdSense Ad network:

  • No traffic requirement.
  • Payment on NET 30 basis.
  • Minimum payout $100.
  • Payment methods- Cheque, Western Union, EFT, and Rapida, Payoneer, NEFT- INDIA
  • CPM rate- 40 cents to $3.
  • The click rate is 60%.
  • RPM -$1.
  • 100% Fill rate.
  • A network of over 14 million + websites.

Google Adsense is undoubtedly the best and most traditional network. Sometimes it’s hard to get approved or there are chances of your account getting banned. However, it is still considered to be the best option to form all other networks.

Ad PushUp

AdPushUp is a profit maximization platform for publishers where ads are created with A/B testing. The original features help in decreasing page loading time and setting up high-profit ad formats along with premium demand building, Adblock revenue recovery, header bidding, and detailed reports. Its Ad mediation assists in enhancing ad income between impenetrable networks. They offer a custom application of Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for web publishers.


They are a Microsoft sponsored startup, a Google NPM partner, and the winner of NASSCOM EMERGE 50 rewards. With the extended product portfolio, they have partnered with numerous top-tier networks and contacts such as Rubicon Project,, Index Exchange, Pubmatic, and District M. AdPushUp is an IAB associate and Google NPM AdX partner, and they are permitted to re-sell AdX demand to publishers in their network.

AdPushUp is trusted by more than 300+ bloggers, ad ops publishers, and big enterprises like C/Net, NDTV, The Asian Age,, Reddit, etc.

Highlights of AdPushUps Ad network:

  • Criteria- Monthly ad revenue from display> $1000.
  • AMP-optimized pages.
  • Low bounce rate.
  • Improved eCPM.
  • CTR for display ads stands at 0.35%.
  • 100% viewability of ads.
  • Balanced UX.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Eligibility- least $1000 in monthly ad revenue.
  • 33% average revenue uplift.


Last but not least, Outbrain is a popular native advertising platform that gets you discovered on one-off publisher websites. Their exclusive publisher network includes Fortune, ABC News, CNN, People, Wired, and Time. You can target your ideal customer by the simple process of Outbrain. With Outbrain, you can track, scrutinize, and boost campaigns directly from the dashboard.


World’s top media corporations and brands rely on Outbrain for their ad networking. Its technology fuels the fundamental tech load of publishers who want to well-manage, work, and monetize their web content by customizing their editorial encounter for customers.

Outbrain gives you high RPMs and smart feed for personalized audience engagement to fulfill monetization goals. All users can promote through high-quality articles, sponsored content, videos, infographics, and another kind of earned media. It is indeed an affordable, self-serve, and best native platform for monetizing the US traffic.

Highlights of Outbrain Ad network:

  • Customer support in ten languages.
  • Works with high-quality publishers.
  • CPC pricing models.
  • CPC falls between $0.52 and $1.74.
  • 1 billion interest profiles.
  • 275 billion monthly recommendations.
  • 10 million-page views traffic required.
  • CPM rates- 37 cents to $3.

Conclusion – Best 7 Native Ads Networks {Updated 2023}

There are many other Native ad networks for publishers like VDO.AI, Revcontent, Taboola, etc. but we found the above ones to be the best in the market.

So, if you sell any products or services online, then native ads can be a constructive marketing strategy. But this deception will not be beneficial if you are selling your product and service because it will be a diverting element for your users.

In a report on 18 billion native ads disclosed that these ads are much more prospective than usual display ads to get clicks. These ads are particularly successful through mobile marketing as native ads on smartphones get double clicks compared to native ads on desktops.

Professionals expect that 63% of smartphone display ads will be native by the year 2023, approximately $53 billion in ad revenue.

Well, if you also think that native ad networks will prove to be beneficial for you, then why wait. You need to sign up with a simple process and get going. No doubt that native ad networks will render many proceeds than expected.

If you, too, have tried any other native ads network with more effective results, then do let us know in the comment section.

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