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Why Adversal is best Adsense alternative for Monetizing your blog

When it comes to monetizing from a blog or website, then showing display ads on website is first choice for almost all webmasters. Google AdSense Is most trusted and widely used ad platform for publishers to earn huge money from their website traffic.

But what if you are thrown out from AdSense because of any particular reason? What if your AdSense account got permanently ban? For a blogger it’s like dreams being chattered when their AdSense account gets ban.

Adversal review

Adversal Review

Apart from Google AdSense, there are much better ways to make money from your blog.

Do you know maximum of pro blogger who earn 10 thousand dollars per month are not dependent on google AdSense? Only their 20-30% income is from AdSense and rest is from Affiliate Marketing.

Here we are reviewing Adversal Advertisement network for publisher which is best for websites having huge traffic and pays you on time always.

About Adversal

Adversal Media Inc. was started in 2003 and then have become the best Ad network with thousands of publishers. They use DoubleClick ads, so by using Adversal you can see google ads (DoubleClick) being displayed on your website which will enable you to earn higher revenue

I have been personally using Adversal since 2014 and they are much better than other publisher networks for display ads. Them on time payment, highest conversation rates will make you addict with this super cool ad network to choose for your blogging monetization.

Let’s see some of the highlighted features of Adversal & why it is best alternative for AdSense.

Adversal Displays DoubleClick Ads

DoubleClick is an Ad platform by google. Google AdSense also displays DoubleClick ads. It means you will earn higher revenue from Pay per view and pay per click while using DoubleClick ads on your website, as it is from Google and they pay highest.

DoubleClick has the best quality ads for all over the globe which has higher CPM rates as compared to other “Download now”, “play now” types of display Ads.

The minimum payment is $20

You don’t need to wait for $100 minimum pay out like AdSense, they will pay you just you cross $20 in your account. The payment term is NET 35 Days and since 3 years of my experience, they have not done a single day delay till now.

Adversal Pays on 5th of every month, if that days is holiday then payment is sent on next business days. You can get paid via PayPal, Wire transfer and check.

Best Support

It is always better if you can contact ad complains and you get reply from them. Adversal has the best support which also helps you to increase your CPM and earnings depending on your traffic status.

Easy to join

Well, I would not say it’s easier to get approved in Adversal, if your website is not compatible with their terms & conditions then surely they will reject your application but it is also not so hard like AdSense to get approved. All you need to have is a good website or blog with nice amount of traffic and ethical content and they will approve you.

Once you become a publisher on Adversal you can add more websites and get them approved to display ads on your multiple blogs.

Earn more by referring

You can earn more money from Adversal by referring other users to it. You will be paid 10% commissions on total of what your referral makes monthly. Hence if your referral earns $500 monthly, you will earn $50 monthly through him.

By using Adversal you get multiple ad formats, 100% fill rate and multiple payment options., The company is working since 2003 hence they have lot of experience.

Their user interface is not so updated and stunning, it looks old version but what great is on time payments, highest conversation rates and referral earnings. So if you are looking for decent ad network which should give you monetization rates like google AdSense then I would strongly have recommended you to give a try on Adversal and you will love it for sure.

Over to you

Adversal is considered as best alternative for Google AdSense, however there are many more in the list but I found Adversal on the top.

This is NOT a sponsored post, review written here is on my personal experiences with dozens of ad networks. If you have any doubts, feel free to ask me in comments section below and happy Monetizing.

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